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Mark answered the door. On the other side stood a tall young man in a courier's uniform, carrying an electronic clipboard and a bulging padded manila envelope. Mark ushered him into the apartment.

"My office is over here," he said, escorting the young man through a very modern parlor to a stark wooden door, and through that to a wide, well lit room with file cabinets and sideboards surrounding a large flat desk with a computer and stacks of papers wedged in beside a phone. Squat, free-form glass bowls held various small items like paper clips and rubber bands.

Mark, a youngish-looking 33, took the envelope and quickly read the address label, although he already knew who had sent it, and he signed the young man's clip board with the attached laser pencil. His eyes tweaked and he grinned secretly.

"My wife handles gratuities," he said. "Do you have a moment?"

The young man, a healthy twenty-year-old college student working for his tuition, and whose shirt pronounced him to be named "Teddy", nodded. Mark turned toward yet another door that led to an inner room and called, "Karen?" very gently, and he opened the end of the envelope with a pocket knife while he waited.

The interior door opened shortly and Karen walked in. She was the same age as her husband, tall, lithe, dressed in a casual top and khaki slacks. Her feet were bare and her long dirty-blonde hair fell in wild cascades around her pretty face.

"Would you care to tip the young man?" Mark asked, and he stepped aside, pretending to pay attention to the envelope's contents but really watching for Teddy's reaction to what would come next.

Karen, not losing a beat, walked across the office and shed and abandoned her shirt, revealing large unfettered breasts that swayed hypnotically with her steps. She stopped before the desk and grabbed a rubber band from one of the glass bowls and with it quickly tied back her hair. Standing now before the slack-jawed Teddy, she descended to her knees in front of him, opened the zipper of his pants, and reached in to pull out his cock, which was already on its way to a mighty erection. She licked her lips once to wet them, and then engulfed him.

Mark squatted down beside her. He had abandoned the envelope and grabbed a digital camera from a handy drawer. He smiled up at Teddy, who looked both thrilled and horrified at the same time.

"For our collection," Mark explained simply, and he focused in on the action and snapped two quick pictures, studied them in the small LCD screen on the camera back, and then took a third, not sure if either of the first captured the act properly.

Karen's mouth worked Teddy's cock feverishly, her tongue wrapping about the swollen head as her lips pumped the shaft. Twice Teddy lost his balance and had to grab the top of her head to keep from falling backwards. This contact seemed to only encourage her more, and she attacked him almost angrily. When she felt him getting ready to come, she pulled him from her mouth and finished him with her slender hand, letting him spray all over her face and breasts.

When he was dry she let him go and stood, and grabbed a wad of paper tissues from a box on the sideboard to clean up. Teddy put himself back together, and stared wide-eyed at Mark. Not completely sure what had just happened.

"It's a custom of ours," Mark explained, and he tapped a few keys on the computer and then swung the large, flat monitor around, showing Teddy an array of pictures, every one of them a close-up of Karen sucking on a variety of different cocks. The pictures spanned some time; in the first few her hair was cut very short, and in one of those she wore glasses.

Teddy was understandably speechless.

"Would you care to know how this custom began?" Mark asked him. "It's a cute story, actually." Mark took Teddy's inability to either agree or decline as acquiescence. "Care to tell him the story?" he asked his wife.

Karen dropped her used tissues in the waste basket and bent to collect her shirt. "You tell it so much better than I," she said. Teddy thought her voice sounded as silky as her tongue had felt, and inside his pants his cock stirred at the sound of her.

Mark held out his overstuffed office chair for Teddy, who sat hesitantly. Mark rested on the edge of his desk and began to relate the story.

"We were only married for a few months," he started, "and were on vacation upstate, in a small rented cabin in the woods. It was the last day of our stay, and the weather had turned miserable. A cold heavy rain fell, driven by gusty winds. About eight o'clock that night we were bored and hungry but neither wanted to go out in the storm. I found a phone book and after making a few calls found a pizza parlor in a nearby town that would deliver to us, all the way up in the pine woods.

