tagGay MaleGrandpa's Summer Visit

Grandpa's Summer Visit


I knew that my grandfather was going to visit us, so I wasn't shocked when I saw him that Thursday afternoon in the guest room. It was the way I saw him that set me back a bit.

I walked down the hall that afternoon, and when I passed the bathroom I could tell that someone had gotten out of the shower recently. That someone was my grandfather, and while it was true that he should have closed the door of the guest room while he dried off, he probably thought that with my parents at work that he was alone.

That didn't excuse my stopping at the doorway and watching his vigorously drying the little patches of grey hair that still grew on his temples, but back then to me there was something beautiful about older men, and the fact that the man I was staring at was my Mom's father was not enough to stop my staring.

I did notice that despite him being in his late sixties, Grandpa Tony was still in good shape. He slender 5'7" frame was still trim and fairly well-toned, with nicely formed shoulders and arms and little trace of a belly despite his age.

I also noticed the silver cloud of hair that graced his chest, hair that I remembered being fascinated by when I was young and the hair was black, along with the long hairs that filled his armpits to overflowing.

But what really got my attention was hanging between Grandpa's legs, and when I say hanging that's exactly what I mean. Even though Grandpa was a small man physically, when your cock hangs down damn close to your knees, it's impressive.

"Eric!" Grandpa said, breaking me out of the trance I had been in, and how long he was aware of me staring at him, I do not know. "There's my college boy!"

I was flustered at getting caught leering at my grandfather like that, and I could tell he was aware of my looking and my resulting embarrassment, but he put me at ease by coming over and giving me a hug.

"Not college yet, Grandpa Tony," I reminded him. "Next month."

"Close enough. Let's get a look at my favorite grandson."

He stepped back at looked me over, mentioning that my 5'10" frame had filled out some since he had last seen me, and then he insisted I sit down and tell him about what had happened to me since he saw me last year.

So I sat on the edge of the bed and told him about my limited role on the football team's lousy season, and of almost making the honor roll the last semester, but it wasn't easy talking when he was standing a couple of feet away from me, still naked.

Not only was he naked, he was totally at ease with it, although I suppose if you're hung like a horse there's no reason to be modest. I wouldn't know about that. What was worse was that he was still drying his hair, as if he was flaunting himself in front of me. He was practically bald yet Grandpa kept rubbing the towel through what he had left.

So I talked and pretended not to look at the long uncircumcised hose that swayed slowly back and forth like a metronome as his body moved. It was hypnotizing to me, and by the time I left the room I had committed his magnificent organ to memory.

Thick at the base, which grew out of a silver tuft of hair that seemed trimmed, the beige hose tapered somewhat on the way to the glans, the shape of which looked ominous and obvious under the shroud. A ridiculously fat vein that wandered to about halfway down the shaft only added to the character of his manhood.

The foreskin was long, completely hiding his glans from view. Behind his absurdly long penis, his nuts hung low in a wrinkled sac, the left one much lower than the right. All in all, the was a guy that I wished wasn't my grandfather, because otherwise I would have loved being seduced by him and letting him have his way with me.

When I finally managed to make it out of my grandfather's room, I barely made it to my own room before I was dropping my shorts and stroking myself. I had been hard in Grandpa's room, and had done by best to hide myself, but now I was standing there with my stiff cock in hand stroking away while recalling the last few moments.

Had to be more than six inches - probably closer to eight - and it was as limp as flesh could be! Way bigger soft that I was hard, I had noted, but that did not shame me but instead made it more exciting. I knew what killed Grandma, I thought perversely, trying to imagine my late Grandma struggling to get that monster cock inside of her.

I came in about a minute, and as self-induced orgasms go it was pretty good, and while I thought it perverse to be getting excited about by grandfather, I justified it by just looking at him as if he were like the two older men that had seduced me since I turned 18 in March.

Neither of them had been built like Grandpa though, I mused while cleaning up my mess. Those two men were pretty normal sized. None of the four guys I had been with were like Grandpa, although they were all a little bigger than I was.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that during Grandpa's stay, I was going to have to watch myself and take a lot of cold showers.


"You should see what they did to the park, Dad," my mother was telling Grandpa as dinner wound down. "They're putting in a little amphitheatre down there, and next year they'll have concerts there during the summer."

