tagBDSMGreen Wars

Green Wars


Chapter 01

Paula takes on Eco-Hypocrites

Writer Note- Paula, Keith and Greta were introduced in Amazon Tamed.


It was a Friday night at Greta's mansion.

Greta a blond 6-2 woman was stretched out in an vertical X pattern which left her body at the whims of her two sexual masters.

Keith was whipping her ass with a riding crop and alternating kissing her neck than pulling her hair. His wife worked the front with a vibrator and licked her breasts.

"What are you?" Paula demanded.

"A slut ," Greta answered.

"Whose slut?" Keith asked.

"Master Keith and Mistress Paula's."

"Good slave, " The smaller flamed haired woman said, "you may cum!"

"Thank you Mistress."

"Switch," Paula said.

Keith kissed her and handed her the crop while taking possession of the vibrator."

"You went easy Keith," Paula observed.

"Sorry Mistress Paula."

"Not sorry enough on your hands and knees."

Keith obeyed the lead Mistress for tonight.

Paula gave him a swat on his naked ass," This was the intensity I expected."

"Yes Mistress."

"Good back to work."

"Please Mistress I need a break," Greta pleaded.

"Very well slave, It's time for me to be sexually satisfied.

Leading Greta to the top of the bed, Paula laid down on the bed like a queen. I want you to lick and worship my breasts. Keith fuck me."

"Yes Mistress", they answered.

"Oh ya that's it my slaves, make me Cum!"

"Now it's time for a spit roast," Paula announced.

Greta moved to the middle.

""No slave, I am the roast tonight" Paula announced.

Keith suddenly grabbed Paula's hair and his manner changed "Yes our lover here has been arrogant for a while. It's time for her to serve."

"Yes Master," Paula responded contritely. Then looked at Greta, " Well get it, don't keep us waiting."

Greta put on a large white strap on" Yes my former maid start sucking."

Paula eagerly complied , while Keith began fucking her ass.

"It's been a while since I have had her in this position," Greta commented.

"Remember your place my pet," Keith admonished.

"Yes Master."

"Take it slut!" Keith ordered . "Show me what kind of whore you are!"

Paula started panting hard as she was penetrated at both end. She finally exploded with a primal scream.


After her orgasm, Greta was locked in her cage so Paula and Keith could have some 1 on 1 fun.

They went at it with their usual vigor before falling asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning, Paula was making final preparations for her trip.


"A little, " she admitted to Keith

"You are an Amazon , a talented and versatile woman. And believe me the only one I would ever call Mistress."

She kissed him" I love you so much, when I get back I am your slave girl for the weekend."


Jason, her assistant had the booth in Las Vegas set up by he time Paula arrived.

"Looks good " she said. "What is the expected turn out?"

" Full attendance" he replied." They want to hear Frank Core speak."

Paula shook her head, "Why? The former Vice President is a fraud."

"That's not Politically Correct", her black colleague pointed out.

"Neither am I" Paula responded.

The response to Paula's Bio Products went well and with Jason's computers skill they were able to give same basic engineering proposals to prospective clients. The only annoyance was an insistent person from Beverly Brolin's staff. Brolin was one of those Do as I say not as I do Hollywood Environmentalists. In Paula's opinion she and Core represented the worst of an important movement. This person kept demanding they come to Core's speech.

Jason who could sense his boss temper about to explode accepted the tickets.

"You can't beat her up." He said..

"Was it that obvious>"

"Yes" he honestly responded.

At the seminar, Frank Core did his typical pontificating about how the U.S doesn't do enough and how that everything is the Republicans fault.

Paula had enough, "Isn't your Carbon Credit a scam?"

"What do you mean" he answered hauntingly.

You are basically saying if you are rich you can pay all for the power you want."

"I don't like the disrespect you are giving the former Vice President" the blond Beverly Brolin shouted.

And I don't like being lectured to by an air brained actress." Paula responded. "By the way what is your carbon foot print at your mansion?"

Brolin sputtered" I don't have to accept this from a nobody."

"There you have it " Paula announced. "If you are rich or famous you can use all the resources you want."

The hall erupted in applause.

"I can't take you anywhere, " Jason muttered.


At the bar, Paula and Jason were at the bar enjoying an after dinner drink.

"There the bitch" a loud voice roared.

They turned to see an obviously drunk core with a scathingly dressed woman half his age followed by Beverly Brolin and a boy toy.

"Who do you think you are challenging me," he demanded.

"A fraud" she answered. "And someone that the U.S is very fortunate did not steal the 2000 election."

"I think you need to be shown a woman's place is between the sheets"

Now he has done it, Jason thought. No one tries that with Paula not even Keith.

Paula got up unhurriedly" Take your best shot."

Core tried a back hand slap which she avoided, the already drunk former VP feel to the floor.


The actress rushed her with her arms outstretched, Paula dropped down and flipped Beverly so she landed on top of Core. Looking disgusted she handed a hundred dollar bill to the waitress. "Sorry for the mess."


The next morning as Paula left her room, 3 men in black paramilitary uniforms confronted her.

To Be Continued...

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