tagIncest/TabooGrandpa's House Ch. 02

Grandpa's House Ch. 02


I drove towards Grandpa's house; I wanted to so blow him again. I've been jerking off a lot this week thinking about the whole me getting fucked in the ass by my Grandpa situation. I was rubbing on my crotch while turning the corners of the streets, when I saw Grandpa's house there was a black Honda accord parked in his drive way, I was confused, was I finally going to meet one of his fuck buddies? I quickly parked right next to the Honda; I got out of my jeep rubbing my cock through my jeans ready to find out who this mystery guest was.

I was about to open the door, when it opened by itself, there he stood a big hairy looking older bear. His beard and hair mixed with black and grey hairs. My dick just leaked precum; he smiled walking out the door smiling at me. I watched him walking to his car; I would almost describe every inch of his body. His tight jeans showing his ass, it might have been a chubby ass but damn I'd so want to see what it looked like. His tank top being stretched out by the chubby build he had, his arms kind of hairy, his shoulders didn't have much hair. This is what a true bear is supposed to look like. I stood there opened mouth at him getting into his car and leaving.

I walked into Grandpa's house closing the door, Grandpa walked around the corner looking at me smiling; he was wearing something I thought I would never see on him. He was wearing a leather cap, the type gay men usually wear, and leather pants. He was completely shirtless his beer belly hanging out, he was wearing some black boots too. My dick was hard, I smiled back at him.

"Hello Jake, how is my Grandson today?" Grandpa said rubbing his stomach.

"I'm great Grandpa, who was that guy that just left?" I said to him readjusting my cock inside my jeans.

"That was Charles, he's a big older bear, he came over for a while, fucked each other, sadly I didn't cum, but I think I was saving that for when you came over today." Grandpa said licking his lips.

"Wow, do you think sometime we can have some men over for an orgy?" I asked him hoping he would say yes to my question.

"Well Jake, the men that I have sex with, they really aren't into younger guys, plus they don't know I'm into incest." Grandpa said kind of frowning.

"Oh, well that's okay, as long as I have you, and they are gone, that means your full attention is on me now" I said to him in a sexual way.

"Well then, come over here and suck on Grandpa's cock than son." Grandpa said.

With that he unzipped his leather pants and pulling out his hung cock, it was already dripping with precum. I couldn't believe I was going to get down on my knees right here fully clothed and suck on my Grandpa's cock. I just loved coming to Grandpa's house, this will be the second time I've had sex with him. I was going to enjoy every single moment with him, make love to him. I got on my knees taking a hold of Grandpa's limp old cock putting my tongue on his uncut cock, licking the precum that oozed out. It tasted good, at the same time his cock tasted like ass. It must have been when Grandpa fucked his bear friend Charles in the ass.

I took Grandpa's cock into my mouth ignoring the taste, having it inside my mouth was so freaking hot, feeling his foreskin wrap around my tongue each time I licked Grandpa's precum from his piss slit. My nose and chin rubbing against his black leather pants, it smelt great, his house smelt like hot sex, hopefully if my parents come over that everything wouldn't smell so dirty. I would help my Grandpa if it came to that. But right now I was just enjoying blowing my Grandpa here on the floor. I used my fingers to play with his balls, they smelled like sweat. I took my mouth off from his cock, my slobber and precum dripping from my mouth onto the floor.

"Come on Son, let's go into my room, I got a surprise for you." Grandpa said.

I got up off the floor licking my lips and wiping the spit from my chin, I followed Grandpa into his room, I wondered what the surprise might have been, maybe he was going to fuck my ass or maybe let me fuck him. I opened his door, I couldn't believe how much his room smelt like sex, it was such a turn on, I was rubbing my cock not really caring how hard I was inside my jeans. He pulled out a box from under the bed, he opened it. There inside was dildos, video tapes, and lube, anything that was considered a sex toy seemed to be inside that box.

"Grandpa, where did you get all of this stuff from?" I asked him.

