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Greek Story


Growing up in the countryside in Greece is not always an easy task, especially if it is in a small village outside Sparta and especially for girls. There, people know everything about everybody, and very rarely does something remain secret for long. That makes any physical contact between people who are not married close to unthinkable. Apart from that, teenage boys are not often lucky enough to meet and go out with someone of the opposite sex since parents, and quite often brothers, are strict with the upbringing of their children and are not comfortable to permit their girls to stay out much without supervision.

Growing to my mid teens in such circumstances, and having both my father and my three brothers to worry about, I soon wiped all thoughts of ‘getting’ a boyfriend out of my mind and opted to spend more time with the young males of my family instead.

When the weather turned warm in the spring, and believe me in Sparta the weather can be very warm, and up to the first rainy days of September when school starts, we would spend most of our time outside, either helping our father with the farm chores or playing by the stream and in the fields. Since we were with each other a lot we had grown very close and we were always having a great time, me being part of the gang, often forgetting that I was a girl.

When the weather turned cold, and after we had all completed our school work, we would spend our time at home, or in one of the barns with the animals or the warehouses where our father kept seeds and farming equipment. Although we could not run and play football or hide and seek in the open air, we still managed to have a great time and strengthen our bond even further.

That autumn evening that changed our lives and relationship we were at the warehouse where our father stores weed for the livestock. We had all lain on the seed and were discussing our future and dreams for our lives. Like all teenagers growing in the sparsely populated towns of Greece, we were all dreaming the day we would leave the village to go study or work in the big city. My older brother, Yiannis named after my father’s father, was almost 21 then and had plans to study Agriculture in a college in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. Yiannis had grown to be a very handsome young man, and since he was the one helping our father the most, he was very well built with strong muscles and a great tan. Thanos on the other hand was the scientist of the family, so spending much time behind books was quite frail and pale, though he had the most beautiful eyes I had seen, inherited from our grand father on my mother’s side. Thanos was 20 and the second child in my family and destined to leave the village to study in Athens. Nikos was the opposite of all the boys in the family, the young rebel who disregarded our parents’ instructions and always went out to play football with his friends. Nikos was quite thin and of average height for his age. Nikos was strong and at 19 dreamt of becoming a football star. I am the third child of the family. At eighteen I was quite developed and my body had definitely change. Having spent most of my life outdoors I was quite fit and tanned after the hot summer days we spent splashing in the stream and playing in the fields. At the age of eighteen and being quite attached to my family I was rather torn as to what I wanted to do, fighting between living in the big city and experiencing the big life, and staying at home with my family.

We were fooling around joking and laughing about all matters, commenting on how we had grown and remembering our fun times together.

“Remember when we were 10 and we used to take our clothes off to swim in the river!” asked Nikos laughing.

“It was the best summer I can remember” I replied.

“I wonder why never did than again,” asked Yiannis.

“Well, look at Sophia’s body and how her tits have grown,” exclaimed Thanos, “Do you think she would undress to show them to you?” he added and they all laughed. All but me, who suddenly realized that I was not a part of the gang anymore, I was not considered to be one of them anymore and all because I had tits. I was devastated, my world was crumbling and I needed to save it.

“What are you talking about?” I called back.

“Come on sis,” Yianni said “face it, you have grown into a young woman now, you ARE changing, we ‘ve all noticed!”

‘A YOUNG WOMAN’ I thought, what are they talking about. I froze, I was losing them.

“Come on guys, you know I would still do what we always did, no?” I did not know that back then, but I was falling freely and willingly in their trap.

“No, you wouldn’t sis,” Thanos said. He was obviously trying to save me, but to no avail, as I am too stubborn to back away.

“OK, OK, challenge me and I will prove here and now that I am still part of the gang.” I did not know what I was heading to.

“Oh, let’s see now,” said Yiannis. “How about we all undress here and now and all see how Sophia and we all have changed since the time we used to swim naked. “Good idea,” Nikos said. Thanos did not seem to be too happy about it but added “Yeah, let’s”

They all started undressing, and they were all right, I was not comfortable with the idea, but, being a selfish stubborn kid, I could not show my true position on this, so I started removing my clothes, but not without taking quick peeks at my brothers. Yiannis had a great body without his clothes on. He had grown quite hairy since the last time I saw him without clothes and he had grown a lot in certain places. The same applied to my other brothers who had also grown interestingly, though they were not as hairy as Yiannis.

Now we all stood naked and quite nervous. My body was certainly much different than what it was back then. I had grown in places too and had become rounder. My ass was now protruding sexily and my chest had swollen considerably toped with dark brown, now erect nipples.

