tagIncest/TabooGrandpa Owns Her Ch. 02

Grandpa Owns Her Ch. 02


She had decided to extend her stay for a while longer. She loved the attention she was getting from Grandpa. He had become so nasty, and vulgar with her. He would order her to her knees to service him, whenever he felt like it. He didn't care what she was doing, "Get on your knees bitch, and service Grandpa!" was all he had to say. She would drop to her knees, and suck his cock, on command, just like the whore she really was. He would call her dirty names, and force fuck her mouth. She loved it all. Her pussy was always wet, when Grandpa was home.

About a week after being Grandpa's sex slave, he announced, that, after we ate dinner, I was to shower, and lay on the bed completely nude. I was to wait for him to use my body, any way he wanted.

Janine bowed her head, and said "Yes Sir."

After dinner she headed upstairs, to follow his orders.

She stepped into the shower, and let the warm water run down her body, relaxing her. She was wondering what Grandpa was going to do to her. Her pussy started getting moist, and her hands moved down to her wet pussy. She began rubbing her hardening clit, and stopped herself. She did not have permission to do that, and as slutty, and turned on she felt, she stopped. She quickly finished up her shower, and dried herself off.

She went into the bedroom, and lied down on her back, waiting for what was next. She noticed there was a note on the night stand, addressed to her. Grandpa must have put it there, while she was in the shower, she thought. She didn't remember seeing it on her way through the bedroom, to the bathroom to shower.

She opened it, and the note read: "There is a blindfold in the top drawer of the night stand. Put it on, and lay down on your stomach, and wait. No matter what happens, you are not to turn around."

Her pussy was throbbing, as she opened the top drawer. She took the blindfold out, and put it on. Then she turned, over and laid there waiting, for what, she had no idea. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, as she waited.

After about 45 minutes, of laying like that, she heard footsteps, on the stairs. And continued to hear them, as they approached the bedroom.

"Oh yes Grandpa, see how your slut is waiting for you?" she thought to herself.

The footsteps stopped at the side of the bed, and she felt a hand begin to massage her ass. Then squeezing, and the best part, a nice hard spanking. She felt a rush go through her, as his hand came down on her waiting ass. A moan escaped her, and another smack came down. Now her pussy was dripping wet, and begging to be used.

As the spanking continued, almost pushing her over the edge, he roughly spread her legs, with his free hand. Her cunt was sopping wet, and she knew there was no hiding it now. She felt a finger, slide through her lips, and began playing with her clit.

"Oh please don't stop Sir," she begged.

"Oh you horny little whore, you love being used, don't you?"

Janine thought it was strange that this man sounded nothing like her Grandpa.

"Your Grandpa said you were a dirty, nasty, whore, that loves to be used."

That confirmed that it was not her Grandpa, but obviously someone grandpa sent here.

She tried turning her head, to see who it was, forgetting she was blindfolded. Then she felt his hand spank her hard, telling her Grandpa told her not to do that.

She just laid there, realizing, if Grandpa sent him, then she better behave. She put her head back down, and he continued to violate her body. He was spanking her, and fingering her pussy, and ass, like a madman.

"You ever had black cock, slut?"

The thought of being a fat white whore, for a black man, had always been a fantasy. Never reality, and here she was, ready to be his whore.

"No I haven't."

"Well then, tonight you will learn what it's like to be a black man's whore."

"Yes Sir."

"You should understand, that I don't give a shit about your needs, or wants. You are nothing but a dirty white whore, that is here to please me."

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"You will keep the blindfold on, and I will fuck you any way I want."

"Yes Sir."

"Now, get on your knees, and suck my cock like you mean it."

She quickly did as she was told.

The stranger sat on the bed, and guided her head to his rock hard cock. As soon as she felt his cock slide into her mouth, she knew he was huge. His cock was about 10 inches, and fat. She had never had a cock like that in her life, and wondered how she ever lived without finding one.

She was sucking his cock like the greedy slut she was, and he reached down and started playing with her tits. Squeezing them, and pinching her nipples. The harder he pinched, the faster, and harder, she took his cock. She felt his cock at the back of her throat, and began coughing, and pulling away. He continued to force her head, down on his cock.

"That's it bitch, choke on my big cock!"

