tagChain StoriesGreek Myths: Hestia's Secret Ch. 02

Greek Myths: Hestia's Secret Ch. 02


I'd strongly recommend reading part 1 prior to this conclusion. (It's not very long.) Be warned that this chapter contains incest and mild non-consent.

Thanks to AngelShadow for lyrical assistance.


Hestia blinked at Zeus and weighed her options. While she wasn't particularly excited about him having a romp with her secret lover, she also wanted to avoid unnecessary drama. She stared into the dark green pools of Effie's eyes, silently asking the nymph what she thought of the proposal made by her brother. Effie smiled sweetly.

"I shall do what pleases you, my goddess," the nymph purred, the muscles of her sex squeezing Hestia's finger.

"Very well, brother," Hestia replied softly, "You may join us. My condition is that you leave Effie alone unless she invites you to entertain her in the future."

"You. Take your leave." Zeus spoke to the servant; he and the women could smell the wine on the god's breath.

The servant rose, trembling slightly. Relieved that he had received no reprimand, he turned and left the hall.

"I see that you are engaged, sister. I shall make myself comfortable on the furs and watch until you are done with her." Particularly when he'd been drinking heavily, Zeus was blunt and could be rather tactless. He settled down next to Effie.

Hestia was shocked at the thrill that ran through her, knowing that her brother was watching as she started moving her finger inside Effie. She stroked the nymph's inner muscles, softly, slowly. Bending forward, she licked dried honey and ambrosia from the girl's stomach. At first, her tongue laid flat. She took long, slow licks at the nymph's sweet coating. The movements of her tongue matched the tempo set by her thrusting finger. After she licked a spot clean, she'd stiffen her tongue and use just its tip to tease the newly exposed flesh. Effie's moans became louder and more frequent.

"She can take more, sister. I can see her juices on your fingers." Zeus roared, rather than spoke. It was an order, not a mere observation.

"I did not realize that you were here to orchestrate, dear brother," Hestia replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I thought your role was to watch what normally happens when you are not here."

The goddess sighed and withdrew her finger from the nymph's heat. Effie sighed at the loss and bit her lip. Her back arched and a growl escaped her throat when Hestia plunged not two, but three fingers into the nymph's hot center. She petted the ridge behind the girl's belly, slowly and steadily. They heard Zeus growling as he stroked his own sex.

Suddenly, Hestia was thrown off balance as Zeus knelt behind her and kneed her legs apart to accomodate his bulk. Roughly, he laid a hand on the small of her back. With the other, he thrust fingers into her. She hissed at the unexpected intrusion and braced herself. Grunting his approval at her slickness, he removed his fingers and guided his glans to her entrance. The goddess cried out when he rammed himself into her; it felt as though he was tearing her apart.

"Brother," Hestia hissed, "This was not part of our agreement."

"Hestia, I do not believe that you wish me to share the details of this evening's events with our family. The plan has changed. I will respect your wishes in regard to your beloved nymph. However, I could not see your bottom wiggling so seductively in the air and not take it." He belched, the sweet stink of too much mead filling the space around them.

Groaning and then biting her lip so as not to scream, Hestia arranged herself over her lover so that her belly was poised to rub Effie's clit with each thrust she took from behind. She began to lick the candy coating from her lover's breasts, following the pattern of flat strokes chased by a teasing dance across the bare flesh. The muck was thicker around the nymph's nipples and areolae, having dribbled into all of the creases there before it dried. Hestia licked in earnest, focusing on baring Effie's nipples rather than the abuse she took from her brother's large member. When she did let her mind wander to what Zeus was doing, she mostly felt gratitude that his attentions were focused on her rather than her lover.

Hestia nibbled on Effie's left nipple once it was bared. Zeus rammed his sex into hers, causing a chain reaction. Hestia's belly bore down on Effie's clit while her face was shoved into the nymph's breast. She suckled her lover while her hands grasped Effie's shoulders. The nymph cried out in pleasure, her dampness growing. Hestia could feel the heat and moisture sliding across her belly as Zeus slammed into her again and again; she knew that her girl would have an orgasm soon. She prayed that her brother would quickly reach his climax and then leave the two of them alone.

Zeus pounded into Hestia faster and harder once Effie's moans gave way to breathy screams. Hestia had no choice but to treat her lover's clitoris the same way. Effie screamed her delight as she gushed fluid onto the rug below them; the aural stimulation was enough to drive Zeus over the edge. His seed filled his sister's womb. She was pleasantly surprised to find her own nirvana as the nymph moved below her and Zeus still spurted into her. Hestia sighed and then collapsed onto Effie's chest as her brother withdrew himself from her. He leaned forward to place an affectionate kiss at the base of her spine.

"Now, sister, was that so awful?" He seemed to have sobered up from the wine; his demeanor was much more gentle.

"No, I suppose not," she spat back. Truthfully, it could have been a much worse experience. Still, she would never have done such a thing if not forced.

Zeus took one last look at the women sprawled on the furs before saying a quick goodnight and stumbling off to his chambers. The others would return soon. Hestia stood and gathered the clothing scattered about, then stoked the fire in the hearth. She took the nymph's hand in hers and led her off to the goddess's own chambers. As they passed her brother's quarters, they could hear him snoring. He needed his rest, after all; tomorrow would be another busy day he spent meddling in the affairs of others.

The goddess and her nymph laid down upon her bed. Hestia finished her task of cleaning every last bit of the mead and ambrosia from her lover. The nymph purred beneath her as Hestia licked Effie's chest and neck. Both were pleased to be alone once more. Once all traces of the once-gooey mixture were gone from her skin, Effie flipped Hestia onto her back. She slid down between the thighs of her lover and petted her sex. Effie hummed while she worked, focusing healing energy on the freshly bruised tissue at the core of her goddess.

"That's better. Thank you, darling one," Hestia whispered, holding Effie. "Will you come again soon, love?"

"Anything for you, my goddess." She meant it, too. Effie would have done anything in her power to put a smile on Hestia's face.

"And now, will you sing to me?"

"The song of the woodland?" Effie smiled knowingly; it was Hestia's favorite song.

"Please, love." The goddess closed her eyes. It had been a strenuous night and she was beyond tired.

"Very well, then." Effie scooted up by Hestia's head and lifted it, then cradled it in her lap. And then she sang.

"Deep in the forest,
There dwell the wild ones.
Beyond the rivers,
Rarely touched by suns.

There you may find us,
The woodland's fair nymphs.
Fortune beside you,
Revels you shall glimpse.

With pipe and with lute,
So piercing and sweet,
The forest shall sway
With our dance's beat."

By the time Effie had finished the song, Hestia was asleep. The nymph kissed her lover's eyelids and covered her in a protective bubble of energy before disappearing into the night.

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