tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGrant the Photographer

Grant the Photographer


Grant snow was a professional photographer, he had become disillusioned with the world of glamour photography due to the constant prima donnas being sent to him for assignments. The professional models who he had to photograph were either so stuck up their own backsides or high on drugs he found it hard to motivate himself anymore. So he decided to go back to photographing normal people for a while. He found himself getting bored after only a few months of shooting fashion magazine work and 'arty' crap, so he decided to swallow his pride and contact a few of his old editors at the magazines he had worked for before. His luck was in, there was a project no one seemed to want to take on, it involved having to find new models, without any experience, but the photographer had to put a theme to the shots he would take. Grant accepted the job, then thought how the hell you went about getting new models, he had always had agencies send him just the right kinds of models in the past, but they were no good, he needed new meat. H e decided to put a few ads in newspapers, stating that no experience was needed, but left out that he needed them to strip nude, he thought that would put too many prospective models off.

Grant was amazed to find his answerphone and mailbox full of applications for the modelling job he had advertised, he sat down to weed out the pro's who were after this work, from the genuine fresh meat, the trade term for new models. He had decided to put a theme to this assignment of ' t v icons ' as well as the theme he been given of using a model of each hair colour. so he had to find models with each of the main hair colour so he chose with this in mind, he was having trouble with finding a girl with raven hair who wasn't either a por pretending to be new or underaged models who he couldn't use. He finally decided on a girl who said her mum had okay'd it for her to pose in lingerie or nude as long as she came along as well. Well the deadline was approaching and I had little choice, at least there would be no problem of abuse being levelled at him if her mum was there.

He met all the models over the next few days and finally settled on six models who he was convinced would do justice to this assignment. He was due to start shooting from Saturday so readied himself by organising more film and setting up the various studio sets he was hoping to use over the next few days. Grant was lucky as he had his studio at his home and didn't need to travel to a studio elsewhere, it gave him more freedom as he could offer to put up models who he needed to finish sets the next day if he had had problems. He expected to have problems with this bunch of fresh meat as they wouldn't be used to being instructed on how to pose, he wasn't sure how each would react to stripping for him either, but the project needed them to. For the first time in years he was nervous of doing a shoot, he liked this feeling though, it kept him fresh and on edge, he shot all his best work when he felt like this.

The first girl to arrive for the shoot was Kelly, she was blonde, nineteen, 34band 5'7ins tall. She was a student, and as all students needed some money to supplement her loan. She had made an effort, coming all the way up to the midlands from Oxford, that was encouraging. I had decided to do a 'Britney Spears' theme for Kelly, her long blonde hair would look cute in pigtails, and her lovely firm young body would be able to fill the schoolgirl outfit nicely. I decided to drop my bombshell, 'You do realise this shoot requires nudity dont you?', she said that she did, although I never mentioned it, I said I thought I had, I had become an accomplished liar, all this time spent in the glamour business did that to you.

She didn't seem to put off by this so I proceeded to lead her to the dressing room next to my studio, I showed her the school outfit I had set out for her and told her to choose the underwear she wanted to wear from the drawer next to it. I returned to the studio telling her to come through when she had changed. Kelly came into the studio after a few minutes, she looked every inch a schoolgirl, I handed her a couple of hairbands, well I cant remember everything, and sent her bag to put her hair into pigtails. When she finally returned I was overcome, she looked fantastic, I set about trying to make her feel comfortable by taking pictures from all angles while she kept fully dressed. When he had finished the first roll of film he offered Kelly another glass of wine, ' How are you feeling Kelly?', 'I'm enjoying it, I thought I'd be real nervous, but I'm not', great I thought,' How would you feel about getting on with the more revealing shots from now?', 'Yeah, fine, you'll have to tell me how to do those though, I've never stripped before', I told her not to worry, just take it at her own pace, and she'd do fine.

