Granny's Dirty Photographs


"Guh ...God, guh ... Gran ... yes," I managed to stutter.

She walked closer to me and, with a soft murmur of endearment, touched her pink-painted lips to my mouth. I felt the taut struts of her corset under my palms when my hands went to her waist automatically. Her tongue slid into my mouth while we shared that soft, oh-so-intimate first kiss.

"I waited for you to come back, Robert," my grandmother murmured when we parted. "When we almost kissed, downstairs, in the kitchen, I waited for you to come back. I've been thinking about you pulling your cock while you looked at my photos, and I decided I wanted to see the real thing. Will you do it for me, darling?" she whispered, her breath wafting across my face while her eyes searched mine intently and she ran a hand over the bulge in my jeans. "Will you show me?"

"Gran ..." I groaned, my eyes taking in the sight of her breasts bulging over the cups of the corset, the nipples long and thick in the saucers of their areola. "Fuck ..." I muttered, shaking my head. "I can't believe it ..."

"Believe it, Robert," the woman crooned. Then, seemingly a little unsure in herself now she'd sprung her surprise, she said, "Do you like me dressed like this for you? Do you like your gran dressed up for her lovely grandson?"

"Yes," I hissed. "Shit, yes! You're fantastic. I ..." I swallowed heavily as I continued to drink in the image of my grandmother in a pink corset, pink is her thing, dark stockings and those incredible shoes; I even found her spectacles erotic. "Gran ... Can I ... can I touch you?"

She laughed and stepped back a pace. Posing, with one hand against a cocked hip, she pouted and said, "Of course you can, darling. I hope we can do more than that." She chewed her bottom lip and looked me with a glint in her eye. "Would you like me to touch your cock, Robert?" she asked. "Would you like it if I sucked it?"

"Gran," I groaned again. "Really? You mean ..."

"We can do it, darling. Everything you want. I haven't had a man for a long time. I'm so fucking aroused, my dear, sweet boy."

I gasped with the shock of hearing the expletive coming from my grandmother's mouth. As mad as it was, even seeing my own grandmother dressed for sex couldn't compare with the shock of that word on her lips. And then it got worse – worse for the better if you know what I mean.

"Touch me, Robert," the woman whispered, her tongue pushing into my mouth for a quick, hungry kiss. "I'm so wet, darling. Feel me."

"Oh my God!" I cried when, after grabbing my wrist, my grandmother wedged my hand between her legs. My fingers found her slick and hot. "And you're all smooth," I yelped when I realised the thick pubic bush she'd sported in the pictures was gone.

Gran gave a low, dark chuckle as she rubbed her slippery vulva against my fingers. "I told you I'd changed since those photos, Robert. I was so hairy back then ... But how do you like me now?"

"I ... I can't describe it, Gran."

She came closer to me again and we shared another lingering kiss. Before our lips touched, and before my hands went up to test the weight of her breasts, my grandmother said, "Then don't try to describe it, Robert. Show me. Kiss me and then take off your clothes. Show me what a big lad you've grown into."

Her fingers had already unbuttoned my jeans when, a little reluctant to break the soft pressure of her lips on mine, we eventually moved apart. I kicked off my training shoes and yanked my jeans to my shins, taking the boxer shorts beneath with them. There was a brief flurry of thrashing legs and a couple of muttered curses when my jeans refused to yield to my efforts to be free of them, but I eventually stood in front of my grandmother, hugely erect with excitement, and peeled my tee-shirt over my head.

"Oh my," gran sighed, eyes fixed on my cock. "My oh my." She looked into my eyes, her face split by a wide grin. "We're going to have such fun," she said. "Together, the two of us. Oh, Robert, I'm going to enjoy you."

"Gran," I groaned when she stepped forward quickly and grabbed my jutting dick. I was incapable of further speech. There wasn't room inside my head for any thoughts other than this woman, my grandmother, so sexy in her pink corset and accoutrements with her fingers clamped around my girth.

I looked down to where she held me and dimly noticed the rings on her fingers as she fisted my length with a backhand grip.

"Show me, darling," my grandmother sighed. "Sit next to me on the bed and show me how you touched yourself when you looked at my photographs."

The mattress dipped when we both settled against its edge. Gran released my cock and urged me to take up where she'd left off. Soon enough I held myself in my fist and stroked my cock.