Janine couldn't make any sounds with this huge cock in her mouth. All she could think about, was having him, deep inside her cunt. She wanted him to pound her, and show her no mercy.

Just at the point when she thought he would cum, he pulled her head back by her hair.

"I 'aint cumming yet bitch, I am saving that for your slut face."

"Get up on the bed, on your back, and spread you fucking legs slut!"

Janine jumped up, eager to obey him. Her pussy was throbbing, at the treatment she was getting. All she wanted to do was be a whore, for this stranger. She spread her legs wide, exposing her cunt, and ass, for him. He pulled up a chair, and sat directly in front of her pussy.

"Rub your clit."

She began rubbing her clit, but wished it was him, touching her. She imagined it was, and she slid her finger inside her soaking wet cunt. She needed his cock inside her.

"Please fuck me."

"I give the orders around here, bitch!" he said, as his hand came down, hard on her shaved pussy.

"Yes Sir, I apologize."

"Now put your hands above your head, and keep them there. If you move them, you will be very sorry, whore!"

She raised her hands above her head, and spread her legs for him.

He grabbed her by the legs, and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed.

"Hold your legs up slut."

There she was, holding herself open, ready for this man's total violation. She wanted it so bad. She needed to feel like a whore, and this man was doing a fantastic job. He reached over and began playing with her pussy. "Look how wet you are. You dirty, nasty, sluts, are all the same. All you want is cock, and to get used."

"Yes Sir."

"Well I am going to use you real good, and you will be screaming, and begging, for mercy."

"Yes sir, I know I will."

With that he slid two fingers, deep inside her pussy. She gasped, as he began finger fucking her slippery wet hole. She grabbed onto the bedpost, and pushed down on his fingers. He stopped moving, and she continued to ride, up and down, on his fingers. Realizing she could handle more, he slid another finger inside her.

Now she was really humping his hand, and moaning, almost screaming. "You fucking whore, you love it don't you?"

"Yes Sir, yes, please don't stop!"

"Unfortunately, you are not here to enjoy anything. You are my fucktoy, and you are here to service me" he said as he started fucking her with four fingers.

She could handle three fingers, but four, was not as pleasurable. He was stretching her pussy wide, and it began to ache. She had never been stretched like that, and wasn't too sure, if she wanted any of this.

She felt him making a fist, and was shocked. "No way, is he going to try to shove his fist in me?" she thought to herself.

She immediately brought her hands down, to stop him. She felt hard smack on her pussy, making her scream out. "I told you to keep your hands up there, and don't move them bitch!"


Grandpa walked into the room, and to Janine's surprise, he grabbed her by the wrists, and pinned her hands above her head. He had an angry look on his face, and was yelling at her.

"I told you that I owned you, and you would do as you were told, didn't I?"

"Yes Sir, you did."

"You will call me Master, as of now, and any other man that uses you, you will address as Sir."

"Yes Master, but...."

Master cut her off. "There are no but's here, except the one that I use. Is that understood?"

"Yes Master."

"Good, now spread your fucking legs, and let old man Pete, get back to using you. I will just stay here, and make sure you don't try to stop him again."

"Yes Master."

Grandpa held my arms up, while old man Pete, abused her pussy. He again made a fist, and began sliding it into her pussy, very slow. She relaxed her muscles, and he slid all the way in. After the initial pain, from the stretching subsided, she began to enjoy it.

Now she was pumping on his fist, forcing him to fuck her harder. Grandpa let go of her hands, and decided he would get in on this too. He undressed, showing his raging hard on. Watching his little slut, granddaughter, had made him very excited. He shoved his hard cock, into the greedy little slut's mouth.

She loved the feeling of her Grandpa's cock in her mouth. She loved how he made her feel, like the whore she really was.

Now she was being fisted, by a stranger, and had her mouth full of cock. the feeling of being used was amazing, and she needed to cum. Grandpa must have read her mind, because he said flatly "Don't cum yet bitch!"

As if this torture wasn't enough for her, he began pinching her nipples. He knew that always drove her crazy. The harder he pinched, the more she wanted to get fucked.

The stranger slipped his fist out of cunt. She was stretched to her limits, and you could see her cunt juice, dripping from her pussy. "Now the bitch's cunt is too stretched, to fuck her.

"Don't worry, just fuck her tight, slut ass." Grandpa suggested.

