tagBDSMGreen Wars Ch. 03

Green Wars Ch. 03


Greta's boat approached the island, from what they had found out. The boat was allowed to dock and bring supplies up. No security check was needed.

As they docked one guard was present.

"Don't recognize you boy," the guard said to Jason.

"I'm a new employee sir," he replied.

'Well get a move...as he fell to the ground.

Good distraction;, Keith said lowering the trank gun.

Jason spat on the guard, "Racist."

"Let's bring the supplies," Greta said.

" You two go" Keith instructed. "I'll come from another direction."


Paula through her stupor watched as Chung contorted her body to get loose from Beverly's bondage. Finally the small woman was loose.

"Easy" she murmured. "I am releasing you."

"Why are you helping, me," Paula asked.

"I hate her," Chung replied as she helped off the dominator. 'she bought me.."

Paula tried to bring some circulation back to her body. "Thank you, if we get out of this. I'll help you get home."

The door opened.


As Greta and Jason approached the house a voice said. "Don't I know you."

Jason saw it was one of Core's people from the conference." Shit."

"Intruder!" He yelled and the alarm went on.

Jason threw the box into his face and jumped on top of him.

Greta entered the house and was met by gunfire.

In another room, Brolin, Core and a large guard heard the noise.

"Time to go I think," Core said haltingly

"I agree", said Beverly but we need to get rid of the evidence. Looking at her servant ,"Go down and kill the sluts."

"We better take the helicopter."

"You won't have time for that", Keith said entering the room.

"So here for your slut", Core sneered. "I'm only sorry she didn't have time to service me.

"Drago killed him." Brolin ordered

Far larger than Keith the man charged him as the two fled the room.

Keith let him go by and gave him to quick punches. Drago only growled and knocked him across the room with a backhand.

"I was fighting champion," he announced.

Just great" Keith thought. "Than why work for these two as a lackey?"

"They pay well," as he threw a punch.

Keith v step and threw a flat punch it felt like hitting stone.

"Not bad little man," you might be champion in your weight class. But I am bigger and stronger,

Keith centered his body as the big man charged, I will be like the willow as he sagged down and threw the big man into the wall. Before he could react with perfect precision Keith smashed the man left knee cap.

The big man screamed.

"You may be stronger," Keith told him as her kicked him with a steel tipped shoe. "But I am smarter and Damm angry!"


The dungeon door opened and one of the guard who had helped capture Paula entered.

"What are you two bitches doing. Chung Ms. Brolin is going to be angry with you. And you have not finished your training for Mr. Core.

Paula responded with a spear thrust to his throat. "Mr. Core is going to be disappointed," Paula told him. "If I don't end up killing him."

As they left the room" Yes I am bitch because you were suppose to be my fuck slave." Core said pointing a gun at them.


Beverly fled to her helicopter, the hell with everyone she was getting off the island and back to LA.

"Not so fast Bev." said a sweet voice.

Beverly turned and saw Greta. Greta indirectly had been part of her crowd. But a few years ago she started associating with real people in philanthropic movements.

"Here with your slum pals," she scoffed

Greta dropped the gun, "The only reason I don't shoot you in that my friend decides your fate.

"Beverly laughed, "You and that tramp."

Greta hi her across the jaw knocking to the ground, "That doesn't mean I am not going to hurt you."

Beverly slashed her with her whip, "You are going to learn to respect your betters.."

"I've been whipped by experts," Greta responded.

"We will set bitch," as the actress flicked the whip.

After learning from Keith and Paula how to fight, Greta easily controlled her and judo threw her on her back. Flipping her over she tied her wrist and stripped her dress.

"What do you think you are doing? I am Beverly Brolin!"

"Well Beverly," Greta said as she began spanking her. "You need to be punished."

"Please no."

Greta whispered in her ear, "If my friend is hurt in anyway, this humiliation will seem like nothing.


"For now you address me as Mistress Greta!"

"Please Mistress Greta I'll be good."

"Even if you were," grabbing her hair. "I am still going to teach you a lesson."


"You meddlesome hussy," a crazed Core said. "You think you can embarrass a man like me and

get way with it!?"

"A man like you?" Paula challenged. " A Carbon Credit Fraud."

"Enjoy your last taunt " as his finger tightened on the trigger. A piece of metal hit his finger. "Ah!

Keith came down the hall with murderous intent.

"Keith stop!" Paula called.

"Yes," an arrogant and relieved Core said. "I'm too important for you to hurt."

"That not what I meant, "Paula told him. "Hurting you", as she kicked him in the ribs., 'is a privilege I am keeping to myself."

To be continued.

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