tagIncest/TabooGrandpa Teaches Me A Lot

Grandpa Teaches Me A Lot


Don is a fine looking man but must have been drop dead gorgeous in his younger days. He is my grandfather and my mom and I have been living in his house ever since my dad, Don' son, had mysteriously disappeared a few years back and was never heard from again. Rather than Grandpa or Gramps or any of the other names usually reserved for a grandfather he has been 'Don' to us ever since I can remember. Mom was able to get a great job in real estate after Dad left but it keeps her out of the house for what seems to be all day every day.

I'm Jan and just graduated high school and haven't quite made up my mind what I want to do for a job. I'm sure college is in front of me but I haven't given that much thought either. Hanging around the house with Don seems to be the extent of my interests. I guess I am decent looking but certainly won't win any beauty contests and there are a million more shapely gals in our own area never mind elsewhere. All in all an average looking girl with a respectable but not fantastic body. I weigh right at 114 pounds.

It was a rainy day and I was coming out of my room and as I passed Don room I couldn't help but notice through his partially open bedroom door he had just emerged from his shower and was standing there nude with a towel in his hand. He hadn't noticed me in the hallway and as I stood there my chin must have fallen a foot with what I was looking at. It looked as if Don' cock was around five inches long and it was completely soft. Lord knows what it would be when it was hard. Whew. The cocks on the two guys I had screwed when I was in high school weren't much bigger than five or six inches and that was when they were hard. I could only wonder about the length of Pop's when it was hard since I damn sure didn't have the nerve to pursue it any further.

Things went on around the house about the same for the next few weeks but every time I saw Don in shorts or bending over my mind would go crazy just imagining his cock. Mom, him and I went to the beach one weekend and the bulge in his bathing suit was obvious. I thought I caught Mom looking at it once but I couldn't be sure. I know I looked at every chance I had when I didn't think I would be caught peeking. If it ever got hard in his bathing suit it would have burst it at the seams. What a sight that would have been ... bathers killed by flying nylon.

Some of the guys I went with in school came around to see if I wanted to go out to a movie or something. I took Chad up on it and we ended up grappling in the front seat of his car after stopping for a burger. He was bound and determined to get in my pants and I was absolutely certain he wouldn't. At one point he took out his hard cock and waved it at me like it was an advertisement and I almost died laughing. It was a solid six inches hard and that was about the length of Don' soft. That was it. He put it back in his jeans and started the car and took me home. I guess that no guy likes to have a gal laugh at his cock but I couldn't help it.

It was getting near the end of the summer when the exact same thing happened with me walking past Don' room as he was coming out of the shower. His door was partially open and once again I could see that marvelous piece of flesh hanging between his legs. This time he saw me looking and said,

"Want to come in and chat a bit?"

I stammered and stuttered a bit before pushing the door to his room all the way open and went over by the window and took the easy chair he used for reading.

"Don, I couldn't help but notice the size of your thing." As I pointed to his crotch. "I've seen a couple of others and none were anywhere near the size of yours."

"Well, Jan, when I was in my prime it used to really stretch out when I got aroused but that hasn't happened in quite a few years."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Well, to tell the truth I haven't had any motivation. Years ago, after your grandmother died, when I was giving some of the women in town some pleasure it could certainly rise to the occasion but the older I got the less I got around."

"You mean that you still want to have sex but there aren't any women that interest you?"

"No, I didn't say that at all. There are always some great looking gals around but you must have noticed I no longer have a car and taxis are too expensive and it would be kind of strange going to some of the pick-up bars by bus."

I laughed and agreed that would be weird.

"Don, how big did it get when you were excited?"

He was blushing now and sheepishly asked, "Would you like to see that rather than have me tell you?"

"Sure. How are you going to do that?"

"I'm not, you are."

"Huh. What do you mean?"

He stood and walked over to the edge of the chair I was in. His cock was swinging from side to side as he walked. When he got to the edge of the chair he sat on the arm with one leg crooked over it and his cock about a foot away from my arm.

"Jan, reach over and take it in your hand and stroke it very lightly."