"I remember telling my wife that it would be there in forty-five minutes, and saying to her, "You have the money, right?" because she always handled our cash for us. Still does. I'm a wiz with words but frightfully poor with numbers. Anyway, she tells me that she's broke, and now we start a mad scramble through our things to come up with the money for the pizza. We found just enough to cover the pie itself, but Karen here laments that we've nothing to give the delivery man as a tip.

"Now, you have to understand, that marriage is not just a piece of paper or a few words spoken before a magistrate, it is a state of mind, and we hadn't been together long enough yet to have entered that "married" state, so we were still somewhat playful and nasty, I suppose, and Karen has always had this predilection for oral sex."

Teddy looked at Karen, who, dressed again, leaned against the sideboard and listened. She met his gaze with a flat look because, of course, Teddy already had experienced her partiality so there was no need for her to support her husband's assessment. Mark misinterpreted his wife's look as one of quiet challenge.

"Well, you do, dear," he said, instantly defensive. "You've gone down on me in darkened theaters despite the crowds, in the car in broad daylight while I drive, and remember that time at the Garden Center, back in amongst the flowering shrubs?" He directed his talk to Teddy again. "She suddenly pulls me into the rhododendrons and descends on me the way she did you a moment ago, with customers not ten yards away."

Karen smiled, apparently quite pleased with her reputation.

"Anyway, knowing how much she likes it that way, I said to her, "If you're so concerned about the poor delivery boy then why not blow him for a tip?" I'm not sure if I worded it so crudely at the time..."

"You did," Karen interjected.

Mark shrugged. "Well," he said, "I've become so much more refined in the few short years. Anyway, the look on her face was fantastic. She was absolutely incredulous. "You want me to blow another man?" she asked, and of course I said, "Yes." "And what will you do in the meantime?" she asked me, "Stand around and take notes?"

"I reached in one of the suitcases we had been packing for our morning departure and pulled out a camera. "To preserve the moment for posterity," I told her."

Mark began to laugh. Karen seemed only slightly less amused.

"Of course, she thought it a joke," Mark went on. "And I think I did too, at first, but since she was so adamant that I would never allow such a thing to happen I became more insistent that it did. "The fact that you're arguing the matter tells me that you want to," I told her. Which was true, wasn't it, dear? You wanted to do it, didn't you, and have me watch."

Karen said nothing.

"Well, take my word for it," Mark continued. "She wanted to; she only wanted to be talked into it. Not that my wife is a loose woman, you understand, but we'd only been married a few months at the time and we'd only known each other a little over a year altogether, so she was still remembering her other lovers and comparing me to them, I suppose, and I'm sure she wished sometimes she could have one or two of them back. You know, monogamy is the murder of relationships, Teddy, if you don't mind my being so familiar? Man -- and woman for that matter -- was not designed for exclusivity, mentally, emotionally, and most of all physically. Familiarity may not necessarily breed contempt but it does produce a deadly ennui. Variety truly is the spice of life, and I knew that even then, so having my wife have sex with another man, and in my presence, was only going to enhance our passion, not torpedo it. She knew it, too, she just refused to admit it at the time."

From the sideboard, Karen told him, "You're rambling."

Mark re-gathered his thoughts and continued.

"So, we bantered back and forth about it for a while, and she finally said, "Fine, if that's what you want." She stripped all her clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed naked, waiting for the pizza to arrive, which I thought was slight overkill, I mean, I hadn't asked her to fuck him. Anyway, I couldn't help but play with her some more. "What if he's ugly?" I asked. "I don't intend to kiss him," she said. "Just suck his cock." Touché. "What if it's a girl?" I asked. I remember her staring at me and grinning, and she said something like, "Then I guess I get to walk on the wild side." Which wasn't bad enough, but she then adds as an aside I wasn't supposed to hear; "Wouldn't be the first time." Well, I was astonished! My dear new bride, a switch hitter?"

Mark began to laugh again and he crossed the room and held Karen, and he kissed her. The flavor of Teddy's cock lingered on her lips.

"Always full of surprises," he said, pulling away again. "The secret of eternal youth."

He went back to his place at the desk.

"So, anyway, I see gooseflesh rising on her arms and I grabbed her robe from the bathroom and draped it over her shoulders. Her hair was very short then. I recall still being able to see her perfect white neck even with the robe on. I was kissing the back of that neck when we heard a car pull up. "Ready?" I asked her. She didn't say a word. I went to the door and opened it just as the delivery boy was preparing to knock.

