tagIncest/TabooGranPa Ch. 2

GranPa Ch. 2

byWyden Long©

[For those of you who missed Chapter 1, or for those few who might have forgotten some of the details in the four months since it was released, here is a little background.

Jennifer and Jason are my twin grandchildren who have come to spend the summer with their old grandfather who happens to be just about the horniest old bastard they ever saw. (He's a lot like me.)

The whole house is wired for video and the gang of retired engineers down at the "lodge" get a kick out of watching as the kids discover GranPa's porno videos. One of them keeps betting the others that the kids won't go past certain limits of conduct and he loses every time.

At the end of Chapter 1, Jennifer has just given her GranPa a fantastic blow job in front of everyone at the lake, causing Jim or Fred or Frank (depending on how closely you read Chapter 1) to lose another bet.]

* * * * *

As our story opens, Jennifer is still idly stroking my pecker, which is considerably smaller now than it was before I got my gun twice in twenty minutes. It must be some kind of record for a guy my age, but I have to give the credit to my beautiful granddaughter. The sight of her watching me jack off, with everybody at the lake watching, was such a turn on that the first time caught me off guard.

When she rammed my log down her throat right out there in the open, while it was still dribbling, it inspired me like never before in my life. I won't plan to try to repeat that experience. I don't think my heart could take it.

Lolling in the sun with an 18-year old goddess stroking your prick is not the worst way I can think of to die. It was no doubt raising my stock among the permanent residents to watch what was going on. Although we had all agreed to the concept of absolute freedom and openness in our activities, this marked the first time it had ever actually happened.

Jennifer had no idea what a momentous blow for sexual freedom she had just struck. As I looked around, I saw that she had broken the ice for a number of my neighbors. Jim/Fred/Frank who had lost the bet that Jennifer would give me a blow job was getting one from his neighbor's youngest daughter. (We'll call him Fred from now on, if the need arises.)

All around us, people were giving in to their urges that they hadn't been quite ready to acknowledge until Jennifer's amazing blow job. To her, the spontaneous orgy was as regular as I had led her to believe, so she was quite comfortable playing openly with my cock.

"Why don't you come up here and sit on your GranPa's face, honey? I'd like to lick that little twat of yours."

"Oh, GranPa! Would you? I've heard so much about it and couldn't find anybody to do it for me. The boys seem to think it's all right to get the girls to suck their dicks, but they don't want to lick a pussy. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Honey, you just wait till I get my tongue in you and see if it feels like I mind."

"That's fantastic, GranPa!" She jumped up quickly and turned around while I slid down onto the sand. "How do you want me to do it?"

"Just sit on my chest a few inches away from my chin. I want to have a few minutes just to admire your pretty pink lips."

"Ok. How's this?" She straddled my chest and pulled the lips of her hot little cunt wide for me to see the pearly drops glistening in the wisps of downy hair lining her virginal pussy. Her hard tits framed my world view, looking straight up.

"That's perfect, kitten. Is it ok if I call you kitten since I'm playing with your pussy?"

"Sure, GranPa. Maybe you ought to wait a minute for me to go pee before you start. Where can I go?"

"You can go right here if you like. Everybody would love to see you pee, but why don't you wait a little bit? It will make your pussy more sensitive if I lick it while you're trying to hold back."

Sometimes I'm almost ashamed of myself for deceiving sweet young things like this, but you notice I said "almost". I have never been into golden showers or urolagnia or whatever else you want to call it, but right at that moment, the idea that my granddaughter might accidentally release a few dribbles of yellow wine on my chin while I was eating her out kind of turned me on.

I blew gently on her golden fleece, guiding the stream of air around and around the bright pink edges of her unused treasure.

"Ooooh, that tickles. It makes me want to scratch it. May I?"

"No. Just lean back against my knees and close your eyes. Let the sunshine bake your skin and dream that you are floating away on a space ship of love."

As her eyes closed, I gently touched the tip of my tongue to the thigh nearest my mouth and slowly drug it up toward her more sensitive region, but stopped before reaching my apparent goal. Then I repeated the process.

I noticed that there were several of the young men gathering around to watch us from close range. Each of them was stroking what probably amounted to a record boner for them. Watching me eat my granddaughter's pussy had to be at least as good as Pamela's wedding pictures.

"We have an audience, kitten", I whispered.

Jennifer's eyes slowly opened as she came back from her space ship, to take in the eight or ten hard bodies clustered around us, jacking off in homage to Jennifer's sultry good looks.

"Oh, my. Are all of those for me?"

The boys nodded in unison. "Yep. All for you."

"Can I taste them?"

The nods were even more emphatic. Each boy stepped up to the plate and offered his dick to be sampled. Jenny took each one in turn as deep in her mouth as she could manage and bobbed her head on it a few times, to get an idea what each one was like.

"Will you all watch me while my granddaddy licks my pussy and cum on me at the same time I have my orgasm? That would be really special."

