tagIncest/TabooGrandpa's Favorite

Grandpa's Favorite


My granddaughter Alexis had just finished scrubbing the last dish and handed it to me for drying. I gave it a quick wipe and put it in the cupboard before returning my attention to Alexis, who was busy wiping down the sink for me.

The last three hours had been a record for me, I figured, because as of late it had become harder and harder for me to keep my hands off of my granddaughter. Now, after having her around the house this evening, watching her clean the house as well as making dinner and enjoying it with me, I was quite aroused. Plenty more aroused than the average 64 year old widowed man, I reckon.

"You've done enough Alexis," I said as I came behind her, wrapping my arms around my granddaughter and pressing my 6'1" frame into her sturdy 5'7" torso. "Why don't we relax now?"

"Gee Grandpa," Alex - as she prefers to be called - giggled, jiggling her butt into the erection that was poking her posterior. "I was thinking about going home and turning in early tonight."

She was kidding, and we both knew it, and as I nuzzled into my granddaughter's neck, ducking between the collar of her army surplus shirt and her short black hair I felt her body wiggling into mine.

"Mmm," I purred as my hands slipped under the drab and shapeless shirt and moved upwards. "Are these getting bigger or is it my imagination?"

"I wish," Alex sighed as my hands cupped her grapefruit-sized breasts, and as my hands kneaded the pliant orbs her plump nipples burned into my palms.

Alexis had a pear-shaped body, with her top not nearly as full as her bottom, and while she wasn't a classical beauty by any sense, I found her to be the most desirable woman on earth these days.

"They feel bigger," I concluded while nibbling her neck. "You letting anybody else get as these morsels?"

"Not nice to kiss and tell," Alex reminded me.

While Alexis had never come right out and said it, I suspected that she was at the very least bisexual, given the way she carried herself and the comments she made. Plus, she had always said that I was the only man for her, and no other guy could ever measure up to me.

Alexis was no virgin when we first started up, and I had experienced her in every way a man can have a woman. From her first timid hand jobs on to where we were now, she had always been up for anything, and now I wasn't sure which one of us was the teacher.

"Want to tuck me in?" I asked, and Alex nodded.

"You betcha."


"Permit me," I said when we reached my bedroom, brushing my granddaughter's hands away from her shirt buttons, and after I undid them and pulled the shirt off of Alex, she turned and tossed the garment aside.

"Is that a new one?" I asked when I saw what looked like a new tattoo on her back, a little red heart.

"Look close," Alexis said, and when I did as she asked I was shocked to see a small T on it.

"Is that me?"

"Well, I couldn't put Thomas on it," Alex giggled. "That might get Mom suspicious, and then she wouldn't send me over her anymore."

"Couldn't have that," I said, and while I think that tattoos are often a desecration of a woman's natural beauty, I felt honored that she put that little token of our love on her body.

My eyes went down Alex's body, to the breasts which were already starting to show the effects of never having been supported by a bra. The slight sagging was hardly noticeable, but she wouldn't be 19 forever. We had that discussion before, though, and I knew what she would say if I brought it up again so instead I moved on.

Now past her tummy, which had a slight swell to it, and my fingers went to undo the button on her jeans. The back of my hand was against her belly button as the came undone, and then I knelt down in front of my granddaughter and slipped the faded denim down her legs.

The chubby but shapely legs were smooth, indicating that she might have moved on from her recent phase of not shaving her legs, but as I looked at the black hairs peeking out from the leg openings of her panties, it was obvious that Alex hadn't touched that area.

For that, I was grateful, because I'm a bit of a Renaissance Man in that I like my women to look like adults and not children. I find the barren look down there disturbing. Maybe it's because I'm an old hippie at heart, but that's the way I am.

"You still awake Grandpa?" Alexis asked, and I realized that I must have been having a senior moment, staring at Alex's panties and the outline of the black thicket in the white cotton.

"Just admiring the most beautiful girl in the world," I said, my hands running down her full hips, and as I took the top of the undies in my hands and eased them down I savored the fragrance of Alex's sex as it came into view.

The lush forest sparkled in the soft light, and the incredibly pungent aroma of her sex did to me what it always did, which was to make me light in the head and stiff down below. I inhaled deeply as I leaned forward, my face brushing the dense bush as Alexis stepped out of her panties, and then Alex was helping me to my feet.

"My turn," Alex declared as she undid my shirt, and even though Alex had seen my body many times, that didn't stop me from sucking in my gut and sticking out my chest as the shirt came off.

I'm in decent shape for a man my age, but after all I am 64, and I wish that Alex could have seen me in my prime, Still, for whatever reason she seems to like what she sees, and after raking her fingers through the silver cloud of fur on my chest and biting my nipples, she dropped to her knees.

"Are you hard already, Grandpa?" Alexis cooed as she ran her hand over the bulge in my trousers.

"Can't help it," I admitted. "After looking at you it just happens."

"I think you must be taking those pills or something," Alexis suggested as she unbuckled my belt and undid my pants.

"You're all I need honey," I said, and as I stepped out of my trousers Alex looked up at me and shook her head.

"Then we need to get you glasses," Alex said as she reached into my boxer shorts, as was her custom, and pulled my nearly erect cock out the fly. "There's my big buddy. I've missed you."

"He missed you too, Alex," I sighed, since it had been two weeks since her last visit.