"He was at first no more than a very soggy shadow, covered in a gray plastic poncho with the hood pulled down hiding his face. He could have been a woman, for all we knew just then, or the Hunchback of Notre Dame, for that matter. I bade him come in and closed the door, keeping the wind and rain outside where it belonged, and took the soggy pizza box from him and placed it on the bed. It was then he pulled his hood back.

"Well, he was no Hunchback, that was for sure. He was quite handsome, wasn't he, dear?"

Karen said nothing.

Mark looked back at Teddy and went on.

"About your age, maybe a tad younger." And then, back at his wife, he said, "I recall he had deep dark eyes that wouldn't leave you, even when I was counting out his money. I think I could have handed him strips of newsprint at that point, all he saw was you, seated on the bed, your robe barely covering your essentials. I had to repeat myself loudly when I addressed him just to get his attention. "We haven't money for a tip," I told him. "My wife has a suggestion, though, to compensate you for coming out in this horrible weather." His face stayed focused on her even as it twisted, trying to discern my meaning.

"At that point, Karen stood up and dropped the robe. She is stunning naked, take my word for it. Oh, you've only seen half, Teddy. The rest is even better, always was and always will be for as long as she cares to stay that way. At any rate, she stands there naked, locking eyes with this young man, and I said, "Perhaps you'd like to take that poncho off?" Which he did, in a sudden flurry of motion. He was dressed in jeans and a red plaid flannel shirt, like a lumberjack, wasn't he, dear? He looked muscular, strong, very well built. I was instantly jealous, and wondered if perhaps I hadn't let this game go on a bit too far. But, it was too late to back down then. Karen walked toward him, knelt down, like she did with you, and opened his pants.

"He was already hard as a rock. The damned thing flew out of his pants like a snake ready to strike. She held it – she has very nice hands, don't you think? – and stroked it a few times, and then, staring at me, proceeds to take him in her mouth all the way to his balls.

"I was amazed. I'd been on the receiving end of her talents many times, but I'd never had that perspective before. I was fascinated with the way her mouth distended, taking him in, and the way her lips stretched as she drew him out again, slowly, only to suck him back in again. Her one hand reached in his pants and cupped his balls, and the other went around behind him and began to squeeze his ass like a pair of oversized sponges. I remember watching her fingers knead the seat of his jeans, knowing what that felt like, and what was to come."

Mark suddenly turned on Karen. "You didn't do the rest," he said, reminded by his story of her ancillary practice when going down on a man. "Poor Teddy here got shortchanged." Shaking off the distraction, he continued his story.

"Well, anyway, after a short while she has tugged his pants down to his knees and now has a finger sliding up his asshole. My own began to pucker, just watching her. I'm sorry she left that part out with you. Perhaps she just wasn't in the mood.

"Anyway, I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures, and I thought the young man was going to go berserk. Here he was, getting terrific head from a beautiful strange woman, while her husband casually squatted beside him immortalizing the occasion electronically." Mark patted the camera, which he still held, having forgotten till that moment that he hadn't put it away again.

"He came soon after that, and she took him out of her mouth and let him come all over her, the way she did with you. Apparently, she will only swallow mine."

Mark smiled at his wife, who smiled back sarcastically.

"Anyway, by this time I am so hot I can't stand it any more. I dropped the camera on the bed and started taking my clothes off. The young man wasn't quite sure what was going on, but I told him with a look to do the same, and in short time the three of us were naked. I tossed the pizza on the floor and we all went to the bed, and I started attacking my wife while the poor man lay beside us, not sure what his part in all this was.

"I told him, "I want you to fuck her." And I maneuvered her onto all fours, her ass facing him, and I knelt before her and she started sucking my cock. He moved between her legs and his erection came back almost instantly as he saw her pussy and ass placed before him, and he entered her easily.

