tagIncest/TabooGranny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 06

Granny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 06


You might like to read the earlier chapters of Granny's Dirty Photographs before continuing with this piece.

This chapter is a slight deviation from the track I led you down at the end of the previous scene. It occurs in the week between when Robert and his grandfather shared Clara and Robert's birthday on the coming (no pun) Saturday.

Robert has been neglecting his grandmother and Elaine in favour of his mother's charms – and they're a tad pissed off about it.

Someone sent an email about how to liven up Robert's birthday party, and I'm going to go down that road in the next chapter, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait for that chapter to be written and submitted.

OK, as usual, there may be errors in the scene that follows. I check my own stuff, and have been banging these out (again, no pun) quite rapidly over the last couple of weeks. If there are fuck-ups, I apologise, and I hope any errors remaining don't affect your enjoyment too much.

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OK, time to get this submitted and then start on chapter 7.

GA – Langkawi, Malaysia – 10th of January 2013.

They both came to the house on Wednesday, my grandmother and Elaine, together.

"We know what you've been up to with your mother, Robert," my grandmother began as soon as I'd closed the door behind them. "And we're both more than a bit miffed with you."

Shit, this couldn't be a good sign. I wondered how my grandmother had found out I was fucking my mother, but the answer was obvious; of course, my grandfather must have told her. What a loudmouth fuckwit – what was he trying to do?

Elaine nodded. "Yes, Robert. How could you do it?"

I stood in the hallway and flapped my hands by my sides. "Uh ... I ..." I managed to say before my grandmother cut me off.

"Your own mother, Robert," she said. "Your grandfather told me all about it. He told me how you fucked my daughter ..." She paused and gave me a withering look before she continued. "... He told me all about the pair of you fucking her. That's so dirty, Robert."

"But, gran," I spluttered. "He did it too. Granddad was there. What did you say to him about that?"

"Why darling," my grandmother replied with a sly smirk. "I simply said that he had to stick his huge cock into me and tell me all about it." She rolled her eyes. "I'm not a hypocrite, Robert. If I'm guilty of sleeping with you then I can't really start ranting and raving about you doing the same thing with your mother."

"But what about him sleeping with her as well?" I asked, flabbergasted by how easily everyone seemed to be taking this incestuous tangle. "Don't you mind?"

"It was a shock, yes; I'll say it came as a huge surprise. But, again, Robert, I can't cast any stones, can I?"

I decided to keep any further questions to myself. I didn't know if granddad had gone as far as telling my gran that I was actually the product of his incestuous liaison with their daughter; he might have revealed much, but maybe not the whole tale.

"What's pissed us off, Robert," Elaine interjected, "is that you haven't bothered with us for days. It seems like you've been giving all your attention to your mother."

Elaine stepped towards me. She came at me with such aggression that I stepped back and my arse hit the front door.

"Let's go," she snarled as she grabbed my wrist, "into the living room." Taken by surprise I just followed along like a lamb to the slaughter as my grandmother followed behind. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back," the woman instructed harshly. "Give me the cord," she added to my grandmother as I complied, mystified as to what the hell was happening.

Elaine quickly bound my wrists before forcing me to turn and face her with her hand on my shoulder. She unzipped my flies and unfastened my jeans, which she then hauled down to my knees, underwear and all.

"What's going on?" I gasped.

"We're going to teach you a lesson," my grandmother replied as she stepped towards me.

Gran took hold of my slack cock and fondled it. Elaine came to us and kissed my grandmother's mouth, her eyes locked on mine.

"You shouldn't have neglected us, Robert," Elaine breathed, her eyes hot with lust. "We're going to show you what you've been missing.

My grandmother squeezed and fondled my cock until I was fully erect. I watched Elaine strip out of her clothes to reveal her tight, toned and tanned body.

"Look at that, Robert," my grandmother whispered into my ear. "How could you neglect Elaine? Isn't she just too lovely for words?"

I gulped and nodded. My gran had a point; I'd somehow forgotten just how sexy Elaine was. I stared at Elaine's gym-toned body, her round, thick-nippled tits and taut buttocks, my cock swelling with desire for the woman. The pale outline of her bikini bottoms high on Elaine's hips contrasted with the brown skin of her suntan. I wished I'd been on that beach holiday with Elaine, I could just imagine the sex after a day sunbathing, with maybe a couple of cocktails inside Elaine to loosen her up. Not that the randy bitch needed much of an excuse for sex.