Lust flared hot and deep inside me. I wanted her, all of her, I wanted to throw her on the bed and devour her. "Gran," I groaned, my fist moving faster. "I want to kiss you again. Please, I have to kiss your ... your boobs. I ... I want to lick you ... down there, between your legs." Even as the passion burned bright and my cock swelled with desire I, for some insane reason, couldn't bring myself to utter the words. I wanted to say tits and cunt, but it somehow seemed wrong and dirty in my grandmother's presence.

It came as a shock to hear that gran had no such qualms. It quickly became apparent that, when in the grip of sexual fervour, my normally staid and modest grandmother could spit obscenities like a sailor on shore leave.

"Wank your big cock and suck my tits," she growled, hefting her breasts in her palms to offer her teats to me. "Come for me. Let me see your lovely cock squirt spunk. Show me how fucking horny you are, Robert. I want to see how much I turn you on." I sucked and slurped at my grandmother's long nipples, my hand moving up and down my length while I moaned against her tit-flesh. "That's it, darling," she sighed, grinning with delight when she looked into my face.

We kissed again, our tongues sliding and writhing over and over. My grandmother held my face in her hands, her body angled towards mine as we perched on the edge of her bed. She sucked at my tongue with such ardour that I thought she'd tear it out by the root before finally breaking away from me with a gasp.

"I want to do it," she said, the words mashed between her gritted teeth. "Let me pull you. Come for me, Robert."

'I'm gonna do it, Gran," I grunted. "Harder," I urged. "Pull it harder, Gran. I'm close ... so fucking close ..."

I leaned in over my grandmother's busy forearm and sucked her tits again. I heard her give a shriek of surprise and delight when the stuff squirted out of me. Spurts of semen jetted indiscriminately from my cock, thick gouts of goo that flicked across my grandmother's skin and lingerie while she continued to milk me dry.

I felt a splash of the stuff on my cheek. "I'm coming," I grunted, entirely unnecessarily considering there were dollops of spunk all up gran's forearm and splashed across her pink corset. Out of the corner of one eye I watched as a silver thread of trembling jizm dangled from her breast, the febrile strand breaking to plop against one stocking.

"So you are!" Gran cried in delight. "Just look at how much lovely spunk poured out of you."

"Gran," I gasped as she slowly squeezed the final ooze from the end of my cock. When I looked into her face I could see that I'd come so forcefully that one lens of my grandmother's spectacles was opaque with a stray dollop of spunk that had flicked against it. "That was ..." I shook my head, staring at the woman who'd given me such an intense, toe-curling orgasm. "Gran, it was incredible. I love you, Gran," I blurted. "Are we going to do this again?"

"Later," the woman said before she leaned close into me and licked the ooze from my cheek. She pushed a hand against my shoulder. "We'll talk later, Robert. But right now I just want to enjoy you. I haven't come yet," she reminded me. "I'm so fucking turned on ..." I fell back into the bed's embrace as my grandmother removed her smeared glasses and placed them on the small chest of drawers next to the bed. Next she shifted her position, resting her torso against my thighs, her tits squashed against my leg. "I'm going to clean you up," she told me. "And then I want you to lick my cunt. Kiss me down there until I come, Robert." I groaned when my grandmother lifted my semi-erect penis and slurped at the spunk dribbling out of it. "Then, when you're big and hard, darling, when you're lovely and stiff ... then we can fuck."

"Say that word again, Gran. It just doesn't sound like you. Say it again, please."

My grandmother squeezed my balls and sucked my cock deep between concave lips. She let my penis plop from her mouth and looked at me from where she lay resting on one crooked elbow. "Which word, Robert?" she grinned. "Fuck? Is that what you want to hear? Do you want me to ask you to fuck me?"

"The other one, Gran," I gasped. "Cunt. Say that word again."

"Oh," the woman said. "That word." She shifted her position on the bed, suddenly rolling and rising upright in one movement. I saw her tits swing as she moved before her leg came up over my face. "There," Gran chuckled. "Can you see it, Robert? Can you see my cunt?"

In that classic position, the 69, I could clearly see the thick meaty flaps dangling between her legs. My grandmother's sex pouted with slick arousal, her labia glistening.

"Yes," I muttered. "I can see it. Gran ... it looks so good."

My grandmother chuckled again. "Have you ever seen a cunt like it, Robert? Take a good look at me. I want you to kiss it. Suck my clit and push your tongue inside me. Taste me, Robert. Taste your granny's nasty cunt."

The filth poured from her mouth, a torrent of obscenity that had me gasping in disbelief and lust.

