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Graveyard Fun


It's a calm autumn night, unusually warm but nice. The moon is already up and full. I'm walking with you in silence. There's nothing more to talk about after dinner. Just a comfortable silence fills the air. We come upon a darkened alley and you drag me in behind you. Pressing me against the wall, you kiss me and I can feel your cock straining against your jeans. I moan in ecstasy, wrapping myself around you. We hear footsteps on the street outside and pull ourselves deeper into the shadows. Following the alley out, we find ourselves outside the gates of the local cemetery. You give me that devilish smile of yours I love so much and run across the street. Opening the gate, you steal away into the darkness, leaving me behind. I hear your laughter in the night and try to follow the sound but I'm getting lost amongst the gravestones. I'm finding myself deeper and deeper in the night. I can't see anything but the streetlights highlighting the tombstones and angels. Suddenly I'm grabbed from behind, a hand covers my mouth, keeping me from screaming. But I recognize the feel of those arms around me.

You pull me back against you, further into the darkness and the cover of trees. "Scream and I'll kill you." I nod once to let you know I understand. You come from behind me, pushing me against the tree. My jacket is ripped off of me and I hear it fall to the ground a few feet away. Your lips find mine, pushing me hard against the tree. The bark is digging into my back but I like the little bites of pain. I feel you kissing down my neck and try hard to hold back a moan. Your hands are under my shirt, clawing at my sides and hips. I arch to let your hands find my back. Your nails scratch down my back and I can't help but whimper slightly. The look in your eyes tells me to keep quiet. I bite my lip to keep from being loud. Suddenly I feel your hands at my pants pulling them and my panties down. The cold air hits my thighs and I shiver slightly. But suddenly you've grabbed me and bent me over a tombstone. I feel your hard cock sliding into my soaking wet pussy. I try to keep as quiet as possible. I don't want to alert the caretaker. You keep one hand over my mouth, just to be sure, and the other on my shoulder. I feel you pounding away at me. I'm getting so close to cumming but I want to wait for you. Your thrusts are getting harder and your breathing is heavier. I feel you clawing into my shoulder and back. You're growling and I'm praying we're not found. Suddenly, I'm cumming and feeling yours drip down my thighs. We're both out of breath but before we can relax a flashlight sweeps across the graveyard and we're forced to hide in the shadows. Someone has spotted us. Quickly we grab our clothes and make a run for it out the back exit.

Before we can make out of the graveyard, we hear a sound off to the right. I look over but can see nothing. The cool fall wind picks up and there's something in the air. I feel a soft caress against my bare shoulder and turn to smile at you but you're not there. You're still holding my hand on the other side. I can swear I hear footsteps behind me but there's no one in sight. Suddenly I feel the faint touch of fingers stroking my cum-soaked pussy. I arch and my legs tremble. From the back gate you give me a look but for some reason I can't answer the question in your eyes. You walk towards me, as if to help me walk home. You get about three feet away but can't come any closer. You push against the invisible force and hear a quiet moan fill the night.

The feeling of fingers leaves me and suddenly I can see your cock growing hard again. Your eyes are closed in ecstasy and your hands have formed fists. Slowly I reach out, wondering what my hands will find between you and me. Shockingly I feel cold skin. But there's no one there. As I stroke downwards I find the curve of a woman's back leading to her smooth ass. I'm so lost in the feel of her cold skin and the oddity of it all. I glance back up at you and notice the look in your eyes. The look that says you're enjoying this too much to even wonder if we should stop. I drop my clothes, my other hand still stroking her back. My finger suddenly slips into her ass and another moan fills the night. I smile at her pleasure and start fingering her ass. I reach around and fondle her breasts while she continues to blow you. From the look on your face she seems to be doing a great job.

Off to the left is a low tombstone. I force the ghost onto her back and she goes back to sucking on your dick. I kneel in front of her and use my lips and tongue to find her pussy. I slowly start eating her out. Apparently she's had other "visitors" to her graveyard recently, I can taste another guy's cum here. My tongue plunges in and out of her soaking wet pussy while you pound away in her mouth. I can hear her gagging from having your cock shoved own her throat.

