tagIncest/TabooGranny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 07

Granny's Dirty Photographs Ch. 07


The final chapter ... or is it? If you haven't read the earlier chapters of Granny's Dirty Photographs you might like to do so before reading this scene.

It's Robert's birthday – what presents will he receive?

I hope I managed to keep you entertained until now, and that this scene keeps on doing so.

I left a PS at the end so I'll keep the preamble brief(ish)

As ever, thanks for the feedback so far. Feedback can be by PM on Lit, Public Comment below, or by email. If you want a response or reply, then email is best. If you leave a criticism on Public Comments, please quantify your comment. (see post script below).

If there are errors and typos in the text, I apologise.

Right, here it is.

I hope you enjoy.

GA – Langkawi, Malaysia – 17th of January 2013.

My mother asked me to sleep in my old bedroom when she arrived home on Friday night.

That worried me.

"Is everything OK, mum?" I asked. "Did something happen while you were in London?"

Still wearing her work clothes my mother came to me as I stood in the kitchen. "Don't look so concerned," she said, her hand stroking my cheek. "There's nothing wrong at all." She smiled brightly. "And tomorrow's your birthday. The weather report's good." My mother nodded and kissed my cheek. "Your gran insisted on the barbecue and it looks like it could be a good day for it. Smile, Robert," my mother added, "you'll be twenty tomorrow. The party will be great."

"Are you sure you don't mind Elaine being there?" I stammered. "And what about gran? Have you seen her since ... since it all came out?"

My mother turned away and walked to one of the cupboards. She reached in for a glass and then poured some water into it.

"No," she replied after a sip. "I didn't know what to say to her at first. After all, I started it all with your granddad."

"Or he started it with you," I pointed out.

My mother shrugged. "Whichever, Robert, it doesn't matter. I slept with my father years before you and my mother ..." She sighed and her chin dropped to her chest. When she looked up again, my mother added, "I suppose I feel guilty. No matter that she's done almost the same thing ... It's all incest – I slept with my father, you slept with your grandmother." She sighed again. "Now we're at it, you and I, and to top it off she and my father are back together it seems ... And then there's Elaine!"

It all got complicated when my mother spelt it all out like that.

"Will you talk to her tomorrow, mum? To gran."

My mother nodded and gulped water. "And Elaine too. I'll clear the air with everyone, Robert. Then we can get back to normal ... Or as normal as this family can get," she added with a snort of laughter.

"Why can't I sleep in your bed, mum?" I asked. "Tonight – why not?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow," she answered. "I still love you, Robert, if that's what's worrying you. I still want to make love and do everything we've been doing."

"Do you, mum? I thought that maybe granddad had phoned you, or that he'd said or done something."

My mother shook her head briskly. "No, it's nothing like that. You shouldn't think like that, darling. I love my father and I love you ..." She placed the glass down on the counter and walked towards me.

I loved seeing my mother in her business clothes. She looked so formal and high-powered – which she is. But I knew that beneath the dark, modest skirt and blouse that my mother's body would welcome me, especially the wet heat between her legs. I'd seen and fondled and sucked at my mother's large breasts, and my cock thickened at the memory of her in bed with her jugs swinging as she rode my dick.

"Do you want me to show you how much I love you?" my mother breathed just before she kissed my mouth. Her tongue slid past my lips.

I groaned and ran my hands over her body. "Yes, mum," I sighed when we parted.

My mother led me by the hand from the kitchen to the lounge. She sat in one of the armchairs and motioned with a hand for me to unzip my jeans.

"Oh my," she murmured when she saw me already stiff, the eye of my cock leaking pre-cum in anticipation. "It's such a pleasure to see you like this," my mother whispered as her fingers closed around me. "You love your mother, don't you, darling." Her hand squeezed me and I groaned.

My mother licked the head of my cock, her tongue sliding around and around. Then she lapped it like a lollipop, with long, lascivious strokes of her tongue, leaving my cock glistening with smeared pre-cum and her saliva.

Her hand worked at me when she sucked at my tip, her cheeks concave while her fist caressed me.

"Mum," I sighed, pushing my fingers into her hair.

She let my cock plop out of her mouth and smiled up at me, her hand working faster along my length.

"I love seeing you like that, mum," I mumbled through my desire. "Your hair's messed up and you look so sexy in your work clothes.