I splayed the woman's flaps with my fingers and felt her lower her body to my face. "Gran," I sighed, "I've never done this before."

"You mean you've never licked a woman before, Robert?" gran asked.

Working on instinct and from what I'd seen in porn, I dabbed at the shiny pink nub of flesh peeping from under its cloak at the apex of gran's slit. Slurping at her sex, I probed deep into my grandmother's opening before I pulled my head away and told her I'd never been intimate with any woman before.

"You're a virgin?" she cried, immediately lifting her body from my face. "Oh my God, Robert. You mean I'm your first?"

"Yes," I replied, nodding and feeling a little ashamed.

"That's wonderful, darling," my grandmother said with exuberance, her eyes glistening as she looked down at me. "I'll try to make it special for you, you lovely boy."

"You already are, Gran," I groaned as I lifted my head to suckle at her teats.

We kissed again, slowly, a lover's kiss filled with meaning.

"I love you, Gran," I murmured into her open mouth. "I love you differently now to how I did a couple of weeks ago. It's different now somehow."

A single tear slid down my grandmother's cheek as she stared at me. "I know what you mean, Robert," she replied. "Soon we'll be lovers, darling. Properly." The woman then reclined against the mattress. Lying there she opened her legs and offered herself to me. "First though, Robert, please, my love, please get between my legs and keep licking me. I want to come for you before we do it."

So, again using porn and instinct and some occasionally urgent guidance from my grandmother, I slobbered and sucked and fingered at her intimate folds until, with a bestial grunt and thrashing of limbs, I brought my grandmother to a noisy climax.

"Kiss me, Robert," gran gasped as she sat up and mauled at her breasts with both hands. Her fingers pulled at her long nipples while she sat there, eyes glazed and heavy-lidded with post-orgasmic delight.

I knelt over my grandmother's body and leaned in to kiss her. My cock, at full-blooded, pulsing tumescence brushed across her corset while the woman groaned and sighed onto my tongue.

"Are we going to do it now?" I asked, suddenly awed by the moment.

"Do you want to?" gran replied, her eyes locked on mine as she examined my face for any sign of doubt.

I swallowed heavily and, looking at her comfortable body – the big tits, wide hips and finely shaped legs – I nodded. "Yes please," I murmured.

"Robert," the woman said in a serious tone. She hefted herself up onto her elbows and then rolled onto her side to face me. "Come down here," she instructed, patting the bed. "Come down so we're on the same level." When I'd settled on the bed in a similar pose, one elbow on the bed and my head resting on one fist, gran continued. "You know what we're doing, Robert, don't you? We've already gone too far. I mean you're my grandson ... Quite simply, Robert, we really shouldn't be doing this at all. Just stop for a moment and think ... What would your mother say if she saw us?"

And that was when her demeanour changed. At her mention of my mother, her own daughter, my grandmother abruptly changed tack. No longer the enthusiastic seductress, she went cold on me.

"We ..." she began, and then paused and chewed her lip, brow furrowed. She shook her head, correcting herself. "... I got carried away. I allowed my own moral corruption to taint you, my lovely boy. I shouldn't have let things get to this stage. What was I thinking? My own grandson ... As it is we've done some wicked things together, things that just shouldn't occur between grandmother and grandson.

"Look at me. I'm dressed like a whore. I'm smeared with semen and I've even had your penis in my mouth. I've used such obscene language in the heat of the moment. My God, I've even coerced you into licking me!

"Incest, Robert. That's what it is. And if anyone in our family ever found out about it, why, I shudder to think of the repercussions, the disgust on their faces. Nobody would understand; I barely understand it myself, and I'm right in the middle, if not the cause, of it."

An expression of such anguish twisted my grandmother's face just then, and I reached out to touch her shoulder.

"No, Robert," gran said as she shrank from my touch. "Don't touch me. We can't go on. I'm so sorry. I've led you on and I feel terrible about it. You should find yourself a girl, one your own age and to whom you have no familial ties. I'm sorry, darling, but this just can't happen."

Stunned by this abrupt shift in events, shocked by the way in which my grandmother appeared to have talked herself out of her earlier burning desire for me, I reached for her again, this time grabbing her shoulder.

"Please, Gran," I begged. "In don't care about anything else. Nobody will know, nobody has to know anything. We can do it ... I want to do it." Leaning in with the intention of kissing her mouth, I murmured, "Please, be my first."

