tagSci-Fi & FantasyGreek God - Apollo the Vampire

Greek God - Apollo the Vampire


Colin slid his body against Sienna's, her flesh felt so firm and smooth under him, it made him dizzy with desire. Though they had just finished their second rowdy round of the evening, the two warrior hearted people still desired to feel each other as fully as possible.

Sienna started laughing when they kissed though and Colin couldn't help but break the sticky kiss and laugh as well. He touched his nearly chapped lips with the tips of his long slender fingers.

"Oh, wow, cotton mouth, I think we need a break. Just for a few?" He winked at Sienna who was still slightly laughing as she nodded her parched affirmation.

Colin went to their bags and grabbed their drinks. "Their hot, I'll go get some ice."

Sienna took the two warm pops and nodded. "Hurry back."

Colin threw on his pants and grabbed the ice bucket as he playfully called to the beautiful elfish looking girl in his bed. "I know, you just want my ice and my cock... I understand what I'm good for."

He laugh as he shut the door and heard the pillow bounce off it with a thud. "Heh, $300 bucks a night and the damn pillows are like rocks."

They had been protecting the Vampyre Tray for three weeks now, why his twin sister was so dead set on turning this Cainite into a so called better person, he would never understand. Colin looked back and forth down the corridor. The hunter, an angel named Zeus, had been spotted earlier that week and Colin had no desire to meet the six foot seven inch tall, four foot wide, demon hunter alone. Yeah, he was a master swordsman, but Zeus was something much more.

Satisfied he was alone in the hotels hall he went to the ice machine two doors down, flipped the lid open and groaned. All of the ice was on the very bottom of the stupid ice box. Colin moved slightly and went to bend into the machine to easily scoop the ice with the bucket.

He only had a fraction of a second to realize someones hand was on the back of his head. Suddenly the blinding pain shot through his head as his forehead met the metal of the ice box, knocking him out cold.

Sienna looked up at the door of their room, she had laid herself on her belly, spread her legs wide and bent her knees. She grinned wickedly as she "fluffed" her already ample breasts, to sit perfectly bulging between her arms, which her upper torso was held up by. The intent was to tease Colin the second he came back in, by lifting her ass into the air and waving it at him. She settled, satisfied that her rushed pose was sexy enough. She opened her huge eyes from their normal glare and focused on the door.

"3... 2... 1..." she put her very best come fuck me look on.

Colin didn't come in, five minutes was to long. Sienna's heart went to her throat, her belly rolled violently as she rolled off the bed and headed for the door. She had no care that her perfectly sculpted petite frame was completely bare as she jerked the door open and practically leapt into the hallway. While looking to where the ice machine was all her big brown eyes caught was his ice bucket still gently rolling, sliding from side to side, beneath the open ice machine door. She could see blood on the ice machine, not wasting a second she darted back into their room. As she went to the desk, rushed, shaking, yet amazingly accurate fingers jammed out the link to the RFID website Colin's personal tracker was on.

"Gods why does this shit take so long?!" Her mind was screaming as she waited for the site to locate his tracker.

In her own room Colin's twin sister, Cathy, sat calmly drawing a new picture while Tray sat on the other chair in the room. He often sat and contemplated matters for hours. He was ancient and a killer, typically of little to no remorse, but this girl, this frail little, golden haired, baby blue doll eyed girl, had him tamed. Had his heart missed the child he lost so long ago and so early in her own life, so badly, that this little human girl, who looked so amazingly similar to her, had tamed him with such ease?

"What power this young girl holds, yet was to innocent to see." he mused to himself.

He looked at her fully instead of secretly when she dropped her lead and sat up suddenly. He could hear the girls heart begin to race wildly as she began to panic. She looked about the room as her blue eyes filled with fear and tears, they were as big as silver dollars.

"Catherine?" He asked her with concern in his voice.

Though she knew little of how much, part of her soul really was his daughters. The magic in the book he crafted with his blood magic had awoken that slumbering piece and beckoned him to her. This unseen distress was disconcerting to him.

All she said when she leapt from her seat and grabbed her binoculars was, "Colin!"

She ran out onto their rooms balcony and looked to where their boat was docked. She gasped as she saw it roaring in flames. Tears welled in her eyes, she wiped them hastily with delicately nailed fingers and looked up. Zeus, the man hunting Tray could fly.

