tagIncest/TabooGranny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 03

Granny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 03


Here's the third in the Granny's Dirty Photographs series. Although there isn't much to do with the dirty pictures in this scene, it's a progression from Robert's grandmother and Elaine.

Thanks for all the suggestions with where to take this. It pretty much evolves as it goes along. There's been no real plan to the scenes in the series since it began with that one original piece. Thanks to there being so many comments and emails about continuing the series, here we are.

There will be another chapter to follow behind this one.

OK, as ever, I hope you enjoy the tale. Send feedback! Feedback can be by PM on Lit, public comments at the end of the scene below, or email. If you want a reply or response email is probably the best.

There will [very] likely be typos and bloopers in the text. If there are I apologise, I hope they don't detract from the enjoyment.

Keep an eye out for the next chapter over the coming weeks. It might not follow on as quickly as the earlier scenes fell because I'm working on another project that will keep me busy, but I will be plugging away at a few thousand words in this series all the same.

Oh, and I left a spoiler for chapter 4 at the end of this piece, so if you don't want to know, don't look!

GA – Langkawi, Malaysia – 3rd of January 2013.

The chances of it happening had to be astronomical, something crazy like winning the lottery three weeks in a row. The jackpot I'm talking about, not some poxy ten quid win. I mean six numbers and the bonus ball.

First there'd been my grandmother. I'd discovered the stash of nudie photos under her bed and one thing led to another. Next thing I know I'm balls deep inside her. As if that wasn't enough my grandma then engineered a little ménage-a-trois with her sexy colleague, Elaine. Things had wobbled a bit after Elaine guessed at the incestuous relationship my grandmother and I enjoyed, but to our amazement and delight it turned out that Elaine found the whole scene sexy as hell, the result being that Elaine was now my lover as well as my grandmother's.

Elaine had put the idea into my head of seducing my mother, but since my luck had already stretched beyond reasonable bounds I decided that any attempt at making a move on my mum would be doomed to catastrophic failure.

And then my mum's laptop went on the blink and she had to use the main desktop computer in the spare bedroom.

Mum was out when I started up the desktop computer with the intention of downloading some music when, for some reason – the hand of fate perhaps? – I browsed through the computer's internet history. That's when I noticed the site name listed along with all the other crap my mother had recently viewed. My interest piqued, I followed up my discovery. Bingo, an internet chat site appeared on the screen. When the page loaded I saw the computer had stored my mother's log-in and password, so I logged on as her and began to explore.

"Fucking hell," I muttered, totally absorbed by what I found. "No, no way. Not a chance."

The deeper I delved into my mother's online persona it became obvious that my grandmother wasn't the only female in our family to lean towards the dark side of incest. Looking at some of her chats and messages it seemed like my mother had some pretty wild fantasies along the same lines as well!

As young as I was I realised that the leap from fantasy to reality might involve a jump over a bottomless chasm, and that it wouldn't do to just launch myself at my mother one night with my hard-on in my hand growling for her to suck me off. That my mother enjoyed the fantasy of incest didn't mean she'd be willing to give it a go in real-life.

So to start the ball rolling, just to see if anything good would come of it, I joined the site and sent my mum's alter-ego a message from my own alias:

From naughtyboy20 to wetsexymother Subject: Hello

Hi, I saw your profile on the site and wondered if you'd like to write to me about your sexy fantasies? I'm a young guy (nearly 20) who has dirty fantasies about shagging his mother. You sound like a fun lady and I just wondered if you'd like to chat and get to know each other. Maybe we could role-play? I'd like that. What do you say? Send a reply and we'll take it from there.


I observed my mother for the next two days when we were at home together. She went about her domestic business as normal.

I checked the computer time after time after time.

There was nothing from her.

I thought about revealing the latest twist to my grandmother but decided against it. She might find it too freaky, besides, there wasn't much to tell other than that my mum visited a porn site.

Elaine however was spellbound by my discovery.

"Oh my God," she said as she peeled off her bra and revealed her tight, round tits. "You mean your mum goes online and writes on a thread about ... about ... What does she write about? Come on, Robert, tell me." I lay on Elaine's bed and stroked my cock while I watched her undress. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and gave me a hot-eyed and sexy look. "I told you you should try it on with her, Robert, now tell me what she talks about online."

