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Green Eyed Stranger


Maia sat on her bed, scouring the catalogs to find something to wear to Chrissie’s Halloween party. She hated costume parties, but since there was no one at home to sit and cuddle with so it was out and about to mingle with the masses. Noche curled at her feet and she absentmindedly pet him. He began to purr loudly. She looked up and smiled and purred back at him.

“That’s my man,” she cooed at him. “ Why cant I find a man like you, devoted and cuddly? Hell right now I could do with just good fuck!” She giggled at the cat. He was privy to everything in her life: all the rantings she had late at night about failed relationships, lovers who lacked something, or just frustrations. And on more then one occasion he had been witness to the frenzied passions of a lover or herself alone. His watching had unnerved some men, but she often just laughed it off as cat-like curiosity.

She finally settled on the sexy cat costume placed the order online and curled into her bed, Noche snuggled in close right beside her. He liked to lay with her, wrapped up in her arms or next to her head. Sometimes he would push himself against the curve of the small of her back where she loved to feel his warmth. He was always there, purring contentedly when he slept. He seemed to watch over her, always with her from the moment she walked in the door till she left in the morning. He would often sit in the window and watch her as she worked in the yard.

The autumn air was brisk as Maia rushed in from work and hurried to get ready for the party. Still dateless, she was less then enthused, but she thought, “ Who knows? Mr. Right could be waiting there for me.” She dallied in the shower and fussed a bit much with her long auburn curls trying to get them just right then pulled her costume from the closet. Noche was at her feet the entire time as usual. She pulled the fishnet stockings over her toned legs and relished the feel of them. Noche moved between her legs, his long black tail curling around her calf. She straightened them where they rested at the top of her thigh and was content that they would compliment her outfit nicely. Maia then slid into the tiny black body suit that barely covered her. It was low cut and showed off her ample breasts.

She stood in front of the mirror and sighed as she added the final touch of her cat ears and tail. Noche stretched his lean body up her leg, his claws gently grabbing at her. She picked him up and snuggled him to her and gave him kisses on his head. He purred franticly. “Why couldn’t I bring you with me?’ She posed to him. “You are the most reliable man I have in my life.” She sighed wistfully, placed the large black cat on the floor and grabbed her purse. She flipped the light switch and pushed out the door into the night, tripping as Noche whisked past her.

“Damn,” she scowled dropping her purse and chasing after the cat. She stumbled about in the darkness for about fifteen minutes before finally deciding it was useless to try and find a solid black cat outside at night. “He will get hungry and come home eventually.” she tried to convince herself. He had never been outside. Never even tried to get out before, “Maybe he has some trick or treating of his own to do,” Maia giggled to herself as she walked down the block to Chrissie’s.

The party was in full swing as she approached the simple Cape style house. The trees were adorned with ghosts and goblins and Halloween lights. She rang the doorbell and Chrissie answered in a cute French maid outfit, greeting Maia with hugs and a well-intentioned “Meeeeeeow!” The rooms were decorated cutely with all the traditional seasonal things: an apple bobbing barrel, candy apples and candy corn. Maia headed for the makeshift bar and got a Vampire’s Kiss to try and put her in the Halloween spirit. She looked at all the costumed people around her and tried to figure out who each ghoul was. It was mostly neighbors and a few co-workers of Chrissie and her husband Jake.

But in the corner sitting quietly with a drink was someone she didn’t recognize. He wore a simple costume of a black shirt and a Lone Ranger mask. He was lean and muscular and his eyes peered out from behind the mask a glowing green. His hair was pitch black and short but it seemed to flow and curve around his face. He looked familiar, in a haunting way. Something about him made her shiver. She looked away for a moment and turned back to look at him and he was gone, like a ghost.

She mingled with her friends and neighbors, laughing at some of the more ridiculous costumes, feigning fear at more then one tacky vampire or witch. The night seemed to move quickly and she truly was having a good time despite the advances of more then one drunken werewolf. She kept a wandering eye open for the mystery man, but only caught glimpses of him here and there. She pointed him out to Chrissie who shrugged and said “He must be someone’s friend” before she was dragged off to go through the makeshift haunted house in the basement. As the clocks hands edged towards midnight Maia was feeling the warming effects of both the crowd and the three (or was it four?) drinks she’d had.