"Let's switch," I say, looking up at you from between her legs. You pull out of her mouth and come around. I stand at her head, spreading my legs and slowly lowering on to her face while watching you slide into her. Her tongue feels so good sliding into my cunt. With such a long tongue, you must have had a good blowjob. She finds my clit and starts to abuse it, flicking it with her tongue and lapping at it. I look up to see you pounding away in her pussy. It's odd to watch this but arousing as well. I reach down and play with her breasts, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples while she continues to eat me out. I can hear you start to groan and it matches the moans coming from her. I watch as all three of us cum together. I grind my pussy into her face, making sure she licks up all my cum. We hear one last moan when I cool wind swirls around us and then....nothing.

"I guess she was a whore before she died too," I tell you smiling.

Before I can even begin to think about picking up my clothes, I hear footsteps heading towards us. I look up to see if you've heard it as well and see the chocked look covering your face. I stand up and follow your gaze but my mind doesn't want to believe what I see. There is what looks like a man lumbering towards us. As he comes closer, he passes through a clearing in the trees and the moon shines enough light on him to get a good look. He's not really a man at all but a corpse. Out of the shadows come more. Some men, some women, but all zombies. Their clothes are tattered and barely holding together. The two women I see are licking their lips and staring at you, looking you up and down as if sizing you up for dinner. And who knows, maybe they are. The men, three of them, head towards me. Even from here I can tell they're "happy" to see me. There's nowhere to run to, I'm backed against a statue and they have me surrounded.

The man directly in front of me pushes what's left of his pants down and his cock springs out. Thankfully it's still intact although it has begun to rot. The other two follow suit and walk even closer to me. I look past them, trying to find you and ask for your help. But I see you've been pushed to the ground. One woman is blowing you, the skin of her cheek is gone so I can see the tendons working as she sucks you off. The other is trying to smother you with her pussy. When I focus back on the men in front of me I find they've gotten closer. One lies down while the other two force me on top of him. He slides easily into cunt from all the cum you've left. I moan as he bucks into me, going as deep as possible. Suddenly I feel my ass being lifted into the air so I'm in doggystyle over the zombie. The second one slides into my ass, grunting and pushing hard. I scream out in pain and ecstasy. I've always wanted to be taken by two men at the same time. The third one kneels in front of me, over the one on the ground, and forces his dick into my mouth. He's so long that I immediately gag. He pulls out slightly but just enough to where every time he thrusts in I gag slightly.

I look over to make sure you're ok and find that the girl zombie that was blowing you is now riding you. You seem to be enjoying. Her breasts keep bouncing and it looks like one might fall off. Quickly you grab them both, squeezing them tight and keeping them from moving too much. A loud moan escapes my lips as the two zombies thrust into me at the same time. I can't believe this is happening but I'm enjoying it too much to beg for them to stop. I start blowing him hard, sucking on his dick while the other two pound away in my ass and cunt. It feels so fucking good to have them both in me and I can't help but grind against them both. The one I'm straddling reaches up and holds my tits. Pieces of his skin are falling off but at the moment I don't care. From across the graveyard I can hear you moaning and I know you're getting close. I look over with the zombie's cock still down my throat and see that you're taking one doggystyle while the other is sucking on your balls.

The two zombies in me start pounding harder and faster. I spread my legs wider and moan while I suck on the zombie's dick harder. He starts cumming in my mouth and I swallow it on instinct. The other two are thrusting into me as hard as possible. I know they're getting close. I look over at you and our eyes meet as you cum into her cunt and the two zombies fucking me fill me with their cum. I scream out as I feel the zombie cum slide down my thigh and through my slit. I fall off to the side of the zombies and lay there as I watch them lumber off. I glance over at you on your knees while the two girl zombies join the men and leave. What a night it has been.

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