Grandpa's Kitten


"That was wonderful, Kitten," I said softly, leaning over and kissing the top of her head, and after I reached down and lifted her face with a finger under her chin I repeated it.

"Can't believe I did that," she whispered, and covered her breasts as if she forgot she was naked.

"You?" I asked. "I didn't plan on any of this, but I'm the one that should be ashamed of myself."

"I would have - you know - swallowed it, but I was afraid you would think I was a real pig if I did that."

"You aren't a pig honey," I said. "You're my special girl and I love you more than ever."

I hugged her, and as we embraced she hugged me harder. The feel of our naked bodies together was very wrong but felt so nice, even if my rough and hairy body against Kitten's soft skin made me feel old again. We arranged ourselves on the couch so we could spoon together, even if my back would probably hate me in the morning.

Nuzzling into the fur at the nape of Kitten's neck, I inhaled her sweet scent as my hands slid along her arms, my bony fingers making the down on her arms flutter.

"I'm so hairy," Kitten complained.

"All girls think that," I said as I lifted her arm up over my shoulder so I could explore. "You're conditioned by society like all women. It sells more razors and stuff."

"I forgot to shave this morning," Kitten said with a giggle when my finger slid along the moist hollow of her underarm, the little hairs were soft to the touch, and Kitten giggled again when I gave the peach fuzz a little lick. "I'll remember tomorrow morning though."

Why she had said that, I don't know? I hoped it wasn't for my benefit, but was she saying that in hopes that we would come down here again tomorrow?

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked.

"Did. We broke up last month. He dumped me."

"His loss."

"I only did that with two other guys," Kitten said. "What I just did to you."

"Then there are three lucky guys in the world. Was one of them your old boyfriend?"


"The other guy - the boyfriend before him? He one of your classmates?"

"No. He was - older."

"Really?" I replied. "You like older men, huh?"

"I guess," Kitten said.

"How old?" I asked, and then apologized for being nosy. "None of my business, but when you get my age you have to live vicariously through others."

"43," Kitten answered belatedly, and although it was hypocritical as could be I still felt resentment at the thought of an old guy taking advantage of my little granddaughter.


"When I told you before that I was a virgin," Kitten said, almost like she was giving confession at church. "That wasn't really true."

"That doesn't matter honey, and you don't owe me any explanations."

"It's okay,' Kitten said, rolling over to face me. "I want to tell you. I never told anybody before, and after what we just did, I feel like I can trust you."

"Of course you can," I said. "The person you had sex with, is this the 43 year old guy?"

"Yes, but we didn't really have sex."

"I'm confused," I said although to be honest that's been happening a lot lately to me.

"This man, he was the first guy I ever - you know - gave head to," Kitten explained. "I didn't have any idea how to do it, but he said that it was good that I could practice on him so when I got married it would be good for my husband."

"Thoughtful guy," I said sarcastically, but Kitten didn't notice.

"Then he said that he wanted to have sex with me, but not only would it be wrong because I should be a virgin when I got married, but also because I could get pregnant," Kitten told me. "Thing is, if he wanted to do it to me I would have let him because I loved him. Still do. But then he said that there was a way we could still have sex and be safe."

"You mean you had anal sex with the man?" I asked, and Kitten nodded.

"Am I grossing you out?"

"No honey," I said. "Your grandmother and I, back in the day - well never mind," I babbled. "Did you like it?"

"Yeah. I liked it a lot, but it really hurt," Kitten confessed.

"Was he big?"

"Yeah. His dick is way bigger than yours."

"Oh," I said sheepishly.

"Not bigger I mean," Kitten said quickly. "Yours is way longer than his, but his is way fatter. The head of his dick was as big as a plum so I guess that was why it hurt so much. I got used to it though, even though I could never suck it very good. Kinda had to lick it usually because I couldn't get my mouth open wide enough."

"You did it a lot with that man? Anal sex I mean?"

"Yeah. Every chance we got."

"You and him still..."

"No. He said he felt guilty about it on account of how much younger I was than him," Kitten explained before changing the subject. "Do you and Grandma - you know?"

"Have sex?" I asked. "Don't very much anymore."

"No, I mean did you and Grandma ever do it that way?"

"Anal sex? Sure we did. It was a while ago but we've done it."