"That will be nice," Grandpa said. "It being so close and all. Maybe I'll take a walk down there and take a look. Work off dinner. How about you Eric? Want to join me?"

"Oh, that would be nice Eric," Mom said in an effort to coax me to go, but I was fine with it anyway.

It was a pleasant evening, and there was still a little time before it got dark, so we could make the half-mile walk in time to see what was pretty much a hole in the side of a hill and pallets of lumber.

As we strolled leisurely down the sidewalk, I couldn't get the image of Grandpa from earlier in the day out of my mind, and whenever I looked over at him as I could picture was the cock hidden in his baggy trousers.

Grandpa did most of the talking, and after we got down to the park and looked at the hole that was going to be the site of the town band playing corny songs this time next year, Grandpa put his hand on my shoulder and asked, "Do your folks know? About you I mean?"

I looked over at Grandpa, and the way he was looking at me made me realize that putting up some kind of protest or lame denial would be a waste of time and an insult to his intelligence.

"I don't think so," I said. "I try to keep it a secret. Guess I gave it away this afternoon. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry Eric. After all, I wanted you to see me."

"You did?"

"I didn't know you were there, but once you showed up I figured that I might as well find out whether my suspicions were correct."

"You mean you already suspected that I was gay?" I asked. "How?"

"Kindred spirits I guess."

"I don't get it," I said, dazed at what I seemed to be hearing. "You mean..."

"Afraid so," Grandpa said, and then he told me of his life, or should I say his double life.

He married Grandma because back then, being gay wasn't something most people broadcast. Besides, he said, he did love Grandma, even if it was more of a sister/brother relationship with occasional sex thrown in.

After their two kids, my Mom and her brother, had grown, he decided to have a heart-to-heart with his wife, saying that he had repressed his urges through all of their marriage, but couldn't hold it back any longer and told her he was gay.

"What did she say?" I asked Grandpa.

"She threw up her hands and said that she suspected it all along!"

"Really? She wasn't mad?"

"Just the opposite. In fact she came clean too. She had married me for the same reasons I married her, to be socially acceptable. She was a lesbian, although she confessed that unlike me she had enjoyed a few discrete relationships throughout the marriage."

"Holy shit!"

"That didn't bother me, so we laughed about it and then I told her that if she wanted a divorce now that the kids were grown and all, I understood," Grandpa explained. "She said that she didn't, and was fine the way it was. Like me, she had actually fallen in love during the marriage, and was more than happy to keep things as they were."

"Besides," Grandpa said with a chuckle, "Bernice said that she enjoyed getting a little dick every now and then. So that's the way we lived the last 20 years. The cheerful couple for the world to see, while we discretely engaged with others on the side. The cheerful part wasn't a lie either. We were happy."

"Amazing," I said. "Does Mom know?"

"No, heavens no," Grandpa said. "So I guess we can keep each other's secrets now."


"Are these things open?" Grandpa asked, pointing to the yellow Porto-potty at the work site.

"Hope so," I said, because I had to take a leak myself, and the public restrooms closed at dusk.

"Rats," Grandpa said when he pulled the handle unsuccessfully. "Locked. Who steals a toilet?"

"We can check the bathrooms behind the ball field," I suggested, even though I feared they too would be locked.

On the way over, I was hoping that it was open, because they had those long urinals with nothing blocking the view. That was how that man and I met a couple of months ago, and while it wasn't romantic, it worked for me after he took me for a ride in his car. Getting another peek at Grandpa's cock was a pleasant thought.

"Strike two," Grandpa said when that was locked. "Well, it's deserted down here and it's almost dark. Let's go behind the building."

After looking around, we ducked into the small patch of trees behind the concrete building and unwrapped. We stood shoulder to shoulder, with be a couple of inches shorter than Grandpa, and while I got off to a quicker start, he started going soon after, and our pee-streams crossed in front of us.

The streams were much like the organs that produced them, with mine a focused tight torrent and Grandpa's more like a fire hose with his spray causing a little indentation in the ground.

"Can't get over it," I confessed as I looked down at Grandpa's limp cock. "Never seen one that big before in person."

