tagErotic CouplingsGreen Panties For Saint Panties Day

Green Panties For Saint Panties Day

byTom Soup©

It wasn't a regular Monday as Scott drove to work. He had remembered to wear the only green long sleeve shirt he owned, in keeping with the tradition of the day. His socks and boxer shorts were green as well. His black office slacks were old and he had replaced the button that closed the fly about a year ago with green thread. The four tiny connected holes reminded him of a lucky Irish four-leaf clover, a perfect touch for St. Patrick’s holiday. He knew this was going to be a special day, but had no idea how special it would really be.

Every weekday morning and more weekends than he could remember for the last seven years, he'd made the drive down the pacific coast highway to work. The office building he worked in was two stories tall and situated in an upscale industrial park. The company had swelled from only a small handful of employees to a much larger group of a hundred. It was his first real job out of college, and Scott liked the dynamic urgency of the daily business. Something was always going on. A rush or a hurry to get something out the door to a customer made days fly by as fast as the technology of the digital world changed.

As he pulled into his parking space at the far end of the building, Scott pulled down the sun visor to check his hair in the backside mirror. He looked down the rows of cars for Nicole's white Honda Civic, but his anticipatory energy dwindled when he didn't see it.

Nicole had only been with the company for six months. She was the latest in a series of receptionists, and to Scott, she was the hottest girl the company had ever hired to answer the phones. Except on Fridays, her long thick black hair was usually up in a business-like bun. Because she sat behind the half-wall counter just inside the main entrance, the first thing a visitor would see was her full lips and beautiful friendly smile. If they wore sunglasses, like Scott usually did, they would surely be drawn down her neckline to the luscious full round breasts she couldn't hide if she tried. They had to be a D cup and in the high thirties if not forty in size. The rest of her figure Scott admired just as much. He'd see her occasionally at the fax machine or copier changing paper baskets and admire her well-balanced hips and narrowing waist. She wasn't skinny, but her body was lush with curves made for kissing and running your hands over. It was the kind of body Scott dreamed his hard cock would pulse against anywhere it touched.

For the first couple of months she worked for the company, Scott had only known her by her voice over the intercom telling him he had a call. His office was at the opposite end of the building and until about a month ago, he had always just parked in front of his office and entered through one of the side doors. But lately, he purposefully had started parking on the other end of the building so he could go through the main entrance and see Nicole. Her friendly smile was a great way to start the morning.

She must be late today. He hoped she didn't have the day off, but if she did, she certainly deserved it. Her job was very intense at times and Scott thought she was under appreciated for the excellent initial customer interface she performed. He thought it was in part, because she only really answered the phone. The company had very few visitors. Maybe two visits a week and some weeks none at all. The lobby was a lonely place. Everyone else in the company worked within ear range of other people and interacted with several others. The receptionist job didn't. Her desk was isolated from everyone else. All by herself and tied to the phone, she rarely felt the camaraderie of fellow employees. She could of took off all her clothes and sat naked, moaning as she rubbed her clitoris and slipped her fingers in and out of her wet pussy for hours and no one would know.

Scott joked with her about the loneliness of the lobby she oversaw. Every time he called in or spoke to her, he would pretend to be eagerly interested in her lobby and ask, "So, is anybody in the lobby?" She'd gotten used to his humorous questions and give creative replies like "Just a gang of gypsies trying to get change for a twenty." Or, "A midget, I think, but I can't see over the counter." Or on days when she was really busy and harried, she'd just say, "No. No one. Just me." Her voice sounding genuinely disappointed.

Scott got out of his car and walked across the parking lot. He opened the main lobby door and sure enough, Nicole's desk was vacant. He was disappointed, especially since it was St. Patrick's Day, and he was looking forward to seeing if Nicole had on green. The daily newspaper was lying on the floor. It was delivered through a mail slot every day and Nicole would usually find it, and take it to the conference room for anyone to read who wanted to.

Sometimes a tiny twist of luck can change your whole day. It did for Scott, when he changed his normal path to his office, picked up the paper, and detoured to the conference room.