She moved through the crowd towards the back of the house and slipped out into the brisk air to catch her breath. The sounds of the revelers faded as she closed the door and she took a deep breath and relaxed against the railing of the porch, closing her eyes and rubbing her temples. She heard a rustle in the trees and was startled but looked up and saw no one. Closing her eyes again she felt a shiver go up her spine and she knew He was there. She turned and he smiled at her, his eyes radiant from behind his mask. She hurriedly said “ You startled me,” and his smile seemed to widen. She looked back out on the empty yard and rattled something about the autumn as he moved closer behind her. His hand lightly stroked her tail and as she tried to pull away, his grasp tightened a little.

She froze, somewhere between fear and arousal, and he released his grip a little. He moved his hand from her tail to the small of her back and he pushed himself against her. His touch was intoxicating, more so then any drink. Her skin responded to him immediately and without her consent. He gently stroked up her back and moved his head in to her neck nuzzling her lightly, his hair brushing against her face. It was so soft she almost gasped as he investigated the nape of her neck. His lips grazed her neck, right in her secret spot, and she let out a moan. He trailed his fingers up her back and to her shoulders and around to her breasts. She wanted to scream, to run, but at the same time something in her held her tight to that spot, letting this strange man touch her and caress her. His long slender fingers worked themselves into the top of her costume and found her pink nipples already hard and waiting for his touch. He rolled them in his fingers, gently scraping them with his nails. His mouth found spots on her neck and shoulders and he worked his tongue across every exposed inch of her causing tremors that could not be hidden.

More than once she tried to speak and he would silence her with a gentle nip at her neck or by sliding a finger up from her breast to her mouth. She gently licked and suckled them instinctively. She felt him press his sinewy body closer against her, and she felt his hardness against her ass. She tilted her head back to receive his kisses, his tongue both seductively slow and frenzied at the same time. He nipped at her tongue and lips and it elicited the most foreign moans, but they were lost in his kisses. He moved his hands up to the delicate straps holding her costume on and slid them down her shoulders, exposing her breasts to the cool air. She had lost the will to protest. He pushed it further down over her slightly rounded stomach, past her hips until it fell effortlessly to her feet.

With his hand on her thigh he motioned for her to step out of the now useless garment and she did, revealing her freshly shaved sex to the air as well. The cold shocked her in her warmest of spots, but it was soon covered again as he turned her back to the railing and knelt to lap at her pussy. His tongue moved roughly across the tender lips parting them, tasting her. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pushed him closer to her. His teeth scraped against her clit and she let out a small yelp of pleasure. He moaned into her, almost a growl as he devoured her with a hunger she had never felt before from any man. His hands moved across her body and she felt the pressure of his weight as he leaned into her. Then one hand moved between her thighs and expertly slid first one then two fingers inside her. She felt possessed by pleasure as he fingers moved over her g-spot and his tongue teased her lips and clit. Her moans were louder and louder even though she bit her lip to hold them back. In mere moments she was crying out in orgasm. Pushing his tongue to her as he drove his fingers deep inside her. It was as though he knew her body, her every pleasure. Maia’s body shook as she began to slide down from the peak of orgasm.

He did not give her a moment to think. He turned her away again and grasping her by the hair he pushed her torso over the railing. She felt him free his cock from his pants and rub it against her ass. Then almost lifting her to his level with her hair he slid his throbbing heat into her. He arched his body over hers and licked and kissed at her neck and back. Thrusting hard inside her, his cock tore at her pussy, and she cried out at the intensity - the pleasure. She pushed back to meet his every stroke, feeling the just-faded fire building in her again as he pulsated inside her. His form enveloped her. He was everywhere, everything. She felt the heat of her orgasm drawing closer as his strokes became quicker. He was an animal - his fingers clawing at her breasts, his cock pumping her relentlessly. An almost silent scream slipped out of her mouth as she felt him coming, her orgasm overcame her as she felt him trembling inside her. She heard a groan, no a growl as he filled her with his come. His teeth tore into the base of her neck holding her still as he claimed his pleasure.

As the tremors subsided he gently licked at the wound he had inflicted on her and she felt tears on her cheeks. Not of remorse or fear, but pure passion. He moved slowly out of her and left her with a kiss and a knowing smile. She sat just for a moment naked then gathered herself and walked quickly home. In shock, in awe.

She arrived at her house and Noche sat waiting at the door. She scooped him into her arms and hurried inside. She was almost in a trance. Had it been a dream? Who was this mystery man? It was her every thought as she drifted off to sleep, Noche beside her, as always. In her last moments of awareness she felt Noche’s paw reach out and almost caress the warm redness of the bite on her neck. She turned and looked into his vivid green eyes and fell asleep.

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