"The sex store of course, I buy all my porn, all my dildos there, I have all kinds of dildos, big ones, small ones, really big fat ones. Do you want to try one out? You might have to wash them good though, I always wash them after I use them, but if you feel you want to wash them more then do so." Grandpa said to me.

"So, you use these for your own ass Grandpa?" I asked him once more a question that would probably give me a huge hard on.

"Yeah, I fuck myself with a lot of these dildos, either the guys that come here do it for me or I do it myself when I'm alone" Grandpa said laying on the bed rubbing his cock.

I pulled out one of his dildos from the box. I gave it to my Grandpa, I unzipped my pants pulling them off my legs, and then removing my underwear throwing them across the room. I laid myself on the bed going on all fours. Grandpa looked at the dildo then looking at my sweet ass.

"Grandpa, can you suck me off while you fuck me with that dildo?" I asked him.

"Of course, just stay still, I'm going to put some lube on this dildo so it won't hurt when entering your ass." Grandpa said grabbing a full bottle of lube and putting it on, he used his hand to smear it all over it.

Grandpa made sure that the dildo would be inside me once he started to suck me off. I couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but I could feel something wet push through my ass cheeks, I felt the tip of the dildo push through into my ass; I gave off a slow moan of pleasure before feeling half of it inside me. I couldn't really guess how big the dildo was but it felt good in my ass. Before I could feel the dildo hit my prostate I felt Grandpa's lips wrap around my soft cock, he started to suck on my cock head, I loved when he did that, it was like he knew all the right spots to suck to make me leak like a fountain with precum. My cock slid half way through his mouth, than I heard him gagging. He pushed the cock deeper inside me I moaned louder.

Grandpa pulled out the dildo and jamming it back into my ass, he did this in a slow process he would repeat every few seconds when it was all the way inside me. Grandpa sucking my cock so fast now, his lips would rub against my balls; it would rub against his chin whenever he stuck my entire cock down this throat. I felt like I was being fucked in the ass by someone else, while my Grandpa sucked my cock and eating my juices. The dildo felt so real at times that I couldn't really tell that it was fake. Grandpa continued to suck on my cock, I still didn't feel like blowing my load yet, maybe I still needed more hot sex like last time. I felt Grandpa's lips pull away from my cock.

"Sorry Son, my cock is just so aching for fucking right now, I'm going to pull this dildo out of you and fuck you okay?" Grandpa said.

"Yeah Grandpa, can you cum in my ass this time?" I said.

"Sure thing babe" Grandpa said getting his cock hard and ready.

He didn't at all take his leather pants off, he still had them on while sliding his cock inside my, I felt his warm cock enter my hole, it felt so good feeling his old meat pound into my ass, I could feel the leather rubbing against my ass cheeks. Grandpa groaned a little bit while his cock lay inside my ass. I didn't want to jerk myself off so I remained on all fours feeling my Grandpa's hungry cock fuck my ass harder and harder. Grandpa started to pick up his speed of fucking my hole, at times I felt his cock head touching my prostate just like the dildo did, but this made me so hot that my cock would leak precum all over his bed sheets. I felt Grandpa's hot black leather slapping against my ass cheeks, this time it made a different sound. I put my head down looking at my stomach, I saw that my abs were flexing from the pleasure, I also saw a string of precum oozing out all over the sheets. Hopefully Grandpa didn't care about his sheets getting all that precum on it.

"Grandpa.....I'm precumming on your sheets....Is that okay?" I said it was like three to four seconds after every second before I said another one. It felt so good I couldn't talk normally.

"Yeah Jake, if you're going to cum just cum all over it, I can wash them. I always do UGH fuck yeah your ass feels so good Jake, I love it when your hole closes up tight while my entire dick is inside you. Oh yeah keep doing it Jake, you'll make me cum faster!" Grandpa said.