"Just a decoration these days, I'm afraid," He lamented, wiggling and pulling on the rubbery member while glancing over at my modest manhood.

"Guess it's not hereditary," I said with a shrug, apologizing for what Grandpa was now looking at.

"Looks fine to me," Grandpa said. "Of course, I could get a better if I got a more intimate look at it."

"Huh?" I asked, my eyes fixed at Grandpa making a grand presentation of shaking and pulling on his cock to get the excess moisture off of it.

"My room," Grandpa said. "It's quite a ways from your folks' bedroom. If you would want to pay me a visit after they turn in, I would like that very much."

"Really?" I said excitedly, so much so that Grandpa chuckled, but not so much at my words than at what was waving in front of me.

"I guess that means you like the idea," Grandpa said as he looked at my boner sticking straight out, an organ that even fully engorged, paled in comparison to the flaccid hose still hanging out of Grandpa's fly.

"I have a friend," Grandpa said. "We cuddle and hold each other, but he can't get erect any more either. It's been a while since I've held a live one - do you mind?"

Grandpa's hand slowly came toward me, and as I watched in disbelief, his weathered, bony fingers wrapped around my cock.

"Oh!" I moaned as his fist squeezed my erection, with only the tip of my glans peeking out from his grip.

"My word, your cock is as hard as blue steel!" Grandpa said with awe in his tone, and as his grip tightened and loosened I tried to warn him that something was about to happen. but it was too late.

"AW!" I groaned, watching along with Grandpa as a couple of jets of cum spurted out a few feet in front of us, and then I really started to cum, spurting out wads of cum like a howitzer.

I was leaning on Grandpa by the end, and it was almost comical the way I kept cumming and cumming. Even when the semen stopped flowing my dick still spasmed in his grip until I finally went limp.

"Believe it not," Grandpa said as he let go of my dick and we got ourselves together before exiting the woods. "I enjoyed that as much as you did."

"That is hard to believe," I said. "I'm still tingling."

"Look at that," Grandpa said gesturing at the milky ropes all over the ground. "Oops. There's more."

There was some of my cum on the side of his hand, and he calmly licked the seed off and winked at me.

"Well, maybe you can stop by my room another night," Grandpa said.

"You mean you don't want me to be there tonight?" I asked.

"You still do? Oh, that's right. I forgot what 18 was like," he mused as he put his arm around my shoulder while we headed home.

"Now remember Eric," Grandpa said just before we went inside the house. "Nothing is going to happen. I mean, down there with me. That doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying it. Okay?"

"I understand," I said, perfectly willing to be happy just to touch Grandpa like he touched me.


Waiting for my folks to go to bed was torture, and then I had to wait for their light to go off in their bedroom, all the time replaying what had been an incredible day so far.

Seeing how incredibly well-endowed my grandfather was the first bombshell, and then to learn that my grandfather was just as gay as I was only made the day more bizarre. But the topper was outside the park's bathroom when we peed together.

It wasn't the peeing, even though it was a sight to watch my grandfather pulling on his cock like it was elastic afterward, but it was his touch. Other guys had touched my cock before, but there was something about Grandpa's hand that was way different.

If my parents ever went to sleep, he would be touching it again, and I would touch him. Would there be more? Would the fact that I was his grandson make him shy away from giving me head? I hoped not.

As for sucking Grandpa's cock, I was dying to, even though I wasn't sure that I could fit it in my mouth. So what if he couldn't get hard, and who knows? Maybe I could get him erect.

At last the light went out, and after waiting a minute I tiptoed down the hall, clad only in my pajama bottoms, and went to the guest room door. My heart sank when I saw that there was no light at the bottom of the door, which meant he probably fell asleep waiting for me.

I opened the door a little and looked into the darkness, and was about to close it and go back to my bedroom when I heard a click as the light beside the bed went on. Even thought it was on the lowest setting possible, I could see fine.

"There's my boy," Grandpa whispered, looking like a model as he reclined on his side in bed naked as a blue jay with his cock dangling over his hip, patting the open space beside him.

I closed the door and locked it behind me, and I had unsnapped and stepped out of my pajamas by the time I reached the bed, my erect dick springing around as I walked to him. Slipping into bed beside him, we embraced, and soon we were grinding into each other, my stiff dick and his flaccid one rubbing hard.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?" Grandpa said. "I love the feel of another man's cock against mine. You like?"

