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Grateful Wife & Sis In Law


I got the call around 7:30, my Jenn was completely hysterical. Her kid sister Anne had called and she'd sounded terrible, begging her for help. Jenn said she'd sounded all woozy, rambling over & over that she was at this big grey house over on Fairmount with some guys and she thought they'd slipped her something. Then the call disconnected abruptly, and no matter how often Jenn tried she couldn't get Anne back.

Anne is my wife's younger sister, she'd only turned 19 a few weeks ago. We'd tried to watch out for her ever since we buried Jenn's parents about a year back year, eventually setting her up at a nearby college.

Jenn's call played over & over in my head as I raced across town to Fairmount. My blood was starting to boil. I screamed down the street, scouring for any sight of her car. I finally spotted it in a driveway of an old grey house. Jenn called me as I pounded on the door. I told her where I was and made her promise to call 911 in 5 minutes if she hadn't heard back from me & then hung up. I could hear people inside but no one was answering my pounding. I hit Anne's speed dial and it rang and rang, I thought I heard faint hints of it ringing inside, maybe-

I stood there for maybe 2 seconds debating and then I grabbed the big flowerpot on the porch & smashed my way through the front door. As I raced inside I spotted two young guys in their boxers running up the stairs. I followed yelling Anne's name.

They ducked into a room and I crashed into a surprisingly sturdy bedroom door as they tried to close it. The one behind the door got pummeled and flew back into the wall while the other grabbed a baseball bat. Behind him I saw Anne- laying stark naked on the bed and babbling incoherently. I charged the guy with the bat and took a vicious hit to the arm before crashing into him and driving my shoulder into his chest. He rose slowly, swinging the bat, and grinning wildly. I feinted left and after he swung I threw all my weight into his right knee which snapped loudly and sent him sprawling in agony.

Then suddenly I crashed into the floor hit me from behind from the other guy. I fell onto bat boy and went for the bat, he held on tight right up to the moment I drove my knee into his nuts with all my weight. Lifting his bat I turned to see his partner charging. Somehow I managed to sidestep the direct blow and took another excruciating hit to my left arm, then I clocked him as hard as I could in the back with the bat. When he started to rise I kicked him and heard a gratifying squeal as I broke some of his ribs.

Gasping for breath against a dresser I heard Anne blubbering and crying so I went to check on her. She was pleading incoherently for help. I wrapped her tightly in the bed spread and threw her over my good shoulder and made for the pick up. I heard the first sirens as we tore ass for the hospital.

While the nurses pulled Anne from the jeep I'd parked on their sidewalk, I stopped & called my wife. The cops arrived just about when the doctors were wheeling me in for an X-ray.

The police had dragged 2 pricks to the same hospital. Apparently I'd shattered bat boys knee but good, and ruptured one of his balls. His buddy had fared no better with internal bleeding, a broken nose, and several broken ribs.

The shit was in the fan for weeks. I had to spend 3 days in the hospital recovering from surgery to reset my arm.

I spent a lot of time talking to the cops and giving a formal statement those first 2 days. I had to hire a lawyer, who eventually told me that the police had found videos at the house of 3 other women that pricks had drugged and raped. We were shocked to find that one of the pricks turned out to be the grandson of Eldridge Cooland. The Cooland family was wealthy & quite well known in the area. They owned the huge 'Sunny Farms' dairy, whose longtime motto 'goodness from our table to your table' started making me cringe.

The only good thing to come out of the whole shitstorm came after this sleazy lawyer for the Coolands visited me at my hospital bed and cryptically threatened me with years of very expensive lawsuits if I spoke to the press about the Cooland boys involvement. Thankfully I got a nice recording of the whole conversation on my iPhone which my lawyer then used to turn the tables on the Coolands. In the end we got a huge settlement from them that covered all of our medical expenses and fattened up our bank accounts nicely.

I did manage to avoid speaking with the press vultures. Two of my more inventive buddies kept them at bay by installing a very 'robust' sprinkler system at our home, triggered by motion detectors it totally doused each and every reporter stupid enough to make a go for our front door.

The two pricks quickly pled guilty and the whole mess began to die away.

It took me a while to recover, but it took Anne even longer. I was totally beat up. I spent weeks in a cast and a then several more at rehab. But poor Annie was emotionally shattered by it all. With the help of another friend and a great contractor we immediately gutted my home office and moved Anne in. The school even graciously agreed put her tuition on hold and gave her a semester off.

My Jenn's wonderful caregiver nature bloomed and she took loving care of her two patients. I was her hero for life for saving her kid sister & the wonderful look in her eyes alone was worth every bit of the pain. The first night I was home she helped me into bed and then gave my broken body the sweetest blowjob in history. My wife gently sucked me off each night that first week. We'd always had a good sex life, but now... wow! After a week at home I went back to work. My desk was swamped but everyone jumped to help, and I was so grateful.

