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Greek Myths: Persephone & Pluto


Demeter, goddess of the botanical world, lovingly referred to as "Mother Nature" by those that inhabited the Earth in the 21st century … caretaker and overseer of the tall corn fields and fruit-ripened trees, was a mother. True, that part of ancient Greek history might have bypassed many a reader and philosopher of the mythical world but it is, nonetheless, true. Even above her love for all that was natural, was the love she had for her daughter, reflected in a weather that permitted harvests all the year round due to her bountiful generosity. Because of this love for her child, the beauty in the world as we know it was created.

But with all things good, come that which is not so good. And so begins our story …

On one particularly bright sunny morning, Demeter's daughter, Persephone, had gone out to meet her friends. Being enamored with the beauty of her mother's creation in the wide variety of botanical delights, especially that of lilies, she had gone to pick the delicate beauties in order to weave them into her long hair or make fragrant crowns or garlands with them. But with Persephone's tendency to become involved in what she was doing, it wasn't long before she had wandered off from her group and was suddenly left alone in the fields with her thoughts.

Suddenly the beauty of the day and the peaceful murmur of the breeze and nature surrounding her were shattered by a sound that Persephone would never forget. The sound deafening, she looked up into the quickly dimming sky, the lilies forgotten as they slipped from hands that quickly moved to cover her ears, the sight that she saw drove panic into her face and fear into her heart. Pluto … god of the Underworld! He was driving an overwhelming chariot pulled by four black horses, their manes made of black fire, eyes the color of blood and smoke billowing from their snorting noises. Persephone found herself frozen in place from fear.

Pluto had fallen in love with Demeter's lovely daughter, the goddess' only child but Demeter had refused to even allow him to court her. She would never allow the dark god to marry her only offspring. Ever since, Pluto had vowed to have Persephone for his very own, despite what anyone said and now … now he had his chance. Turning his chariot quickly, they raced towards the frightened girl that seemed rooted to the ground and just before he could grab her and drag her into the chariot to race away, she found her voice and began to run, her basket of flowers dropped to the ground and scattered noiselessly by the angry swirls of wind created by the churning legs of Pluto's hellish stallions and the swoosh of the chariot as it neared the ground.

Persephone's heart seemed to thunder unmercifully in her chest as she raced for cover between the trees and beneath the tall brush that she crashed through. Turning her head frantically even as she plowed forward, she couldn't see the god of the underworld giving chase but she knew he was there. His entire entourage' had turned into an undetectable cloud of smoke that followed after her and if not for the blowing breath of the steeds' breath on the back of her neck, swirling in her loose hair, she would have thought she had managed to escape and gone to the ground to catch her breath.

Pluto gave chase through the myriad of trees and underbrush in the forest, his darkened gaze never leaving the girl running before him. Urging the stallions forward, he shifted his position, knowing that she couldn't see him and turned sharply to the right to come around in an arc and sweep her up from the front. Her muted scream was the only indication that something had happened to her as a huge cleft opened in the forest floor, allowing Pluto to drive straight down it. Persephone's scream echoed through the forest as the ground closed up behind the chariot, the Earth shuddering once before it was eerily quiet and still. Pluto and his captive had disappeared into the Underworld without a single solitary trace left behind save the scattered basket of flowers that tumbled slowly in the wake of the thundering clatter of hooves that were gone as quickly as they had appeared.

Later that evening, when Demeter made it home, she called to Persephone but there was no reply. The house was still and empty … eerily so. Demeter immediately became somewhat concerned. It wasn't like her daughter not to be where she was supposed to be. As darkness fell, Demeter began to pace and frantically try to work out in her mind where Persephone could be but was coming up empty-handed with answers. As the midnight hour chimed, she lit a flaming torch and set out to look for her. All night she searched to no avail. Persephone was gone.