"And you neglected me as well, Robert," my grandmother muttered with a final squeeze of my dick.

"You're both so lovely," I groaned when my grandmother stepped back and unzipped her tight skirt.

She wriggled her hips to reveal her trademark stockings and high heels. When she unbuttoned her blouse I saw her big jugs spilling over the cups of her corset – a black one this time to match her stockings and dark mood.

"You've been so bad to us, treated us so shabbily that we're going to teach you a lesson," my grandmother said as she reached into a bag she'd carried into the house with her.

I saw some kind of dildo contraption in her hand, a long, black rubber cock with a load of straps hanging off it. My heart leapt into my throat when I realised it was a strap-on. My first thought was my grandmother was going to fuck my arse as punishment!

"Sit down and watch," my grandmother snarled as she strapped the apparatus to her body.

I sat down quickly, keen to protect the fragile ring of my sphincter from that awful thing waggling so incongruously in front of my grandmother.

"Lick my pussy, Sarah," Elaine murmured as she sprawled onto the settee next to me, her legs wide apart.

All I could do was watch as my gran first spat a dollop of saliva onto Elaine's scarlet cunt and then laved at the woman's clit. The urge to stroke my cock was overwhelming, but of course with my wrists bound behind me this was impossible.

"Shit," I breathed, struggling against the cords.

"Sit there and watch me lick her, Robert," gran said as she smirked at me. "You can't touch her, and you can't touch your cock; you just sit there and suffer the agony of unfulfilled desire."

"That's so good on my pussy," Elaine gurgled when my grandmother recommenced her oral attention. "I'm so fucking glad I had you to play with, Sarah. I'd have gone out of my mind waiting for him to come and fuck me."

My grandmother paused and lifted her face from between Elaine's shapely legs. "Well, I had Ralph's big cock on Sunday night," she replied lewdly. "And I let you ride him last night, so you can't still be horny."

The old bastard! He'd fucked them both. How could Elaine let him do it? She was far too hot and sexy for his old dick. My grandmother was one thing, she was the man's ex-wife, they had a shared history and a daughter, but for Elaine to succumb to the randy old goat's vulgar charm had me writhing against the bindings at my wrists.

"You and him?" I gasped to Elaine. "How could you let that old man near you?"

"Robert ..." Elaine purred. Her body jack-knifed at the waist and she held my grandmother's face between her hands. "... The guy's got a cock like the last ten inches of a fire-hose. When he waved that fucker at me I couldn't say no. Besides," she added, "it's your fault. If you'd been bothered to come and service me I might not have let myself get carried away. As it was we had a lovely threeway last night. He fucked us both silly and forced his dick into my throat as he pumped spunk into me." She kissed my grandmother's mouth and I sat there stunned as their tongues rolled and slid and danced.

My grandmother broke away from Elaine with a gasp. She stood up. "Suck this like it's Ralph's dick," she ordered her friend. "Show my grandson how slutty you were on his granddad's cock."

I groaned while Elaine, with her stare locked on my face, slurped and moaned and slobbered at the rubber cock strapped to gran's body.

"You should have seen how hot and horny Elaine was for your granddad's cock," my grandmother muttered. "She had him groaning so much and his toes were curling; she sucked and sucked at him, Robert. She gave him so much head he squirted spunk right down her gullet."

"Gran," I sighed. "Please, don't tell me any more."

"I watched him fuck her from behind. You should have seen her cunt stretched around him. I thought she'd split in two it was so tight. You remember Elaine's tight little cunny, don't you, Robert? Well, last night your granddad stretched it good and proper. He gave her a real good fucking."

"You give it to me now, Sarah," Elaine gasped as she fell back into the sofa, legs wide, feet dangling and her toes pointed like a ballerina's. "Stick that big fucking thing into me."

"Just like Ralph did, darling girl?" my grandmother asked, her voice hoarse.

"Just like last night," Elaine replied eagerly, her eyes as wide as her grin. "No mercy, Sarah," Elaine added. "No matter how much I beg, don't pull out. Keep fucking me until I'm worthless. Ruin my cunt, Sarah."

I'd never heard such filth. The language the two women used shocked me. I knew my grandmother could be a sewer-mouthed whore, but this was beyond some dirty mutterings during sex, this was a whole new concept for me.

My cock felt huge as I watched my grandmother slowly push the strap-on into Elaine's body inch by inch. Elaine groaned, her head lolling back while she closed her eyes her pretty face all screwed up with pleasure. I wanted to tug at my dick, but every time I moved the cords binding my wrists just dug into my skin.

