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Greek Myths: Circe


Upon an island covered by a thick, old-growth oak forest lay a palace populated by all manner of creatures presided over by the daughter of Helios and Perse, the intoxicating Circe. It was she who had ensnared Odysseus' crew and went on to have three sons with Odysseus himself. Circe had been the one who had turned the sea nymph Scylla into a rooted sea creature within the Strait of Messina, simply for being the unknowing rival of a man's attention. As she looked out from the palace over the Isle of Aeaea she found herself bored, it had been too long since she'd had the warmth of a man in her bed, or at the least some mischief to play upon unsuspecting sailors.

A smirk came to her face as gaze settled upon the sight before her, the animals roaming the fields and gardens around the palace. That the animals had once been humans always gave her a bit of amusement and it was her favorite trick to play on lost sailors. The species of animal varied depending on her mood and their actions, last group of sailors had shown a real nasty streak so they became donkeys.

Alas the amusement from her last set of escapades was wearing off and she was finding herself bored of reminiscing about the horror on their faces. It was long past time for her to find some new playmates and so she hastily made her way towards the Strait of Messina in hopes that her trap had turned something up. When she discovered that the ship wrecking rock lying in wait had not found any new victims, she sighed and turned to walk along the beach dejected.

On the verge of giving up her hopes for the day, she spots a pile of debris washed up on the beach a couple of hundred yards in front of her. Lips split her face into a grin as her hopes rose for a little reprieve of her boredom. Cautiously she approached the debris, looking around for survivors and being wary in general. Survivors, she'd found before, tended to be desperate and often starving and dehydrated, making them very unpredictable.

Finding the ones that were strewn out on the sand were still unconscious she giggled with glee and set about getting a small table with food setup near the beach. Upon the table was a note for the sailors, inviting them to come to the palace towards the center of the island. From there they were welcome to be guests of the owner of the palace, with sleeping accommodations and food to help them regain their strength. With the first part of the trap laid, Circe slipped away to begin preparations for their arrival.

Back in her palace, Circe began to prepare a lavish feast, one fit for a festival. It was one of her favorite tactics, finding that a full belly tended to soothe suspicions and lulling her prey into a sense of security. While working on the feast, she mulled over how to play with her prey, grinning as various thoughts went through her head and nodding her head as she settled upon one, "Yes, that will do quite nicely indeed."

Meanwhile, on the beach, the crew was slowly coming to and realizing that they had actually reached land. Thanking Poseidon for sparing their lives and allowing them to reach land after his fury had subsided, the smell of the laid out food caught their attention. Several of the crew ran straight for the table, wolfing down the offerings while the more senior members warily approached, waiting till they found the note. Taking their luck as a blessing from the gods for the ordeal they had been through, and noting that their companions appeared in good stead, eventually the senior personnel joined in at the table.

The sailors, full of food and wine, took a several hour nap on the sand, reveling in their apparent safety and the generosity of their unknown benefactor. Upon awakening, the senior sailors raised their compatriots from their slumber and began a slow walk to the waiting palace. The captain and his first mate were eager to thank the anonymous benefactor while the rest of the crew held dreams of more wine and filling their bellies again.

The men piled wandered onto the palace grounds, marveling at the structure and taking in the sight of the vast number of animals wandering the property. What they didn't note was the lack of servants one would normally have expected at a palace of this size. Instead the smells of a waiting feast distracted the sailors. Guided by their noses, they quickly made their way to the dining hall, finding a lavish feast laid out for them with a stunning woman standing at the head of the table.

"Greetings weary travelers and welcome to my home. I hope you will choose to dine upon the small meal I have prepared and rest yourselves after facing such peril as Poseidon is want to offer. If you find anything lacking, please do let me know." With that she disappeared from the room, leaving them to the lavish feast.

And feast they did, going through flagons of wine while stuffing themselves much like the crew of Odysseus had, reminding her why she had turned that crew into pigs. So much so it gave her an idea of what she would turn them into when she was done toying with them. For now though, her pussy ached at the "test" that she would be putting the crew through.

When the crew awoke from another exhaustion and alcohol fueled slumber, the senior personnel made their way through the palace in search of their female benefactor. The kindness and hospitality she had shown was extraordinary in their mindset and they wished to get to know her better. When they found her, seated upon a balcony overlooking the grounds, they offered their greetings and thanks for what she had done for them.

Circe smiled lightly, "Please, call me Circe. And it is my pleasure to help you in your travels and during your misfortune. If you truly are so insistent on finding a way to pay me back, I may have a small request if your men are so willing to fulfill it." She paused while they nodded, then continued on. "It has been too long since I have shared my bed with a man and I miss the pleasures of the skin. If it pleases you, I would like to hold a competition of the tongue. He whose tongue pleases me the best shall win the honor of bedding me and securing his crewmates all the food and wine they can consume. Does this sound reasonable?"

Once they both got over the shock of the request, slowly they nodded their heads, only imaging how the crew would take to this. Most of the crew hadn't seen a woman in the flesh in over a month, much less having had the pleasure of carnal activities and here this woman was offering herself up. The captain immediately determined that he would pull rank and take first crack at her, presuming that if her word were true he would be more likely to easily make her writhe at the first touch than the last.

Once the crew had the deal explained to them, and then their eagerness tempered with a vague amount of organization of who would go when, the captain began to make his way back to the balcony. When he arrived to the room of the balcony, he was greeted with the sight of Circe laying nude upon a chaise lounge, one leg upon the floor and the other on the lounge, displaying her mound.

His eyes drank in the pale skin of her breasts topped with pink nipples, then down to the soft curls hiding her waiting slit. Wasting little time, he stepped over to her and kneeled before the lounge. Hands came to rest upon her thighs while fingers parted her slit. His tongue went straight for her clit, lapping heavily upon her.

The halls rang with the cries of her ecstasy all afternoon long. She put on an impressive show with her screams and moans as her needy pussy was serviced with the tongues of the crew members. She had them strip and stroke themselves to orgasm, spilling their seed upon the floor in front of the chaise lounge as their tongues worked her. Some even possessed some skill at the oral arts, though in her heart she knew none matched her beloved Odysseus.

When all of the men had their turn and had returned to the feast, she went back to her chambers to clean up the mess and retrieve her wand. Circe bid her time, waiting for the strong wine to make its effects felt and send the men off to slumber. She then tip toed out into the hall, wand held low. In a soft whisper she told them, "Not one of you proved your manhood enough at eating my pussy so now you shall become more acquainted with living life as one."

The tip of her wand glowed a soft, white light as she gently tapped it upon the captain's head. His sleeping human form glowed the same color and before her eyes shifted into the form of an old, sleeping cat. Each crew member received the same treatment, turning each into a different colored cat. When she was done, Circe looked over her handiwork with glee and left the room to give them time to wake and discover their new status in life.

By the next morning she could be found seated upon her balcony, greeting the morning sun and stroking the back of a cat curled into her lap. Eyes watched the open seas before her, wondering when and from where her next adventure would come.

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