tagIncest/TabooGrandpa's Pet: Ch. 01

Grandpa's Pet: Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Arrival

Times were tough for Jennifer and her Mom. Both of them had been laid off at the factory almost nine months ago, and their two-weeks severance pays were long spent. They once had some savings, but her mother's boyfriend left with that even before they lost their jobs. Unemployment payments were finished, and still no jobs.

Her Mom tried street walking, but all she got was a black eye and a rough fuck with no cash. Jenny offered to try, but her mom said no, that she didn't want to see her daughter treated like that.

The eviction notice had been served, and this was their last day with a roof over their heads. They were desperate, and Mom went to a neighbor to use the phone.

"Grandpa's coming for us, Jenny," she said when she got back. "He'll be here tomorrow afternoon."

Jennifer knew this was hard for her mom; she didn't know why, but they hadn't been to see Grandpa since Jennifer's twelfth birthday party. That was nearly seven years now, and Jennifer figured it must have been something really serious.

She missed her Grandpa, though; he always stroked her hair and called her his pet. She was happy that he was coming and they'd have a place to stay, but her mother seemed a bit sad and more like she was resigned to something she really didn't want.

"Maybe it's just pride," Jennifer thought to herself, "maybe she just doesn't want Grandpa to think she's a failure."

She went to her mother and gave her a big hug. "It's ok, Mom," she said comfortingly, "everything will be alright."

They packed what clothes they had and a few other personal items, and settled in for their last night in their own home. Just a can of soup that night, but their neighbor, Nancy, came by with a bowl of pasta and sauce. Nancy had helped them out with some food often in the past few months, and they were very grateful.

"Thanks, Nancy," said Jennifer's mom. "We're going to my father's place tomorrow. We can't take any of the furniture. I know it's not much, but take whatever you want before the landlord has it thrown out."

Nancy hugged the two women and told them she'd be there to say goodbye when they left.

All went as planned the next day, and when Grandpa arrived he spoke to his daughter. "Ride in the back, Sally," he said, "I know you don't want to ride with me. When it's your turn to drive, I'll ride in the back. And you will have to do some driving, girl, I'm not as young as I used to be."

And so they went on their way, with Grandpa asking Jennifer about her life since last he saw her, and punctuating his questions and comments with friendly pats on her knee. He only drove for a couple of hours all told, though; Sally did most of the work while he caught naps in the back seat.

When they pulled into his driveway, Jennifer and her mother were pretty well worn out, and could barely drag their bags in the house. Grandpa helped with their luggage, and then showed them their rooms.

"They're not big," he said, "but I guess they're better than the street, girls. Make yourself at home."

"Thanks, Dad," Sally replied, "they're fine. Jenny and I will be quite comfortable."

"Good, then," he concluded, "I'm going to go change," and went into his bedroom.

"Don't be surprised when Grandpa comes back in," Sally said to her daughter, "he'll be naked. He never wore clothes at home unless there was company. Just ignore it as best you can."

The two women got their few belongings unpacked and put away, and then settled into the living room for a cup of tea. Grandpa walked in as they sat talking, and, just as Sally had said, he was stark naked. His daughter ignored him, of course; she had become used to it a long time ago. For Jen, though, this was the first time she saw him naked. In fact it was the first time she saw any old man naked. Why, she hardly even looked at the guys she dated when she gave them a blow job or let them fuck her.

"Not bad looking for an old man," she thought, "I'd have imagined an old dick like his would have been shrunken and wrinkled. His is pretty big and looks good and healthy."

Grandpa noticed her interest, but didn't let on that he did.

"Cup of tea, Dad?" Sally asked, and then went to the kitchen to make one when he answered.

"How's my favorite little granddaughter," he asked as he walked up to Jenny so his dick was right in front of her. "Still my little pet?" he asked as he stroked her hair.

Jenny blushed a bit, and remembered how he used to do that when she was a little child. "Yes, Grandpa," she answered, "but I haven't seen you in so many years."

"Well," he said, "I don't think we'll talk about that. You and your mom are here now, and we'll take it from there. Okay?"

"Sure," Jenny agreed as her mother returned with the tea.

And so their new life went. Sally searched for a job every day, and so did Jennifer, but without success. Sally did the shopping and most of the cooking while Jenny kept the house clean and did the laundry.

"It's the least we can do to help earn our keep," she said to her daughter, "we should do what ever we can to make Grandpa happy. After all, he's taken us in, and he isn't rich."

Jenny agreed with her Mom, and she went out of her way to be nice to the old man. She'd always greet him with a hug and a kiss, even though he was naked, and she'd smile appreciatively when he'd stroke her hair or pat her head and call her his pet.

They were there just over a week. Sally was out buying groceries and Grandpa was sitting in the living room watching Jenny dust the furniture.

"Jenny, my little pet," he called, "come on over here and sit on my lap."

She was a little reluctant, seeing how he was naked, but he had been so nice to her and her mom that she did what he said.

"What do you want, Grandpa?" she asked as she sat on his right leg.

His hand brushed through her hair as he looked into her eyes. "You," he said.

"What do you mean, Grandpa?" she asked.

"I want you for my real pet," he said, "a companion to make me happy, a little puppy who wants to please me, who'll do whatever I want." With that said, he placed her hand on his cock.

"Grandpa!" she exclaimed, and tried to pull her hand away.

"Don't tell me you've never felt a cock before, Jenny," he said, and he was right.

She'd touched them before, played with them, even sucked them and had them deep inside her. But this was different.

"I won't say that," she admitted, "but you're my grandfather. This isn't right."

He squeezed her hand to wrap her fingers around his cock, and she could feel it getting hard. He held her tight, and she stopped trying to pull away.

"Look, sweetheart," he said as he started sliding her hand up and down his shaft, "I don't have much, and I'm sharing it with you and your mom. Neither of you can pay me a cent. I think the least you can do is make a nice old man like me happy."

"Just what do you want, Grandpa?" she asked, feeling she should do something to help him. She thought about how lonely he must be since Grandma died, and continued stroking his dick on her own.

"I told you, sweetheart, a real pet, a girl who'll do anything I tell her. I'd like you to be my pet, for playing with and for fucking. I'd like to take any part of you any time I want."

"Take your clothes off right now," he continued, "and sit back down with my cock up your young pussy. And don't tell me you're a virgin."

"I won't tell you that," she said, being honest again, "but I'm not ready to be fucked by my Grandfather. I'll have to think about it."

"For now, though," she added, "I can do a little bit to help you."

She turned a bit on his lap and picked up his hand. She slipped it inside her blouse so he could play with her tits. Then she started pumping his cock. "It's little enough," she thought," I've done it just for a date, and he's given us more than that."

"That's real nice, my little pet," he said as a stream of cum shot out of his cock, "you're a good girl." He took his hand from her breast and stroked her hair as he spoke.

"But I want it all. You can think about it until tonight. But if you don't come into my bed by nine, I'll have to consider whether I really can afford to put you and your mom up. Now, give me a real kiss and finish cleaning up."

Jenny leaned over to him and brought her lips to his and gave him just the kind of kiss she knew he wanted. "I'll let you know by nine," she said as she went back to her chores.

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Titillating Start

The coercion part of it all...delicious.

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to fast into nothing. She is already loose by most standards and grandpa is about as smooth as a piece of sandpaper in his seduction of her. No surprises or thrills. Boring.

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