As we weaved through the hallway arches to the conference room, he heard noise in the conference room. The soft carpet muffled his approaching steps and as he rounded the copier area and turned towards the open conference room door, he saw the incredible sight of Nicole bent over trying to get a hold of a heavy full box of invoices. The skirt she was wearing had completely risen over her ass and rested in a horizontal wave above her green thong waistband. The thin strip of green cotton left very little to Scott's imagination. It tapered down to darkness between her lush ass cheeks and because she had spread her legs for more leverage to lift with, the flare of her panties that began at her anus, swept forward in a tapering triangle containing whatever bush she had. Only four feet back, Scott could see no hairs along the edges of her panties at all.

She had a tattoo. Scott was drawn to the tiny blue flower with six petals just a finger distance from her crack and slightly above her asshole. Most panties would hide it. But not the green ones she wore today. Scott felt his cock twitch in his pants. It was unfurling with speed and his underwear wasn't positioned correctly for it. Without thinking, he reached down to ease the discomfort just as Nicole turned and saw him.

He was caught! He knew it. She knew it wasn't his fault. But his hand touching his pants crotch was surprising and she quickly rose up and stammered, "Oh, you surprised me. I didn't hear you."

Scott hoped he had pulled his hand back from his crotch quick enough, but he wasn't sure. He felt his face blossoming red and was unsure what to say. He moved the newspaper in front of his crotch to hide the obvious tent he had left in mid motion of repositioning his cock. Finally, the boxes clicked a switch in his head, "Need some help? Those boxes look heavy."

"They are a little. Last year's invoices. We have an audit today." Nicole saw the newspaper and reached her hand out for it. "I'll take that."

Scott didn't see any option but to hand it to her. It really all happened in a few seconds, but it seemed like slow motion to Nicole. When Scott handed her the newspaper, She immediately saw his erection. It was impossible to hide. He had a healthy size cock and when he got an erection, it got so hard it could poke out pants made of steel. She couldn't look away. It looked so hard and well defined. It was only Scott's hands moving into a lapping cover in front of him that broke her stare.

"Can you put that box on top of the table?" Nicole asked as she took the newspaper to the center of the conference table. Footsteps in the hallway saved Scott from any further frozen action. He moved to the box Nicole was trying to lift and picked it up. But not before Nicole noticed he had a nice ass. "I see you wore green." She cheerily spoke.

Grasping for distraction from his obvious visible erection, Scott's reply was quick. It was one of those accidentally ridiculous times when you say a word you are thinking instead of the one that the sentence really needs.

"Yeah. And you too. It's the thing for St. Panties Day." Scott quickly tried to retract and correct what he had said, "Patricks. St. Patrick's Day." But it was too late. All the blood that was in his cock making it swell with excitement, rushed at the speed of sound to his burning face. His total embarrassment only made worse by the slow awareness that she had on nothing green at all. At least nothing green you could see, unless you saw her panties. He had to leave. He couldn't believe what had come out of his mouth. He didn't wait to see the look on Nicole's face, as he hurried out the conference door and down the hallway towards his office.

The rest of the day went much better but it took until noon before Scott ventured out of his office. He worried about what Nicole might say to other women in the office. He searched for signs of her being upset whenever she paged him over the intercom, but couldn't find any. By lunchtime, he was too busy to think any more about it. But while he was gone to lunch, he skipped over the ending to the beginning of the morning. To the beautiful sexy sight of Nicole bent over and her tight little green panties. He thought, 'At least there is a little truth to Irish luck.'

Rain began falling about two and the clouds hung low, not moving. They were in for rain the rest of the day. The day progressed until Scott got a call from one of his suppliers who had samples to show him. Phil was a nice guy, a couple years older than Scott, but new to his job and the area. He sounded excited as he spoke about the samples over the phone to Scott.

"They look great. I know you're really going to like them and we have a great price. I'm on the freeway now, about thirty minutes from you, and headed your way. I'd really like to swing by and show them to you if you have the time."

"Sure. I'll be here, just come by." Scott hung up the phone, and looked at his watch, it was an hour before quitting time. He thought he had plenty of time, but Phil was late. When the phone rang again, it was ten minutes until five.

"Sorry Scott. The rain has really caused a bunch of accidents on the freeway and I got stuck. I'm at the Clarkson exit right now."

Scott recognized the area. Phil was still about ten miles away. He wouldn't make it on time. Phil spoke again, "Hey, are you doing anything after work? It's St. Patrick's Day you know. I know this Irish bar about half way between where I am and where you are. Want to meet me for a few Irish beers?"