"Is that good, Elaine?" my grandmother asked when Elaine had accommodated the whole length of the false penis.

"It feels so lifelike, Sarah," Elaine mumbled, her eyes focussed between her legs. "It almost feels real." She looked up at my grandmother hovering over her. "Are you going to fuck me with it now, Sarah?" Elaine gulped and massaged her own breasts while she stared up at my grandmother's face expectantly.

"Yes, my lovely girl," gran breathed.

My grandmother's leg nudged me as she climbed up onto the sofa. I stood up in case one of her lethal heels sliced my cock or scrotum. Because of my jeans and underwear restricting my movements I found I had to do the penguin walk to move around to a better position to observe Elaine's pussy getting fucked.

"Sarah," Elaine sighed when the thing slid out of her. I saw the rubber glisten with Elaine's desire, her tacky labia clinging to the shaft as gran eased the length of it out of the woman sighing beneath her.

Elaine reached up and slipped the cups of the corset bra down to reveal my grandmother's breasts.

The two women kissed for a long moment before Elaine craned forward and sucked on one of my grandmother's long teats.

"I love your breasts, Sarah," Elaine mumbled, her mouth full of tit-flesh.

"They're just big old udders," my grandmother replied, her hips moving quickly as she increased the tempo and force of her thrusts.

"I think you've got great tits, gran," I said in response. I knelt on the floor close to the sofa, my eyes fixed on my grandmother's boobs.

Gran turned her head to regard me with a heavy-lidded stare. "Suck them as well, Robert." She said in a voice croaky with her own lust. "You can suck my tits and kiss me while I fuck Elaine. Are you horny, Robert?" she added as I took one thimble-sized nipple between my lips.

Releasing gran's teat and moving in to kiss her mouth, I gasped, "Yes, gran."

"Just like we were last week, Robert," Elaine grunted while my grandmother and I kissed. "I was so hungry for your cock and you never showed up with it. I had to finger my clit and fuck my own pussy with a vibrator. I waited and waited for you. In the end I went to see your grandmother and we played with each other. Then your granddad turned up and made me feel so good. He knows how to give a girl a good time. What an amazingly talented man he is with his tongue and his huge dick."

I broke away from my grandmother's searching tongue. "Don't tell me things like that, Elaine," I groaned. "It makes me so jealous."

"Just like we felt when we found out about you and Clara," Robert," my grandmother interjected. "Now you can just watch and suffer while we take it in turns to fuck each other with this strap-on. Think about what you've done to us." She began to pound at Elaine, fucking into the woman so forcefully that Elaine's tight tits trembled. My grandmother's boobs swung heavily until she collapsed on top of Elaine's body, her big boobs mashing against Elaine's round jugs.

"Oh, fuck, Sarah," Elaine groaned, eyes rolling in her head. "Pump it into me, please." Elaine's arm squeezed between their compressed bodies as her fingers sought her clit. She rubbed at herself and turned her glazed eyes to me. "You just think ... Oh, fuck ... You just think about your grandfather doing this to me, Robert. I hope you're jealous as hell imagining him fucking me with his big cock. I sucked your gran's pussy off him when he pulled it out of her too. She was so wet after taking him deep and hard that I thought she'd peed herself, Robert. His cock was so wet with her. It tasted so fucking good." Elaine's eyes closed and she winced, her mouth hanging open.

"Are you close, Elaine?" my grandmother asked.

"Uh huh, oh yeah, Sarah," Elaine squealed. "You're getting me there."

My grandmother pulled the strap-on out of Elaine and scrambled down the sofa. I watched as she took Elaine to her orgasm, her tongue against the other woman's clit, two stiff fingers fucking her opening.

"My turn," my grandmother gasped as her fingers scrabbled at the straps around her hips.

A minute or two later and my grandmother was on her knees on the floor, elbows on the sofa seat. Elaine moved behind her and, without preamble, pushed the rubber cock into gran's pussy.

"Sit down," gran ordered with a bark. "Put your legs either side of me. Let me see your cock close up, Robert."

I groaned when my grandmother's lips closed around my cock-head. She sucked at me for a few seconds and then let the purple dome slip out of her mouth.

"Don't stop," I wailed.