I don't know what he meant by my hole tightening up around his cock, I couldn't really feel my hole tighten up but all I could feel was Grandpa's cock inside me throbbing slowly, he was ready to shoot his white cream inside me I wanted to feel the warmth of his seed. I wanted to feel the cum that made my Dad oh yes! Grandpa fucked me faster and faster, the sounds of his leather pounding me got louder and louder. His groaning got louder.

"Jake I'm going to cum any second, get ready! Get ready...yes! Fuck yes! Here it comes baby; here it comes, get ready, UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Grandpa said groaning.

I screamed out in pleasure, his cock was all the way inside me, all went silent, I felt Grandpa's cock throb inside my ass, then I felt little spurts of cum squirt inside me. It felt so fucking hot, my body twitched, my muscles twitched, every part of me twitched. I still stayed on all fours, Grandpa was still hard inside me, and I could feel his cock ooze slowly. I don't know how much cum he shot into me, but I would soon find that out when it leaks out of my hole. I felt Grandpa's cock exit out of me. He was huffing and puffing loud it was such a turn on hearing Grandpa moan out loud. I didn't know what would happen next, but I felt Grandpa's hands spread my cheeks apart, I felt his tongue lick my hole.

He was eating whatever cum leaked out of my ass, I felt his tongue enter my hole, and I could hear the slurping sounds from his mouth on the other side of my body. Each time his tongue licked up my ass I felt my hole tighten up. It felt so amazing! I felt my body fall onto the bed; I couldn't move I was so out of it from being fucked by my Grandpa.

"Jake? Don't tell me you're tired now, we aren't even finished." Grandpa said.

I turned around looking at my Grandpa, he came closer to me on the bed licking my lips and feeding me his cum, we kissed each other, his tongue, his spit went through my lips and entering my mouth. I could taste Grandpa's cum on my tongue, I swallow it. Our lips and mouths kissed each other for about two minutes; he pulled his lips apart from me. Grandpa looked at me, it was like as if me and Grandpa were secret lovers, the way he looked at me, it was that rare look when you get from someone when they are in love with you. My Grandpa and I had a very great relationship with each other, a love so powerful that it can't be broken by anyone.

"Okay Jake, you take a nap, while I go out on the deck in the backyard and have myself something to drink and stroke my cock, when you wake up, I'll be waiting outside" Grandpa said lifting himself up from the bed walking out of the room.

I laid there so in hot and sweaty, I can't believe that Grandpa and me were going to be spending a great deal of time as Grandfather and Grandson. I looked up at the ceiling, I put my hand down where my ass was, I put my finger inside my hole feeling the warm slimy cum inside me. I pulled out licking my finger, it felt great knowing that Grandpa's white cream was inside me, and I closed my eyes feeling my body shut down....

My eyes open, I looked around, my body felt kind of like shit for a moment but then I realized I was naked on my Grandpa's bed, my ass feeling like someone stuck a rake inside it. I looked at the time; it was maybe around four in the afternoon. I lifted myself off from the bed walking out of Grandpa's room towards the hall, I was naked, and hopefully nobody was here besides my Grandpa. I walked out onto the deck seeing my Grandpa drinking his water, he was completely naked outside. I sat there beside him. He looked at me smiling.

"Good afternoon sleepy head, did you have a good nap?" Grandpa said leaning over kissing me on the cheek.

"Yeah I did Grandpa, so now that I'm rested, what did you want to do?" I asked him.

"Well, how about, do you feel like fucking me right now Jake?" Grandpa asked me.

"Well do you want to be fucked, you know that I've always wanted to fuck you Grandpa" I said smiling.

"Yes Jake, I've gone all week without being fucked, I need a good fuck by my Grandson." Grandpa said laughing.

I leaned over kissing my Grandpa on the lips, we locked our lips together kissing, our tongues colliding through, and swallowing each other's spit while we made out on his backyard deck. Grandpa's backyard was pretty big, he had a pool, and there were no neighbors around that could see. He could have a nude sex party in his backyard and nobody would even see it. Grandpa licked my lips; he turned over on the lounge chair showing me his nice sweet ass. I was about go inside the house to get lube from his room when he grabbed my arm.

