tagFetishGreen Eyes Ch. 01

Green Eyes Ch. 01


Jane looked like a porn star secretary. It was the glasses. I spent many happy office hours imagining her taking off those glasses, swishing her shoulder-length blonde hair, slowly unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her big breasts fighting against the lacy black bra beneath. Crawling onto my desk (pen holder on the floor) and her skirt hitching up. A smooth thigh over black stockings. That fantastic cleavage in my face, wanton green eyes that were moments before safely hidden behind glasses.

We flirted playfully. We sent jokey emails back and forth. She'd ask if her bum looked big in a new outfit and wiggle her ass at me. If I had some amusing mail Jane would lean behind me to read it, her left breast pressed against my shoulder. Claire would suggest that Jane's tits were getting bigger and ask my opinion. It was all Claire's fault. Claire was a big girl with an astonishing bosom. Now she was an outrageous flirt, but not especially sexy, and married besides. Jane was married too – to a soldier, for fuck's sake. Claire would drop hints about their adventurous sex life and Jane would blush and deny it too much.

After work one cold Friday in January Claire suggested we three go for a drink. It was freezing out, the bar was warm, and we were soon on our second pints. I sat sandwiched on a bench between Jane and Claire, a warm thigh pressing on either side. She was telling us that Mark, her husband, was in Germany for a fortnight and looking a bit down.

"---'ll keep you company," said Claire helpfully, reading a message on her phone. "Sorry! I've gotta go. You two have fun!" And with that she was gone, but not before ordering a couple of large whiskies that soon arrived at our table.

We staggered out of there at 9.30 and agreed to share a cab. In the back we sat close and my hand fell quite naturally on her thigh. When we got to hers she suggested I came in for a coffee. My dick was immediately semi-hard. I paid the driver and followed her into her house.

The living room was nice, with leather sofas, tasteful lamps, photos on the wall, all very grown-up compared to my shabby flat. We dumped our coats and shoes and I flopped on the sofa. Her glasses had fogged up and she took them off to clean them on her blouse. A glimpse of stomach, the top of her panties. I looked up to find green eyes watching me with a wicked smile. "Coffee!" she said replacing her glasses and went out to the kitchen. Except she completely forgot the coffee and came back with two large whiskies.

She put both glasses on a side table and without warning thrust herself into my lap. She kissed me violently, forcing her tongue in my mouth and grabbing my hair. I kissed her back and our tongues writhed like teenagers'. She let out a moan, almost like an animal. She thrust her groin into mine and I was instantly hard. She pushed me back and took off her glasses, chucking them next to us. Her green eyes had me hypnotised. I was quite helpless under them. And she was a creature possessed, far more than I had dreamt in my daytime fantasies.

"Take your clothes off," she ordered, and was already heaving my jumper and T-shirt over my head. She tore at the buttons on my jeans and stood up to drag them, taking my pants with them, from my legs. And she stood over me, her in her white blouse and beige skirt, me naked with a stupid smile and a startled hard-on, and appraised me with hungry green eyes while she caught her breath and her breasts heaved. Abruptly she dropped to her knees and yanked my socks off. And slowly she inched towards my prick, her hands on my thighs. Her breasts pushed against my legs and she took my prick in her hand, all the time her green eyes locked on mine. She started to stroke me, moving slowly closer, her eyes on mine. "I'm going to have such fun with you," she purred and ran her tongue from my balls slowly, wetly to the tip of my cock. Then she swallowed me.

"Oh!" I groaned and my back arched. She held the base of my cock and took the rest into her mouth. Her mouth was hot and her lips held me tight and her tongue worked all over and she sucked me hard, wetly fucking my prick with her mouth, her hand wanking in time. Expertly, like the secretary/whore in the films, she blew me.

"Jane!" I cautioned, but she ignored me, jerking me faster and making obscene sucking sounds. "Jane!" I put my hands on her head in an attempt to warn her. Instead she swallowed me whole, holding me there in her throat and gagging. It was too much. "Oh Jane!" I cried in panic and impending release.

She pulled back a little, her mouth still wrapped around my rock-hard cock and wanked me furiously as I bucked on the seat. "Oh god!" the first jet of cum flooded her mouth. She made "Mmm!" sounds and still her lips held me as she wanked me and shot after shot of cum exploded into her wonderful mouth.

I came maybe five times and still she held on, slowly sucking at my twitching, ticklish prick and my body shuddered. Finally with a plop she released me. I opened my eyes and looked down into her green eyes, glowing with mischief, and lips shiny with my cum and a full mouth.

She crawled up my body onto my lap, higher than me, taking my hair firmly in one hand, green eyes locked on mine. I watched powerless, her face close to mine, her mouth full of my cum, a drip rolling from the corner of her wet red lips. With something of an effort she swallowed. And smiled.

And planted her slippy lips on mine. I resisted, but she held my hair and her tongue snaked its way into my mouth. My cum on her tongue and her tongue exploring my mouth. She pressed her mouth harder against mine and I opened wide and she kissed me mercilessly, sharing her freshly fucked mouth, filling my mouth with the taste of my cum. Overcome, I kissed her back, greedily exploring her mouth, wanting it, the wrong taste, the submission. She moaned and pushed her crotch against my still-hard prick.

Finally Jane broke our slimy kiss. She looked at me with green eyes. She wiped the bead of cum from her mouth and looked at it on her finger. She popped the finger in my mouth and I sucked it clean. "Come to the bedroom," she said. "You've got work to do."

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