She moved down the street calmly and quietly. Glancing at her watch with her blue eyes. She noticed it was about One AM. She was about 5'3" and luck if she was 110 lbs., she wore a white blouse and a gray skirt the ended just above her knees, he blouse was undone enough for one to see nice creamy cleavage. Suddenly, she stopped. Turning, she saw some bushes move. She moved closer to take a look, bending over she saw nothing in the dark.

Suddenly, something jumped out and tackled her. She had no time to react, but when she looked up she did, screaming. On her was a large furry creature, easily seven feet tall. It had reddish brown fur and white eyes, and a fully erect cock sticking out from between its bottom legs. It stood on its hind legs, throwing her over its shoulder with its front, using them like arms.

She was taken forward down the street, before she could understand what was going on she was thrown over a bench, her skirt torn off, along with her underwear. Suddenly, she felt the creature's cock rub up against her ass cheeks, she would have screamed when it was rammed into her if it didn't feel so good. Actually, a slight moan of pleasure escaped her pink lips. He blonde hair was thrown all over the back of her white shirt, that was, until it was torn off, along with her bra. The creature's furry palms moved down to her breasts and started to massage them, another moan escaped her lips.

"Fuck…" she managed to moan out. "Harder, god damnit, harder!" she demanded this, and, as if understanding her, the creatures cock began to pound into her harder. Her fingers went down her stomach to her wet cunt, two of them slipping in and out repeatedly. She fingered herself furiously as the creature massaged her large breasts and assaulted her ass. Soon enough, she came to an orgasm.

"God! Harder! Fucking harder!" she was screaming now, almost angered. The creature again did as she said, pumping into her ass like there was no tomorrow. She let out one last moan as she orgasmed, her fluids dripping onto the sidewalk beneath her. The creature moaned into the night behind her, she could feel it come into her ass. When she stood and looked, around, there was nothing to be found, so she dressed, and went home.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, the creature padded down a sidewalk. Suddenly, its fur began to disappear. It stood up on its hind legs, its body mass shrinking, its eyes turned blue, its back legs snapped back into human legs, its front legs turning back into arms. The creature was now a man, the man was about 5'6" and somewhere around 120 lbs., relatively small, his hair was a bright red and carelessly spiked around his head aside from the short ponytail coming out from just above his neck, he wore no shoes, a pair of denim shorts and a loud blue Hawaiian shirt. He stopped one the sidewalk, looking across the street to a bar, grinning.

As he crossed the street he noticed to Choppers parked in front of the bar, undoubtedly there was going to be some leather-clad, beer bellied, pool playing bikers in here, but not many. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he came to the door, swinging his leg out and kicking the door open. He stepped in, and looked around calmly. It was a bright, musty place with a bar and a few tables and a pool table. He smirked and looked around once more.

There were three people in the bar, two large men playing pool, and a busty, good looking blonde waitress. The two men were about 6'6" and on the heavier side of 230 lbs. One of the men dropped his pool stick and stormed over to the short redheaded man, looking down at him. "Who do you think you are, busting in like this?" he asked

The redhead smirked and said "I though I would just let you two know that one of you is walking home?"

The man in front of the redhead lashed his fist out. The redhead ducked easily enough then sent the man barreling into a table with his foot. When he stood, the other biker was running at him with a pool Que. The redhead grabbed the man's Pool cue and tore it out of his grip, then beat him with it for about minutes until he was bloody and on the ground. The redhead tossed the pool cue and looked at the dumbfounded waitress.

"I don't know who you are" the waitress said. "But those guys have been here all night, I couldn't get them out. Thank you."

The redhead shrugged and entered the bar further, kicking the door closed behind him. He moved over to the waitress and leaned in, looking into her brown eyes. "Wanna REALLY thank me?"

The waitress nodded with a grin, and dropped to her knees, unzipping the redheads' pants and letting his six to eight inch cock spring loose. She leaned in a bit, closing her lips around the tip of his cock and bobbing back and forth. The redhead groaned a bit, raking his fingers through her hair as she sucked him. She moved her tongue all around the redhead's cock. Soon enough, his seed shot out into her mouth, she swallowed the best she could, a bit of it leaking out her mouth.

The redhead grabbed the waitress and took her over to the bar, dropping her onto a swivel chair. He lifted her shirt up over her 36C breasts, and put his hand around one, massaging her pink nipple with his thumb. He pushed her skirt up a bit and, when he saw she wasn't wearing and panties over her shaved pussy, rammed into her. His hips pumped into her, his cock rubbing into her cunt. She moaned as she was fucked on the chair, lightly nibbling his earlobe.

Her screams were loud when she orgasmed, her fluids dripping onto his cock. His own orgasm ensued, his seed shooting into her cunt. He pulled out of her, pulled his wang back in and zipped himself up. He moved towards the door, then stopped when she yelled out to him.

"What's your name?"

He smirked at her, then muttered the answer a bit. "Just call me Graves." And then he kicked open the door again, exiting.

He dropped onto one of the parked choppers, starting it up and revving the engine a few times, a loud rumbling noise announcing its presence. He pushed out of the lot with his foot, then sped off into the night.

[Thanks for getting this far. It's my first story, so send feedback please.]

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