Scott had no plans, and he hadn't been out for a long time. A few beers sounded like a good distraction. "Okay. What's the name of the place? I might know it."

"Pa-t-ys" Phil's cell phone was breaking up.

"Huh?" Scott thought he heard Phil say, "Panties."

"Patsy's. It's off the coast highway and Lincoln."

"Yeah, I know the place. I'll meet you there." Scott finished up his work, and slipped down the back stairs to his car. He thought it best to keep out of sight of Nicole for a few days.

The rain wasn't heavy, but it was continuous and as Scott pulled into the parking lot of Patsy's Bar, he could tell by the amount of cars, most people had turned out to celebrate despite the rain. He quickly hurried into the bar, and found Phil waiting at a table.

It was festive and noisy inside the bar. Several people had on party hats and green clothes and some people still had on ties and work clothes. Green pitchers of beer were spotted throughout including one Phil poured from into a glass for Scott. They talked about work and looked at the samples, as the bar got more and more crowded. People eventually had no place to sit and stood wherever space was to stand. Scott was listening to Phil talk about the Lakers game on the television when he felt someone standing next to him at his elbow. He turned and before he could look up to her face, Nicole said, "Hi Scott."

"Hi Nicole. What are you doing here?" Scott was more than just surprised, he was shocked. Nicole held a green beer in her hand.

"I'm suppose to meet some friends, but I don't think they are here yet."

Scott was pleased she seemed so friendly to him. Maybe he had read too much into the morning encounter. "You want to sit down with us? This is Phil, with Avalon Industries. He's showing me some samples."

"Oh, I don't want to interrupt work."

"We're done working." Phil said, as he slid around the booth making room for Nicole to sit down beside Scott. It was a little tight, and her leg touched his. Scott lowered his arm conscious that with the wrong quick move, he could bump into her breast.

It was really the first time Scott had spent any time outside of work with Nicole. Her perfume smelled wonderful. The beer kept coming and gradually Phil became engrossed in the basketball game as Scott and Nicole talked. Sometimes his eyes would drift to her low cut neckline and admire the curving of her breast. If she noticed, she didn't let on. The more they talked and joked, and the more beer they drank, the more Scott looked at her lips while she talked. She had wonderful soft lips. They moved him to a trance and Nicole had to stop and snap him out of it. "Hey?"

"Huh? Sorry, I couldn't hear you." The bar was noisy. The closeness of the Laker game had made it even worse. Fans yelled with every basket, and in order to hear each other, Nicole and Scott drew closer. He leaned to her ear to speak. "What did you say?"

She leaned back to his ear. He could feel the warm gentle push of breath as she spoke. "Want to go outside on the patio and smoke?" Nicole raised a cigarette.

"Sure." Scott wasn't much of a smoker, but after drinking a lot of beer, he occasionally liked to smoke. They both got up, and took their beers out onto the patio leaving Phil to the game.

To get through the crowd, Nicole took his hand. Scott realized what a lightweight he had become as a drinker. His head was buzzing and the air of the patio felt refreshing as they stepped out. The rain was still coming down, but at an angle away from the patio. A couple talking to each other near the door were the only other people on the long patio. Nicole and Scott walked to the far end away from them. She kept holding his hand until they stopped and she searched out a matchbook.

She lit both her and Scott's cigarettes. He inhaled and the warm spinning smoke temporarily countered the effects of the alcohol.

Nicole looked at him smiling. Scott smiled back. He could tell she had something on her mind. He didn't expect what she said.

"Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?"

Scott immediately coughed on the cigarette. He couldn't believe what he had just heard, and he couldn't stop coughing long enough to regain his composure until Nicole stepped closer to him, letting her breasts rub against his chest and spoke again, "Tell the truth. Have you ever jerked off thinking of me?" Her smile was mischievous.

In part because the alcohol had reduced his inhibitions, and in part because of the way her breasts pressed to him, Scott told the truth, "Yes."

"More than once?" Nicole put her hand on his chest.


"How many times?"

"A hundred maybe.."