Slowly things settled back to normal for me. It took Anne a while more, but eventually she began cracking an occasional smile again. The two of us started to become quite close. When she first moved in she slept very poorly at night. She got most of her sleep that first week curled up next to me as I laid on the couch in my cast. I held her and comforted her, and after a while she finally started talking about it.

Jenn kept out of sight when the two of us first started talking. Initially every time we talked Anne ended up in tears. But with time and Jenn's help she began to work through it.

By night things never got back to normal, Jenn and I fucked like we'd never done before. She told me that it was her plan to personally make up for all the pain and damage my body had incurred while rescuing her sister, with all the sex I could ever want! We were having a blast.

By the end of spring we'd all settled into a comfortable existence. Jenn took Anne out for some new clothes, and she'd also gotten a whole new look with a short haircut. I was healed and enjoying the heck out of my very grateful and very frisky wife, and Jenn could not have been happier.

Our cape is a small house and we were all crammed together a bit, so every once in a while our rejuvenated sex life spilled out in front of Anne. Once when Jenn and I were fooling around in the bathroom I spotted Anne watching us. Once I started looking, I started noticed her watching a few more times. Then Anne started leaving the bathroom door open when she showered and we bumped into each other naked more than once.

Anne was a hot little 19 year old coed, with the perfect little 5'2" body. I'd never forgotten the sight of her naked body on that bed. Seeing her in her underwear and naked around the house was very pleasing- but it was an awfully big temptation.

One night, as Jenn and I lay naked in bed gasping for air after she'd ridden my pole to oblivion, we talked about it. I told Jenn about seing Anne watching us and her 'comfortable' dress etc. Jenn laughed. "I know, she's become a bit jealous of me... she's in love with you- you know." I stared back in surprise. "Jeez Paul really," she gasped in exasperation, - "you're the knight in shining armor that came to her rescue. You heroically saved her from being raped by those 2 pricks, and you got seriously hurt doing it. What did you expect from her, every woman in the same position would throw herself at her hero."

"Oh boy!" I gasped and sat back.

"I'm a little bit more in love with you for what you did too," she tittered as she took my deflated dick into her mouth and gave me another of her great blowjobs all while staring into my eyes.

And that's how I came to live with two beautiful women- my wife and my sister-in-law. One who fucked me at every opportunity, and the other who teased me at every opportunity.

Every Saturday morning, while Jenn was off volunteering, Anne would come downstairs barely dressed, kiss me good morning, and then sit down for breakfast. I quickly got to know all of her underwear and nightgowns. At night she usually wore just a t-shirt over panties when we sat at the TV. She became a constant source of wood, wood that my wife gladly serviced at the drop of a hat.

My birthday is August 7th, and on the first Jenn started making plans. She and Anne kept joking that they were going to do it up real big for their hero. I laughed. On Friday night after the three of us had enjoyed a movie Jenn and I called it a night and closed our door for some ribald sex. As I marveled at my wife's sweet body Anne slapped the door and laughingly begged us to be quieter.

The next morning Anne came downstairs in her underwear, kissed me and sat down. Then she started, "Paul how come you never touch me? You can, I want you to...

"Anne, I'm married to your sister. Be serious!

"If Jenn agreed would you?

I stared, "yes, probably."

"Probably? she pondered semi insulted.

"Ok yes,

She stood smiled and spun and left me sitting there with another hard on. SHIT!

I called Jenn and we met for lunch and we had a serious talk. "We really need to resolve this. I've kept it in my pants so far, but I'm only human Jenn. Christ she's a 19 year old version of you- Jeez!! And she literally begs me for it. I'm going to break down sooner or later.

Jenn sighed, it was a conversation we'd had before. And we went around and around about it again. I loved my wife, but Anne was making me nuts.

That night Anne braced Jenn, she wanted her ok to sleep with me. And she wanted it to be my birthday present. Jenn and I talked about it all night.

By the time we fell asleep, I'd sworn that it was totally up to her, and that I'd always love her and be faithful to her whether she said yes or no. She knew Anne got me hard, she'd blown me dozens of times to release the heads of steam her baby sister had built up. And she also knew that I'd never touch her otherwise.

"Do you want to? she asked.

"Of course I do on some level, she's very hot and she's a 19 year old version of you- Jeez!!

"Then lets go have breakfast and talk- the 3 of us.

We were at the table when Annie came down in a sheer wifebeater and skimpy panties. Wow. We got our kisses and then she sat and sipped her coffee.

Jenn started, "Annie, we've been talking about Paul's birthday, and your present." Anne sat up quickly and smiled. "Tell me how you see this present."

"I uhm," she considered her words carefully as her big opportunity presented itself, "I want to take you to my bed and fuck you over and over all day long."

My dick was rock hard under the table.

"And afterwards?" Jenn added. Anne scrunched her face not sure what Jenn meant.

"That's up to you sis. Whatever you say...

