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"I would never hurt you, never leave you...never do anything that you wouldn't want to do," I whispered softly to her, still grinding myself against her, and feeling her begin to grind back against me.

"I's just that..."

"What?" I pressed kissing her neck, stabbing at her gingerly, though again the now tented material of my underwear kept me from entering her, though to some extent I was. I could feel her moisture already seeping through, the heat of her bathing my cock even as the tip pressed against the satiny folds of her sweet lips.

"How would we ever explain it?" she finally managed, her voice quivering, her obvious arousal now taking over.

"No reason for us too," I continued to whisper back to her. "It just is."

It was then that she released one of her hands from about my neck. Somewhat awkwardly, I felt her reaching down, fumbling between us. In the next instant she had freed my prick from the confines of my shorts, the waistband of which she had now pulled down beneath my hard firm balls. I felt her slide up, and then down. As she did, I felt her wet sweet passage suddenly envelope my prick. I felt her warm wet glove completely devour me, my cock sliding up deeply inside her. She once again shuddered with the sudden thrill and intrusion of it, though I merely held her there in place, unmoving as we both stood growing accustomed to the unexpected joining.

After a moment or two of this, I fucked. And she fucked back. I slid inside her again, felt her coming down on me after lifting herself up, nearly ramming herself against me as she did.

"Oh Peter, fuck me! Fuck me baby fuck me!" she cried out suddenly.

I was strong, but I was rapidly growing weak in the knees. Though I still held her, I lifted her up and off of my cock reluctantly, though I now cradled her instead within my arms, turning as I now carried her back up the path towards the house.

"I'm going to do that...and a lot more," I told her as I slowly and carefully carried her back. I had no intention of taking her back inside the house. The sensuality of being with her outside was something I think we both wanted, needed. I finally put her down as we reached the patio. Quickly taking off one of the lounge chairs cushions, which I then tossed onto the grass beside it.

"Lay down," I grinned, watching her with lust hungry eyes as she did so.

I think she expected me to simply slide back into her. She had spread her legs, invitingly, no doubt waiting for me to do just that. And though I did join her there on the cushion, I had purposely positioned myself considerably further down. "Peter? Oh my God! Peter!" I allowed the tip of my tongue to gently snake out, caressing the exposed split between her legs, her hard little nubbin of flesh, as I lightly, softly tickled it. "Oh Peter...even your grandfather..."

"What? Didn't eat you? Lick you? Taste you?" I said doing so between each sentence.

"Oh fuck! No! No! He...didn't!" she mewled as my tongue danced on the surface of her clit, swirling about in tantalizing little passes, sometimes allowing myself to gingerly suck it, drawing it up between my lips, holding it there. I felt Gran's hands come down to my head, holding it in place, her deep throated moan unlike any I had ever heard before. "Oh my God! Peter! Peter! PETER!" she screamed.

I reached up, pinning her hard firm nipples within my hands, now pulling on each, lifting them up and away from her breasts, still continuing to suckle her clit, nursing it as though nursing upon her breast. She drove herself against me, the soft fur of her cunt tickling my nose, the aroma of her split intoxicating, the fluids of her desire already beginning to pool upon the floor of my tongue.

"Let it go Gran," I urged her, still lapping, still tickling, still sucking. "Let it go Gran," I said again, feeling her tense, feeling her begin to stiffen beneath me. I felt her ass come up off the cushion, bad back and all as she arched upwards, whatever pain there might once have been, swept away in the beginning ecstasy of her pleasure.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Pinch them Peter! Pinch them, pull on them...make me cum!"

I was doing so, though my attention was certainly more focused on her cunt, her clit hard swollen now full within my mouth. I soon felt the liquid, joyous release of her climax begin, the damn suddenly bursting, though I was now aware that it might, ready for it when it came, as she did. Once again Gran's earsplitting scream filled the silence of the night, the hard felt explosion of her pleasure now bathing me. I swallowed her, gulping, half drowning as I did so, but continued doing so until at last, and finally she collapsed beneath me, exhausted, spent, though her chest continued to heave in great up and down motion as she fought for her breath.