"So, there we were, we two men staring at each other over this woman, each of us inside her, and we reached a mutual rhythm fucking her. She put one hand back to rub her clit, and soon the three of us were coming simultaneously. I recall to this day the look of exquisite pain and pleasure on his face as he filled her pussy. I suppose I looked somewhat similar, pouring myself down her throat. Karen, for her part, started vibrating violently. That was an incredibly intense orgasm, wasn't it dear?"

Karen smiled in agreement, remembering.

"Well, I admit I'm getting quite randy again, just telling the story," Mark said then, rubbing his hands together. "I don't suppose your schedule allows you much time?"

Teddy jumped to his feet. He said nothing but he certainly looked like a man making decisions, and as he made no move to leave Mark assumed he'd made the correct one.

"Shall we?" Mark asked his wife.

Karen answered by removing her shirt again, and following it with her slacks. Now naked, she walked between the two of them, through the door to the apartment, and then vanished on her way to the bedroom.

"Shall we?" Mark repeated the question, this time directed at Teddy, and he stood aside to let their guest follow her, and then Mark brought up the rear.

Which was precisely what he intended to do.

The bedroom was adjacent to the parlor, a large and expansive room with potted trees by the curtained windows and twin ceiling fans circulating air. The bed was an oversized king, specially made for them and requiring custom-tailored sheets. Karen was already stretched out across the width of it when the two men entered.

They both undressed as quickly as they could and joined her on the bed. Mark kissed her and fondled her while her hands invited Teddy to join in the fun. Soon he was touching her, always hesitant, always expecting at any moment for Mark to turn on him angrily. Karen rolled over and began to suck on him again, while Mark moved behind her and stretched over to the nightstand to retrieve something.

He came up with was a tube of lubricant, and he applied a healthy glob of it to the valley between the globes of his wife's rounded, firm ass. He slipped a finger up there to test the ease of entry, and then lathered some more of the stuff on his cock. Karen, understanding his meaning, rose up on all fours and continued sucking on Teddy as her husband moved behind her.

Mark held the head of his throbbing cock at her anus and then slowly slid it inside. Her back arched to make entry easier, and when he was firmly planted inside her she held her front end up with one hand and reached around behind Teddy with the other. She teased his asshole for a while, and then slipped her finger up it, dry. He flinched at first, but the sensation was too incredible to refuse.

Mark began pounding her ass viciously. His balls slapped at her pussy. Teddy had hold of her head, guiding her face onto his cock. Suddenly, she pulled away from Mark, making him pop out of her loudly, and pulled her finger from Teddy's ass, and she flipped over on her back, never letting Teddy's dick free of her lips. Her knees came up and Mark slipped between them, his cock falling into her waiting pussy. Teddy leaned over her, fucking her face, while one of her hands re-entered his ass and the other reached down to rub her clit.

Teddy massaged her breasts, and he pinched her nipples until she squirmed. Mark, thoroughly enjoying the view, pounded her cunt hard. The entire bed shook with their movements, and then Teddy made a noise and cum began to appear at the corners of Karen's lips.

Enflamed, Mark fucked her even harder and came inside, filling her womb with liquid heat. He could not punish her pussy enough, and kept slapping into her even after he had gone dry and the sensation began to hurt.

Karen squeezed the last of Teddy's cum from his balls and his limp cock slipped out of her mouth. She fingered herself furiously and her face scrunched up with an intense orgasm. Teddy continued to knead her breasts, and Mark eventually pulled out of her, and then fell on her with his tongue, lapping up their combined juices. Teddy lowered his face over her chest and bit at her nipples, pulling on them with his teeth, and then he sucked on them hard. In no time Karen was wracked with another climax.

Mark climbed off the bed and staggered to the bathroom where he washed up in the oversized marble sink. Teddy went after him, and then dressed slowly, reluctantly, while Mark lay beside his wife, who was clutching her crotch as if it were wounded.

"You can find you own way out?" Mark asked the young deliveryman.

Teddy nodded. He finished dressing, and although still looking a bit disheveled, left the bedroom. He walked straight to the hall door and left the apartment.

"Well, you've never done that before, dear," Mark said, pretending to be insulted. "Here I tell the young man you only swallow mine and there you go making me a liar again."

Karen shrugged. "So shoot me," she said.

"Again?" He lay on the bed beside her. "I thought I just did. You are a demanding woman, you know that."

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