"You bet, Jennifer!"

"You know my name?"

"Everybody knows your name, Jennifer. You're famous. We were working out on the football field when we heard about you, and came right over."

"Oh, my oh, my. You mean I just sucked the entire football team?"

"Well, not the whole team, but everybody that matters. Right guys?"

"Right!" A cheer went up.

"Ok, then are you going to cum on me like I asked?"

"You bet!"

"And are you going to time it at the same time I go?"

"However you want us to do, but how will we know for sure when you get off? We don't know that much about women?"

"I'll sing high C when I start and try to hold it as long as my orgasm lasts. Ok?"


"Suck away, GranPa. I'm beginning to like this town."

I would try to describe the technique I used, but I don't really remember too many details. My head was spinning so hard. My body was high as a kite on adrenaline and it felt like my blood pressure was way over the moon. The prick that Jennifer had sucked into submission not long before was once more iron-hard and slapping against her ass with every beat of my heart.

I tried to be tender and take my time with her, but I knew she was extremely hyped, also, and if I remembered my boyhood very well, those jocks wouldn't be able to wait long and I didn't want to ruin her dream of a mass simultaneous cum in her honor.

So, I gave her the accelerated course. There would be plenty time later on to explore the nuances of cuntlapping, but right now my granddaughter needed to get her rocks off. I slammed my belly up to ram my dick against her ass cheeks and pull her pussy lips taught, and made bubbles in her cuntal secretions.

She ramped up, drawing in air as fast as she could fill her lungs, because she could tell she was up to A sharp already, heading for the big O. Heading, in fact for the really, really, really tremendous, stupendous, gigantic O.

My darling hit the peak and hit high C at the same time. I don't believe her fan club could have held out one more second and gave them all credit for managing to time themselves as she has requested.

Cum rained on Jennifer from every direction, landing on her tits, in her hair, in her open mouth, down her back and was running down her belly and thighs in rivers.

Her pussy juices spurted into my waiting mouth, delighting my tongue and my cravings. I buried my face in her steamy cunt and sucked for all I was worth while she continued to trill. When she took a breath and tried to reach another octave up, she squeezed her diaphragm muscles so hard she began pissing on my neck. My mouth was so far up her cunt, than none went in it, but the back of my head was saturated.

Like I said, this is not normally my bag, but it seemed so natural and so erotic at the moment, that I gave up another offering to the gods of lust. With no direct contact except the touch of Jennifer's tanned ass, my prick began spewing cum all over her back, to go along with the flood from the football team.

Jennifer finally ran out of air and strength and collapsed on top of me. I slid her down until her cunt was resting against my root and held her until the cocktail of juices that covered our bodies began to cool.

"Ooooh. What's that smell?"

"Well, you sort of pissed on your old GranPa, honey."

"Oh, GranPa. I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry about it, honey. It's just one more page in my scrapbook. I'll race you to the water."

The gang of jocks were still standing around with their dangling cocks, reluctant to leave Jennifer as long as she would let them admire her. They grabbed her up above their heads and raced me to the water, holding their queen aloft.

Ok, so I can't outrun a bunch of horny football players, but I didn't need to. I've never been so fucked out in my life.

"Not bad for a virgin", I commented.

"You're a virgin?" The guys were stunned.

"Yep. Bonafide, never been fucked, virgin."

"Can I do it, can I, can I?"

"Later, guys. Give her a chance to get to know you. I'll throw a party on the weekend and maybe we'll raffle off Jennifer's cherry. How would that be?"

"Shit, I'll bet we could get enough to buy her a car."

"A car?" Jenny's eyes lit up at the word "car". She wanted a car worse than anything in the whole, wide world. "Oh, GranPa. I want a car worse than anything in the whole, wide world."

"What's the matter, kid. Don't you think I can read?" (Sorry. got carried away there.)

The cum ring around the lake must have taken a long time to wear off after we left. In addition to our own orgy, I found out later that the entire beach had been filled with people of every description and relationship fucking their brains out. Something about the utterly lascivious sight of my demure granddaughter riding my chin while the football team came all over her in buckets was enough to destroy what few bounds had been observed until then.

When we got back home, Jason was watching my porn flicks in the den. As we entered the room, he was jumping up and trying to shut off the TV and cram his aching prick back in his shorts all at the same time.

"Hi Jason. What's up?", Jennifer asked brightly, as if she had no idea what he had been doing.

"Oh, nothing."

"How did it go with Mrs. Johnson's daughter?"

"Well, I thought it was going pretty good till her phone rang and she said she had forgotten something that she was supposed to be doing and took off."

I thought I had gotten a glimpse of her with a mouthful of the Deacon's dick as Jennifer and I left the lake, but kept this knowledge to myself.

"What did you do then?"

"Well, I wandered around town a little, but this place is really dead. I didn't see hardly anybody. In fact, I don't actually remember seeing anybody at all. How is that possible?"