"You mean you want me to jack you off?"

"No, not at all. This isn't to give me any pleasure but rather show you what a nice size cock looks like when it is ready for some action."

"It still sounds as if you want me to jack you off."

He started to stand saying, "I'm sorry Jan. I thought you wanted to see it hard and that is why I was telling you to do that. Never mind. I'm sorry for being so forward with you."

"Don I really want to see that monster hard. Sit down and let me touch it the way you suggested."

I laid my hand underneath it and lifted it so it hung over the edge of my hand and let my other hand rest lightly on top of it. I looked up and he had his eyes closed and he was breathing normally as I started to let my top hand move up and down the shaft. It wasn't only long but it was thick enough that my middle finger couldn't touch the tip of my thumb as I let the bottom hand close my grasp. Damn, I wanted to see this thing hard.

He had draped one of his hands on my shoulder and was touching it lightly as I was stroking him. I wasn't sure if it was my imagination but I thought I could feel a pulse in his cock as I stroked it. Sure enough, I felt it again.

"Don, I can feel it coming to life."

His breathing was a little faster than it had been as he said, "Keep going honey. Just the way you are will be fine but if you want to grab it a little tighter and really start to move your hand I am certain it will get hard a lot faster."

It wasn't just his breathing that was getting faster. I was almost starting to pant with the excitement of what I was doing. My crotch was getting wetter by the minute and if I wasn't careful my own grandfather was going to see me explode with an orgasm.

It wasn't long before it was as hard as a board and sticking straight out in front of him. I saw what I wanted to see but I didn't want to stop what I was doing. I didn't have a tape measure but I put both of my hands on it like I was holding a baseball bat and there was still a few inches still sticking out. He must be well over ten inches hard! I can't imagine any woman taking all of it without splitting wide open. Little did I know what was in store for me.

All of a sudden he said, "Jan, how about dropping your cutoffs and let me touch you to really get me excited. It has been forever since I touched a woman there."

I wasn't sure about this but I was already so hot and bothered all I was thinking of was an orgasm and not whether or not it was the right thing for me to be doing with my own grandfather. I dropped my pants and scooted my ass around so he could get his hand in my crotch. It was awkward and all of a sudden he stood and took me by the hand pulling me up from the chair and leading me over to his bed.

"Lay back and I'll have an easier time touching you there."

Sure enough he soon had his fingers sliding up and down between my pussy lips and finally stopped as they lightly massaged my clit. He let his hand stay right there as his fingers were busy massaging me. My hand was still jacking him off and I could feel some precum on the tip of his cock.

I looked over at his still rock hard cock and knew I would love to have it inside of me but thought better of it. It was best to just make him come with my hand and we would see where things went in the future. I started to jack him harder and faster the way one of my old boyfriends used to like it and I could feel the pulsing start on the underside of his shaft. A few minutes more and he was spraying white-hot come all over himself and the bed. I was lucky enough to move out of the way of the fire hose I had in my hand.

He was moaning big time and said, "Geez, I haven't had anything like that in longer than I can remember. You sure have a way with a cock Jan."

"Oh Don, don't say it like that. You make me sound like some kind of slut."

My pussy was starting to pulse big time with the excitement I had watching him come and I simply dropped my hand to it and stroked myself to an orgasm. I did my best to be quiet about it rather than let him know I too enjoyed what had just happened.

He rolled over to face me and said, "Jan, reach down and get me hard again. I want to slip this thing inside of you. You deserve to get fucked by one of the best cocks you'll ever find."

Shit, I didn't know what to do. Here was my grandfather telling me he wanted to fuck me and I had just given him a hand job. What the hell should I do?

"Don, I'm not sure if that would be good. What we just did was bad enough never mind going all the way. What the heck would happen if my mother found out?"

"Well, I'm damn sure not going to tell her. Are you?"

"No, you know I won't but all the same it just doesn't seem right."

While this part of the conversation was going on I could feel that he had lowered his own hand down between us and was gently massaging his cock. He would have it hard all by himself in a few minutes and then what was I going to do?

