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Granny Babette's Favorite Stud


Granny Babette lay in bed, feeling pleasurably sore all over. The tall, dark-skinned, curvy and very voluptuous, sixty-something, feisty Black woman smiled with contentment as she thought of all the fun and wicked things she did just hours ago. For once, she left the brothers alone and had some fun with a feisty young Black woman named Maxima "Max" Muchina, a tomboyish gal who actually taught Granny a thing or two...

"I'm a bull dyke, what you call a stud or one of them butch types, I own the words that describes women like me," Max Muchina said as she spoke at the church meeting, boldly asserting her Black lesbian identity in front of these conservative church folks in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario. The Pastor was not pleased, nor were any of the deacons and deaconesses. That's why the Pastor spoke to the toughest deaconess out there, to try to set the young Black woman on the straight path, so to speak...

"Sister Babette, I know you have experience handling these wayward types, can you do something about Max Muchina?" Pastor said, and Granny Babette smiled at the preacher man and nodded sagely. The two of them sat at the back of the crowd of sixty or so people who were in attendance at the church's discussion on homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism and the Black community.

"I will do my best, preacher man," Granny Babette assured Pastor, who smiled and nodded. The deaconess focused her gaze on Max Muchina, who continued to speak about her trials and tribulations as a tomboyish, dark-skinned, openly gay Black woman in a world that was deeply racist, sexist and homophobic. This young woman has a lot of spunk, Granny Babette thought with a smile.

After the church meeting ended, Granny Babette approached Max Muchina, and understandably, the young gay Black woman was weary of the tall, straight-laced, well-dressed and very feminine Black church lady. Please don't be one of those church women who wants to convert me to heterosexuality with praying and all that jazz, Max Muchina thought as Granny Babette approached her.

"Sister, you were on fire up there, so much courage and spunk," Granny Babette said, and Max Muchina looked at her, clearly surprised by her words. Granny Babette grinned, noticing the deer-caught-in-headlights look on Max Muchina's beautiful face. The dark-skinned, short-haired, athletic young Black woman reminded Granny Babette of the character played by Hollywood actress Dawn Lewis on A Different World back in the day.

"Um, thank you, ma'am, what can I do for you?" Max Muchina asked as Granny Babette drew closer, totally getting into her personal space. The church basement was empty, and everyone was gone. Max Muchina stuck around until the very last minute because, at a lot of these Black church meetings, there was always a closeted Black gay man, a bisexual Black man or a Black lesbian who wanted to either support or confront her.

"Oh, sister, it's what I can do for you," Granny Babette said with a sinister wink, and Max Muchina smiled nervously. This straight-laced, attractive older broad was starting to annoy Max, who was weary of condemnation from the old Black church crowd. Without realizing it, Max took a step back, and suddenly realized that she had her back against the wall. If the attractive older Black church gal started a sermon about the evils of Black lesbianism, Max had nowhere to run...

"Do tell," Max said nervously, and Granny Babette grinned, and did the last thing that the tough-talking, masculine-attired, swaggering young Black lesbian expected. The tall and very feminine, very beautiful and nicely dressed Black church gal grabbed Max and kissed her. Max was shocked, to say the least, but for reasons unknown even to herself, she kissed Granny Babette back. When they came up for air, Max looked at Granny Babette like she had two heads...

"Hmm, I've been wanting to grab you and kiss you ever since you took the podium and challenged the Black church's hypocrisy about bisexual Black women, Black gay males, bisexual Black men and Black lesbians in their midst," Granny Babette said, and Max blinked in surprise, then smiled. The tomboy looked at the tall, curvy, dark-skinned MILF who stood before her and grinned appreciatively. This time, Max threw her arms around Granny Babette and kissed her. Just like that, the fun began...

"You're on fire, Granny Babette," Max said as the sexy, chocolate-hued MILF laid her on the king-sized bed, and undressed her. Granny Babette winked at Max, who looked so sexy, her curvy yet muscular body looking so appealing. With her small breasts, thick and strong legs, and nice round ass, the dark-skinned tomboy looked strong and beautiful. Exactly the way that Granny Babette liked her women...

"Max, you're beautiful and I want you but in the bedroom, I'm the boss, I don't care if you're a stud or butch or dyke, are we clear?" Granny Babette said, and she stood naked at the foot of the bed, her voluptuous body looking glorious, hands on her hips. Max looked up at the tall Black Amazon and grinned. Dyke, stud, femme or butch, Max absolutely loves a bossy Black woman, and couldn't resist Granny Babette's charms...

"You got it, boss lady," Max Muchina, swaggering tomboy, heard herself reply to Granny Babette, who grinned. The sultry Black MILF joined her younger lover on the bed and began making love to her. Max lay there, smiling as Granny Babette kissed her lips and caressed her small breasts, then slid her hand between her thighs. Normally, Max liked to be the one fingering and fucking her woman, but with Granny Babette, it felt fun to switch...

"Relax and enjoy, cutie," Granny Babette said, and the gorgeous Black MILF kissed a path from Max's breasts to her belly, and finally the space between her legs. Max held her breath as Granny Babette buried her face between her legs and began eating her out. Max moaned softly as the feisty, fearless older Black woman took control and began munching on her pussy. She was tense at first, then relaxed and enjoyed as Granny Babette took her to cloud nine...

"Fuck, that was intense," Max said, a little while later, and Granny Babette grinned and kissed her. The two women embraced, continuing with their fun. Max lay flat on the bed and Granny Babette sat on her face, smothering the tomboy's visage with her thick Black booty. Overjoyed, Max caressed Granny Babette's big bum and then began fingering her tight butt hole while eating her pussy. It simply didn't get any better than this!

"Oh it gets better," Granny Babette squealed as she rode Max Muchina's face, loving the feel of the tomboy's tongue in her cunt and her fingers in her butt hole. They went at it like this for a while, then switched things up. Max Muchina found herself on all fours, face down and big tomboy booty up as Granny Babette strapped it on and positioned herself behind her.

"Oh yes, fuck me," Max Muchina pleaded, and Granny Babette grinned, knowing that like a lot of women who identified as butch lesbians, studs, or dykes, Max usually did the fucking when in bed with another woman. Granny Babette playfully smacked the sexy tomboy's big round ass, and Max squealed like a real gal instead of putting on that fake toughness/resting butch face that a lot of masculine lesbians like to front. Laughing, Granny Babette teased Max by poking her pussy with the strap-on dildo, and then pushed it inside.

"Hmm, Max Muchina, I don't care how much of a butch or stud you are, you are my bitch tonight," Granny Babette whispered into Max's ear. With that, the sexy mature black Amazon gripped the younger black woman's hips and thrust into her, slamming that strap-on dildo home with gusto. Max cried out, and Granny Babette held her into place while fucking the hell out of her. Time for this young broad to find out how mature black women really get down...

"Been wanting this for a while," Max Muchina said to Granny Babette, much later. Granny Babette smiled and kissed her younger lover. She smiled the smile of a confident woman who knows how to please the ladies ( and the fellas ) in and out of the bedroom. Granny Babette had been scheming to drive Max Muchina home from church and bed her, and so she did. Simple as that.

"Come visit me anytime, Max," Granny Babette said, and she kissed Max Muchina before putting her in a Blue Line cab and sending her home. The young black woman sat in the cab and smiled, thinking about all the wickedly fun things that she just did with that wanton lady from church. Yup, Max had girlfriends all over the City of Ottawa, Ontario, but she was definitely going to visit Granny Babette often. Church women got the best pussy after all...

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