"Did you like it?" Kitten asked.

"I did, but I don't think she liked it very much," I admitted.

"Would you like to?" Kitten asked, raising an eyebrow. "With me, I mean?"

"I - I..."

"Not tonight," Kitten said. "I mean tomorrow night maybe. After everybody goes to sleep?

"I - I - sure," I finally managed to say.

"Better get some sleep," Kitten said as she got off the couch and put her pajamas back on. "Don't want to fall asleep on you tomorrow night. Love you Grandpa."

A kiss on the forehead and my granddaughter went up to her room, while I struggled to get my pajama bottoms on. I grabbed my cock and looked at it, wondering whether I would actually go through with it or not. I would find out tomorrow night.


Sometimes you find out a lot about yourself when you get tempted to do something you know is wrong. Maybe it's a guy down on his luck who considers robbing a liquor store, or sees a set of keys in a car he walks past. We know the difference between good and evil, and we can define ourselves by the actions we take.

That was why after a fitful night of little sleep I was determined to do the right thing. Last night, while it wasn't right by any stretch of the imagination, was just a lapse in judgement. No permanent damage was done, at least not to my somewhat warped way of thinking.

The idea of having my granddaughter anally though, now that was something else. Sticking my cock in the ass of an 18 year girl - my granddaughter no less - was unconscionable. I imagined what it would look like if my wife or my son-in-law walked in and saw me hunched over Kitten like an animal filling my granddaughter's bowels with my seed.

So I decided that I would pass on the opportunity that some 43 year old pervert apparently did not pass on. I would go to bed and tell Kitten I fell asleep. That decision made, the next day went by nicely. Kitten would wink and blush when our paths crossed and I would nod, not having the heart to break the news to her.

That night, as I followed my wife down the hall, I peeked into Kitten's room. She was standing behind the door, and after I passed she gave me a little "Psst."

I stopped, and after Kitten peeked out down the hall, giggled and lifted up her blouse and sports bra she was wearing, showing me those precious little morsels that had been my downfall, and as my cock twitched Kitten whispered that she would be downstairs waiting with the stuff, whatever that meant.

As I undressed for bed with my wife, I looked at her aging body. which did not resemble the Betty of her early days. The perky breasts now drooped down to her waist, her butt was flabby and the hair that grew under her arms these days was not a sign of youthful rebellion but of laziness.

Blame her, I thought to myself. It's not your fault that you're about to go downstairs and violate your own flesh and blood, it's hers. Right. Total bullshit, but it worked. I had convinced myself that it was okay. That peek at Kitten's titties had only been the icing on the cake, and now all I had to go was wait for Betty to go to sleep.


If I had a heart attack on the way downstairs, it would have been both deserved and a blessing to all, but I didn't. My heart was racing but apparently sound, and when I entered the room Kitten was over in the corner, wearing only a tank-top that only went down to the timberline of her pubic hair, holding a big bottle of some kind of lubricant and a pair of rolled up socks.

I understood the lubricant but the socks confused me, so after I asked Kitten about it she explained that she put the socks in her mouth and bit down to show me what they did.

"So I don't make any noise," Kitten said in explanation before lifting the tank-top up and over her head and kneeling before me, unsnapping my pajama bottoms and letting them drop before grabbing my flaccid cock and pulling on it.

"Scared, Grandpa?" Kitten asked, and after I nodded Kitten said that she was too before taking my cock in her mouth.

The tiny woman/child sucked on my cock with enthusiasm, and although it took me a while to get hard, eventually I got it up, and then Kitten was getting on her knees on the love seat and raising her bottom so I could take her while standing fairly straight.

"This love seat is the perfect height," Kitten said, and when I asked whether this was where the 43 year old man had done this with her she nodded, adding that if her Mom or anybody woke up we would hear them because of the squeaky floor upstairs. The thought that she would be sneaking some old pervert into her house to fuck her in the ass both excited and disturbed me.

Kitten thought of everything, and as she leaned forward and presented herself to me, the old saying that a stiff cock has no conscience went through my head. Kitten's butt was tiny and flawless, and when she spread her buttocks apart with her hands I saw her prize.

I lubricated my finger and rubbed some of the gel on that hairless puckered ring that was so pink and pure looking that it didn't seem she could do her business through such a minuscule orifice, much less take on cocks with heads as big as plums.