She felt this man, grab her legs and hold them up, with her ass at the edge of the bed. He plowed right into her ass, with force, that almost knocked her into the headboard. She still had Grandpa's cock stuffed in her mouth, so all that you could here were muffled screams.

"You little granddaughter here, really loves cock, doesn't she?"

"Oh yes, she is still in training, but she is coming along just fine."

They were talking about her as if she wasn't there. Their conversation was turning her on anyway, so she didn't care. They talked about how they were going to use her in the days, and weeks to come. She figured, she would not be going home any time soon, but didn't care. As long as she was getting used, and fucked like this, she didn't want to go anywhere.

She felt the stranger's cock, start to really get stiff, and began to bulge. She figured he was ready to cum, and just assumed he would shoot his hot load deep in her ass. Of course she was wrong, because he pulled his cock out, and pointed his cock at her face.

"I want to shoot my cum on your whore face!"

With that Grandpa took his cock out of her mouth, and held her face, for his friends hot creamy load. He jerked his cock off in her face, until he started shooting cum. He sprayed her everywhere. Her hair, her face, in her mouth, on her tits, and he wiped his cock on her leg when he was done.

She laid there with her pussy now going back to it's almost original size, and she was drenched in cum. She felt like such a dirty slut, and needed more. Just then grandpa, slammed his cock into her cunt.

"Yeeeesssss, Grandpa fuck me!"

The stranger raised his hand, and started smacking her tits. "Didn't he tell you to call him Master, you whore?"

"Yes Sir, I am sorry, it won't happen again."

"Oh please Master fuck your whore. You own me, I am here to service and please you in any way you choose. Please fuck me Master!"

Grandpa pounded into his sweet piece of meat, making her scream, and yell through it all. The stranger had liked smacking her tits, and kept it up until grandpa was ready, to shoot his own hot load.

"I"m going to cum, bitch, where should I shoot my load?"

"Wherever you want Master."

"Good slut, I think I will cover your face too. This way you can have the cum of two men, dripping down you slut face."

With that he brought his cock, up to her face. His hot load came shooting out, and just about covered her whole face. She licked up what she could, and scooped the rest up with her fingers, and greedily swallowed it all. The two men watched in amazement as she did that. All they could think about was how hot and horny she was, and she would need more use.

"Play with your pussy, while you clean yourself up."

Her hand went straight to her soaking wet, pussy. She couldn't believe how wet she was. She would have loved to have more cock inside her, but would never tell Grandpa that. She would wait to see, what he had in store for her next. She was sure she would love, whatever he did to her.

She played with herself, until she was given permission to cum. She could feel her orgasm coming on, and arched her back on the bed. Her pussy was completely exposed now, and she felt her orgasm shoot right through her. She came more than she had ever cum before. Buckets of cum were streaming out of her, soaking the bed beneath her.

"Now get cleaned up whore, we have plans for you."

She got up and went into the bathroom, happy to hear there would be more use. She took a nice hot shower, soaping up her sore pussy, and over her tits. She hadn't noticed before, but there were marks from the stranger smacking them. She was covered in red welts, and she loved the reminder it gave her, of her dirty, nasty, use.

She finished up her shower, and walked back into the bedroom. There were clothes laid out on the bed, and there was yet another note, on the night stand. This one read : "Put the clothes, that I laid out on, and come downstairs."

She looked at the clothes, and it was a maids outfit. It was black and white, with a short ruffled skirt, and very low cut. She quickly put on the outfit, and also the shoes he had left at the side of the bed. They were black pumps, with 7 inch heels. She checked herself out in the mirror one more time, and headed downstairs.

She found Grandpa in the living room, with a few people. She scanned the room and realized there was one other woman, and another three men, besides her Master.

The woman looked to be about fifty, 5'2, 195 lbs., brown hair and eyes, and nice size tits. Never having been with a woman, she was surprised, that her pussy got moist looking at the woman.

The other three men were pretty average. None of them under the age of sixty, and they all had a perverted, nasty grin on their face.

"Go get us some drinks, and make it quick." her Master demanded.

She asked everyone what they wanted, and headed for the kitchen. While she was making the drinks, she couldn't remember if the woman wanted a vodka and orange juice, or cranberry juice. She decided to go with cranberry juice, since she was afraid to ask. She put everything in a tray, and headed back to the livingroom.

