tagIncest/TabooGrandpa Owns Her

Grandpa Owns Her


Janine stepped out of the lobby of her building into the early Spring morning. She walked to where her car was parked and put her duffle bag into the trunk. She got in the car and drove off, heading to visit her grandfather for the weekend.

She loved her grandfather so much. They got along great and she enjoyed her visits with him. The last time she had seen him had been 3 years ago when she was 18, and a slow developer. Now she was 21 and was 5'2, 195lbs., and 38D chest. She was a BBW, but she loved herself and it didn't bother her one bit.

In the last year or so she discovered sex, and realized the kinkier it was, the more she liked it. She had been with a few men, and all of them were Dom. She didn't care what they looked like, or how old they were, as long as they were Dom.

She arrived at Grandpa's and walked up the steps, to the porch. It was about 9:30AM, so she knew he was already awake. Probably for about 4 hours already. Janine rang the doorbell. After a minute or so, grandpa answered the door.

"WOW!, you look great sweetie" grandpa exclaimed. "Thanks grandpa" Janine walked inside and put her bag on the floor and took off her coat. "Got any coffee grandpa?"

"Of course sweetie, you go shower and freshen up from your long ride, and I will get it", and with that he was on his way to the kitchen.

Janine grabbed her bag, and headed upstairs to the bathroom to take a quick shower. As she washed herself, she began to rub her pussy. She wished she could get used, right then and there.

"Janine!" grandpa shouted from downstairs, "Coffee is ready!"

Janine snapped back into reality, and finished up her shower. She stepped out of the shower, and decided to have her coffee first, and then she would get dressed. She put her bathrobe on, and headed downstairs.

"You look beautiful princess" grandpa said as she sat down next to him.

She didn't realize that her robe had opened slightly, and he could almost see het tit. He felt his cock begin to get hard, just at the sight of her.

Janine noticed him getting a little aroused, so she decided she was going to have a little fun, and see where it goes.

She knew she shouldn't, since of course he was her grandfather, and also he was 72 years old. For some reason that seemed to make it more exciting. That moment is when she decided to let her grandfather use her any way he wanted, and soon he would know, he could.

When he reached over for his cup of coffee, she opened her robe a little more exposing her whole tit for him. When he sat back he saw her and was shocked.

"Honey, your robe is open."

"Oh my, sorry gramps." she said as she closed her robe up.

She then leaned back on the arm of the sofa, and brought one leg up on the sofa, spreading her legs. She was completely exposed for him, and played like, she had no idea what he could see. He couldn't take his eyes off of, the completely shaved cunt in front of him. He wanted to fuck her, and use her in every dirty nasty way he could think of.

"Do you like what you see?" Janine asked

"You're my granddaughter, I shouldn't even be looking."

She began rubbing her pussy while he watched. He could see her pussy was dripping wet, and he knew he was going to use her, and she better do what he said.

"Finger yourself slut!"

She loved to hear talk like that, and she quickly slid a finger inside her very wet hole. She was moaning, and fucking herself, and he thought he was going to cum right there in his pants.

"Does that feel good whore?"

"Oh yes, it makes me feel like such a slut to do this for you."

"Oh yes princess, you are my dirty filthy whore, and I will use you any way I choose. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir, understood"

That was all he needed to hear. He pushed her hand away from her pussy, and he began to rub her clit. She was moaning very loud by now, and when he slid his finger deep inside her, she thought she was going to scream. She started grinding on his hand, telling him she wanted more, and she was enjoying this very much.

He then slid two fingers into her wet, juicy cunt. He loved how warm and wet she was, and liked the feeling of her pussy on his fingers. He knew he would really love feeling his cock inside her fuck hole.

He pulled his fingers out, and Janine let out a noise that told him she wanted more. He stood up and took his pants off, and his cock was huge. It had to be nine inches, and the fattest cock she had ever seen. She would be any kind of whore he wanted, as long as she got to feel that big cock deep inside her hot pussy.

He stepped next to her face, and demanded she suck his cock. She took his big cock in her mouth, making gramps begin moaning and calling her names.

"That's it you dirty little cocksucking whore, suck grandpa's cock."