The poor kid. He had been left out of everything. "Tell you what, Jason. We had a pretty good time at the lake. We should have taken you with us. Just to make it up to you, Jennifer and I will play a little game with you. Ok?"

"Games? What kind of games. Sounds like something little kids would do."

"Maybe. Jenny and I have had a chance to get pretty well acquainted today. I'll bet we can think of a game you will enjoy. If you'll excuse me for a minute, I'll go get us some snacks." I whispered a few words in Jennifer's ear as I left. She smiled and nodded her head.

When I was out of the room, Jennifer told Jason, "I saw what you were doing last night, Bro."

"What do you mean? I wasn't doing anything."

"Yes you were. You were watching the black guy and the blonde girl and you were playing with yourself."

"Was not!"

"Were, too! And you shot all this stuff all over your stomach and chest."

"Did not! Jenny, don't tell GranPa, ok?"

"I won't if you will show it to me."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to see your dick and I want you to show me how you make it shoot like that."

"Shit, sis! Really?"

"Yeah, really. Will you show me?"

"What about GranPa? He's right in the kitchen. He'll be back in a second."

"Just take it out for me. Let me look at it. You can put it up when he comes back."

"Uh, well, ok. I guess." Jason wrestled a respectable chunk of meat out of his pants and waved it in his sister's face. He didn't mind the chance to show it to her at all. In fact, in his wildest dreams, he was showing it to her, but it wasn't because she asked him to. That possibility had never occurred to him. His dream had him in some outlandish situation where she was tied up or something and he knew he could get away with it without her telling Mom and he took his big, hard dick out and waved it in front of her face.

"Oh, that's disgusting", she would say, but now it was really happening and she wasn't tied up and she wanted to see it and she was saying, "Oh, Jason. It's beautiful."

Jason's head swelled almost as much as his dick. "You really think so?"

"Oh, yes. Bro. I really think so. I wanted to see it last night, but you went right to bed and then GranPa came home. Can I touch it?"

Could she touch it? Do centipedes have legs? Do flies fly? Could she touch it? COULD SHE TOUCH IT????? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!! "Uh, I guess so."

Any thought of GranPa being a few feet away in the next room was banished so far from his hormone-saturated teenage mind that he wouldn't have been able to remember it under torture.

"Oh, it feels so soft and silky. Can I move the skin around the way you did last night?"

"Sure, but I'm about to cum, already. What are you going to do if I cum?"

"I don't know. We'll find out, I guess. Does this feel good?"

"Oh, shit, Sis, I'm gonna cum. Watch out!"

Jennifer watched me out the corner of her eye as she sank her mouth over Jason's pulsing rod and sucked like a pro. I had been standing in the shadows of the open doorway behind Jason, filming it all with my video camera. Some things only happen once. I just wished there had been some way to get our beach orgy on tape.

"Oh, Jenn. Oh that feels so good. Don't stop. Please don't stop."

Jennifer didn't stop. She sucked that boy's balls so dry he would be able to get it up again for at least five minutes or so. Ah! Youth!

I walked back into the room, holding the camera while Jason had both hands on the back of his sister's head, trying to jam his prick further down her throat.

"What was that about games being for kids, Jason?"

"Shit, GranPa. You scared me. Uh, I guess there's no way to talk my way out of this, is there?"

Give the kid credit for facing the inevitable. He didn't even try to pull his dick out of his sister's mouth.

"Am I grounded?"

"Remember the rules I gave you last night?"

"You said there weren't any."

"Do you believe me now?"

"Oh." He digested this for a while. Jennifer was still sucking his dick while he came to terms with a completely new way of life. "You really meant it, didn't you?"

"Sure did, but if Jennifer tells you she doesn't want you grabbing the back of her head and forcing your cock down her throat, you better damn well listen. I mean that, too."

"Ok. That's fair. Am I hurting you Jenn?"

"Hunhuh." She swung her head from side to side without lifting it off her brother's rapidly rising erection.

I lifted Jennifer's skirt over her ass so Jason could see she wasn't wearing any panties. He had never seen her bare ass before and took an immediate interest.

"See what a sweet ass your sister has?"

"Oh, yeah!", he breathed, blood rapidly rushing back into his prick.

I pulled her tube top down to her waist. "See what luscious tits she has?"

"Oh man oh man." He was licking his lips.

I stood beside my grandson and offered my dick as an alternate to his sister. She alternated.

"Think you can get off before I do, Jason?"

"I'm cumming now, GranPa."

And so he was. Jennifer's mouth was still on my cock when he started spewing cum. She quickly clamped her mouth over her brother's dick and sucked his second load of the afternoon. To my great surprise, I was able to come up with one myself.

Once more Jennifer was saturated with cum. She rocked back on her heels and smiled at us through the ropes of jism clinging to her eyebrows.

"Pretty good for a virgin, huh, GranPa?"

"Pretty good, baby. Now everybody get cleaned up. Let's go find the biggest steak in town."

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