I waited. Anne waited. Jenn sipped her coffee and looked back and forth. "Jeez! You've really earned a special gift haven't you... But- Annie you have to convince me that you understand that Paul is my husband and that is not going to change."

"Of course it's not going to change. It's clear to everyone how much you two love each other. And I'd never do anything to hurt either of you. But I kinda love him too- you know." she noted softly. "Please!"

"Ok, on his birthday Paul will be free to sleep with you." Annie jumped up and kissed her and then kissed me.

"Thank you, thank you!

We ate breakfast and then I grabbed Jenn and pulled her upstairs to fix the raging hard on in my pants. Annie joked, "hey- save some for me sis, his birthday is only 2 days away."

I arranged a personal day at work for my birthday.

On Tuesday morning Jenn woke me standing by our bed with Annie standing before her naked with a little red bow on her left breast. "Happy birthday lover..." Annie giggled and crawled up the bed as Jenn smiled and left the room.

Annie crawled up the bed pulled back the covers and kissed me. My hands pulled her to me as our tongues hungrily ravaged each other. She tasted sweet and giggled as she pulled away. My hands roamed her back and pulled her back to me. We kissed again as I groped her ass marveling at the soft curves. Annie moaned loudly as my fingers found her wet pussy.

Her hands went right for my hard cock and guided it home. She was wet and tight and I readily slipped inside my sister in laws hot pussy. She settled down on my hips grinding to get everything inside her and then whispered gently, "I went on the pill the other morning. I'm protected, you can cum wherever you want... here...," she teased slipping her hand between her legs, "or up here," she mouthed with a big smile as she pointed to her open mouth and traced her lips.

I groped her firm breasts as she slowly ground herself on top of me. We went slow and I caressed and explored all the curves and hollows of her soft body as she stared deeply into my eyes and pleasured me with her tight pussy. Annie came with a whimper, her nails digging into my chest as her throes took her.

I held out for as long as any man could ever hope to and then grabbing her tight ass I jammed her hard and came in buckets.

Annie moaned quietly, and then gently laid herself across my chest. I could hear her crying and softly whispering my name. I held her, alternately hugging her tightly and softly tracing her lower back with my fingers. We laid together for quite a while before she rose up and scuttled off to the bathroom with my tee shirt jammed between her legs.

I pulled on a loose pair of sweats and mosied on down to the kitchen where Jenn had been cooking a big breakfast. I hugged and kissed my lovely wife, "happy birthday big guy," she beamed and held me. "So how's big Willy this morning?" We laughed and she gave me her present, which turned out to be an iPad- very nice!

Annie strolled in with wearing a huge grin & a tee shirt- just a tee shirt from what I could see. She kissed Jenn and I and plopped down in her seat announcing, "I'm famished!" We all stared and then burst out laughing.

We all ate french toast and bacon and drank lots of tea. While cleaning up Jenn announced plans to do some shopping, and with a wink she left us alone.

Annie slipped onto my chair straddling my legs and kissed me. "Paul," she whispered as she softly caressed my face, "...I want... I want you inside me all day long." Her lips grazed mine as she teased me. The reaching down she whooshed off her tee and smiled as my face registered the sight of her hot body, "I like that look, when you look at me like that..."

"That's the look of lust my dear..." I teased back and carried her back to the bedroom giggling. I spent the whole day in bed with my nubile little sister in law, all in all a rather nice way to celebrate ones 32nd birthday. Jenn returned around 5 and woke us laughing at the sweaty jumble of flesh that lay across the bed.

We showered and enjoyed some big juicy steaks on the grill. Later that night my wife and I made love softly and quietly, and it was by far the best sex of my day.

Annie and Jenn came to a reckoning later that week. On each of our birthdays, mine and Annies, we would be free to play, provided we both still wanted to. Annie's birthday was in January so that meant a day every 5 or 6 months. Annie was pleased, and Jenn looked happy too. For years Annie would go around & mark the dates on every calendar in our home.

With our newly restructured relationship clearly defined, Annie got even more comfortable with strolling around our house half naked or wholly naked, eventually Jenn took to doing the same and I enjoyed the hell out of it all. Jenn and I continued to enjoy a vibrant sex life, as she worked to make up for my pain and reward her valiant knight each and every day.

A few weeks later Annie returned to her classes, and she worked hard with a new found determination. Jenn and I were both pleased to see the sparkle starting to return in her eyes. Annie made a few new girlfriends and dated a few boys sporadically. My arm mostly recovered, although I'd never pitch those 90 mph fastballs again (like - I ever had).

Birthdays became a very special affair in our home. So for Jenn's 30th that April I took her to Rome and Venice. We we were all happy. We had a nice pile of cash in the bank, Annie began talking with Jenn more, recovering nicely from her assault, we had great birthdays, and on occasion Jenn would invite her kid sister to join us for a special evening.

Ahhh the life of a valiant knight....

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