She screamed, "Veighn!" in her mind as well as out loud as she saw her twin brother flying limply through the air.

They had their own angel, he was Kryus', Sienna's sister's boyfriend, photographer and Yes man. He was also a telepath. The hauntingly beautiful angel ran past her as nearly glowing white wings, each one twice or even three times the deceptively young angels five foot two inch body's length, flared and snapped as it sent a sharp crack through the still night air. He lept from the balcony in an attempt to intercept the unconscious man before he hit the water.

Catherine, emotionally bound to her brother ignored Tray as he attempted to stop her and jumped from the second story balcony to the ground. The soft earth below grabbed at her feet, making her face plant into the loose dry sand.

By this time, Sienna's tracker had shown his location. She too went to her balcony, catching the vision of Veighn soaring through the air. She too leapt to the ground, feet firmly impacting the sand. She reached down and jerked Cathy to her feet and they both ran to the waters edge. Tray followed soon after. The angel Veighn was not well known to the Cainite, but Tray was always watching. He now knew the lad was not stronger than he was, this could make draining his life and power from him that much easier, when the smitten Catherine wasn't looking that is.

They watched as Veighn struggled to bring Colin back to the shore. Veighn shook as he struggled.

Tray walked calmly to the water, the scent of Colin's blood filled his nostrils. "Sienna call an ambulance." he ordered as he helped Veighn bring the beaten Colin to the soft sand.

The light of their burning vessel showed them everything that they needed to know. His face, so masculine, yet feminine at the same time, was beaten and broken, he was covered in blood and bruises even after being in the water, it was obvious his cheek bone had been shattered. Both his arms were broken and one of his legs was crushed to a point of being nearly torn off.

Cathy knelt next to her barely alive brother, wracking sobs overwhelmed her as Sienna's shaking voice told the ambulance where to go and what they should expect when they arrived....

Sienna paced the private waiting room, chewing on her thumb nail. Cathy usually begged her not to, it was so bad for her fingers, but this time she had no desire to scold her life long friend and her brothers lover. She herself sat with her knees pressed to her chin, arms wrapped about her legs as she let the rivers flow from her eyes, wetting her knees. Slight rocking shuttered her body uncontrollably as she could feel her brothers fear and knew his pain.

Patience, Sienna's older sister, brought the three men, Tray, Kryus and Veighn their coffee. She was tall nearly five foot ten inches, and she too had used weights to sculpt her body to perfection and very religiously cared for every steamy bump and curve of that luscious body. Her profession as a porn star demanded it, almost as much as she herself did. Her boyfriend Kryus was her director and boss as well.

Patience was every bit as worried as her sister. She had helped raise not only her sister, who deeply loved Colin, but the twins as well, even though she was only four years their senior. Over twelve hours they waited in the hospital, Cathy barely moving from her position, Sienna nearly attacked every nurse or doctor, that came to close, for any bit of information.

Tray's even yet somehow dark tone wafted towards Sienna's ears. "He's going to live Sienna, calm yourself."

She looked at him sharply in response, rage and near hate seething in her unnaturally wise eyes as she watched him move. He simply went to Cathy, picked her up gently and laid her on the sofa. Making her stretch out, she had finally calmed and fell asleep.

Patience gently touched her sisters shoulder as she whispered softly, "he's calm and asleep like she is, that's all he means Sis."

Sienna who never cried, not even when her parents died, let leak the tears that had been threatening her large orbs all night. A light tremble overtook her body, her voice cracked as she spoke softly, fearful that if her words were spoken to loud they would come true, "What if he died..."

Tray shook his head no, "She would be howling right now."

Sienna put her hands together lacing her tiny fingers, to which she covered her full but quivering lips. It wasn't long before Tray's words were confirmed by the surgeon.

Cathy would not leave any more than Sienna would, so when morning came it was Veighn, Patience and Kryus that went to get real food. Tray remained there, unwilling to let his Cathy out of his sight. He had lost his original daughter to hunters back in the Medieval times and was unwilling to risk spending that long to hunt her soul down again.

When the smiling nurse came in even the ancient vampyre had no idea what was about to transpire. Cathy was allowed to see Colin, as was his "fiance", Sienna. Tray had to remain seated outside of the room. Cathy numbly walked to Colins bedside. He had a ventilator in his mouth, IV's in his neck, and beeping machines all around. His face was wrapped to where all they could see was his lips, his arms and legs were casted as was his chest and rib cage.

