tagIncest/TabooGrandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 06

Grandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 06


Ted Patterson, the 67 year old grandfather whose nocturnal wanderings in his son's house got him involved with his comely young granddaughter Cathy, has been acting half his age, much to his delight.

Cathy's mother Beth had been watching Grandpa Ted having sex with her daughter, and to Grandpa Ted's surprise, not only was his daughter-in-law not offended or disgusted, she wanted some of what her daughter had gotten.

Two women, as different as night and day in every way, and both as attractive as women could be to Ted. The problem was, Ted was 67 years old, and even at his prime might have had problems dealing with these two. Might they be the death of poor old Grandpa?


One: Advil kick in.

"C'mon Advil," Ted Patterson mumbled to himself as he put the cap on the bottle and twisted his body around in an attempt to work the stiffness out. "Kick in and do your thing."

It was eleven in the morning, and he was the only creature stirring in the Brad and Beth Patterson house. Brad, his wife Beth, and their daughter Cathy were all off to work. Beth, however, would be coming home for lunch. Since Beth was the office manager at her company, she had assured Ted the night before that she was not tied down to any half hour or hour break either.

"As long as I want," Beth had cooed in his ear. "As long as it takes."

What Beth wanted, she had made clear the night before, was him. Specifically, she wanted his cock in his pussy. A cock, Ted noted with a shake of his head, which had already performed more in the last three days than it had in all the time since his wife Emma had passed away combined.

Did he have it in him to get it up one more time? That was a good question, Ted thought as he looked at his long, wrinkled friend in the mirror before stepping into the shower.

If all it took was will power, there would be no problem. To his shame, Ted admitted that being with Beth for that short time had been very exciting to him. Her willingness to discuss her wants and needs, as well as her aborted attempt at infidelity, had really turned Ted on.

He had never thought of Beth like that, as a fiery and wanton woman with a sexual appetite that seemed to be considerable. And those tits, Ted mused as he remembered those surprisingly full globes. Where did they come from?

Oh sure, he had snuck many a peek down her blouse over the years, but last night was the first time he had seen them without a brassiere. He had known that Beth had a good sized bosom, but what Ted saw under that nightgown was truly impressive.

Some gals are like that, Ted thought. They look pretty ordinary when they're dressed all prim and proper, but once they get that harness off it turns out that they've been hiding a couple of whoppers all that time.

Emma was like that to an extent, Ted recalled, but was nowhere near being as busty as Beth appeared to be, at least from what he was able to see, and now Ted regretted not having her hike that nightie up a little higher so that he could have checked them out. Giving him something to look forward to just gave him a little more incentive to get it up, Ted concluded as he scrubbed his aching body, the soothing needles of the shower soothing his muscles somewhat.

Pulling back his foreskin, Ted made extra sure that he cleaned himself thoroughly, and as he cleaned he felt the vague stirrings in his loins. Smiling, Ted worked over his dangling nuts with the soap as well, and when he brought his soapy finger into his ass and felt his cock tingle, he was reassured.

He was going to do it, Ted concluded as he turned off the shower. He was going to get it up and drive his daughter-in-law through the headboard. Hopefully, Ted thought as his knees cracked when asked to bend in exiting the tub. Hopefully.


Two: Ready.

Ted was looking out the window when Beth pulled into the driveway and climbed out of the Lexus. Looking very business-like in a black pant suit with a pink blouse underneath, Beth walked purposely along the walk and up the steps.

Ted, in contrast, was dressed in the thin bathrobe that he put on after showering, not bothering to get stuff on that he would only be taking off anyway. So what if the robe showed his bony knees and skinny legs? Beth hadn't given any indication of caring about that.

He was waiting at the top of the stairs when Beth opened the door, and while she seemed surprised to see him there for some reason, she smiled as she climbed the stairs to join him.

"I was afraid that I was going to have to wake you up," Beth said nervously as she set her purse on the edge of the couch and took a deep breath. "Thought I might have made a fool of myself last night or something."

Ted Patterson shook his head and moved toward Beth, taking her face in his hands and bending to kiss her. The kiss was nothing like the kisses that had exchanged over the last two decades, because those other displays of affection did not include their tongues dueling or their bodies grinding into each other.