My mother chuckled and released my dick. "How about now?" she asked when she'd unbuttoned her blouse and her big tits swelled over the cups of her bra. "Am I a slutty mother for you now, my darling boy?"

"You're perfect," I groaned. "Beautiful and sexy."

My mother smiled lovingly at me, her eyes glistening. "Thank you, my lovely boy," she murmured, and then took me into the heat of her mouth again.

She sucked at me, taking me deep into her throat, holding a restraining hand against my abdomen when my hips jerked instinctively and I made her gag.

"Don't fuck my throat, baby," she gagged and coughed, drool sliding over her chin. My mother wiped the back of a hand across her face. "Not yet. I need to practice before you can fuck like that." She curled her fingers around my cock again. "Soon though. When I've trained myself to take you all in my mouth." She grinned up at me and cranked at my dick. "You can fuck my mouth until your balls are banging my chin."

My mother gommed at my cock after delivering that lewd image to my brain. In my head I could see her with her lips stretched tight around my girth, her nose pressing my stomach while my balls dangled next to her chin. My mother slurped and gasped, her hand working at me in conjunction with her oral efforts. She raised up and spat onto the head of my cock, greasing my pole so her fist squelched along the shaft.

"Mum," I hissed, the effort of holding back my surge clenching my teeth. "I ..."

"Don't hold it back, Robert," my mother urged. "Just let it go. I'll take it. I'll take it all. Just let it all go. Give me your spunk, darling."

The stuff flicked out of me as I bellowed with the pleasure of release. My own mother had yanked and sucked me to a climax; I was covering her with jizm and I fucking loved it.

My mother kept tugging at me until all that came out of me was a watery ooze.

"Bloody hell, Robert," she said, her face spattered with goo. "Look at the mess." My mother grinned at me as she rose to her feet. We kissed and I felt my own ejaculate slide across my cheek when my mother's face touched mine.

"I love you, mum," I whispered.

"I love you, too, Robert," she replied as she looked into my eyes. "Now don't be silly about sleeping in your own bed tonight. It's nothing sinister, I promise. You'll see tomorrow." My mother stepped back and surveyed her breasts glistening with semen. She examined her blouse and the opaque spatters where my jizm had landed. "I need a bath and a change of clothes," she laughed. "Be a love and make supper ... or order a pizza or something. We could have a night in front of the telly before the party tomorrow."

My mother walked out of the room, stripping off her blouse as she went. I thought about following her upstairs and fucking her on her bed, but something told me that it wasn't what my mother wanted and I went to find the leaflet for the pizza place instead.


My twentieth birthday dawned and I faced the day with mixed feelings. On one hand I looked forward to my birthday barbecue at my grandmother's house. I would be there with my friends from work and a few of the lads from the pub, not that I was so much of a regular at the boozer any more. I would also be with the people I loved: My mother and grandmother and Elaine.

The concern that gnawed at me was how things might turn out – would my mother get on with Elaine well enough to curb her jealousy? Would my grandfather try to snurgle into Elaine's knickers? And if he did, would she let him? There was also the fact that my mother and grandmother hadn't seen each other since all the incestuous intrigue within our family came out in the open – how would their first meeting go?

It would be an anxious day for me, and I wouldn't feel any easier until it was all over.

My first present of the day came early when my mother walked into my bedroom.

"Hello, darling," she trilled with a smile. "Happy birthday." She handed me an envelope and stood by my bed, naked.

"Thanks, mum," I said, my eyes on my mother's large breasts as she stood there with her arms folded under their heavy weight. I ripped open the envelope and read the inside of the card.

I looked at my mother and thanked her for the cash that had fallen out of the card onto the bed.

"That's not all," she replied and turned around, her arms falling by her sides. "I got this done the other day. That's why I didn't want you to sleep with me last night. I wanted this to be a surprise on your birthday.

High up on my mother's buttock, near her hip, was the heart-shaped tattoo she'd had inked to show her love for her father. Now there was a second heart alongside the first.

"Mum," I said, my voice choked with emotion. "Wow ..."

"It's a bit scabby and a bit sore so be careful of it," my mother said as she climbed into bed next to me. "It means I love you, my darling boy," she murmured, her breasts pressing against my chest when she leaned over to kiss my cheek. I was hard in an instant. "Oh my," my mother chuckled when she held my tumescence in her hand. "What shall we do with this?"