I continued to lay there, still ever so lightly licking at her, cleaning her up. Savoring her fragrance, her taste, her rich creamy nectar. After what seemed like an eternity to us both, she finally reached down, pushing me away. Without a word, she sat up, smiling, only then speaking.

"Your turn."

It had been a long, long time since I had felt a woman's lips on my cock. I'd almost forgotten what the sensation even felt like. But even more delightfully, there was no hesitation on her part whatsoever either, and she artfully began playing with my cock, holding it within her strong small hands as she continued licking it. I felt the press of her tongue running up one side and then down the other of my shaft. She would pause long enough to mouth the tip, sucking it, fucking the tiny cum-split with her tongue, then again flicking it, while she slowly, teasingly pumped it up and down. My moans now matched hers in their intensity. I sat up slightly, needing to watch her, resting the weight of myself on my elbows. Gran seemed to enjoy the show she was putting on for me, looking up, gazing into my eyes as she licked, sucked, and even nibbled on the head of my prick.

"I love the feel of you...the taste of you," she told me wantonly. "It's long, too fucking long," she purred once again slavering my member, spitting on it decadently. Even that was erotic, heightening the sensations of what she was doing to me. She spit again, I saw the stringy drool of her now very wet, sloppy sucking as she lifted herself away from my prick. Her twin breasts now acting as a magnet for some of it, clinging to her, dripping down between her breasts provocatively, and then watching as it slowly ran down, once again dripping onto my cock where she attacked it, sucking me again, spitting again, then jerking me wildly as the liquefied sensation of her sucking caress soon had me spinning up and over the edge.

"Oh Gran! Gran!" It was all I could manage. She felt it the exact moment I did. The sudden surge, the release, the incredible eruption as her mouth once again consumed me fully. I felt my sperm tearing through my shaft, as she sucked it, sucking it down, draining me dry. Her hand milking, pumping me until every last trace of my spending had been consumed by her.

We both just simply drifted off after that. Gran collapsing down beside me in the crook of my arm, our breaths gradually coming together, slowing...and then blackness.


When I woke, it was to the feel of the morning sun just then reaching my face, along with the even warmer sensation of Gran's cunt slipping up and down over my once again hard firm erection.

"Was wondering when you'd wake up," she told me grinning. She looked beautiful, sitting there upon me, her soft breasts gently swaying to and fro as she slow-fucked me, sitting there on my shaft. It felt incredibly strange, wonderful, all encompassing however to awaken like this. I reached up, morning pussy breath and all, kissing her, as she kissed me back, our gentle morning fuck continuing, as we did so.

It was lazy, it was was perfect. Without the frantic, passionate, and even heated excitements we had experienced the night before, this was in many ways, far more enjoyable. Fucking Gran as the sun finally rose, the highlight of sunlight in her hair, casting shadows over her breasts, her arms and legs as she sat coupling with me was like fucking an angel that had come down from the heavens just for me. Only when we both seemed to feel the sensation of urgency increase did we likewise intensify the coupling. Gran now, driving herself hard down onto me. And me...thrusting upwards, meeting her somewhere in the middle. The sounds of her wetness along with my own, adding to the erotic playfulness of the mornings silence. Even the trees seemed to sway with the tempo of our movements, at times applauding the performance with a gentle shake of leaves, whispered sighs of contentment and appreciation for what they were seeing.

Unlike before, I didn't scream out, nor did she. We just sensed, felt and enjoyed the spurting release of my prick so deep inside her, feeling it as it bathed the opening of her womb, even as she flooded my shaft, sprinkling it with her own nectar, which soon made its way out of her cunt, dripping, running down my shaft and likewise coating my balls.