"Oh yeah," I said, holding him tight and nuzzling into his neck.

"This is fun too," Grandpa said as he leaned back and told me what to do.

We were resting on our hips facing each other, and Grandpa told me to hold my dick like he was as we brought our organs together.

"That's it," Grandpa said as our dicks touched, and the head of my cock fit neatly into his foreskin while the tips of our tools kissed.

"Oh man," I moaned softly, not sure what was better, the touch of our cocks or seeing in happen. "Not good at - self-control."

"I don't want you to hold back, Eric," he wheezed, taking out cocks in his hand as best he could. "Help me."

I didn't know what frottage was back then, but all I knew was the feeling of our cocks grinding together was amazing. My hand joined his, and as his spongy cock rubbed against my hard-on I felt it coming.

"Cum for me Eric," Grandpa wheezed. "Cum all over Grandpa."

I strained to keep quiet as I started ejaculating, with Grandpa seeming to enjoy my orgasm vicariously while our hands squeezed us tightly until my dick deflated.

"Sorry. I wanted that to last forever," I said. "Never felt anything like that."

"We can do it again, Eric, but first I want to clean you up," Grandpa said, but when he started to crawl down to the end of the bed it stopped him.

"Me too," I said, because after that brief holding of Grandpa's cock I only wanted more.

"Okay," Grandpa said, sliding down so we were facing in opposite directions.

I had made a mess, I noted as I looked over at Grandpa's cock with my semen strung out all over his manhood and his pubic hair, and I wanted nothing more than to taste it and him.

So warm and spongy his cock felt as I lifted it up, stunned at how weighty it was. The outline of the ridge of his glans was starkly visible through the foreskin, and although the head of his cock hat seemed as big as an apple to me before, even the plum sized knob was a challenge.

I heard Grandpa sigh as my mouth stretched wide, my lips sliding down what seemed like a long ways until I opened my eyes and saw how relatively little progress I had actually made, while down at the other end of the bed I felt my much less formidable dick get inhaled by Grandpa.

I had the shaft of my grandfather's cock in my fist, and I could have used my other hand too as my lips slid up and down, a little further each time. How I wished I could get this massive cock hard, I though as I managed to get my other arm out from under me to help.

Not only would that be good for my grandfather, but it would be easier for me to suck, because this was like handling a snake, and my saliva wasn't helping any.

I peeled back the long foreskin, exposing the pale white mushroom-shaped head of his cock, and I heard Grandpa groan when my tongue teased the opening before taking the exposed bulb in my mouth.

I thought it might have been my imagination, but it seemed like Grandpa's cock was, if not getting erect, getting firmer, so I really started to attack it, sucking enthusiastically all I could manage while using my hands on what I couldn't suck.

I squeezed the base of his cock as hard as I could, pressing down on the area between the underside of his cock and his balls, and as I kept sucking, I knew it was happening. His cock wasn't getting much bigger, mercifully, but it was getting a little harder, and this inflamed me even more.

Down at the other end of the bed, my grandfather had sucked my dick back to life, and while he was doing magical things with his mouth I was too focused on what I was doing to fully appreciate it.

"Eric," I heard Grandpa gasp as I rolled him onto his back, my hands kneaded the base of his cock and twisted his balls savagely while my lips went up and down hard over the ridge of his glans.

I lost track of time and everything around me, but then it happened. Grandpa gasped, and I felt the surge of his orgasm through my hands just before Grandpa came. The sensation of his seed hitting my throat made me even crazier, and I milked and pulled and sucked like an animal while Grandpa writhed below me.

"Eric...Eric," Grandpa was saying as he pulled me off of him while crawling around from under me, and when I saw him crying I nearly panicked because I thought I must have hurt him the way I was savagely attacking his cock and balls, but he wasn't crying from pain.

I knew then what Grandpa meant before when he said he had enjoyed my orgasm as much as I did, because when I saw Grandpa's face beaming while tears flowed down his cheeks, that was how I felt. No orgasm I had or ever would have was as good as that one I had helped Grandpa enjoy.

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