Nicole laughed. Her hand slipped sideways to his hand. She looked at him waiting. Scott didn't waste the moment of opportunity. He leaned forward to her and placed his lips on hers. They kissed and kissed, and kissed. Their tongues exploring and noses pressed tight, passionate kissing became intensely sexual. Scott felt his cock stiff and the precum leaking into his underwear. Nicole lifted his hand to her breast. "You want to feel my tittie?" she asked seductively.

It felt wonderful exploring her breast with his hand. Scott easily found her nipple and pinched it tightly through the fabric of her dress and bra. Nicole let go of his hand. She could see beyond him to the front of the patio, and they were still alone. She slipped the shoulder of her dress down with her bra strap making it easier for Scott to uncup her breast. His long fingers cradled her breast like a magic globe as he kissed with intent on a direct path down her neck to her nipple. "Mmm. That's right baby..Suck my nipple..Suck it hard.." Nicole encouraged him. He did as he was told.

Scott happily did as he was told. Opening his mouth, he sucked Nicole's extended nipple into the deepest nest he could make. His lips clamped down around the surrounding ring and he tightly held her in his mouth. Using his tongue, he massaged her nipple like it was chewing gum. "OH baby..Yes YES!!! Suck me like that!! Bite me a little!" She groaned. He felt her hand moving to his crotch, and took it as a sign to do the same.

Nicole felt her dress being pulled up by the motion of Scott's hands. Both hands were sliding into place over each of her ass cheeks. His hands felt warm and wonderfully powerful as they kneaded her ass. "Oh yeah..You like my ass baby?" She aroused him more with her question and knew his excitement in the way he gripped her more firmly. "You like the tattoo on my ass? The one you saw this morning?" She teased him. She wanted him to suck her other nipple, but he continued on the one.

"Find the tattoo baby..touch the flower on my ass." She chided him. Scott easily remembered the spot as his fingers pinched the butterfly. "Eww..Yes..You found it baby."

Scott took a final risk, that wasn't really much of a risk, and slid one of his hands around to her pussy. Her panties, tiny and stretched were soaking wet. He rubbed his fingers into the hidden cleft behind the fabric. "Ohh Scott, I'm so wet..Keep rubbing my pussy baby..I might cum any second..." Nicole's voice was breathy. She was very aroused and excited. Her fingers barely aware of being on Scott's cock, slowed as she felt his fingers slip inside her panties.

She had only the tiniest patch of hair. Her lips shaved very carefully, it further excited Scott's touch. He slipped a finger, then another inside her as his thumb found her clitoris and stroked it. "Oh yes. Finger fuck me Scott. Finger fuck me!" In and out he pumped his fingers in her pussy as his hand squeezed her ass tighter. His teeth clamping down on her nipple as the tip of his tongue twitched over her nipple tip. The wet sounds of her pussy were drowned in the sound of the wet rain falling on metal car tops. Her breath became agitated. Her knees weakened. Her muffled cry came with the wet flushing juices from her pussy. "Ohhh GOD! I'm cummminngggg!!!!

Nicole trembled from his finger. Her pussy muscles clinched and squeezed as Scott slipped out. Awareness came back to her fingers touching his cock. She wanted to see it. She wanted to feel it in her pussy. "Can we go to my car?" She asked.

"Sure." Scott was eager. He licked his finger and tasted her.

Nicole pulled her dress together, covering back up her breast, and led Scott down the patio steps to her Honda. It was a small car, but the rear windows were tinted and no one could see in. The rain fell, but they didn't care. It felt cool on their hot skin.

Nicole opened the back door and climbed in first. They were both urgent to get into a position and fuck. Nicole lay back on the seat and bent one leg up. The other she spread wide over the back of the front seat. She lifted her dress as Scott climbed in the car and closed the door. "Give me that cock of yours. Give me that cock!" Nicole demanded.

She grabbed at his belt and jerked it as she hurried to get his cock out. "Hurry!" She urged.

The button of his pants was hidden inside, and Scott fumbled with it only a second, before jerking it free and popping the button off somewhere into the back seat. He pulled his zipper down and Nicole grabbed his underwear and pants by each side. One firm push, and both layers of clothing collapsed past his ass. "Yes! Yes! Oh I want your cock inside me. Put it in me now!" If anyone was standing outside the car, they could have heard Nicole easily. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" She shouted, as Scott thrust his cock into her warm wet grip. She bucked back to him taking his cock in deeper.

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