My grandmother took hold of my cock and grinned up at me. "You shouldn't have left us high and dry, Robert," she said. "Now I'm just going to tease you. I might give it a little suck," she squeezed my dick, "or I might not. But you're not going to come, Robert. No fun for you at all. You can pull yourself off when we leave." My grandmother groaned and her breasts squashed against my thighs when Elaine gave several vigorous thrusts behind her. "It's a pity your mother's in London tonight, eh, Robert? Nobody to fuck tonight. You can just imagine me and Elaine with your grandfather's cock keeping us both happy later."

"No, gran, please, don't say that. I'm sorry, so sorry. Please ..."

But she wasn't listening. Instead her eyes were closed as she groaned and panted and mumbled obscene exhortations for Elaine to drill her cunt.

My grandmother got there quickly, the combination of Elaine's energetic thrusting and her own busy fingers on her clitoris speeding her to a very vocal climax.

The two women kissed tenderly, giving me a good, long look at their glistening tongues sliding and curling around each other. My grandmother stroked Elaine's smooth, toned buttocks while the other woman gently massaged gran's breasts.

Finally they dressed and untied me.

"Bye," they chorused from the door, leaving me alone in the house with a stiff cock and chafed wrists.

I heard the front door slam and then, a minute or so later, the sound of a car's ignition.

As they drove off I imagined the two women arriving at gran's house. In my head I saw the old man, my grandfather, waiting for them. He smirked and exposed his erection, and my gran and Elaine sank to their knees to suck it, sharing it between them.

"Fuck that!" I called out and got to my feet.

After pulling up my jeans and undies and packing my dick away, I grabbed my car keys and drove to my grandmother's house.

When I arrived there was no sign of anyone in the house. I scratched my head as the curdling jealousy swilled around in my guts. Where the fuck were they?

Then it came to me – Elaine's house. They must all be there.

I left my car on the kerb outside my grandmother's house and walked along the road to Elaine's place.

Elaine answered the door after I knocked on it rapidly.

"Robert!" she cried, surprised. She recovered quickly and shouted back into the house: "Sarah! Robert's here. What do you want?" she asked, returning her attention to me.

"I want you," I said quickly, almost babbling. "Both of you. I'm so sorry I—"

My grandmother appeared behind Elaine. I stopped talking when I saw her with her blouse gaping, her big tits already exposed. My grandmother was bare arsed, her skirt and underwear discarded somewhere in the house. I stared at her, taking in the shoes and her stockings that were strapped to her corset by no less than six suspender straps, three to a stocking – a detail I hadn't noticed earlier.

"Is this what you've come for, Robert?" my grandmother said icily, regarding me with a smirk of disdain over the rims of her spectacles. "Have you come crawling here to beg us to forgive you?"

"I'll beg, gran," I wailed, aroused to the brink of insanity by my grandmother's dishabille. "Fuck, gran, you look so sexy half-dressed like that."

"Let him in, Elaine," my grandmother said. "We don't want half the street seeing him crawl."

Elaine stepped back from the door and gave a nod to indicate I should enter the house.

My grandmother turned her back to me. "On your hands and knees and crawl to me, Robert," she called as she walked into Elaine's front room.

I watched her buttocks jiggle and dropped to my knees without another word. If that's what it took ...

Elaine chuckled and followed me as I crawled on hands and knees into the living room.

"Where's granddad?" I asked as I looked around the room.

"Never mind him," my grandmother snarled, eyes flashing fire behind the lenses of her glasses. "You just come here and lick my cunt."

I crawled the rest of the way to where my grandmother lay sprawled and spread-legged in one of Elaine's arm chairs. She held herself open for me and I immediately lapped at her clit.

"Me too," Elaine trilled. A few seconds later, already naked, she straddled my grandmother's thighs, her arse almost in my face. "Lick me too, Robert. Make me wet."

My grandmother gave a low, dirty chuckle. "You're already sodden, you filthy tart," she said with two of her fingers inside Elaine.

"Make me wetter then," Elaine responded.

I looked up to see the women's mouths locked together. I went back to my grandmother's pussy, slurping at her and probing her opening with my tongue. Then, after eliciting several groans and grunts of approval from gran I moved up to survey the taut globes of Elaine's derrière. Her dangling labia gaped when I parted those tight cheeks with my fingers. Her puckered sphincter winked at me.

"I love it when you do that," Elaine's said, her voice curdled with dissolute delight when I probed the dark smudge of her anus with my tongue. "He's licking my arsehole, Sarah," Elaine breathed. "It's so fucking wicked."

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