For nine days and nine nights, Demeter searched frantically for her precious daughter. She didn't even stop to sleep or eat. Dressed in black instead of her usual brightly colored clothes, she wandered all over the country side as a haggard, old woman. But her never-ending search was beginning to take its toll on the crops that she once so lovingly cared for; the corn rotted in the fields, no fruit ripened on the trees, and the grass turned brown. Both the animals and the people were unprepared for a change such as this and their food supplies began to grow short. Before long, they were all near starving.

Zeus finally called a meeting of all the gods and goddesses upon Mount Olympus. Something had to be done. "This is a very serious and grave matter," he said in the voice that seemed to roll like thunder. "Unless we can persuade Demeter to take care of the Earth again, all of the people will die."

"Pluto must let Persephone leave the Underworld," Hera replied. "Only then will Demeter save the Earth."

Zeus finally called for Hermes, the messenger of the gods. "Go to Pluto and ask him, very politely, to return Persephone to her mother," he instructed before sending Hermes on his way. He flew off at once, being one of the only few that could travel to the Underworld without any undo stress.

Pluto's home, the Underworld, was home to all who had died. It was the home of the damned and once one had fallen into the sea of blackness, there was no return unless that one was immortal … a god or goddess. It was here that Pluto had kept Persephone captive, caught up in the bonds of his overwhelming love and desire for her. He had no intentions of ever letting her go.

Persephone was overwhelmed by Pluto's home within the dark underworld. She had never imagined it being so … well; she was having a hard time finding the right word for it. Even despite the aura of death that surrounded the place, Pluto's own bed chambers spoke of sensuality … a sexuality that took Persephone's breath away. She was not so naïve that she didn't know of the things that happened between and man and a woman or for that matter, a god and a goddess or any combination there between. It was draped with an inviting black satin and plush animal hides tanned black and deep shades of golden tones. There was a four poster bed made out of dark steel that stood upon a large dais in the middle of the room that made Persephone blush and step further back into the shadows of the room just looking at it.

Honestly, Pluto was a devastatingly handsome man; dark hair and even darker eyes that seemed to glimmer with just a touch of topaz that gave him a devilishly appealing look. When he gazed upon Persephone with lust shining brightly in his eyes, she couldn't help but feel it linger in the pit of her belly, making her begin to long with something that she couldn't quite understand. But she couldn't deny the truth of what she felt inside … she felt like her legs were made of jelly and had to hang onto the dark, satiny draperies that hung around the four-poster bed as she watched him walk closer and closer to her.

His tall dark form seemed to loom over her as he reached out with a strong hand, his fingers curling around Persephone's dainty wrist and pulled her against his strong, unyielding chest. She nearly choked on a gasp as she was held strongly against his hard chest, her lips slightly parted as she gazed up into his surprisingly handsome face.

Pluto was mesmerized by her beauty and the innocence that shown in her face. There would be no other that he could love the way that he did Persephone and he vowed to never let her go. She would be his mate, no matter what. His fingers reached up to brush lovingly across her cheek even as she recoiled in his arms at the touch.

"Please, let me go …" she begged, her small form trembling helplessly against his hard length.

"I will never let you go," he growled before capturing her trembling lips with his. He could feel her body stiffen as he pulled her hard against him and then relent some as his lips claimed hers, his tongue prying between her pliant lips that seemed to submit beneath his kiss that transformed her from the frightened stiff girl to a soft, yielding body against his.

And then his right hand crossed back through the space between them and captured her right wrist, guiding her hand towards the bulge in the front of his leather pants and placed it down firmly on the protrusion. Lifting his hand from hers, he pushed the splaying fingers over her forehead and into the sea of dark curls that made up her hair. The movement was loving and guiding and complimented his quiet words, "Get down on your knees and show me how much you really want to stay, even though you keep denying it."

Her cry of surprise was quickly followed by a soft sob as his hand slipped into the soft tresses of her hair and where she would have fought him, found she couldn't do much other than slide down to the floor in front of him beneath the pressure of his hand, her palm taking on a life of its own as it began to rub and push the bulge in his pants before his fingers over hers squeezed, forcing her to pop the buttons there open. "Please don't do this," she begged in a soft broken voice, a lone tear slipping down her cheek.