Sure enough, a few minutes later I could feel it jammed into my stomach and it was as hard as steel. He pushed me over on my back and slid on top of me and soon had his monster cock positioned in front of my vagina.

"Don, you are way too big to put in me. I've only had sex twice before and I am very tight down there."

"Shhh honey. Just relax and let me take it from here." He whispered.

With that I could feel the head of his cock opening the lips of my pussy. I was still soaked from my earlier orgasm and the first few inches slipped in easily. But then his shaft got a lot thicker the further in it went and it was feeling as if he was really going to split me.

"Stop ...hold it a minute. You're hurting me."

"Sure honey. We'll just rest for a minute or so." He cooed.

I felt him start with the pressure again and it had me spread wider than I ever thought possible. Holy shit. What a cock! I was nervous as hell doing this with my grandfather but enjoying it beyond my wildest dreams. I have lain in bed dreaming about getting fucked like this and here it was happening to me.

It wasn't much longer before I felt his balls slapping against the cheeks of my ass.

"Jan, I am all the way in you and am going to fuck you slow and easy now."

"OK, but go easy."

He started to thrust all the way in before pulling back out almost all of the way before jamming it back into me. It hurt like hell at first but it soon felt better than I would ever be able to describe. The head of him was touching something deep inside of me every time he rammed it in and wasn't going to take many of those before I was going to have another orgasm.

"Don, don't come in me. I damn sure don't want to get pregnant by my own grandfather."

"No problem sweetie, I had a vasectomy years ago so I just shoot blanks now."

He had his hands under my ass pulling me up to him and him deeper into me. Damn it was feeling good and I didn't want it to end but I could feel the warmth starting deep inside of me and I was sure he wasn't going to last much longer either. Sure enough I threw my legs in the air as I let out a howl and that set him off to the point where he was ramming his cock into me harder than he had up to then. He shuddered and then yelled. "Geez, I'm coming too."

I could feel his juices shooting deep inside of me as he had his own orgasm. He then lay down flat on top of me and thankfully he wasn't a fatty or I would have been squashed. His cock was soft but still deep inside of me and for the first time, and this seemed stranger than almost anything that had happened so far; he kissed me. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled his mouth hard against mine. I didn't care if fucking my grandfather was right or wrong. We did it and I was glad we had.

We lay there facing each other for what seemed an eternity. We were talking about a million things, not the least of which was sex and what he wanted us to do together. Some of the things I had only heard of or read about but was anxious to try them as he described them. He dropped his head to my chest and pushed my top and bra up and out of the way freeing up my breasts. He took first one and then the other in his mouth while his fingers were massaging the one he wasn't kissing.

"Don, I am not sure just how I feel about what we did. I know I am just as guilty as you but somehow I don't feel any guilt. It all seemed like the right thing for us to be doing."

"I'm glad you feel that way Jan for I feel exactly the same way. I think this will be the start of something both of us will treasure forever. I know I will." With that he pulled me to him and kissed me hard with his tongue buried down my throat.

Nothing much happened between us for the next several weeks although I know I was dying to feel that cock in me again. We didn't try to avoid one another but it was just the way things worked out with my mother working strange hours and then deciding she could do a lot of work at home.

It was on a Tuesday afternoon mom came home and said she had to talk with me. Oh oh, what the hell did I do wrong now?

"Jan, there is a realtors convention taking place in San Francisco this weekend and everyone is telling me I really should go to it but I hate to leave you and Don alone for the weekend. I would have to leave on Friday morning and wouldn't get back until late Sunday. What do you think? Would you two be OK for the weekend?"

My mind was going crazy with each word out of her mouth. All I could think of was that huge cock riding in and out of me as my love juices flowed out and lubricated me even more for almost three days.

"Oh Mom, don't give it another thought. We'll be fine. I'll get Don to take me to a ball game and that will please both of us."

"OK that settles it. I'll make the plane and hotel reservations tonight." She announced.