Yiannis broke the silence as he walked towards and placing his one hand over my left breast and his other over my pubic hair said “You see sis, you have changed, you are not the little girl you used to be!” and with that he took my nipple between his rough fingers and pulled and rubbed it hard. I shut my eyes while at the same time a soft moan left my mouth involuntarily, and I moved my body forward to, let his palm nesting on my pubic hair touch my genitals. I was shocked. What on earth was I doing?

On opening my eyes again I saw Nikos kneeling in front of me, his member sticking out, his eyes glued on my pubic area. Thanos was still sitting where he was, though his genitals clearly showed he was pleased by what he was seeing.

“We can still have great times together little sister,” Yiannis went on, “though, that will not involve splashing in the stream anymore.”

“Yeah, great times together!” added Nikos who now had his hand running up and down my thigh.

I could not believe my ears or my eyes. What was going on, my brothers were trying to seduce me and without my realizing it I was playing along. What was worse, however, I was enjoying it.

Yiannis held my pussy in his palm and with his thumb he started rubbing my clit.

The thrill was enormous. O.K. I confess I had more than once touched myself and had even brought myself to a couple of orgasms, but this was beyond anything I had felt or imagined before, my own brother fingering my clitoris. The feeling was indescribable. I completely surrendered to his touches, and although I knew all this was wrong, I wanted more of it and that is what I got.

I opened my eyes and looked at my three brothers.

Yiannis had his hands all over me, his cock rubbing up and down my thighs. Nikos was caressing my legs with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. It was not hard to see that although Yiannis was better built, Nikos was better endowed. Then I turned to Thanos who was still sitting a bit further away, and although his cock wasn’t as long as our brothers’, his was the thickest. His eyes were glued on me and his brothers’ arms all over me. I stretched my arm out and called him over. I reached and held his erect penis and started rubbing it gently and he responded shutting his eyes and moaning. Being the youngest, he soon tensed and came all over my hand with a loud cry. When he opened his eyes pure excitement and pleasure could be seen. I bent over slightly and without stopping to rub his cock I gave him a wet kiss, my tongue probing his mouth and playing with his.

“Wow sis,” cried Nikos, “where did you learn to do that?” And with that he pushed Thanos aside and placed my, cum-covered, hand on his stiff cock, which I automatically started to rub up and down, giving him the same pleasure I had given Thanos. In the same time, Yiannis was rubbing his stiff cock up and down my ass crack as he was twisting and rubbing my hard erect dark nipples sending shivers up my spine.

This was a dream. I had never engaged in sex before, the only experience being the few times I had masturbated and some scenes I had seen on TV, yet here I was pleasuring my three brother like a pro. My great love for my three brothers and my fear of losing them had driven me to give them the best I could.

Nikos did not take longer than Thanos to cum and he soon emptied his load in my hand giving off a loud cry of enjoyment.

“Bent over sis,” said Yiannis who was still behind me, his cock between my bum cheeks, his hand over my boobs. “It’s time for you to get some too!!” he added and with that I bent over displaying my young pussy to him. I was so excited that my cunt was dripping wet and as soon as my older brother started licking my juices off it I felt the trembling of my first orgasm that day shake my whole body. Thanos and Nikos who had both become soft after my hand job were now both rigid again, and demanded attention. As I was bent over allowing my brother Yiannis lick my juicy virgin cunt, Nikos, the bravest of my younger brothers came over me and placed his cock over my lips. I did not need a further encouragement and as I was enjoying Yiannis’ mouth over my pussy I took him in my mouth.

“That is great adelfoula,” cried Nikos as I run my tongue up and down his member and not being able to hold it much longer he came filling my mouth with his hot sperm. Not having tasted anything like it before I hungrily gulped it all letting only a few drops escape and fall to the ground. I then turned to Thanos who was sitting quietly on the heap of grain, playing with his cock, looking at all this. I slowly went on my knees making Yiannis complain, as he could no longer eat me as he was up to now, and I crawled over to him, taking his cock in my mouth. Yiannis who had not yet been satisfied followed suit and guided his cock to my opening. He gently rubbed the head of his prick over my swollen lips and made me moan with pleasure, a moan muffled by Thanos cock in my mouth. Then he slowly pressed his tool into me and the joyous pain that his penetration caused made me nearly bite Thanos cock off.

With one cock in my mouth and another in my pussy it was hard to control my feelings and I experienced for the first time of my young life orgasms hitting me the one after the other. Yiannis suddenly increased his pace and as Thanos unloaded his cum into my mouth and down my throat, pulled out gave a cry and unloaded his warm spunk all over my back. The sensations and feelings of all this led me to yet another string of powerful orgasms.

We all collapsed on the heaps of grain in our father’s barn, breathing heavily. “So, adelfoula, you really can play with us after all!” exclaimed Yiannis as soon as he managed to regain his breath. I had won; I did not lose them after all, or was it the other way round?

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