He wasn't about to lose that smug air of superiority he currently felt with both Persephone on her knees and the fact that he had captured her for his own despite Demeter's protests or the interference of Zeus or any other god or goddess. He used his free hand to draw his pants free of his hips and slid them downwards, allowing the desperate-for-attention member to spring free and bounce back against his body mere inches away from her face. "You're mine … mine to do with as I wish … mine to keep her with me from this moment on. Accept it, Persephone," he replied as offhandedly as he could as his hands came back to her head, slipping into the silken locks once more before he started to slowly draw her head towards his groin.

Persephone glanced up at him, one eyebrow raised with a defiant air at his words, biting back a remark that she knew inherently would cause trouble that she could detect would bring her more trouble than she had ever known. But as his hands guided her closer, something in her stirred … something that had lain dormant, as if waiting to be unlocked and the beast within unleashed on its unsuspecting victim. Her hands moved to the back of his thighs, pulling him closer until her nose pressed into his hardness, burying her face against him as she simply inhaled in his fragrance. Even though she didn't really know what she was doing, her body seemed to take control and a soft purr erupted before she nuzzled lower against his balls and her mouth pressed against his length to rain tiny, hot kisses up along his length.

As Pluto felt her skin against his erection, now free to the air, he gripped at her hair in momentary shock at how baby soft and flawless her skin was – it truly felt like silk compared to his beaten leather. As his breathing relaxed into a steady rhythm, he looked down at her, bathing in the sensation of having her down in front of him … it seemed so natural, as if it were meant to be and nothing, no one would ever be able to convince him otherwise.

Persephone didn't understand it … she could hardly stand Pluto but there was no denying what kind of power he suddenly had over her. She could barely contain the thrill she felt as his hands dove into her soft tresses as her lips continued to rain soft feathery kisses along his now exposed shaft before her hands took action and moved upwards to assist her mouth in its new-found endeavor to please him. She wanted to make him groan and feel as helplessly lost as she suddenly found herself before him on her knees. One hand gently, almost lovingly cupped and caressed his balls as the other simply wrapped around the base of his girth as her lips moved slowly up to the head of his now throbbing member. Her tongue tentatively darted out over the head, as if exploring new territory, in a soft caress, tasting his excitement that had pooled at the tip before using her tongue to travel back down the length of him akin almost to her trying to memorize the very outline of this source of her newfound passion.

Letting out a guttural moan at the feel of her so intimately close, Pluto worked his fingers through her wild mane in unbridled pleasure. There was something about her nuzzling against him like that that drew him closer to her with each motion – it was all too natural so rapidly that he knew that there would be no turning back. Persephone would be with him for all eternity; of that much he was sure. Each luscious movement of her mouth and tongue on him sent sparks flashing across his mind, increasing the temperature already rising inside him as if someone were holding a blowtorch to a thermometer. He chewed on the inside of his lower lip to stop the sounds coming from him too soon, wanting to have her oblivious to how close he was to just losing control of his mind and throwing her to his bed to fuck her hard and fast like he had longed to do for ages untold.

Persephone closed her eyes, her tongue dragging back up the length of him as her palms fondled his balls, gently tugging and rolling them, weighing them in her hand before her mouth captured the head of his cock in her warm, moist depths. Her lips created a suction around the head as she began to suckle, gently at first as if she were savoring a sweet fine wine and then more lustily as her hunger grew. Her hand began to twist gently on his shaft, moving upwards in long smooth strokes, slowly at first to match the movements of her mouth and then faster as she dared to peek upwards at him, that awakened part of her hoping beyond hope that his face showed his pleasure.