"We overslept," she said giggling. "Naughty boy," and then stood extricating herself from me, though she found no embarrassment in the decadent appearance of our mingled pleasure as it ran hotly down the inside of her thighs. "Time to shower...dress, and go see about some rocks," she told me. Once again I lay there watching her head towards her bedroom, she looked back, pausing briefly. "Well? You coming? Or not?"

This time, I followed her.


We arrived at the cliffs mid-morning. It was already getting warm, but the slightly higher altitude still felt cooler as Gran began picking out rocks for me to lug back to the pickup and toss in. After well over an hour, she had probably more than enough to finish the landscaping she'd begun. By now the sun was well up, though the cool sandstone cliffs felt good against the skin when sitting on. Much to my delight and surprise, Gran shucked off her clothing, now standing naked before me. I quickly followed suit, hoping as I did so, she had something else in mind now as well. But I did realize one thing, if we got too rambunctious on the rocks, it would play hell with my knees, not to mention my ass, grinding away at it like sandpaper, even though Gran had brought along a blanket for us to sit on and enjoy our lunch together when it was time for that.

At the moment however, I could have put up with a little less flesh on my ass too. Just seeing her, all wonderfully naked, the bright sunshine above as she stood there in front of me watching my cock harden. Which wasn't all that difficult a feat, especially with her standing there touching herself the way that she was.

"You ah...have anything particular in mind you'd like to be doing?" I asked.

"You might could say that," she said now stepping over me, straddling me as she stood there. "What I'd for you to let me do all the work. I don't want you to even move, especially if you'd like to spare grinding away your ass," she giggled. In the next instant, Gran had lowered herself over me. I watched as she straddled me, though taking all the weight of herself on her haunches as she did so. The only contact between us, coming when she actually placed the opening of her cunt directly on top of the hard swollen head of my shaft. Even then, she just sort of rubbed herself against it without putting it in.

"Holy shit!" I told her, not only amazed at how delightful it felt, but honestly at her strength and stamina as she knelt there the way that she was.

"Feels good doesn't it?" she said smiling. "And kinda naughty too. Especially out here."

She certainly had that right. Watching as she slowly began to engulf me, only then easing herself more fully down onto my prick, though even then she didn't fully collapse herself upon me. Lifting up, I watched my cock reemerge from her depths, already seeing the white frothy mixture of her arousal beginning to cling to my prick as she rose up, and then slowly pushed herself down onto it once again.

It was at that point we both heard a small tumble of rock just up from where we were and to the side of us. Looking over simultaneously, we saw two heads suddenly duck down behind the cliff ledge up above us.

Gran actually laughed. "I think...we have an audience," she told me.

"I think you're right...we do," I smiled back, hoping to hell she wouldn't quit doing whatever the fuck it was she was doing at the moment. It felt too damn good.

"You mind?"

"Not if you don't," I told her. "And besides, it's sort of hot knowing we're being watched."

" is," she added, and then began fucking me a bit faster now, though again, the only body parts that were touching at all was my cock and her cunt.

As good as it felt...and it did, even Gran couldn't keep this up forever. Eventually her strength and knees began to give out. "How'd you like a little old fashioned doggy style?" I asked.

"Hmm, that sounds nice, been a while even for that," she told me finally standing up, then adding, "We still have an audience?"

I looked up towards the rocks, "Yep...still there, maybe we should wave." I suggested, which she laughed at.

"Wait until you're in me again, fucking me from behind...then we will."

"You're wicked."

"You're naughty."

"Yes I am," I retorted.

"Fucking your Granny,"

"Yeah...fucking my Granny. Something I intend on doing every day of my life."

She looked at me, her eyes suddenly watering. "You really mean that don't you?"

"Yeah...I do," I said just as seriously, then reminding her. "Maybe we'd better fuck before our audience gets all nervous and leaves." She smiled at that, positioning herself facing towards them, using a small shelf of rocks to lean over, though ensuring they would have a more than perfect view of us from above.

"Wait until I tell you, then on the count of three, we turn and wave," she laughed.