"What do you want to know?" I asked as she, with tantalising slowness, slid her underwear over her hips and I saw the plump cat's face of her vulva.

"All of it," Elaine purred, stretching her tight body over mine before she kissed my mouth.

She broke away and eased herself down the bed to take my erection into the warmth of her mouth. Elaine sucked at me, her hand busy at the root of my cock while I told her about my mother's online games.

"Imagine it's her," Elaine gasped as, holding my dick upright with one hand, she straddled my thighs and lowered her sex over my cock-head. "Pretend you're fucking your mother," she groaned. "Imagine what it would be like to fuck your own mother and grandmother together, Robert?" Elaine mauled her breasts, her head lolling loose on her neck. "It's so fucking dirty to think about it," she groaned. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me like you'd fuck your mother."

With a low growl and a roll of my hips I flipped Elaine over and onto her back, all the while keeping my dick firmly wedged inside her. "Yeah," I snarled, holding her legs apart to force Elaine's thighs wide as I stabbed into her vulnerable, uptilted opening. "I'd fuck my mother hard," I groaned while Elaine grunted and squealed and locked her eyes on mine.

"Tell me more," she demanded, with one hand busy against her clitoris. "Tell me more nasty, dirty things about your mother, Robert. Rip my cunt apart with your lovely cock. Fuck it into me. I'm so dirty, baby. Pretend I'm your mother ..."

'Shit," I gasped. "Mum, your pussy's so hot and wet." I leaned in, craning my neck to suck at the thimbles of Elaine's nipples. The dark circles of Elaine's areola puckered tightened as I suckled at her.

"More!" Elaine cried out. "Tell me more. Fuck your mummy and tell her how fucking good it is to be inside her!"

I groaned and poured spunk into Elaine, collapsing against her body as the lust pumped from me to flood her insides.

When I rolled away, Elaine pushed three fingers into her gooey opening and finger-fucked her way to a squelching climax. As her fingers worked in and out Elaine muttered on about me and my mother and how great it would be to share both her and my grandmother with me.

My stomach flipped when, at home later on, following another less energetic and more tender coupling with Elaine, I logged onto the site.

naughtyboy20 had a reply from wetsexymother:

From wetsexymother to naughtyboy20 Subject: re: Hello

Hello. Thanks for your message. I'll start by saying I have a son. He's quite good-looking and very caring and I must admit that I do have fantasies about the two of us together. When he's out of the house I sometimes use a dildo on myself and imagine him coming in and catching me. When I'm really excited I even masturbate in the living room. The terrible risk of him actually walking in on me makes me cum and cum.

My name is Clara and I'm thirty-eight years old. I work in an executive position in the financial sector. My job is well paid, which is useful since my son's father hasn't been around for quite some time now and there's been nobody else to help with money. For real-life sex, at the moment I'm fucking my immediate boss in the banking group we both work for. We have hot, urgent sex in his office and when we go away for business meetings. It's a fairly casual thing by mutual consent. I have no interest in making him a permanent fixture. There's a man out there I want but he's off the scene now.

So that's me. I fuck my boss and masturbate over incestuous thoughts of my son. I love coming to this site for dirty playtime and role-play. I decided to reply to you because you're the same age as my son and it would turn me on to make things up with you in a role-play scene.

What do you think to that idea? Would you like me to be your mother? Would you lick your mother's sticky cunt and fuck her with your big cock?

I'm so horny thinking about that that I'm going to fuck myself with my dildo right now.

Wish you were here!

Clara xxx


I sat at the desk, stunned. Downstairs I could hear my mother, the author of the revealing confession moving around the kitchen. My father had been killed in a car accident before my mum even knew she was pregnant, and I'd never known her to have a boyfriend, but here she was telling a stranger about her boss.

Her boss, she was fucking her boss and I never had a clue! I must admit that up until Elaine had mentioned me fucking my mother I hadn't given my mum's sex life much thought. To be hit by the twin revelations of her relationship at work and the fact that she masturbated on the sofa – all the while imagining it was me! – had me reeling.

