tagMatureGrant and Mariah Ch. 02

Grant and Mariah Ch. 02

bySatin and Lace©

Mariah was noticing that Grant was sure looking around out of the car windows a lot. At one point he pointedly slouched down barely noticeable but he did slouch. Mariah suddenly slammed on the brakes throwing him forward.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Grant said shocked.

"What's the matter with you? I don't have to take you to my home tonight Grant." Mariah said sternly.

"What are you talking about?" Grant said calmer.

"You have almost slipped down onto the floor board. If I am misreading this please tell me. I see it as maybe you have second thoughts. We can turn around now! It's not to late, not for me to go back to dancing partners." Mariah said with her lips quivering.

Grant realized she was taking this all wrong. He reached for her she pulled away. Well, he deserved that he thought perhaps he should confess to her. All though her pulling away hurt his feelings.

"No, Mariah I need to explain. My step brother lives in this neighborhood. I come over sometimes. What is your address?" Grant asked.

" 10106 Apple Drive." Mariah said hesitantly.

"Oh Mariah my step brother lives at 10108 Apple Drive." Grant said.

Mariah thought of this and her mind went on a whirl wind of every thing that this meant. He is related to Todd her friendly neighbor. Their homes are situated that it would be a blind side getting into the garage. Then her home wrapped around leaving a beautiful stone patio so she could see his back of his home. Once inside they would be secluded but there went the sex outside. Her heart suddenly raced she was glad it was dark inside the car. Her thoughts raced to her seeing Todd naked at times. Sometimes at night she would sit outside. Todd seemed to not notice his shades weren't pulled tight and she was shown such an erotic show of a very well built man.

She accidentally crossed over the line seeing Todd getting ready for a night out. She was messing around the garden when she heard a bird. Looking up she saw Todd laying very still. Walking closer she could tell he was sleeping. Embarrassed she fell backwards over a shrub. When she landed she hurriedly covered her mouth not to wake Todd. Standing up slowly she took a chance he was laying on his back she was able to see this sensual, sexy cock semi hard. She never saw his face but that cock was so inviting she stood quietly looking at him. His hand moved touching himself he sort of grabbed his cock stroked once then his hand fell to his side.

She all but had an orgasm seeing him. She knew this was wrong but it felt so right. When Todd turned over she saw his broad chest, his thin hair line ending into a thick patch of soft brown hair. She could see he had droplets on the head. She licked her lips without noticing. Suddenly he coughed and got up onto his elbow. She slammed herself against his house, not wanting to get caught. Thinking to herself if she got away with this it would never happen again. Slowing inching she managed to escape.

Running around her house she couldn't quit seeing his hardened cock. The head was so noble, the ridge was majestic. Very thick, she felt flushed when she thought of that fat cock thrusting in her. Reminding herself she wouldn't do that again. She was breathless with sensual overload. She was a very oral lover. Especially reveling in the taste of the nectar she would suck and lick out of her lover.

"Earth to Mariah..." Grant was saying in a raised voice.

"Huh? Oh Grant I'm sorry I lost focus for a minute. What are we going to do?" Mariah looked at him for the answer.

Grant was feeling a little weak. Todd wasn't good at secrets. His lifestyle was so filled with beautiful women. Many beautiful women. Every single man envied Todd. Yet, he was a mans, man. Men liked him he was an all round stand up guy. Of all places Mariah was living feets from Todd.

"Grant I think tonight perhaps we should stop here. Let's think on this. We can figure this out. It's late I will take you back to your car." Mariah said with perfect sense.

Grant wanted this woman, she was so elusive. He felt her hot pussy on his thighs while he danced her around the floor. He was certain she was to be trusted. She was kind hearted. Level headed to a fault. He had talked to her for hours, he truly loved her quick wit. Her intelligence was a big turn on. She was older she knew what she wanted. She never played the games lovers play in their youth. He was able to confide everything knowing it would never be repeated. He knew everything about her, he felt.

"Perhaps we are off for tonight. The first time I want to remembered for the beauty of the moment. Not scandalous. Mariah I want you.' As he looked in her eyes he continued, 'I want all of you soon please." Grant sensually kissed Mariah and Mariah's resolve almost flew out the car window.

Then car lights scattered inside their car and they knew they had to get him away safe from there. He placed his arm around her. Kissing her face, smelling her long mane of hair. Seeing her breasts swelling, and seeing her nipples he became hard.

As they pulled up to his truck, Mariah looked into Grant's eyes. They were telling her everything without words. She knew they would explode, ignite flying into sub space. Mariah leaned into him she kissed him erotically, sensually, innocently.

Grant stepped out of the car. Leaned back into the car, wanting one more kiss. Then turned around walking towards his truck.

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