"No," she gasped, pulling back from my mouth. For long seconds I watched in hope, my heart fluttering in my chest like a tiny bird inside the cage of my ribs. I saw her struggle with some huge conflict inside herself, and, for a moment I thought she would succumb and open her legs to me.

Instead a huge boulder crushed me under its weight of disappointment.

"No, Robert," my grandmother whispered, seemingly aghast at what had passed between us. "It's going too far. I ... we can't."

She rolled away from me and, grabbing her towelling bathrobe from behind the bedroom door, fled to the bathroom.

What the hell had happened? One moment it seemed I'd been on the cusp of sliding my hard-on into my grandmother's slippery opening, and the next I found myself alone on her bed while she hid away in the bathroom.

I refused to accept the situation; I wouldn't accept what she'd said without a fight.

Moving out of gran's bedroom I made for the bathroom door.

"Gran?" I said, knocking. "Come out. We've got to talk about this. I'll go crazy if we don't get it cleared up. Like you said, Gran, we've already gone too far." I decided to use her own argument against her. "If anyone found out what we'd already done they'd be shocked, so why not just carry on?"

"No Robert," came the emphatic response from the other side of the door. "I'm sorry, but I want you leave now. Get out of my house. Forget today ever happened." I heard her scoff out a brittle, bitter laugh. "We'll never refer to today's events, Robert. Not ever. Now go. Please. Get out and leave me alone."

I stepped back from the door. "OK," I snapped, nodding at the panelled facade. "Fine. I'll leave. Bye, Gran," I said indignantly.

I made out I was dressing in her bedroom, going as far as to stamp downstairs to kitchen. "I'm going," I called upstairs, and when no reply was forthcoming, slammed the back door.

Fifteen minutes later, after I'd crept back up the stairs to gran's bedroom, she emerged from the bathroom.

"Robert," she gasped when she saw me, naked and erect, her photos spread across the bed.

"This is what I did, Gran," I moaned as I pumped my fist up and down my length. "I wanked my dick and imagined what it would be like to fuck you." I closed my eyes, wincing at the pleasure as I stroked myself. "I wanted to kiss you and have you suck my cock," I sighed, staring at my grandmother's slack-jawed face. "I wanted to lick your cunt and suck your tits ... And, Gran, I've done all that. We've kissed; I've touched you; I've licked your pussy and you've tasted my spunk. The only thing left is to fuck." I stared at her, imploring her with my eyes. "I want you to be my first, Gran. I love you."

The robe slipped from her shoulders as my grandmother murmured, "Oh, Robert, you beautiful young man. Do you really want me so much?"

"Yes," I hissed. "For fuck's sake look at me!" I waggled my erection in my fist. "I'm hard for you, Gran. I fucking want you."

She came to me at a near run, clambering onto the bed with a huge grin on her face. "Let's do it, darling," my grandmother bubbled urgently. "Let's fuck together. We can talk about the future later. I'll make us a nice dinner; we could have wine and we can talk. I want you stay here tonight, Robert. We can talk and ... and make love, and just be together. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Gran," I said, nodding. "I'd love to do that."

She fell on me, all lips and teeth and soft breasts, fingers around my cock as we kissed and tumbled together. Our first coupling, my first fuck, was a rabid joining. I plunged into my grandmother's body and felt her open as my cock drilled deep into her body. She gasped and stared at me with wonder in her eyes, her mouth a large O. Frantically I went at her, probing and thrusting, determined to make her love me as I loved her. We kissed, biting each other's lips, her fingernails gauging welts into my back, thighs and buttocks. My grandmother clung to me, her arms tight around my torso while her calves gripped around my waist and she held me deep inside her body while I juddered and grunted and squirted my seed into her.

"Oh my God!" the woman gasped when, on a slide of goo, I eased my length out of her and she fingered her spunk-smeared sex and rubbed her clitoris. "That was gorgeous, darling boy," my grandmother grunted, fucking two stiff fingers into her squelching opening. "I'm going to come. Watch me come. Oh, fuck ... it feels so good."

We fucked again an hour later. This time, unable to resist the urge to touch my grandmother's body, I snuck up behind her as she stood at the kitchen counter peeling vegetables. I lifted her skirt, despite her blurt of protest that Elaine might call in unannounced, and slid my hard-on into her from behind. My grandmother dropped the knife onto the countertop and gripped the edge with both hands. She thrust her hips back at me and urged me to drill deep. I found her breasts, freeing their heavy weight by loosening a few buttons of gran's blouse and levering them over her bra.

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