"No, I want you to fuck me bare back babe" Grandpa said looking me in the eyes.

"Are you sure Grandpa? I mean I might be a little too big for your ass to hold." I told him going closer towards him.

Grandpa laid there on the lounge chair showing me his nice old ass, I got closer towards him. He looked at me, I didn't know if he wanted me to get him ready or fuck him right there on the spot.

"Grandpa do you want me to just stick it inside you?" I asked him.

"Yeah, just stick it all the way in to me like you do when you fuck your friends" Grandpa said.

Grandpa turned around on the chair letting me do the work now. My cock was getting hard just thinking of me fucking my Grandpa in the ass, my cock was now fully erected, I pushed my cock through his ass cheeks feeling the tip of my cock enter his hole, I could feel how warm his ass was, I felt Grandpa shift a little bit, hopefully I wasn't hurting him when it was all the way inside him. I pushed harder going in deeper; I heard a moan from Grandpa it was so hot hearing him moan like that. I pushed deeper inside until my thigh was rubbing against his ass.

"Is it all the way in Grandpa?" I asked him.

"Yes Jake it's all the way inside me feels so good. Pull out slowly so my ass will get use to your cock" Grandpa instructed me.

I pulled my cock out slowly from his hole, it felt so good feeling every inch pull out from him, it seems that it didn't hurt Grandpa one bit, I bet Grandpa has bottomed for a few guys in the past so maybe he's use to the pain and pleasure. My cock was half way out; Grandpa lifted his hand giving me thumbs up. I guess that mean to shove my cock back into him. I pushed my cock back into him hearing him moan louder.

"Oh yeah that's right Jake, fuck your Grandpa" he said to me.

I pulled out half way out then pushing it back into him, maybe I should go faster the faster I go the quicker my cum and shoot into him, that's unless he wants me to shoot my seed inside his ass.

"Grandpa do you want me to cum inside you?" I asked him.

"Sure, give me your hot seed Jake, let me have your babies" Grandpa said in a very low voice.

I thought it was kind of funny hearing Grandpa say that to me, but maybe he said it to me that way so I could get hornier to fuck him. I pushed my cock back inside him; I pulled out, then pushing back into him. I did this for a while now; I wish I had stop watch to see how long my cock was fucking his old ass. I was just fucking him until I shot my cum inside him, I don't think I would do anything else with him except play with his dick after. I was pounding his ass for a while now, my body doing over time with the fucking, my cock was on fire, I could feel like it could explode any minute inside him, I didn't know if Grandpa was alive or dead from me giving it to him. I pulled out real quick just half way then jammed my cock inside him hearing him moan really loud. I smiled knowing he was still alive and enjoying every moment of this.

Just another couple of fucks and I was ready to shoot inside him, I was going faster and faster, feeling Grandpa's ass tighten up with each thrust. I bit my lip feeling my balls getting that feeling. I was going to cum; I wanted to scream it loud and proud so Grandpa can hear me.

"Grandpa I'm going to shoot here it comes! YEAH! UGH!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

My cock throbbed inside his ass; I felt a lot of cum spurting out from my dick, my stomach rapidly inhaling and exhaling. I was going to pull my cock from Grandpa's ass when I heard him say something to me.

"Leave your cock inside me, lay on top of me, I want to feel your body against mine, you are the greatest Grandson ever you know that?" He said.

"Grandpa I'm your only Grandson, you're the greatest Grandpa" I said.

I laid my body on top of him feeling his warm body against mine. We stayed like that for about 15 minutes, I could feel my cum ooze through the sides of my cock, it was dripping all over the floor; this was the hottest thing I've ever experienced. I can't wait until I could do it again with him; I felt so much love from Grandpa. I wanted to feel this kind of love with my own man when I finally find him, but right now Grandpa is just the man for me....

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