Granny Panties


"Oh yes, Colleen, thank you that feels so wonderful, so invigorating!" Sheila's hands became more expressive and mobile over Colleen's body, as far as she could reach. Her legs parted more, with help from Colleen's increasingly aggressive hands, as she felt Colleen's tongue and mouth survey every crevice, indeed it seemed every nook and cranny of her cunt. Sheila's moans became much louder, as she squatted down to meet her eager friend's face, bending over more to caress Colleen and feel under her chest at her breasts, while her own breasts first teasingly stroked Colleen and then almost draped over them.

"Oh Colleen, this is something I had never imagined before. I am feeling so alive!" with that Sheila's body begins to shudder and a little stream of juices run down the inside of her thighs as her orgasm mounted and released. "I know, but it's all so different, so strange. I've never even given Tom a . . . . a you know . . . . blow job, let alone done this, but it is all very exciting!"

Colleen smiles and then gets up to kiss her friend, her fingers tenderly stroking and manipulating Sheila's vulva and clitoris; her wet mouth glazed with Sheila's sloppy juices, which Sheila finds sensual and intoxicating.

"Now I want to see how that thong looks on you," the two mature girls giggle, as they kiss again, pressing their breasts together and fingers plying open each others' lower lips.

"I can already tell you've made them all wet," Sheila began to lift Colleen's skirt up to let her see the thong underneath; it was soon apparent that it was drenched and hardly covering any of Colleen's womanly virtue.

"Hmmmm, might be better if it shows off a little more," Sheila chuckled as she began to pull up on the thong's waistband making it disappear between Colleen's fat labial lips; leaving them parted and very exposed. Colleen moaned and felt her fingers dig into Sheila's breasts, as she stood provocatively with her legs quite open, large round hips rolling sensually and breasts jiggling to the entire sensation she was experiencing.

"Oh look at that, now that does look pretty! Much better than those ol' granny panties you had on," Sheila chortled as she kissed Colleen's swaying, jiggling breasts while caressing and fondling her large hips.

"You're so sweet Sheila, but I feel so naughty . . . this isn't what I expected today . . . but I do feel much prettier now that you've done this to me." The two women grappled and clawed at each other, their hair becoming disheveled messes and the inner sides of their thighs were now all slippery as their bodies writhed together in a sensual heap.

Clutching one another until the two floozy matrons crashed to the floor, they found themselves intertwined in a lewd rubbing game that brought each to another orgasm. Not willing to stop there, Sheila flipped her hind end over Colleen's face and pushed open Colleen's long, thunderous legs before burying her enthusiastic face in her darling friend's hairy snatch. Tugging on the almost completely buried thong as she lapped at her friend, Sheila took pleasure in how it helped split her slit so that her lips puffed up and bulged much more. Tasting the sticky, salty and pungently smelling nectar that became more effusive as she dragged her saliva engulfed tongue through the hairy valley beneath her.

"Sheila, oh Sheila, yes . . . this is amazing . . . you are so amazing," Colleen gasped and dug her finger nails under the skirt of and onto Sheila's well formed buttocks as she felt the diving tongue plunge in between her lips to meet the deeply ensconced fabric of Sheila's thong that was now inside her. Colleen's senses tingled and she began to lose control as she looked up to see her marvelous friend's well groomed, but wet pussy hanging over her face; its perfume filling her nostrils. She lifted her head up to kiss it and quickly joined her friend in the wild lapping and probing between its fleshy folds. Within seconds each woman used their hands to hold open the other woman's vaginal lips to better access its delights. A finger or thumb soon helped the manipulation process.

After several frantic minutes, the ladies reached yet another climax and collapsed upon each other. Shifting to face one another, they spent some time cuddling in the afterglow of their experience; caressing each other's faces, breasts and bellies and stroking each other's hair, along with warm kisses all over.

"I never knew how wonderful that could be!" Colleen gushed and kissed her friend.

"Yes, but I think our new outfits are a little messed up!" Sheila drolly opined, her fingers sliding provocatively over what little was exposed of the thong on Colleen's pubes, "especially my new thong!"

The women laughed and kissed again.

"I guess no more granny panties for me," Colleen grinned as her fingers caressed Sheila's clit.

"I sure hope not, although I did enjoy helping you change out of them," Sheila winked and squeezed one of Colleen's ass cheeks before digging her finger back into Colleen's quim. The two women spent the rest of their free afternoon in one another's arms- and legs-vowing to have more of these more intense fashion shows in the future; before returning to their mundane lives. Granny panties would never be seen on Colleen again.

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