I stood behind her, easing myself in, though there was no reason for doing so. Gran was sloppy and deliciously wet already. I shoved in an out of her a half a dozen times or so. "Ready?" I nodded my head, still grunting. "One...Two...THREE!"

As one, we both looked up and waved, catching our voyeuristic audience up above by surprise. After a moment, they waved back, even standing. It was a young man and a woman, likewise just as naked as we were.

"Must be a favorite place to...cum," Gran said emphasizing the real word she'd intended to use. I laughed at that, agreeing with her.

"Sure as hell is for me!" As I continued to fuck her, though we both now looked up seeing the other couple now in the same position we were, fucking as well.

"Maybe they should change the name of this place from red rocks, to getting rocks off or something," I suggested.

"Yeah, maybe they should, now shut up and fuck me," Gran demanded. "Fuck me hard Peter, fuck me really...really...hard!"

I could only imagine what we must have looked like from up above. Though the show they were putting on looked just as wickedly erotic as I'm sure we did. Gran's somewhat larger breasts gyrating wildly below her as I now slammed in and out of her sloppy wet cunt furiously. Even the sound of our coupling could be heard, the slap of her cheeks as I drove into her. Though I knew only I could hear the wet slippery deliciousness of her cunt as it continued to boil out thick creamy pussy lava as I continued fucking into it.

I felt Gran reach down between her legs, sometimes frigging herself, sometimes cupping or holding onto my balls. "I want to feel you squirt on my ass," she told me breathlessly. "I want to feel your hot wet cum pouring all over me!"

She knew I was nearly there already, but just hearing her say that took me right over the edge. I pulled out, just in time, the first spurt already leaving the tip of my cock as I simply held it, watching it shoot, watching it spray. Gran's hand still down between her own legs working herself, streamers of my spunk splashing against her, now triggering her own release as she spread her legs even further apart. As she did, I sat stroking my cock, still trying to coax out the last remaining drops of cum juice from it as she began pouring out her own climax. It was weirdly erotic, in a way like watching a horse pee, though she wasn't. But the gush this time was even more than I'd seen her produce before. The red rock we were standing on absorbing it, darkening as Gran continued to pour out her climax onto it.

I looked up, wiping my finished prick back and forth across the twin cheeks of Gran's ass. Our audience was gone, obviously they had enjoyed their own explosive orgasmic bliss long before we had. "Ah...they missed the final show," I mused sadly.

"Somehow, I don't think they minded," Gran laughed. "I certainly didn't."

We soon moved back to our blanket, still naked and opened a couple of ice cold beers from the cooler and began making lunch.

"What you said earlier? Gran asked.

"About what?"

Gran frowned, knowing full well I knew what she was asking about. "About you wanting to fuck me every day of your life?"

"I meant it when I said it," I told her. "I can't imagine being with anyone else except for you."

She lowered her voice, her eyes, softening her tone. "Peter...I don't know how long, how much time..."

I cut her off. "Neither one of us does Gran. Something could happen a year from now, a month from now. Hell...something could happen three days from now for all we know. Would you want to waste whatever precious time we do have thinking about that? Because I don't! All I care about is, and now. Not down the road to then. Let's cross that long road when we come to it. Ok?"

She nodded her head. "Ok, but we still have your parents, my daughter to deal with," she said once again seriously.

"I've already thought about that," I told her then. "You said you were looking for someone to help you run the place. Well as far as I'm concerned, you already found him. Even mom and dad couldn't get too terribly upset by that when I tell them I've decided to stay here with you and do just that. You know mom...she'll be delighted that someone she trusts will be out here with you. And even dad will warm up to the idea eventually...knowing mom. Working here...with you, being with you is the best thing that could, or probably ever will happen to me. So...what do you say Gran? Partners?"

"Better than that," she smiled back. "Lovers...maybe secret ones...but lovers."

"Deal then?"

"Deal. Now...get your ass over here and fuck me again."

"Yes mam!" I grinned happily. "Yes...mam!"

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Very fine work

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