She couldn't believe how big his cock felt in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched more than it had ever been before. Sucking her grandfather's big hard cock, was making her feel like a dirty whore, and she loved feeling like that.

As she sucked his cock, grandpa began playing with her tits, squeezing them, and pinching her nipples, making them very hard. The pinching continued to get harder, and harder. He pinched real hard, and held her nipple like that, while he told her what a whore she was.

He then slid his hand down to her bald pussy. He rubbed her clit very gently, and then got faster. She wanted him to fuck her so bad now.

"Get up and bend over the sofa slut."

Janine did as she was told, and bent over showing gramps her pussy, and ass. He rubbed her ass, and fingered her cunt some more, and then slid a finger in her ass. Since she had never done anything like that before, she jumped forward a little.

"You have to learn to get fucked in the ass whore, it's what grandpa likes."

All she could think about, was how she was going to take his big cock in her tight virgin ass.

He continued to finger her ass, lubricating his finger, and her ass, with her pussy juice.

After a few times in and out, she started to enjoy it. She pushed back on his hand, trying to get his whole finger inside. The feeling was incredible, and she wanted more. "Oh yes, fuck me grandpa, please!."

She was now begging him. All of a sudden she felt his hand come down hard on her ass.

"I will fuck you when I am good and ready, and not when you want, understood?"

She got a little scared, but also very turned on and she managed to mumble a, "Yes Sir, understood"

He continued to spank her, telling her how bad she was and he would teach her to be a proper whore for him.

"Proper whore, what did that mean?" she thought to herself. Soon, she would find out what that meant.

"Are you ready for grandpa's big fat cock now slut?"

"Yes Sir" By now she knew what he wanted to hear, which was actually not much more than, Yes Sir.

He stepped up behind her, and slowly slid his big cock into her wet hole. He was ripping her apart already, and he had only half his cock inside her.

"Oh whore, your cunt is so tight" He pumped back and forth, sliding in a little more of his cock with each thrust. Finally he was all the way inside, and began pumping her like an animal, making her scream.

He kept spanking her ass, while he pounded her cunt. "I am going to fuck your ass bitch."

She felt the head of his cock penetrating her virgin ass. He went very slow, but it still hurt.

"No grandpa, it hurts, please no"

"You don't tell me no, I own you and I am going to fuck your ass."

Hearing grandpa say he owned her, made her cunt so wet.

"Yes Sir" was what she said.

Then he slid his whole nine inches into her tight ass, and started pumping her ass real hard. "Who owns you bitch?"

"You do grandpa, I'm you fucktoy and you own me"

With that he shot his hot cum deep into her ass, marking his territory. She felt his cock explode deep in her ass. She felt his cum shoot inside her. She knew that now, he really did own her.

He pulled his cock out of her ass, and roughly turned her over spreading her legs. He reached over to the end table and pulled a vibrator out of the draw.

He turned it on, and began teasing her clit with it. She loved the feeling of the vibrating against her clit. Then he slid the vibrator deep in her pussy and turned it up all the way. She began pushing against it, wanting to get fucked more and more.

"Rub your clit slut."

Janine did as she was told, and felt very slutty playing with her clit while he watched.

"You are such a dirty whore." She knew she was, so she said nothing. With him fucking her with the vibrator, and watching her play with her clit, she needed to cum. She felt it building up inside her when she heard grandpa.

"Cum you fucking whore!"

That was all she needed to have the biggest orgasm of her young life. "Oh yes, I'm cumming grandpa, yes!" her juices flowed all over the vibrator, dripping onto the sofa.

He pulled the vibrator out and sat down on the sofa. Janine sat up and grandpa held her in his arms.

"I own you now, and I have a lot of plans for you."

"Yes Sir."

"I have a lot of friends that would love to also use you, and you will do as you're told," "I own all of you, from now on,"

Her pussy and ass were still throbbing from grandpa's big cock, but she loved every minute of it, and would do anything he wanted.

"Yes Sir." was all she could say.

If the votes are good, this will be continued.

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by Whackdoodle03/10/18

Too much, too fast.

He went from loving her to treating her like shit in the space of 2 paragraghs. And what 72 year old is going to be a Dom? He’s got one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel so that kind ofmore...

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