Sienna quietly closed the door, allowing Tray time to scan the room before it shut. The large plate glass window had it's venetian blinds closed for privacy. She slipped to the other side of his bed as the nurse checked the various machines and IV bags.

She was kind of voice, "The doctor said, 'he's a very tough man'. Those injuries would have killed a lesser person. He's going to be laid up for a while, but he will be alright, I swear."

Cathy smiled to her gratefully, even that faint smile lit the dim, beeping room in a loving glow.

The nurse smiled back and slipped out of the room, scolded Tray for hanging around the door and was gone. Each girl took a limp hand gently in their own, letting Colin know they were there. Thirty minutes later the Surgeon came in.

"So, it's good you got him here so quickly. Do either of you know who did this to him? The police will want to know." he spoke while looking between the girls and the charts.

Cathy nodded, still concentrating all of her love into the bundle of bandages that was her brother. Sienna looked to the surgeon who was checking the machines. Cathy moved next to Sienna, as he had to go to her side of the bed so that he could check the read outs, when he finished he put Colin's chart back at the end of the bed and went to their side.

Both girls moved to the bottom edge of the bed while he moved, so he could reach the ventilator. "He's very lucky." he said as he paused behind them, placing a gentle hand on each of their shoulders. "I really did mean to kill the interfering little fucker."

Sienna turned, elbow slamming into the doctors gut as Cathy attempted to dart away. But Cathy fell limp in his arm before her first step was complete. Sienna's eyes went wide as she looked up at him, a stunned expression crossed her features as her elbow had hit something solid. She only got a crack of her voice out before she too fell into his chest unconscious. The golden haired Adonis' disguise fell as he chuckled to his two new catches. He pulled them both into his chest as he left, the window was his means of escape.

Cathy could hear the faint sound of music somewhere far away. Her body slid slightly as she began to become more aware of her surroundings. The satin under her body told her she was nude, a very faint breeze wafting through the large bed she had been laid in the middle of refreshed her slightly. Delphinus curtains in layers of, yellow, faint reds and blues, shimmered about the twelve body bed. A faint moan caught her ears, it was Sienna. Cathy rolled from her back to light upon her hands and knees, facing the direction of her friends moans.

The vampire Apollo was with her, her body lay limp in his arms as he held her at the nape of the back with his left hand, his right hand deeply embedded into her chocolate brown locks, holding her head back as his long fangs dug into her jugular. Cathy gasped slightly as Sienna's body spasmed and he jerked her back into submission.

Cathy's hands moved to her soft lips in a futile attempt to muffle her scream as she realized her friend was being drained by a god-like vampire. He let out a satisfied moan as his face came from her neck, a light red tint upon his lips. His tongue caressed those full lips, as he looked towards Cathy still terrified on the bed.

His head canted gently to the side, as he gave her a soft smile. "I like that you're afraid, it shows respect. No worries, I'm not done enjoying her taste... she will not be drained to death.... yet."

He placed the unconscious Sienna on the divan, then turned his long lean body towards the bed and Cathy. Apollo had golden blond hair that swayed at his waistline, royal blue almond shaped eyes perfectly placed on a pointed chin, oval face. Cathy noticed even the thick veil of lashes that made his eyes pop even more. Typically all it would take that vampire was a smile and he would have a meal begging to be eaten. Though this time, all Cathy saw was the monster practically dancing on the other side of the near transparent curtains, gloating over his own brilliance.

"Oh, oh when I felt you crawl onto those rocks. Has anyone ever told you how graceful you are?" He slipped a wine stopper from what looked like a ruby colored glass decanter and sighed when she didn't reply. "That's ok, you don't need to talk... save your voice... Then!" He turned to her, his hair sweeping past the abandoned decanter as he scooped his wine glass into his flowing hand, he raised the glass into the air as if toasting her. "You ran away?! How you defied my charming lure I'll never know, but it was amazing." He paced around the bed, watching the shivering, scared girl quaking behind the thin drapes.

This pleased him.

"Less amazing, you came back. You're very talented artist you know... I can respect that." He paced slowly back the other way. His free hand drug through the outer layer of curtain as he almost dreamily looked to the ceiling as he spoke. Rolling the wine in the glass, as his fingers danced around the smooth container, spinning the glass casually. "And then your jack ass brother had to come and bring her! They ruined everything, I had nearly a months food at my feet and she called your wannabe daddy... You see that, that! Was annoying!"

