tagSci-Fi & FantasyGreat Balls of Fire

Great Balls of Fire


Great balls of fire. Two of them stream through the warm summer night's air. A hovering white ball of passion leads the way mimicked by a ball of blue desires. These physical manifestations chase each other in the gentle breeze casting about to and fro. They bang into each other with great steams of sparks and small puffs of smoke. Small whips of smoke trail off the two fiery globes as they sore through the windy air.

Beneath them sitting on the grass two lovebirds sit enthralled with each other. Through hot and sweaty kisses they lay there oblivious to the light show circling their heads. Slowly the sloppy kisses turn to moans the two bodies huddle close to each other, their clothes sweaty in the night air. Barely a sound now disturbs them as they lay there under the flashing lights save for the rustling of clothes and the chirp of crickets.

A white flash, the silence as the two celestial bodies stare at each other, apart but similar. With a slow pant the balls flash with mimicking patterns of white light. Tenderly the white ball floats into the air, circling the blue. It's body pulsing with a slow light. Drifting close now letting a single lash of flame touch the blue ball it continues its circular path. Again and again it presses out, letting licks of flame engulf the blue ball, it's path speeding up as the blue flame flickers with increased intensity. The white flame grows closer, the flickers of light closer together, and presses its great form against that of the blue flame.

Bare chests, sticky bodies, wandering hands. The girl gasps and moans casting her voiceless pleasures to the empty air. The wandering hands trace soft lines against her skin, pressing down over her back, tentatively scraping over her belly before brushing against her breasts. Just like an electric shock her body tenses at the fingernails scrape across her nipples. Slowly but steadily the hands play a slow game feeling and touching the soft milky white skin. As their timid grasps sending shivers down her back the hand's owner gains new energy, the hands new confidence. The hands warm up excited, playing and stroking the soft skin, their fingers running over newly trod ground gaining a little more eager with each step.

A flash of white then a pulse of blue. The spinning lights stop their wild games and stare, apart once more. Eagerly shafts of their light meet playing out the urgent dance. The spin around the other with happy steps turning into more timid moves. Sliding through the warm night the azure flame pauses in it's path, seeming to drift farther away then directs it's path to the white flame. With a shy set of pulses the body spines against the white flame ignoring the brightened radiance that it expels. Growing in confidence the blue flame spits out shafts upon shafts of flames engulfing the white flame in a ball of blue. The white flame rebounds and shines with a radiant white light illuminating the field around him. Sparks fly out of the spasming white flame falling onto the bare ground below.

Naked bodies in the night. Dark shadows casting of hips, legs, chests darkening patterns in the ground. The two forms huddle apart, each taking stock of the other. Slowly he feels the trail of fingernails tickle down his chest ending on his thighs. Letting out a soft gasp he gasps as they resume their course inward and brush over his stiff member. Tenderly he feels himself being held in two soft hands. The hands are timid -- unsure of what to do, or where to go. He bucks his hips up as those pearly white fingers stretch over him, sending soft shivers down his spine. He gasps as they start an oscillating path, running up and down his skin. He moans as they speed up their course rubbing their delicate skin harshly over his skin. With a slow cry he feels his body release as a warm moist breath of air flows of his sex, exciting it. A timid, soft lick follows his passions budding, his hips twisting.

Silence in the heavens. The two lights flickering with an intense heat regarding the other. They circle flickering in sync as they fly through the night. Slowly the white ball sends out a flash of white flame. The blue responds in king. They both flash lighting the ground with a pale blue light. With a cautious move they close the distance. Their bodies flash with new excitement. The ground changes color with flashes of white and spears of blue. The balls tense and fly apart. Stopping the blue balls thrusts itself forward sliding through the white's deadly maze of flame. The small ball pierces the lager's heat, mixing them with passion. Again it goes through faster this time. Time and time again the balls meet, their forms sliding over each other.

Colored flames pass between the fiery spheres sparking over the world. With an increased fury they seek each other ramming into the other with a heightened vigor, with even more passion. With a final triumph flash of flames the two clamor into the other mixing. Their blue-white flames pulse in rhythm, their flaming bodies mingling. Below them the ground is cast in a flickering white light pulsing in and out. After a long second the two forms stop their measured pants, mingling their bodies into one. For an eternal moment the two balls of flame lie in the air, not two separate fire but a single flame burning brightly. A whisper of wind dispels the flames casting the delicate sparks on the lovers clung together below.

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