"Whew!" Beth exclaimed as their lips separated, and her father-in-law nodded agreement, putting his hand out and leading Beth down the hall.

"Would you mind if we..." Beth started to say, but Ted was already miles ahead of her, ushering her into the guest room that he had been sleeping in all week.

He had expected Beth to not want to do anything in her own bedroom, and hew as right. Beth seemed relieved when she saw where Ted led her, and after he closed the door behind them she smiled when she saw the bottle of champagne on the dresser, along with two glasses.

"You're so sweet," Beth said as she took the glass her father-in-law offered her.

"Thought it might help us relax," Grandpa Ted suggested.

"Is this cheating?" Beth wondered aloud. "I know it is, but in my mind - well, it's different. Do you know what I mean?"

"I think so," Ted agreed, although he didn't. Not really.

"Kind of bright in here," Beth said as she started to close the blinds that Ted had labored to allow light along with privacy.

"It's fine just like it is, Beth," Ted said. "Besides, I want to see you."

Beth started to make a self-depreciating comment, but Ted would have none of that, cutting her off with a wave of his hand.

"I thought you looked amazing last night," Ted assured his daughter-in-law, who was in her mid-40's but seemed as nervous as a schoolgirl as she stood in the middle of the room while Ted went over to the bed and sat down. "Stay there, honey. Take your clothes off for me."

"Here?" Beth asked, and when Ted nodded she began to slowly disrobe, pulling off her blazer and setting it on a chair.

Her fingers battled the buttons on the blouse while she bit her lip in frustration, but finally got to the last one and peeled off the short-sleeved pink blouse, revealing a long-line brassiere that seemed designed to minimize her bosom.

"My slacks?" Beth asked, apparently willing or wanting to take direction, and when Ted nodded she peeled off the black tailored slacks, revealing legs that were slightly full but quite shapely. After reaching down and taking off her knee-hi stockings she stood self-consciously in bra and panties.

"Nice," Ted sighed, noting the sprays of hair that peeked out from the sides of the elastic of the pantie leg openings, despite them being modestly styled. "Now the bra, honey."

Beth exhaled deeply before reaching back and undoing the hooks, and with each one coming loose the bra jumped forward a little more. When the last hook came free, the harness lurched off of Beth, and her massive breasts eased out of their entrapment.

"My turn now," Grandpa Ted said, letting out a loud and exaggerated, "Whew!" of his own, before nodding for Beth to take down her panties.

As Beth slipped them down, her huge mammaries swung down in front of her, and Ted was stunned at their shape as well as their size, the breasts resembling torpedoes with crimson the size of drink coasters. Beth's nipples were impressive as well, the thick pegs jutting out well over an inch with the promise of even further growth.

"Don't hide yourself," Ted said softly when Beth instinctively brought her hands up to modestly try to cover her herself, but there was way too much for two hands to shield, so she let them fall to her sides.

"I could tell you how beautiful you are, but you probably wouldn't believe me," Ted said, surprised at what Beth's undressing at done to him, and when Beth shrugged her shoulders Ted nodded and rose to his feet, letting his robe drop off of his shoulders. "Maybe this will convince you."

"OMIGOD!" Beth cried out, and while Ted wasn't sure whether she was shocked at what she saw swaying in front of him or was stunned that he was so aroused over her, it didn't matter, because after she cried out Beth made the three steps over to her father-in-law and fell to her knees on the carpet in front of him.

Beth attacked his cock like a pit bill on a pork chop, her hands grasping the nearly erect organ while cramming as much in her mouth as she could. Soon, her hands were not needed, so she moved them down to his balls, squeezing the low hanging orbs while inhaling his manhood.

Ted looked down at a woman who seemed possessed, as well as apparently intent on taking all of his cock into her mouth. Soon she was coming close - incredibly close - to taking it all in her mouth, and not even the tip of his manhood poking her in the throat could deter her.

"Oh, what a incredible cocksucker you are," Ted exclaimed as he ran her hands through his daughter-in-law's thick hair, and when he feared he could take no more he pulled her to her feet and eased her onto the bed.