He turned to face the bed, balling his fist in the curtain as he spoke through grit teeth. "He broke my fucking teeth! He tried to diablorize me! ME!"

Cathy covered her ears and screamed as the boom of his voice alone knocked her over with a palatable force. His face was not as beautiful in his rage.

Cathy's fearful sobbing admitted as much. Apollo tore down the curtains so he could watch the frail girl cower, his plan was so devilish he just had to get her to accept him.

"So I faked my death, paid the messenger a virgin and look, see, you're here. Tray's right to protect such a little treasure. Sadly the Cainite isn't as good as you prayed he would be... Now... Now you're mine, he can't get you, won't figure out who has you... blah blah blah..." his voice trailed off as he rolled his eyes. He drank his wine in one long swig and carelessly threw the glass over his shoulder. Cathy crawled back, eyes wide as she watched his chin lower.

The instant the glass shattered she saw a red light flare behind the, unnatural, royal blue of his eyes.

A slow grin thinned his lips. "And just to make sure daddy dearest pays well for his miscalculations... we're going to have some fun.... you and I."

Cathy turned and tried to dive out of the bed, however the curtains that remained now formed a very solid wall around the mattress. Her head hit this now hard surface, the impact of which threw her back, sprawling to nearly the middle of the bed once more. She cried out in extreme distress when the vampire caught her flailing arm and used it to pull her to the head of the bed where he now knelt. When her slide stopped he slipped his body over hers, pressing her into the bed. His legs pinning hers together, his arms at each of her elbows kept her from moving as he looked down at her terrified tear stained face. She was sobbing uncontrollably, his engorged cock was pressing hard against her pelvis. He was grinding his hips into hers, knowingly causing her pain as he purred into her ear.

"Stories, songs, art and dance are... mine!" As he seethed "mine" into her ear, he forced his large shaft into her.

Cathy's body bucked as she tried to shake the cock free of it's tightly packed sheath, but all she could truly do was scream and cry.

Apollo leaned down as he stroked in and out of her body. "love me." he purred stroking her insides, caressing the tender flesh of her pussy with his throbbing member.

She cried and futilely tried to push him off, only able to sob out a faint, "No!"

Apollo laid on her fully, reaching down, gripping her ass violently and cocking her hips in an up facing position allowing him to force more of himself inside of her little body, he pushed up behind her cervix, forcing her pelvic bone to painfully spread. "Love me Cathy... I can hand the world to you."

She cried as she came, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, her body was betraying her. She wanted nothing more than to protest, yet the rhythmic stroke of the throbbing hot cock would not relent. The wave of static rolling through her body was simply to much, she gasped, eyes rolling in her head, the room spun as her vision blurred.

Apollo slipped a hand from her firm supple ass, running it down her leg to her knee. He easily pulled her leg from under him, pressing her knee upwards towards her chest. His mouth lavished her slender neck with firm yet passionate kissing, layer her throat and tender jaw line with those soft yet aggressive lips. As the waves of orgasm were released, her arms became weak making it difficult to push him away, her tiny hands spread on the cool flesh of his tight chest, her nails leaving light red marks in his bronzed tan. He purred in her ear as he pulled her other leg up his side, allowing him to push himself impossibly deep into her now spasming pussy.

Cathy's body rolled under him, her head went back as he cradled himself between her legs, instead of on top of them. She could feel the roll of his sculpted hips and the masterful way he stroked her inner most person with his probing cock. His other hand slipped deeper under her, cupping her entire round rolling ass in the strength of his grip. Her friends blood had engorged his cock greatly but had also deepened his lust for pleasure even more. With her body locked under him, he quickened his pace.

Cathy's head spun as he thumped a tempo of ecstasy on and in her. The room was a blur as her world spun, her body screaming as she was wracked with body shuddering orgasm after orgasm. Apollo abandoned trying to get her to talk, he had time to make her come to him. She had to agree to be his or his magic couldn't turn her. His own ravishing passions could no longer contain themselves within her tight body. Each of his thrust was a delicious struggle to remain within her excited tissue as she spasmed uncontrollably. Her pussy nearly forcing his cock from within her as each charge ripped through her muscle tissue.

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