I drove her to the airport on Friday morning and then raced back to the house to see Don. I no sooner got in the door when he had his arms around me from the rear and said,

"OK sweet thing. Upstairs and get those clothes off." I looked around at him and he was stark naked with his cock sticking out like a ball bat.

When I got into the bedroom and had stripped he pushed me back on the bed saying that it wasn't his cock that was going to give me some pleasure that morning but his tongue. I thought he meant he was going to kiss me to death.

I was soon on the bed with my legs spread and his face buried in my crotch with his tongue doing some kind of magic in my vagina as it was searching out my clit. Damn, he first licked my pussy lips up one side and then down the other and then let his tongue do all kinds of things on my clit. He let a hand roam up my chest so it could gently massage my breasts. He was able to do something with his fingers on my nipples that had me reaching for the stars. With what he was doing there and his tongue in my pussy I could feel the warmth starting deep within me. It wasn't going to take long and I was soon holding the back of his head and pulling it to me a s hard as I could when I felt the explosion taking place. I didn't think I would ever stop coming but it all happened way too quickly.

"Don, that is something I had only heard and read about. WOW, it was terrific"

"Glad you liked it honey. I'll have to do it for you more often."

He had raised himself up in the bed so we were facing each other and he gave me a huge kiss with my pussy juices still clinging to his lips. I loved the taste.

"Don, I can feel that steel rod of yours trying to poke a hole in my stomach. It looks as if you are ready."

"Yes I am but not for just plain fucking. I want you to take me in your mouth."

"You mean give you a blow job? I never did that before but I heard a lot about it. Are you going to want me to swallow your juices or are you going to let me spit them out?"

"One thing at a time honey. Yes, I want you to give me what is normally called a blow job and whether or not you swallow or spit out my come is up to you. I would prefer that you swallowed it but as I say, that is up to you. You'll know when I am getting ready to come so you can make your decision then. OK?"

He reached up behind me and gently pushed my down on the bed so my face was in line with his cock. I hadn't been this close to it before so I had a great chance to inspect every inch of it and I did. The head of it is red with a purplish tinge and it gets much thicker at the base than it is at the head. His balls inside that soft sack are the size of golf balls and since I never was this close to a man's balls before I have no idea if they would be considered large or small. I held the cock gently in my fingers and let my fingers trace the veins running up and down the sides of it.

All of a sudden I felt his hand on the back of my head and it was pulling my face to the head of it. I guess it was time for me to suck a cock. I grabbed his shaft with one hand and then opened my mouth and took as much of it in as I could manage but somehow I felt he was going to want me to have more of it in my mouth than just the little I had in. I stretched my mouth as wide open as I could get it and that allowed me to get another inch or so in. It was then I felt the gag reflex starting and I quickly pulled off him to stop it. It quieted down fairly fast and I resumed where I had left off. He then started to thrust against my mouth as if he was fucking my face. It seemed as if he wanted to get in my mouth even deeper than he already was. The way he was going he would split my mouth rather than my pussy.

I thought I would try something else and I let him slip out of my mouth a little and then used my tongue to caress all around the head of his cock and then up and down the shaft. While I was doing that I let my hand slide up from the base of his shaft up to where my mouth was working so it was as if I was jacking him off at the same time my tongue and lips were busy. I then tried something I had read about and that was to get a finger wet with my saliva and let it wander around to his asshole and finally slip it in him an inch or so. Whew, he almost flipped completely off the bed.

"Jan, don't stop. Please don't stop." And he started to thrust back into my mouth the way he had it before. I was using one hand to hold his shaft while the other was busy on his ass and I soon felt the pulsing start in his shaft and then he was filling my mouth with his hot come. Damn, it tasted salty but I swallowed ever drop and when the streams stopped I licked every drop from the head of his cock. As a final motion I rammed the finger I had in his ass all the way in and once again he arched his back and let out with a huge moan. He liked it.

"Don, it looked as if you liked what I did for you."

"Oh yes, honey. You are a natural if you never did that before."

"Don you have to answer something for me. When I stuck my finger up your ass you went a little crazy. You obviously liked it but was there something else to your actions?"

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