Alex's tongue flicked out at the tip of my cock, which was peeking out from underneath my foreskin, and then as her hand slid the shroud down she took the head of my member into my mouth.

"Aw!" I groaned as Alex dispatched the boxers with a flick of her wrist as let them tumble to the floor before continuing.

"So big and hard," Alex said, nibbling the crown while working my dangling balls in one palm while stroking the shaft of my cock with the other. "How many girls are lucky enough to have a Grandpa that's hung like a horse?"

Alex was exaggerating, of course. My cock is pretty long but not all that thick, and nothing like the guys that you see on the Internet. Still, most guys like to hear stuff like that and I'm no exception, and the words and Alex's deeds had managed to make me swell to the seven or so inches it actually was.

Alexis was now done talking, and I ran my hands through her short black hair and I looked down at her mouth sliding most of the way down the shaft of my cock. As her mouth slid back to the tip, the dark beige skin of my manhood glistened with her saliva, and Alex's eyes twinkled too as she looked up at me, her innocent look clashing with the fact that she had her mouth full of her grandfather's cock.

"Oh! That's so good!" I groaned as Alex's lips went all the way down the shaft, right to the stump with her nose buried in my silver pubes, and now her hands were on my bony ass and pulling me even closer.

My knees were shaking as I cradled her head in my hands before letting them slide down to her shoulders. I gripped her biceps, and the degree of muscularity was erotic to me as I gripped them tightly for a moment before moving my hands under her arms.

I discovered that Alex's underarms, to my delight, remained unshorn, and as I let my fingers rake through the tufts of silky hair that filled the recesses of her armpits, Alexis squirmed in reaction, enjoying not only my affection but in knowing how much her natural beauty aroused me.

I lifted her up to her feet, but only briefly as I moved her down onto the bed and knelt on the floor. Raising her legs over my shoulders, I looked at the wild pray of hair and the prominent labia barely visible through the forest. Her pussy was already wet before my face got there, and as I let my nose and mouth disappear in her moist fold, the familiar aroma of her pussy sent shivers down my spine.

"Oh fuck Grandpa!" Alexis cursed, wiggling around as she held the backs of her plump thighs with her hands. "Eat my cunt!"

Alex had quite a mouth on her when she was getting eaten out or fucked, and while I wasn't usually a fan of that kind of language from a lady, it was somehow arousing to her it out of my granddaughter. Besides, as Alexis was fond of saying, she was no lady.

Soon Alexis was cumming, and my tongue didn't let up until she yanked my head out from between her legs. Even though my tongue was wearing out, I would have lapped at Alex's sweet pussy until the cows came home. Alex had other plans, however, and as my granddaughter scrambled out from under me, she assumed her favorite position.

Alex was on all fours, presenting that full round butt of hers for my inspection. I climbed behind her and let my right hand probe between her ass cheeks, letting a finger stroke her hair fringed anal ring while I gave her rear a playful slap with my left hand.

"You want it in the ass, Alex?" I asked, knowing that she probably didn't, but had assumed the position because she liked it from behind.

"In my pussy," Alex said as she lowered herself down to her elbows while keeping her lower half raised as high as she could. "Stick your big cock in my cunt!"

Sidling up close against her, I ran my cock up and down her furry fold before letting it slide inside of her, not stopping until I had fully impaled her.

"Fuck! That's big!" Alex grunted when I sank all the way in as I mounted her, wrapping my arms around her while laying over her back, my hands busily kneading her hangers roughly, which was the way she liked it.

I began slowly, moving my cock all the way out of Alex and then sliding back down into her. Alex likes it hard and fast, but I prefer to build up to speed. Hard and fast I can still do, but the last thing I want to do is pull a Nelson Rockefeller and end up dead on top of Alex, so it's slow at first.

"Fuck!" Alex mutters, thrusting herself back into me in an effort to speed me up. "Harder, Grandpa."

I chuckle at that, straightening up and running my hands over her back, across the tattoos that break up the pale white skin. Alex's hips are full, and my hands grip them as I begin to speed up, my fingers digging into the softness as our bodies slap together louder.

Alexis is so wet that the squishing sounds my cock makes each time I slam into her pussy are even louder than her grunts, and the sounds and the smells get me going faster despite myself.

Soon I'm drilling myself into my granddaughter as hard as I can, and Alex is rearing back against me to make the collisions even more pronounced. She's squealing and cumming, and as her pussy contracts around my cock I find myself losing control.

Alexis came before I did by a few seconds, but now I'm cumming. The wonderful tingling is running through my loins, and then my cock is spitting my seed deep into her womb. Alex sighs as she feels my tool jump with each spurt of my cum, and then it's over.

Ten minutes, I think to myself as I look at the alarm clock. I'm slipping. There was a time that I could have kept going all night, or at least that's the way I remember it, especially with a sweet pussy like this beside me. At least I can still do it, I reason to myself as I rolled down beside my granddaughter, letting her sweaty body embrace mine as we relax in the afterglow.

"Don't be a stranger," I said to Alexis an hour later as we walked to the door. "Your feeble old Grandpa won't be around much longer."

"Bullshit Grandpa," Alexis said as she hugged me. "You're as strong as a bull.`You just got done pounding my pussy like nobody else can. I'll try and make it next week."

We kissed, with Alex's tongue making it far from the average kiss that grandfathers usually get, and then she was off on her way. Next week, I muttered to myself as I smiled at the prospect of a reason to look forward to keep ticking.


thank you for reading

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