"No, Dad," Beth gasped when she saw him start to go down on her. "I need it now. Please."

Ted nodded and moved up on the bed and between her pale thighs, her hand raking through the thick mat of hair that surrounded her opening, and despite the excessive pelt she had, there was no problem finding her opening because she was sopping wet.

Ted rubbed the head of his cock along her labia, the bulbous glans of his member now exposed, and the feeling on the sensitive tip was exquisite. Ted leaned closer while Beth gripped his biceps, and as he entered her he got to watch her reactions.

She was tight, but not extremely so, most likely the result of the weapon that her lesbian friend do on her, but the deeper he got the tighter the opening was. Soon, Beth was bridging her neck up from the bedding, her eyes rolling back in her head as she seized his biceps in a death grip.

Back out Ted, came, and then back in, but this time a little further. Again and again he did this, until by the fifth slow thrust he had fully impaled his buxom daughter-in-law, and after a couple of additional plunges Beth was coming.

Ted felt his cock get crushed by Beth's pussy as her body spasmed, and just when it seemed her orgasm was over she began again, flopping around on the bed under her father-in-law, who had to look away for fear of cumming himself.

"So good," Beth whimpered, tears running from the corners of her eyes as she looked up to the senior citizen, who concentrated on lasting as long as he could. "Let me."

Beth, sensing that he was in need of a break, deftly slid out from under Ted and rolled him onto his back while straddling the still-erect cock, her fist holding his manhood while guiding it into her pussy.

"OH! Feels even bigger this way," Beth declared as she eased herself down on his cock, and any loss of stiffness was regained at the sight of Beth's enormous breasts swaying down in front of her.

"Play with them," Ted grunted. "Want to see you play with them."

"My tits?" Beth asked, and when Ted nodded she took her hands from her thighs and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them while looking for approval from Ted.

Ted nodded and put his hands over hers, helping her knead the over-sized jugs before taking over the job himself. Beth's breasts were doughy, but considering their size and her age felt as great as they looked, and when Ted grabbed the fat nipples and turned them like knobs on a radio Beth squealed with delight.

"Like them babies treated rough?" Ted asked, and when Beth nodded he began to knead them with more force, until his weathered hands were yanking on them with all his might.

Any fears that Ted had regarding his being too rough were dashed when his daughter-in-law came again, a milder orgasm to be sure than before, but it was delightful to watch, and after she was done Ted noticed that she seemed to be a little uncomfortable.

"Have to cum now," Ted said, and Beth nodded.

"Want to feel it," Beth said, and while it was doubtful that she could feel his seed filling her womb, he could tell that she could feel his dick jump when he came, and after he was spent Beth quickly eased herself off of his deflating cock and smothered him with kisses.

"That was the most amazing..." Beth started to say, but started to cry and buried her face in Ted's neck.

Ted cradled his daughter-in-law in her arms until she stopped sobbing, and after she was back in control of her emotions she gingerly climbed off of Ted and fell to his side.


Three: Inspection.

"You know," Ted said as he leaned over towards Beth' his hand going to Beth's breasts which,m despite her being on her back, were still impressive. "I had no idea you were hiding anything so incredible under your clothes. You should let them out so that the world can enjoy them."

"Too self-conscious," Beth explained. "I feel like a cow, but they are sensitive, and if you keep playing with them I'm going to climb back on top of you, even though my pussy is so sore that it feels like I've been doing squat thrusts on a fire hydrant."

"I'm afraid that you've killed the boy off," Ted said.

"That's what you said last night."

"Well, this time I mean it," Ted assured her.

"Are you going to fuck Cathy tonight?"

"Gee," Ted said, feeling uncomfortable about talking to a girl's mother like this.

"I mean, it's fine if you do. I'm not jealous," Beth told her father-in-law. "You gave me what I needed."

The prospect of having to deal with Cathy later that night was making Ted feel old again, and while Cathy was certainly stimulating, it might not be enough to erase the fact that his back and legs were killing him.

"I don't think so," was Ted's reply.

"Well, if you do, I'll be watching."


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