Kelly undone the first couple of buttons on her shirt, letting her white virginal bra come into view, 'Lovely, lovely!', I said, I shot a couple of pics of her opening shirt and her bra, more and more came into view as Kelly undone the last of her buttons, pulling her shirt out of her skirt, dropping it off her shoulders, she seemed to be getting into this now. I shot some more of her bra before instructing her to drop her skirt, she had chosen a pair of white panties, they were very brief, you could see wisps of her pubic hair escaping round the elastic, I was enjoying this, a lump coming into my throat, as well as somewhere else. Kelly asked me if she should take off her bra, I said yes, she dropped it off her shoulders and went behind for the catch, all the time I was shooting away, trying to capture her from every angle, as her bra dropped I couldn't help but stare, her tits were wonderful, firm, round, topped by the most erect nipples I had seen in a while, was she getting turned on, it wasn't cold in the studio.

Kelly spoke and I awoke from my daze, 'What about the knickers?', 'No keep them on for a minute, bend over and touch your toes please'. She did as instructed and I focused on the swell of her butt as she stretched her calves to touch her toes. I couldn't help but get in close to shoot nearer than I really needed, but she didn't seem to mind, wiggling her butt slowly as my camera clicked and flashed only inches from her pantied behind. I told her to keep bent over while I shoot some pics of her tits hanging down, swaying as she continued to shimmy. Then I told her that it was now time for her knickers to come off, she didn't hesitate and had dropped them almost before I had finished my sentence. Her pussy was lightly haired and not at all trimmed, it covered her pussy, just allowing a brief glimpse of her lips as she turned and posed, 'Do you mind if I get some close-ups of your pussy?'

I asked, 'No, go ahead' she said, I crouched between her legs, my camera going mad as I reeled off pictures of her pussy, adjusting her legs slightly with my hand, she didn't object, I got more bold, caressing her thigh as I pushed her legs further apart. 'Can you hold your legs up for me Kelly?' I asked, she didn't answer, just pulled them higher and up from her self, allowing her pussy lips to part slightly, I knew I had to touch her again, but how without making it too obvious, I knew how, 'Kelly, how do you feel about having your pubic hair trimmed a little?' 'I don't know, I've never done it, can you help me?', could I help her, too bloody right I could.

I took Kelly to the bathroom and got her to sit on a towel, on the edge of the bath, I lathered up my brush and applied some shaving cream to her hairy pussy, I used my razor to trim the hair around her pussy, taking hold of her lips to trim around them as well, I noticed she was breathing harder the more I touched her lips, I couldn't resist sliding a finger just inside her, on the pretence of making sure I didn't cut her lips. I finished the job by wiping the excess cream from her pussy, allowing a gentle rubbing of her now wet lips, before returning her to the studio. Kelly went straight back into her open leg poses before I could even ask, she spread the lips of her pussy while running a finger through her newly trimmed hair,' It looks nice' she commented, I agreed, it looked good enough to eat, I didn't dare find out though, at least not at this session, or so I thought.

Kelly began to rub herself as I kept shooting, Slowly running her fingers through the moist folds of her pussy lips, inching a finger inside, dipping into her juices, rubbing them over her clitty, moaning. She beckoned me over, I went, almost mesmerized by her exhibition, she pulled my head down to her pussy and wrapped her legs round my head, I had no choice but to chow down, not that I would have refused anyway. I ate her for a long time before she gripped me tightly and came over my tongue. She relaxed and let go her grip on me, pulling my head to hers, licking off her own juices from my mouth, I kissed her deeply, letting her swallow all her own juices. The pictures that I'd shot before were some of the best I'd done for ages, Kelly surprised me by asking if she could come back another day for some more naughtier pictures, I couldn't wait.

The second girl I'd arranged to shoot was a very posh brown haired girl called Annabel, she said she wanted to do the shoot to 'stick two fingers up' to her prudish parents, her words, not mine. She was only eighteen, with 35b titties, and 5'9ins in height. I was looking forward to this girl, not only because what had happened with Kelly, but girls who were raised posh had a reputation for being much naughtier than less well off girls. I could think of many posh girls in the glamour business that I had shot, all had been very horny girls, quite willing to do naughtier poses, I seemed to be some kind of rebellion to their staid upbringing, like telling a child he can't have something, it only makes them want it more. Well that was my theory anyway.

Annabel oozed confidence as she sashayed into my studio, she imediately planted a kiss on my cheek, asking what we were gonna shoot, and what she was to wear, well I like an eager girl. I showed her the dressing room, I'd chosen a 'Baywatch' theme for this shoot, you didn't think I'd miss that theme out did you?..lol..

