tagIncest/TabooGrandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 07

Grandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 07


Ted Patterson, the 67 year old grandfather whose week-long vacation at his son's house has so far been anything but relaxing, begins to feel his age.


One: It's alright Grandpa.

I looked down at my granddaughter Cathy, whose eyes were focused on the quite flaccid tube of flesh that she had been trying to coax back to life for the last twenty minutes to little effect.

Oh, there was an initial surge when I arrived in the loft that I knew now was anything but secret. Seeing the soft nubile young Cathy naked when I arrived had made the blood begin to flow in my cock, and for a time there I think that I would be able to get it up, but in the end reality set in.

While I know that it would make for a better tale if I turned out to be a super stallion who never failed to get hard, the reality is that I was a 67 year old man who had been popping loads into his granddaughter and daughter-in-law for the last five days at a pace that rivaled my youth.

Viagra had crossed my mind, but having had a bit of a heart scare a couple of years ago, I quickly dismissed that. Imagining what I could do with one of those erections that wouldn't go away for four hours was amusing in fantasy only. Having a stroke while on top of Cathy or Beth would not be the memory I wanted to leave either of them.

Cathy had already used my usually reliable Ejaculator 3000 on me in an effort to get me hard, managing to stuff by limp dick into that tight latex sleeve after a lot of effort, but we had given up on that after about 10 minutes of constant pumping made little difference.

So now Cathy was tugging away, pulling on my limp dick without complaint. Licking and nibbling around the foreskin, letting her tongue toy with the opening of the glans, and sucking on my low hanging nuts until they popped loudly out of her mouth. Nothing worked.

"I'm sorry baby," I finally said. "Guess I'm not up to it tonight."

"It's alright Grandpa," Cathy said, trying and mostly succeeding to mask her disappointment. "I like sucking on you anyway."

"And you do it so well," I told her, running my hands through her golden brown hair.

It was true. Cathy was a fine cocksucker. Not as skilled as her mother Beth, who was extraordinary at the craft, but good nonetheless. I don't even think Beth could have done anything at this point though.

"Why don't you get up in my favorite position?" I suggested to Cathy, who eagerly complied by rolling onto her hands and knees while lifting that plump little bottom of hers as high as she could. "I think I've got something you like that still works."

Cathy giggled as I climbed up behind her and spread those full ass cheeks and locked my eyes upon the prize, that sweet tan balloon knot which was winking at me as my face slipped into the crack.

The faint little circle of hairs which ringed her anus got flattened by my tongue first, as was my custom, before I started lapping at the puckered little opening. Cathy's anus welcomed my long, serpent-like tongue, and soon I had her writhing and moaning beneath my oral onslaught.

My hand slid between her legs, and my fingers rubbed her wet over-sized labia a bit before my thumb sank into her pussy. From then on Cathy was was squirming and letting out muffled squeals into the pillow that her face was buried in.

The squishing sounds of my thumb going in and out of her pussy, along with the pungent smell of her sex, actually gave me a semi-erection for a while there, but in the end I just held onto her hips and kept corkscrewing my tongue into Cathy until she came and collapsed onto the bed.

"Oh man, Grandpa," Cathy wheezed after rolling onto her back. "I'm going to miss that when you go."

"Me too, honey," I said while getting my toy back into the box and preparing to leave.

"You know what would be great?" Cathy asked, not waiting for an answer. "Before you go, how cool would it be if you stuck your cock in my ass?"

"I'm afraid that you've worn the old boy down too much for that," I told her. "Besides, I don't think I could get hard enough for that any more either. You're very small down there."

"But I'll bet you could fix that," Cathy suggested as I got to the door.

"If ifs and buts would candy and nuts, then every day would be Christmas," I reminded my granddaughter before closing the door.


Two: Off to my own bed.

After getting downstairs and brushing my teeth, I noticed that the faint night light was on in my room, so I wasn't startled this time when I saw Cathy's mother Beth on the bed waiting for me when I opened the door.

"Hi Dad," Beth said, walking over to me and wrapping her arms around me. "I was watching. That was so hot."

