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Gran's Story


This is a new genre for me -- so let me know how you feel about it and if I should continue. Don't forget to vote and comment -- that is the only way that authors know what their readers like.


We lived Brighton, a seaside town in the UK. The family consisted of my Mum and Dad and my 17yr old brother, Reg and myself. I am Ian and I am 18 ½ years old.

We were a close knit family and this included my Aunt Fran and my Grandma Gwen who lived in Findon, a smaller town about 8-10 miles from our place.

This story begins when my brother Reg had gone boogie-boarding one day and ended up in hospital with a broken leg and a broken ankle and he was in traction. Naturally, he had to spend a couple of weeks in hospital. Mum and Dad thought it best to go and stay closer to the hospital so that they could see him each day and he wouldn't get too lonely.

It was arranged for me to go to my Grandma's house and stay with her and Aunt Fran for the duration. That was alright with me as I wouldn't have to go to school for a couple of weeks.

My Aunt came and picked me up after school and took me to their house. She told me to get settled and then to come down for some afternoon tea with her and Grandma.

After a couple of days, I was starting to get bored as none of my friends were around and there didn't seem to be anything for me to do. I decided to go for a bit of a hike around the small town and told the oldies that I would be away for a couple of hours or so.

I then wandered round the town for about an hour and there didn't seem to be too much to see, so I wound my way home again.

When I arrived home, there didn't seem to be anyone around so I just went up to my room and thought I would have a nap.

My Aunt was a lady of about 40 years, with a full figure. She had a bit of extra flesh on her boobs and her bum, but wasn't overly obese. She stood about 5'4' in stockings.

My Grandma was 61 and also full figured but had a nicer shape to her body. Her boobs were about a 38C and she had a full hipline. She also had nicely shaped legs and stood about 5ft. I was on my way to my room and as I passed the door to my Gran's room -- I heard a muffled sound. I wasn't sure what it was but thought I had better check that everything was alright with Gran. The door was slightly open, so I peeked in and what a sight I saw.

There was my Aunt and Gran on the bed, in a position I was to learn later on, was a 69 sexual position when one person is on top of the other one, head to toe. They were both sucking at each other's private parts. I got so excited just standing there watching them that I had to grab my dick from my shorts and stand there wanking off. As soon as I had finished, I crept away and went to my own room.

That experience gave me enough fuel to have a wank for the next couple of days. Just picturing them together made my prick stand up and beg for some satisfaction.

One night, I said goodnight to both Gran and my Aunt and went up to bed. I was just coming out of the bathroom, which was down the hall from my room, and my Gran bumped into me. I looked at her and realized that she only had a sheer nightie on, which I could see right through.

"I'm sorry, Gran." I said as I straightened up.

"That's OK sonny."

"Well, I better get to bed now Gran, Goodnight."

Gran eased her way around me and let me proceed to my room. I got into bed and was just pulling my prick from my shorts so that I could have another wank while thinking of Gran and Auntie the other day and the door to my bedroom opened and Gran put her head around the door and gave a gasp.

"My goodness, Ian, what have you got there baby. You look so big?"

"Oh, Gran, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to see me like this."

"That's alright Ian, you are not the first big boy I have seen."

"Can I come in for a few minutes, baby?"

"OK, Gran," I said as I quickly covered myself up with the sheet.

Gran came and sat on the side of the bed, and slid her hand onto my leg.

"So, my boy, what have you been getting up to in the last few days, while you have been visiting us?"

"Generally, just wandering around the town and reading in my room most of the time, Gran."

As she sat there speaking to me, Gran's hand gradually worked its way up and down my leg, and got closer to the apex of my legs where my cock was lying. It was a hard as a rock and I didn't know what I was going to do if by chance, it sprung up and hit her hand?

Gran leaned over my body and gently kissed me on the neck, and then bought her mouth up to my lips and kissed me, tonguing me at the same time.

Now, even though I was 18, I had not had much experience with girls. This was about as far as I had ever been with one. I had never seen a pair of boobs or a naked pussy, except in a magazine.

As she continued to kiss me, Gran boldly ran her hand under the sheet and gently rubbed my cock. As I said previously, it was already rock hard and I didn't know how long it would be before I spurted cum everywhere.

"Oh baby, you don't know how much I miss having a man's cock to play with. I miss your Grandpa so much."

"Well, Gran, you can play with mine anytime you like." I replied, and smiled at her.

She slid over on the bed a bit more and pulled off her nightie as she did so. I then got to see those beautiful 38C boobs of hers. There they were staring me in the face. I put my hand up and gently teased one and then the other. I pulled her to me and slowly suckled the tip of the boob into my mouth, and kept doing this from one side to the other for about 10 minutes.

We lay on the bed side by side, and I gently lowered my head onto her belly and down to her mound. She was partly shaven on her bush, just a little V pointing down to that precious part of her body that I was just going to explore. I sat between her legs and slowly examined every part of her beautiful pussy, the labial lips and the pee hole and the clit. I don't know how I knew but I just knew that I had to taste that wonderful part of paradise.

I slowly eased down between her legs, and started to lick up and down the upper thighs, gradually working my way upward to the labial lips. I sucked on them one side at a time for a few minutes until Gran started to writhe under me. I let my tongue do a little more exploring and it found the head of the clit. I lifted the hood of her clit and slowly sucked it into my mouth. What a wonderful taste. By this time, Gran was really going off her head with the sensations that I was causing her.

"Oh Ian, suck me darling, suck me, she cried. I am so close to cumming for you my baby."

I kept sucking that beautiful pussy until Gran just couldn't hold out any longer and came in one big gush, filling my mouth with her cum. I cleaned her up with my lips after drinking all her wonderful liquids.

"Now Gran, I am going to fuck you, would you like that?"

"Yes my darling, but I want to give you something first OK."

She proceeded to slide her body down mine and started to lick my rock had cock with her tongue. She then opened her mouth and gradually took the whole 7 inches into her throat. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. But, I could not take too much of it, as I was more that ready to blow my load. I tried to pull my cock out of her mouth but she wouldn't let me, and I went over the edge and blew my spunk down her throat. She swallowed it all and then cleaned my prick with her tongue.

"Oh Gran, that was so wonderful."

"I think so too, my darling, but I had better leave you and go to my own bed now. Sweet dreams, my baby. I love you."

"I love you too Gran."

There was more to come with Gran, but I will write a continuation. Also some fun and games with Auntie Fran.

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