But I chose a twist, rather than the obvious pammie type model, I'd chosen to use a more Alexandra Paul type, Annabel's smaller tits and tall frame would be ideal. I'd deliberately chosen a very brief swimsuit, yes a red one, and asked if she'd trimmed her hair as I'd asked, she had so I left her to change and left for the studio. Annabel came into the studio and looked every inch a lifesaver, well I wouldn't struggle in her arms. She dropped the towel she was wrapped in before asking what kind of poses I was looking for, I told her I'd like her to go as far as she felt comfortable with, she nodded and said fine, she do whatever I needed for the shots. I guided Annabel through some fairly tame shots, all the time noticing how the cut of the swimsuit accentuated her curves, the crotch barely covered her pussy as it was very thin, I took advantage of this and took several from behind as she bent forwards.

Annabel askedif she could use the bathroom , I said yes as I needed to change films anyway. When she came back I decided to ask her to show a little more, she had no objections, so I had her drop the shoulder straps of the suit off, letting me glimpse her pert little titties and their rather large dark points, I asked her to pull on her nipples to get them erect, she did as instructed and her nipples came out after only a few pulls. I asked her to drop the suit completely off and took pictures from the back as she bent and allowed it to fall to her knees, and finally bent as she slipped it from her ankles.

I got Annabel to pose in several less revealing poses firstly, just to get her used to being completely naked, not that the swimsuit had hidden much, as she got more comfortable I asked her to open her legs, showing her nicely trimmed pussy, her lips were large and protruded from her pussy, clinging together, I asked her to open them, showing me right inside her gaping hole, she appeared to be lubricating nicely, I asked her to pull it wider, she never hesitated at any of my instructions, so I had her pull it right open, lifting her legs wide in the air, I asked if she would rub some oil into her pussy to make it look wetter, she asked if I wanted to do it so I went over to her with the baby oil, I lubed up the palm and fingers of my hand and massaged it in, all round her pussy, around her lips, and round her clitty, letting my fingers rub over it several times, i let a finger slip between her petals, asking her to open her lips, pushing a finger in right up to the second knuckle, twisting it round, fingering heropenly, she twisted her hips as I did this, so I carried on, slipping a second finger inside, opening her more and twisting faster, her breathing got shallower as she grabbed my hand and forced it harder against her dripping lips.

I bent forward, letting my tongue run over her clitty, she groaned, asking me to lick it harder, I buried my tongue right up her pussy as she ground her hips above me. It onlt took her a few minutes to orgasm and she wailed as it hit her. She said she needed that, before pushing me back and pulling down my tracksiut bottoms and prsing my cock from my boxers. It was erect and begging for her mouth, she sucked straight down to the root, slurping round and round the head. It didn't take me long to come, what with the show she had put on and her tongue swirling round my head, I told her I was coming, she lifted off her mouth and directed my cock to come over her nipples, I exploded over her hard nipples, splashing some back on my belly, she licked it from my belly and rubbed the rest into her titties. 'Hmm, that was godd, do you need any more from me today?', she asked, 'Errmmm......no I don't think so' I said, She told me to give her a call if I needed any more and slipped off to the changing room, she emerged shortly after, fully dressed, and dissapeared out the door, blowing a kiss as she did so.

I had my doubts about the third girl, she said she was married, I thought it was a strange thing to be doing, but she sounded cute, and her piccy she sent, along with her details were enough to book her. Danielle was a brunette,aged twenty-one, 34b tits, 5'6ins, and looked cute as a button. I had decided on a Lara Croft setting for her and asked her to put on the clothes I'd set out, and to put her long hair into a ponytail. I couldn't help but be curious as to why she was doing this, she was married, did her husband know. Yes he did know, she told him last night, he had told her that if she did it he would throw her out, she didnt like him telling her what she could and couldn't do so came anyway.

If he didn't like it, tough, it was her body, and he was never around and never complimented her on her body, or anything. I decided to compliment her at every opportunity possible to see just how far she would go to prove she was in charge. We started with the usual nice, soft poses, gradually working up to where I was going to ask her if she would strip, when she announced, 'Don't you want to see my body then?, am I not sexy enough?', I stammered a yes, telling her I didn't want to take advantage of her bust up with her fella, and thought I'd tale my time. She just dropped everything she was wearing, there and then, she looked amazing, I got an erection straight away, a fact that wasn't lost on her as she stared at my groin, while going through a series of ever more revealing poses. I had to adjust myself, she spotted me and told me to take it out if it was that uncomfortable, I told her it wasn't the done thing, but she said she would stop and get dressed now if I didn't get my cock out, yes she said cock. I dropped my trousers and boxers, stood there in just a t shirt and my socks.