I rolled her over onto her back and entered her without preamble. I found her hot and wet, molten around my cock as her body accommodated me with one easy glide.

"Mum," I groaned, wincing at the sensation of her squeezing my girth. "Why are you so wet?"

"I've been masturbating for ages, Robert. I missed you last night. I wanted you so much but didn't want you to see the tattoo until today." Her arms came around me and she held me tight. "Love me, Robert. Love your mother like a good son should."

We moved together slowly, both of us gasping while we sent telepathic messages of love to each other with our eyes. We kissed in a lingering slide of tongues; I wanted to be inside my mother completely. I wanted to fill her with love.

"Isn't this great?" I muttered, my hips jerking a little harder. "Us. Together like this."

"It's wonderful," my mother sighed in response. She opened her legs wider to take me deeper into her body. "We're loving each other, Robert. And it's so, so beautiful."

"Is is like this with granddad?" I asked, needing to know but dreading the answer I knew would come.

"Yes," my mother breathed. "It is, darling. But you're different to him, you're much more giving and sensitive; he just fucks, it's mainly physical. He loves me, I know he does, but the sex is more like a physical need for him. We're more connected mentally, my darling, you and I. Besides, you're my son. You grew inside me, that makes it very special between us."

"Is it better between us than with him?"

My mother paused and looked up at me. "Get off me, Robert," she said. "I want to ride you. Let me control the pace. And when you're ready to come, just let it go." She straddled my thighs and leaned forward, her pussy sliding down over my dick. "It isn't better, per se, Robert," my mother continued as she began to move her hips and I reached up to play with her swaying breasts. "I love my father, and I love the way he makes me feel when he's inside me. I could ask you if it's better with your grandmother ... or with Elaine."

I understood her meaning then. I loved it when I was with my mother, but I also got great pleasure from the sex with my grandmother. It was love with gran as well, but there was a subtle difference between that love and the feelings I had for my mother. With Elaine it was more physical. I enjoyed her physique and her stamina. Also with Elaine it was more visceral. She was as sexy as hell and I fancied her rotten, I suppose I loved her on a certain level, but we didn't have that intuitive connection that I shared with my mother.

"I get it," I nodded, my mother's tit-flesh squeezed between my fingers as I mauled at her jugs. "It makes sense."

Suddenly I was no longer jealous of the relationship my mother shared with her father. There was enough love for us all.

"I'm so happy we're doing this, mum," I sighed, my chest swelling with emotion as tears pricked at my eyes.

"So am I, my lovely big boy," my mother whispered. "Now, enough talk. Let mummy ride you and give you a birthday treat." She began to move quickly, her buttocks quivering as she slap-slapped onto me. "Let me give you your first come of your birthday. Elaine and my mother can have you later, but I've got you first."

"Are you going to fuck granddad later, mum?" I hissed as the surge tingled within me.

"Maybe," mum replied, her breasts swinging as her face twisted into a mask of pleasure. "We'll see. Now shut up and let me ride your beautiful cock."

The sight of my mother moving over me, her pussy clamped around my erection while her face twisted with the rush of her own climax sent me over the edge. I grunted and forced my hips off the bed to push deep into her when the spunk exploded out of me.

I squeezed mum's breasts and leaned up to take one long, thick nipple between my lips. Sucking at her I squirted my seed into her body while my mother gasped and squealed, her arse bouncing onto me so hard that the bed squeaked in synchronised protest.

"I'm coming while you're pouring into me, Robert," she grunted. "God, but I love it when that happens. I adore coming on your spitting cock."

My mother milked me with her cunt, squeezing the essence out of me until, with a long groan and a sigh she fell off me.

"I hope your party goes well, darling," mum panted as she snuggled next to me.

I had a quick vision of Elaine and my grandmother naked, both keen to celebrate my birthday with me.

"I hope so too, mum." We kissed slowly as drowsiness overcame me and I fell asleep in my mother's arms.


At two in the afternoon I drove the old Golf to my grandmother's house. For me it was a tense time, my mother and grandmother coming face-to-face. To my relief my grandmother greeted her daughter warmly, a smile on her face and arms wide in welcome.

"Clara, darling, lovely to see you." My grandmother was so effusive that anyone would think my mother had been in Australia instead of a couple of miles away in the same town.