The muffled snort that came from the other end indicated that Kitten had her silencer in place, and as my long bony finger slid into her she squirmed and wiggled. Her ass was so tight, even for a finger, and so hot inside too.

I debated whether or not to put a second finger in, like I had done with Betty back in the day, but decided against it. If Kitten could accommodate a thick cock, she might not even be able to feel mine, which was closer to the thickness of a hot dog than a plum.

I lathered more lube on my cock, making the beige prong sparkle in the dim light, and as I set the nearly empty bottle down the thought occurred to me that this was probably the bottle that the other pervert had brought over, and I mused about how many ass fuckings did it take to nearly drain that pint bottle?

My cock was now greased and in my fist, foreskin retracted and the tip of my cock at the ring, and as I leaned forward I had to push hard because she was incredibly tight. After I pushed the head in, Kitten was making faint squealing noises that sounded louder to me than they probably were, but I kept pushing more and more of me into my granddaughter until she was fully impaled.

The hot cavity squeezed my cock like a vice, and as I retracted most of it from Kitten I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold on for long the way I was feeling. My hands slid over the smooth skin of her back, and feeling her tiny frame reminded me of how wrong it was to be taking advantage of this woman/child like this.

Not wrong enough for me to stop though, and then my hands reached down under her arms and found her breasts. I massaged the little cones, the plump nipples already fully expressed before my palms hit them, and as I humped Kitten I was hanging over her like a blanket straining not to cum.

In and out I went as I tried to think of things that would keep me from cumming but still keep me hard. Kitten had taken one of her hands from the back of the love seat she was bracing herself on, and from the movements she was making I guessed she was playing with her pussy.

Soon her already tight orifice spasmed, first trying her pulverize my cock when I was in her to the hilt and then trying to push me out of her ass as I retracted. I forced myself to stay in while Kitten came, and I managed to hold my own orgasm back until she was through, just barely.

"Cumming Kitten," I grunted as I pushed my cock all the way in before ejaculating, sending jet after jet of my seed deep into my granddaughter's bowels while grunting like a wild boar.

I didn't pull my cock out even after I was spent, instead waiting for it to deflate, at which point it popped out on its own, causing Kitten to giggle at the sensation.

"Ssh!" I said while Kitten started to whisper something, and I heard the faint creaking of floorboards that indicated movement.

All sorts of thoughts went through my head as I stood naked behind my granddaughter, my cock spent while my seed dribbled out of Kitten's anus, but thankfully the noises stopped and my heart began to beat normally again.

"Too dangerous," I whispered to my little baby. "What if we ever got caught?"

"I know," Kitten agreed, but added, "But doesn't the thrill of getting caught make it more exciting?"

"I don't know. Is that what the 43 year old guy thought?"

"Yes," Kitten admitted. "And I think he was right."

Maybe he was, but there were three other people in the house, and if one of them ever showed up in the doorway looking at us? Betty would probably have a heart attack, and Kitten's Mom would probably throw up or come at me to claw my eyes out of my skull.

Kitten's father was another story. He was shorter than me but was built like a bodybuilder, and even if I wasn't much older than him I still think that he could mop the floor with me, especially if he was fueled by the sight of his daughter being violated.

Add the fact that he was now "born again", and I suspect that he wouldn't think much of what I had done to his daughter, even though I remember that he used to have a stash of really raunchy porn back in the day.

"Will you meet me down here tomorrow night?"

Kitten's voice broke my out of my daze, and my voice told her exactly the opposite of what my brain was telling me.

"I'd love to," I whispered. "I don't know if I'll be able to rise to the occasion or not..."

"We can do other stuff," Kitten reminded me. "I love your tongue."

And so it was that each night I met Kitten downstairs, and each night I sodomized my adorable little granddaughter. My cock went into her ass every night, until we finally emptied that bottle of lube, and in desperation we discovered that saliva is an acceptable lubricant in a pinch.

I felt like an animal with my face jammed between Kitten's pert little buttocks, lapping at her anus and sticking my tongue in as far as I could, but the guilt hardly bothered me any more.

It was with great reluctance that we ended our stay, and saying goodbye was tough for me in many ways. Not only would I miss Kitten badly, but looking in my daughter-in-law's eyes was tough, especially after being made aware of her marriage being in trouble.