My cock, hard as iron, bulged in my jeans. It occurred to me that I could confront my mum with the contents of her message, tell her I understood how she felt and that I wanted her. I could show her my hard-on and ask her outright if she wanted to make her fantasy a reality.

With a really weird sensation in the pit of my stomach, a gnawing hunger that could only be satisfied by a spurting orgasm, I logged off the site and walked towards the stairs.

My breath caught in my chest when lust swelled in my throat and I saw my mother in my mind's eye. In my head I watched as she masturbated on the settee. I pictured her stuffing her pussy with a rubber cock and I wondered if I'd pictured her accurately. I mean, was she smooth or hairy down below? What did her tits look like? I had the impression mum was pretty sizeable, she certainly swelled out the bust of her work blouses well enough, but what were her nipples like, and what shape were her breasts? Did she have lovely big tits like my gran? Was she all potty-mouthed like her own mother? My mum gave the impression of butter not melting, but I knew from experience with my grandmother, usually the model of decorum, that appearances were deceptive.

In the kitchen I looked at my mother in the second or two before she glanced over one shoulder and smiled at me. She looked good, a great, trim figure in her corporate executive's uniform of conservative blouse and skirt. Her legs looked fantastic, the modest skirt clinging to her hips, its hem falling to a flattering point above the knee.

"Hello, Robert," Mum beamed at me. "Tea won't be long."

We take it in turns to prepare the evening meal unless mum's away on business, apparently getting herself fucked in hotel rooms.

Every time I went to open my mouth, after building up the courage to say something, my nerve failed me. I had no idea how mum would react if I revealed what I'd done, and I even felt more than a little guilty for the deception. She might go absolutely berserk, mortified that I knew about her personal secrets.

"Are you OK, Robert," mum said as I spooned soup from the bowl to my mouth. 'You've hardly said a word, and you seem a million miles away."

The concern and affection I read in my mother's expression caused a huge stab of guilt in my chest.

"I'm OK, mum," I replied. "I've just been thinking about you."

"Me? What would you be thinking about me for?" She spooned soup to her lips and avoided my eye.

Could I tell her? She looked a little embarrassed, which would have been puzzling if I didn't know about wetsexymother and her fantasies.

"Well, it just seems that you don't seem to have much fun." I felt the blush in my own cheeks as I pressed on, desire making me bold and reckless. "I've never heard you mention a ... a boyfriend. You must get lonely sometimes."

Her spoon clattered against the bowl. I looked at my mother's crimson face. "That's quite personal, Robert. I don't know if it's appropriate to say that kind of thing. I'm your mother after all."

It would have been be so easy to stand up and walk around the table to where I could gently offer my mother my hand to help her up off her chair. All I had to do was hold her hand and tell her I loved her, how I wanted to be with her that night. We could kiss and then go upstairs to her bedroom where I'd then strip her out of her clothes and see her naked. I'd show her my hard-on and she'd gasp, her fingers closing around me.

"But, mum," I pressed on. "I'm only worried about you. I don't want you to be lonely."

"What about you? You don't have a girlfriend." She challenged me with a stare and saw something in my expression – guilt perhaps? "Do you have a girlfriend, Robert?"

I daren't say anything about my grandmother so I looked down at my soup bowl and admitted to Elaine.

"Your grandmother's friend!" my mother gasped, incredulous. "But she's as old as me."

I nodded silently and kept my eyes downcast.

"Oh my God, Robert. How could you? She's too old for you."

How the hell had I let this happen? Instead of making a move on my mother I'd managed to fuck things up. Now she was in one over Elaine.

Then it came to me – she was jealous!

I looked up at her. "It's just fun, Mum. You know, just sex."

"Sex," my mother muttered. "You and her ... Sex." She sighed and picked up her spoon. "I suppose it had to happen one day. My baby's all grown up. You just be careful, Robert. Don't fall in love with her or get her pregnant."

"I won't, mum." My stomach slid with longing to posses my mother physically as I said the next words. It was as close I dared to go, and as I spoke I felt the pull of lust deep inside me. If I didn't masturbate soon I'd quite simply lunge at my mother across the table. "I love you," I murmured. "Elaine is fun, but I still love my mother."