She handed out everyone's drink, and when she handed the drink to the woman, she realized she had made a mistake. "Hey bitch, I asked for orange juice!."

Everyone turned around from their conversation, to look at us. "Can't you ever take simple orders, whore?" the nasty woman said. "I am sorry Ma'am."


"You are to call me Mistress."

Janine looked over at Grandpa, and since he already looked angry at her mistake, she figured she should do, whatever the nasty woman said.

"Yes Mistress."

"Now go back inside, and make me the drink I actually wanted. Be quick about it."

Janine rushed out of the room, and back into the kitchen. She felt humiliated, and embarrassed, by the way the woman had treated her. She also felt her pussy getting very wet. Now she was really confused, but quickly made the correct drink, and went back into the living room.

When she stepped into the room, she realized the woman was gone. "Oh good, the nasty witch left." she thought to herself. As she stood there with the drink, Grandpa told her that her Mistress went upstairs to the bedroom, and for Janine to serve her the drink up there.

As nervous as she was, she turned around and headed for the stairs. When she entered the bedroom, the woman was standing at the window, in a different outfit, than moments before. Now she had on a leather thong, and leather bra, that barley held her tits in. She also noticed the woman was holding, some sort of paddle. She wondered what she was doing with it, but didn't dare ask.

"You do not follow orders very well, slut, do you?"

"I try Mistress, but sometimes I make a mistake."

"Well slut, I am here to make sure, you don't make a mistake like that again."

"Yes Mistress."

"Now bend over the bed, and let me get a look at that hot ass."

Janine did as she was told, and stuck her ass high in the air for her Mistress. She couldn't believe how wet her pussy already was.

"Repeat after me, bitch....I will obey Mistress!"

"I will obey Mistress."

The minute she said it, she felt the paddle come down on her ass.

"Again whore, I will obey Mistress."

"I will obey Mistress!"

The paddle kept coming down on her ass hard. Her pussy was now dripping onto the bed, as she took her punishment.

After about ten hits with the paddle, on either side of her ass, Mistress stopped. "You have made Mistress' pussy very wet slut."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Don't you think you should get in between my legs, and service my pussy then?"

"Yes Mistress."

Mistress just stood there. "Get on your knees, crawl over to me, and suck my cunt whore."

Janine dropped to her knees, and crawled over to Mistress, not sure if she would even know, what to do. She had never been with another woman before. She stretched out her tongue, and began licking Mistress' pussy lips.

"Open up my pussy, and suck on what's inside whore." Mistress loved new hot young meat, and this slut would fulfill her desires.

Janine spread Mistress' pussy lips, and ran her tongue up and down her cunt. "Faster bitch!"

Janine's tongue was wildly going at the pussy in front of her. The taste was incredible, and she wanted all of it. She began sucking on Mistress' clit, which made her be even nastier.

"You like sucking Mistress' pussy slut?"

"Oh yes Mistress, you taste so good."

"Finger me, while you eat me bitch."

Janine slid one finger inside Mistress' hole. She was soaking wet, so she figured she must be doing something right.

"More bitch, more!"

She slid another finger inside her, and Mistress began fucking her little slut's fingers."

"Oh yes bitch, that's it, service my cunt, the way you service cock."

By this point Janine was sucking Mistress' pussy ,for all she was worth. She loved the taste of pussy, and never wanted to stop. All of a sudden Mistress clenched her legs, around the whore's head. Janine knew she was about to cum.

"Swallow every drop slut."

Janine did as she was told, and sucked up every drop of the woman's cunt juice. When Mistress, came back to reality, she roughly threw Janine on the bed. "Spread those legs bitch."

Janine did as she was told, and exposed her holes, to her Mistress.

"That's it bitch, real wide."

Janine's leg's were aching, but she spread herself even wider. She then looked at Mistress putting on, what looked like a dildo with a strap. The dildo was huge, maybe thirteen inches, and extremely fat. There was no way she could take that whole thing, or so she thought.

"Get on all fours, like the whore dog you are."

Immediately she got ready for what, she thought, would be the most painful experience, of her life.

Mistress walked up behind her, and began fingering her pussy. "Looks like you are loving every minute of this. Aren't you slut?"

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