Kitten's father? Well, in retrospect it was weird the way he hugged me when said goodbye, when a handshake was usually the extent of it. I chalked it up to his "changing of his ways", but it was still weird when I spoke as he hugged me.

"I just wanted you to know that even though you're my father-in-law, I feel like in many ways you're my real father," the guy said, and I was touched, even though I didn't think we were ever that close.

"Oh!" Betty said as we started to pull away, and handed her son an envelope. "This way I know you'll get it in time."

"What was that all about?" I asked, knowing it was probably a way to save a stamp.

"It's Rick's birthday Tuesday," Betty explained. "We got him a gift card to Lowe's."

"Oh. That's nice," I mumbled.

"How the time flies,' Betty droned. "My boy is going to be 44."

"What?" I blurted out.

"Watch where you're going!" Betty yelled when I jerked the wheel. "Honestly, you're going to be the death of me yet!"


"Can you talk, Grandpa?" Kitten asked after calling me on Wednesday.

"Yes honey."

"Are you near a computer?"

"I will be in a second," I said as I made my way to the den after making sure Betty was outside puttering in the backyard. "I am now."

"I'm going to send you something Grandpa. Okay?" Kitten asked. "Make sure Grandma doesn't see it."

"Okay," I said, and waited for the e-mail to appear. "There it is."

"There's an attachment, Grandpa," Kitten said. Do you know how to open it up?"

"I think so."

"Don't be mad," Kitten said softly.

"Why would I..." I began to say, and then stopped abruptly when the images started.

It was a short movie, and even though the images weren't clear because the room lighting was dim and the camera was far away from the stars of the show, I knew who the naked characters were.

The female lead was a tiny waif kneeling on a love seat, and the male character was an old predator who had in cock up the little girl's ass and looked like he was having a great old time.


"I'm here," I mumbled as I watched myself hanging on Kitten like a preying mantis while I rooted at her. "You filmed us?"

"I didn't know anything about it, I swear," Kitten said.

"But who..."

"Daddy did," Kitten whispered as the film ended. "He heard us that first night and then set up a camera the next night."

"He knew what I was doing to you and let it go on?" I asked incredulously.

"He's not mad," Kitten said quickly. "In fact, the last night he was watching us from the furnace room through this peep-hole he's got there. He said it was so sexy that he wanted to come out and join us."

"Good grief," I muttered. "What happened to the born again stuff?"

"I guess it didn't take," Kitten opined. "He said that once he heard us going at it, he realized how much he missed what he used to do with me. Are you mad Grandpa?"

"Mad. Disgusted," I said. You name it, not mentioning that I had started watching the damn film again and my cock was getting hard as well.

"At me?"

"At all of us," I admitted. "Wish your father a belated happy birthday for me. Did you have a party?"

"Sort of," Kitten said. "After Mom went to sleep."


"Are you mad about that?"

"Jealous," I said. "I think I forfeited the right to be righteous the moment I sodomized you the first time.

"Sodomized," Kitten said. "Sound real dirty when you say that. I like it. Do you still love me?"

"Of course I do," I responded.

"I have something else I can send you if you want," Kitten said. "Dad took this last night, and he said I could let you see it if you wanted."

"Is this a movie of your party with your Dad?"

"Yes. Do you want to see it? It came out better than the other one because he was holding the camera while we did it, and you can hear us too" Kitten explained. "Do you want me to send it?"

"Yes," I said, realizing that I couldn't get any more warped than wanting to watch my son-in-law fuck his daughter.

"I just want to tell you," Kitten said as I waited for the e-mail to arrive. "Don't ever tell Dad, but I like it better when you do it do me. Doesn't hurt as much."

"Here it is," I said when the message appeared.

"Are you going to watch it?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Can you stay on the phone while you watch it?"

"Yes," I said as I clicked on the attachment, and then without warning the film started.

"Good grief," I mumbled as I got a bird's eye view of my granddaughter, a view that I had enjoyed several times myself, but what was being brought up to the tiny ring was nothing like what I had.

"Told you it was big."

"You said it was as fat as a plum," I reminded Kitten about the head of the other's man's cock. "The knob of your old man's cock looks like an apple."

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