Pluto knew … he could sense the change in her and before that feeling could disappear, he wanted to take full advantage of the weakness that had taken over Persephone. Despite the realization of just how arousing the feel of her mouth was on him, he needed to be inside of her … to join with her and share the most raw, carnal act they could. Pulling backwards to pop himself free of her mouth, he almost cried out in longing. For the love of the gods, that had driven him half-crazy for the feel of her mouth was turning out to be one of the most pleasurable and incredible sensations he had ever known. Quickly taking advantage of her momentary shock, he pulled himself free of the remainder of his pants and the top that he ripped off his broad, muscular form before moving up onto the bed, stretching out flat and then turning slightly to watch the way she glanced around as if trying to work out what had just happened. Now, only now, did the unashamedly wanton grin rip across his face as the passion she had nurtured in him burst through the surface and he let the words rush from him as if he had been fighting to hold them in. "I want you on top of me, riding me," he said, his words permeating the hazy fog of her mind, "Fucking me so that I can see you, hold you and caress you."

Persephone's glazed look followed his every movement even as her moist lips formed a perfect 'o' at his sudden withdrawal. Surprisingly she had loved the feel of his flesh in her mouth … the way he tasted, the way she could feel the blood surge up that thick vein that led to the bulbous head that fed her like a pampered pet. But as his words permeated her mind, a moan of desire was her only answer. Gone were any rational thoughts … gone was the reality of being abducted against her will … gone was her desire to be anywhere else but here, wrapped up in this moment. All that existed in this one moment was what he expected of her and the only thing that she wanted to do which was exactly what she did; she turned on her knees and crawled up onto the wide expanse of his bed, hovering over him like the goddess Aphrodite herself, lust shining in the depths of her gaze as she began to peel off the hindering clothes that kept her untouched body from his hungered eyes.

There was no turning back … Persephone was caught up in the lust-filled frenzy that Pluto had awakened in her and after this one night with him, her fate would forever be sealed to be with him for all eternity.


"I will never let Persephone go," growled Pluto. "I love her and I want to marry her."

"Please, Pluto," begged Hermes, "please, be reasonable. You know Persephone doesn't really love you. You have clouded her mind and taken advantage of her untouched ways. She will never marry you on her own free will."

Pluto was beside himself with anger. Those of Mount Olympus were determined to rip from him the one true shot at happiness he had ever encountered, all because of Demeter's determination to never let him have her daughter. There had to be a way to keep her with him and appease the gods. There had to be!

But then he remembered something that very well could be his loophole. "Very well," roared Pluto, his anger near boiling beneath his calm surface. "I'll let her go if she hasn't eaten any food while she's been here. You know the rule. If she has eaten anything in the Underworld, she must stay here forever."

Hermes knew that Pluto would try anything to keep Persephone by his side. But there was really only one way to find out the truth. "That's easy," said Hermes. "Let's ask her."

Persephone was beside herself with distress. Secretly, she was shocked and frightened at the lust and need that Pluto had awakened in her and part of her hungered for it again. But she missed her mother and her friends and couldn't bear the thought of never seeing them again. She sobbed, reaching for Hermes as they appeared before her with the question. This was her way out! "I couldn't eat anything here. I've never touched even the smallest crumb of food."

But fate was not willing to take the lovely young girl by the hand and lead her home easily. A misty ghost of a gardener was listening, his loyalty lying with Pluto and the Underworld always. "Oh yes you did," he croaked. "I saw you. You picked a ripe pomegranate and ate it."

"No, no!" cried Persephone, her eyes wild as her hands reached out for Hermes, begging to be spared this eternal fate. "I didn't eat it all! I was thirsty! I just swallowed a few of the seeds!"

"That's enough," shouted Pluto, his strong arms folding over the wide expanse of his chest as an evil smile of triumph flickered over his strong lips.

"Please, Pluto," begged Hermes, "let her go for at least little while. The Earth is suffering with Demeter's anguish. A few seeds aren't that much."

Pluto considered the god's words for a short while even as he watched the one woman he loved sob uncontrollably. There was that part of him that wanted her here on her own free will and he knew that she was missing her mother, despite how he felt about Demeter. "Oh, all right," growled Pluto. "Persephone may go back to the Earth for half of each year but must spend the other months here with me, in the Underworld. If that is not enough, then she will not go back at all!"

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