Beth's mouth locked onto mine and she ground her voluptuous body into me, her tongue seeking and finding mine. Beth's mouth sucked on my tongue while her hands reached inside my pajamas and pulled at my cock.

"If you were watching," I said after breaking free from my daughter-in-law. "You saw nothing happening down there."

"Maybe I could change that," Beth suggested. "I brought a razor."

"A razor?"

"If you want to shave around my anus," Beth reminded me. "I noticed that you didn't go near it, so I figured you must not have liked all the hair."

"Beth, things went so fast I didn't even get a chance to look at you down there," I explained, telling her that cleanliness was all I cared about.

"Well then, maybe you should look," Beth said, calmly pulling her nightie up over her head, exposing her lush body as she cupped her huge bosoms in her palms before going back to the bed and climbing on.

"What do you think, Dad?" Beth asked as she knelt on the edge of the bed and spread her ass cheeks wide. "I promise that I'm squeaky clean."

"I think that's one hairy asshole," I said, seeing the way that the coal black hair continued from the bottom of her pussy right up through the crack of her ass.

"Too hairy?" Beth asked, nodding toward the razor and shave gel further up the bed.

"Too hairy?" I scoffed. "I think not. Like being too rich or too healthy."

Even furrier down there than my late wife Emma, I observed, and that had never scared me away, I thought to myself as I went over to the bed and ran my hand along the furry crevice.

After gobbling Cathy's ass, my tongue was now as exhausted as the rest of me, but I nudged her mother further up the bed so I could kneel behind her. No sense letting this opportunity go to waste, I reasoned.

As my tongue slid over the hair-fringed ring, I got a blast of mint. Beth wasn't kidding. She was clean. She must have given herself an enema, because this was the freshest tasting butt I had even munched on.

"Oh Dad!" Beth mumbled as I pulled her hips closer to me so that I could really get into her, and whatever I did it must have been right because within a minute Beth was cumming, squealing as my tongue worked around the ring as my fingers diddled inside of her pussy.

"That was so good," Beth said after she caught her breath. "I wish Brad would do that, but he's too - not anal, I guess."

"It's not for everybody."

"You know the saying that it's better to give than receive, Dad?"


Three: Bull

"You look incredible like that," Beth said after I got onto my hands and knees, and I had to snicker, trying to imagine what my 67 year old ass must look like.

"They should put me in The Smithsonian," I muttered.

"I'm serious," Beth said, and as she spoke I felt her hand cupping my balls, rolling the nuts around in her palm. "Am I too rough?"

"No," I moaned, loving the way Beth was kneading and pulling on my nut sac.

"Good. What a pair you've got on you," Beth said. "You've got the balls of a bull. And as for this..."

Beth's hand moved down to grab my cock, which was dangling limply, and began to pull on it like she was milking a cow. I could feel Beth's breath on my exposed anus a second before the touch of her wet tongue made me shiver.

It had been forever since I had experienced this, my dear Emma only rarely going in that area, and from the first second it was clear that my daughter-in-law was not doing this out of any sense of obligation. You have to love it in order to go at it with the kind of enthusiasm that Beth did.

Now Beth hand both hands on my cock, pulling on it forcefully as her tongue danced around inside of me. My cock began to get hard - not a full-blown erection but close to it, and I was helpless to stop what followed, as my spine tingled with the onset of my orgasm.

I came, not in a rush but in a long, almost frustrating way. Hanging on the brink of orgasm for what seemed like forever, my cock finally spat all over the bedding while Beth yanked furiously on it.

The orgasm seemed to never have an end, and I pretty much forced Beth's hands off of me when my knees gave way and I fell onto the bed, fully spent.

"Was that good for you Dad?" Beth asked me as she knelt beside me, her finger now replacing her tongue.

"Unbelievable," I mumbled, her finger dipping in and out of my ass while I felt myself laying in the pool of my cum, too exhausted to move.

"I'm glad," Beth said. "I'm going to miss you when you go."

That was the last thing I remember Beth saying before sleep overtook me.


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