"Hello, mother," mum replied as she smiled and entered gran's embrace. "It's all been a little ... strange, hasn't it?"

Gran nodded. "It has, dear, but we can talk about it later. For now let's just concentrate on Robert's birthday." My grandmother turned to me. "Happy birthday, darling." We embraced and my grandmother kissed my cheek, the chastest kiss we'd shared in weeks. Nothing like the torrid exchanges I'd grown used to, and I found it a little confusing.

We went past the house and into the garden to where my grandfather had the barbecue lit.

"Happy birthday!" the old man called when he saw me. He walked over shook my hand, leaning in to clasp me in a hug. "I've got a present for you," he muttered quietly. "I'll give it to you later. I think you might like it." He broke away from me. "Food should be an hour or so. Time for a beer before everyone else arrives."

He looked at my grandmother, who said, "Yes, of course, Ralph. You look after the barbecue and I'll fetch a couple from the fridge. "You do want one, don't you, Robert?"

I nodded and my grandmother walked off towards the house.

My grandfather embraced his daughter and she kissed his cheek. This was the most surreal experience of my life, us all acting like the average family. Nobody would guess at what we all got up to.

Then Elaine appeared, crying out with delight when she saw me. I glanced at my mother, who appeared calm and unfazed by Elaine's entrance.

We did the hugging thing and Elaine wished me a happy birthday.

Then the two women eyed each other.

"Hello, Clara," Elaine said, unsure.

"Hello, Elaine," my mother replied. "Lovely to see you." She moved towards the short-haired woman and, to my surprise, took hold of Elaine's hand. "I was so jealous of you when I found out about ..." My mother cast a quick look at me. She shrugged. "But I've been thinking and I don't see why we can't ..." Mum sighed.

"Share the love?" Elaine finished for her, her voice raising a hopeful octave.

"Precisely," my mother replied, smiling."

"I wouldn't mind sharing the love," I heard my grandfather mutter. He nudged me with his elbow. "You lucky bastard," he added, keeping his voice low. "I'd love to get across her. Tidy little package, isn't she?"

"I grinned and nodded, relived that it was all going so well.

My grandmother appeared with two beers. "Elaine!" she cried. Gran looked at my mother warily, apparently testing the atmosphere. "Can I get you a drink? And you, Clara – what would you like?"

"I think we should help ourselves, mum," my mother said. "Otherwise you'll be running around all day; especially when Robert's friends arrive. How about we all pitch in together? The family." She faced Elaine, still smiling. "And I might as well include you in that category, Elaine." To my surprise I saw my mother wink. "After all, you might as well be family."

My grandmother blushed at the oblique reference to our family's incestuous habits when Elaine chuckled.

"Thanks, Clara," Elaine replied, nodding. "I'm flattered to be included."

I carefully analysed both women, seeing if I could spot any sign of insincerity or bitchiness in either my mother's invitation or Elaine's response. They both seemed genuine and I gave a small sigh of relief when the two of them linked arms and walked up to the back door, my grandmother leading.

My grandfather swigged beer from the can. "Yep," he said, wiping the back of a hand across his lips. "That woman's got a great figure on her. Just look at that arse." He nodded at Elaine's derrière as she moved lightly over the lawn, hips swaying.

"You should see her naked," I replied, taking a deep draught of my own beer.

That shut the old man up, and he went back to stirring the charcoal evenly across the drum of the barbecue.

A few minutes later the women reappeared, laughing and chattering and now the best of friends it seemed, with each of them holding a glass. We spent a pleasant twenty minutes bantering around one of the picnic tables granddad had set up on the lawn. There were no references to anything other than normal, run-of-the mill subjects. It was as though today, with other people due to arrive at any moment, there had been a tacit agreement to leave the subject of sex within our family – Elaine included – off the conversational agenda.

Then guests began to arrive.

It was a great afternoon. A benign blue sky and warm sunshine set the scene for a few hours of chat, drinking, laughing and some flirting. The boys from the pub and a couple of the lads from work took a shine to Elaine, who then spent most of her time batting back witty ripostes to some alcohol fuelled innuendo. One or two even tried flirting with my mother, which she rebuffed in the same good-natured attitude that Elaine adopted. I did feel a corrosive slide of jealousy when I saw one of the pub crowd with his hand on Elaine's arm, which she let remain there for a minute at least before she shifted her position and the man was forced to relax his grip.

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