She got on all fours, facing away from me and touched herself, rubbing right from her clitty to her asshole, getting more vigourous with each rub. My knob was throbbing as I watched this seemingly demure housewife bringing her self off in front of my camera. She turned over and spread her legs wide, exposing the open petals of her pussy, and started talking dirty,' I bet you'd love to stcik your tongue in here, wouldn't you, I bet you'd love to shove your cock up my twat and fuck me till you spunk as well, wouldn't you?', she panted, I stammered once more, 'Fuck yes!', I said, 'Well put down that fucking camera an come do it then you bastard!' she moaned, as she thrust half her hand up her dripping pussy. I virually threw down the camera, diving down for her sweet tasting pussy, dipping my tongue in, making her clamp her legs around my head. I must have been licking her for ages when she finally gripped my head in a vice like grip, thrashing about and coming all over my tongue, plastering my face in her cream. She pushed me back and mounted me, stuffing my cock inside her weell lubed pussy, she bore down on me as I thrust up to meet her pounding.

It didn't take me long before I was filling her pussy with my cream, I came and came, almost wailing myself, as she came again, flopping down on my stomach as she came down from her climax. We lay there for a while before she said ' Please dont tell my old man about this', I didn't intend to. I massaged her pert little titties as she lay alongside me, rubbing my knob back into life, Danielle went down on my awakening knob, and licked it till it was hard again, she got into the doggy position and begged me to fuck her hard, I couldn't refuse, Ill never know why her husband didn't compliment her, she had a great body, her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock as I fucked her, and she said she could cook, what more does a guy want in a wife. I came after bringing her to one more orgasm, spilling the contents of my aching ballsack into her drowning pussy. I never did see her again, I suspect she left her old man for a guy who appreciated her, you couldn't blame her.

The forth and fifth girls to visit my studio were not much to speak about, as nothing happened, other than gettin some real nice pictures. I had a girl called Terri, redhead, 20, 36d tits, she was a good poser, had a fit body but went through the session as if it was nothing special to be dressed as Geri Halliwell, before dropping her dress and revealing a shaven snatch along with hw=er huge tits. She was good but nonne of my charm worked. Heather was a real Naomi Campbell lookalike, in fact I chose that as the theme, except she had dreadlocks, and 36b tits, slightly bigger than Naomi's. She agian had a nice body, but seemed concientious while she was naked, it took me all my coaxing skills to even get to touch her as I got her into some awkward poses, I decided not to push her and just took some nice pictures.

The sixth girl was the best of the lot. I thought it might be a washout as she would be accompanied by her mother, I was surprised to find that it was her step-mother, in fact she was only a few years older than Clare herself, her step mum was called Rachel, I liked them both immediately and we chatted for ages, Rachel assuring me that what ever was needed for the shoot was okay with her, as long as Clare agreed to it. I decided to front up with them and told them what was needed in the way of nudity and some spread shots, if Clare was okay with that. Clare said the nudity was okay, as long as it was tastefull, but she wasn't sure yet about the spread shots. I told her not to worry, we'd broach that subject when we got to it. Let me describe Clare to you.

She had long raven hair, right down her back, had 34c tits, they looked larger on her small frame as she was only 5ft 5ins tall. Clare was only seventeen, hence Rachel's presence, I couldn't afford any lawsuits from people suggesting I'd taken advantage of her because of her age. I had originally planned a 'kylie' scene for Clare but I had a sudden change of heart when I met her and decided to do a 'supermodel' theme for her, after all supermodels are known for getting their kit off for arts sake. As I first said, I thought Rachel might get in the way, but quite the opposite, she actively encouraged Clare throughout the shoot, telling her to pose more sexily, showing her some positions, it transpired that Rachel had done some modelling herself in the past. She was great, suggesting some great poses, before coming over to me with the best suggestion I had heard in years.

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