tagIncest/TabooGrandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 03

Grandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 03


67 year old Grandpa Ted Patterson continues to enjoy his vacation at his son's house, mainly because of his granddaughter.


Chapter One: Cathy's turn

"I've been thinking about this all day," Cathy confessed as I crawled out from beneath my granddaughter and prepared to enjoy her delicious orifices.

"You have?" I asked, looking down at Cathy's spread thighs, and in particular, the large pussy lips that were only slightly hidden beneath that sparse wisp of golden brown fur.

"That was so awesome last night," Cathy said excitedly. "I mean, I've heard plenty about rim jobs, but nobody ever tossed my salad before, and it blew my mind."

"Well I've been thinking about something myself." I admitted. "Something I'd like to do before I get my tongue working inside your bottom. Okay?"

"Sure!" Cathy said cheerfully. "You're the boss, Grandpa!"

"I couldn't help but notice the size of your labia," I said casually, rubbing the palm of my hand over the protruding pussy lips, causing Cathy to shiver."

"Weird, aren't they?" Cathy said. "Makes me feel like Dumbo."

"Don't know about that," I said. "All I know is that I've been thinking about burying my face between them all day."

And that was what I did, lowering my head between those warm thighs and sinking my face right into the fold.

I don't know what was better, the taste or the smell of Cathy's moist sex. Her pussy hair felt like a soft breeze against my cheeks as my tongue ran up and down the opening of her sweet pussy while the musky aroma filled my head.

Pussies all taste and smell differently, I've found, but regardless of the taste or scent there's no mistaking where your face is when you've got your nose and mouth in one. I was savoring all of those joys as Cathy's hips began grinding into my face while my tongue began caressing the pearl of her clit.

I glanced over and saw Cathy's hand clenching the bedding as her legs churned by my sides. Suddenly a muffled cry, followed by a few spasms of her body, and it was over. Piece of cake.

"Omigod!" Cathy gasped. "Unreal. A man that knows how to eat pussy!"

Snickering with self-contentment while my face was still nestled comfortably in her sopping wet pussy, I kept licking around her puffy labia, while Cathy ran her hands all over the top of my head.

"Grandpa?" Cathy said, and as I looked up from my vantage point between her thighs I saw my red-faced granddaughter. "Your tongue tired?"

"No baby," I said, and although my back was aching and my knees were sore, I could eat her out until the roosters crowed.

"You know what I want."

"What's that dear?" I asked innocently.

"You know."

"Tell me."

"I want you to do what you did last night," she blushed.

"I'm so old I forget things," I lied. "Last night..."

"I want you to rim me. Toss my salad. Lick my asshole," Cathy said with a devilish grin.

"Is that any way to talk to your Grandpa?"

"It is if your Grandpa is the assman," Cathy giggled.


Chapter Two: Down on Cathy

"Well, I'm going to need for you to put a pillow up under the base of your spine, because my back ain't what it used to be," I explained, but Cathy was already wedging the pillow up under herself before I finished speaking, and now with her completely exposed she parted those creamy thighs and showed me it all.

"Here Grandpa," Cathy said, handing me the dildo that she had used inside of her pussy the night before. "You want to work that in me while you're dining?"

"Sure honey, but do you mind if I enjoy that delicious pussy of yours a little more first?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? Your tongue is welcome anywhere anytime."

With that kind of invitation, I couldn't say no, so I positioned myself so that I could tongue her clitoris while working the dildo in and out of her pussy. Probing deep inside of Cathy, I was able to stir up an even stronger bouquet of fragrances, and as I tongued her, Cathy's hands held her thighs wide open.

"Omigod," Cathy moaned as her body shivered a bit. "I wish - wish that was your cock inside of me."

A chill went down my spine at hearing Cathy say that. It takes a special kind of grandfather to perform every kind of oral sex on his granddaughter and yet still be shocked at the suggestion of another sexual act, but I was.

As Cathy's breathing got heavier I began to work my mouth around the ivory dildo, still spinning it in and out of her slowly while licking my way around until my tongue was caressing that sweet little balloon knot.

Her anus was so tight that it was a struggle to wiggle my tongue inside of it, but once I did Cathy started going ballistic. Thrusting her hips up in the air as far as she could, pushing herself into both the dildo and my tongue, she was clutching the backs of her thighs so tightly it looked like her fingers were permanently embedded in the soft skin.

She squealed, thankfully biting into something to muffle her scream, and as her body jerked about, I lost my grip on the dildo. Either than or it was forced out, because when my eyes went up to look at what had happened, my face was hit with a wave of fluid that gushed out of Cathy's pussy.

A second, weaker squirt came out, and then Cathy started shaking uncontrollably, almost rolling off the bed as she curled into a fetal position, her body racked with what looked like a seizure.

"Are you alright, baby?" I cried out, crawling over to see what was wrong.

"Hold me," Cathy gasped, and I wrapped my arms around her and held her while her locomotive breath roared in my ear.

I was in a panic, not knowing what to do. Luckily, Cathy's breathing started to slow down, and the spasms that shook her from head to toe started to ease up. Finally all she was doing was holding me tightly while whispering huskily.

"Omigod omigod omigod," Cathy chanted, shivering every once in a while until rolling onto her back, her face still a bright crimson.

"Unfucking real!" Cathy gasped before smothering me with kisses. "Never came like that before. Never."

It was a new one on me too. My head was soaking wet and the pillow she had been propped up on was even worse. All of the bedding was in a tangle and my little Cathy looked like she had just come out of a hurricane.

"I love you so much, Grandpa," Cathy said. "You're the undisputed assman. I don't know how you did it, but damn!"

"I don't know either," I said, since it was nothing I hadn't done to my wife for many years, and while she had loved it, she had never loved it that much.

"Tomorrow night, Grandpa," Cathy said before I left. "I meant that. What I wanted."

"We'll see," I said. "We'll see."


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