She stared at me as the moment stretched. What was she thinking? Was she sitting there across the table from me and wondering if I'd meant I'd never love Elaine because I loved her? I willed her to understand, ached for her to whisper she loved me too and that we should go upstairs. I wanted her to come to me and kiss me and undress in front of me.

"Oh, Robert," my mother sighed eventually. "There are so many things you don't know about me."

I did know things, I knew she fucked her boss and I knew she had dirty fantasies.

"Tell me, mum."

She shook her head. "I ... I can't Robert. I will one day, I promise. One day soon," she added as though coming to a quick decision. She nodded. "Yes, I'll tell you. It's about time. I'll tell you before your birthday."

Now! I wanted her to tell me right away.

"Why don't you tell me now?"

"There's something I have to do first," she replied. "Now stop all this, it makes me feel awkward. Eat your soup before it gets cold."

Fuck the soup; I wanted her to tell me her secrets, secrets I already knew, but no matter how much I urged and cajoled, my mother wouldn't budge.

After the meal I went to my room, frustrated as hell that I hadn't had the guts to just blurt everything out. I unzipped my jeans and, in a mood of reckless abandon, with my bedroom door wide open, I tugged my cock while staring at one of my grandmother's pictures.

My mother didn't walk past my door. Instead I heard her clattering around filling the dishwasher and tidying up. I'd hoped she'd come up to talk to me and see me with my erection in my fist, the idea being that she'd be so overcome with incestuous desire that she'd just come in and take over.

As it was I yanked my cock and squirted spunk all over the image of my beautiful grandmother as a young woman.

I'd have to wait until naughtyboy20 worked on wetsexymother.


My mother left for London the next morning. She'd be away for the rest of the week, coming home on Friday.

I couldn't help but feel a trickle of corrosive jealousy when I thought about her boss riding her in some hotel room.

I needn't have concerned myself with those thoughts however, because when I logged on to the site I had a message from wetsexymother:

From wetsexymother to naughtyboy20 Subject: Let's play

Hello again. Naughtyboy20.

I wondered if you'd like to make a date for some role-play? I'm in London at the moment, all alone in a hotel with no cock to suck and fuck. How about we start some sexy stuff? Last night I found out that my son is seeing a woman the same age as me! She's one of my mother's friends and is known as a bit of a cougar. I'm not saying she's bad for my son, not at all, I bet she teaches him all kinds of lovely things that a mature woman can know, and she's very attractive – credit where it's due – but I'm so jealous!

You know, for a moment, when we were talking last night, it seemed to me that my son actually fancied me. He said he loved me, which is nothing in itself, but when taken in the way it sounded coming from his mouth, it really did sound like he meant he loved me in another way than me just being his mum. His voice had this really strange husky timbre, like he was horny or something. He had this look on his face as well, all strange and hot-eyed.

God it made me feel so sexy to think of him wanting me, and as much as I wanted to I couldn't bring myself to just act on the intuition. What if I'd been wrong! How hideous would it be then?

Anyway, I've been thinking about it and I'd love to start up some sexy fun with you. I could be your mother and you could be my son. How would you seduce me if you were my boy? Please tell me what you would do. Be as dirty as you like, I won't mind at all.

I'm wet just thinking about all the things you could say to me. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your very wet and sexy mother.



From naughtyboy20 to wetsexymother Subject: Re - Let's play

Wow! I wish I was him. I wish I was your son.

This is how I'd seduce you.

You're in your living room. You're in your work clothes but have your skirt bunched up and your blouse open. You're wearing shoes, not work type shoes but some really high heels and you feel so horny that you can't wait to rub your pussy.

You know I could walk in at any second. I'm out on an errand and not expected back for some time, but still, anything could happen – I might have forgotten something and come back. I walk in a see you, but you're so into it that you don't notice me. I sneak back out of the room so I can watch and wank.

You look so beautiful as you lay back across the settee. I can't see too much because of the way the furniture is arranged, but I can still see your forearm moving so I know you're fingering your wet pussy.

I'm pulling my cock, dying to see what you look like between your legs.

Suddenly you just tell me to come in. You know I'm there because you can hear me breathing.

You stand up and face the door ... and WOW! You look so gorgeous as you stare at me with your hands on your hips.

I stare between your legs for a few seconds before I take in the detail of your tit-flesh swelling over the cups of your lacy bra.

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