tagBDSMGreen Wars Ch. 04

Green Wars Ch. 04


Keith knew his wife to a woman of strong passions. He could sense the hate she felt towards Frank Core. She was going to make him pay and the punishment his wife would mete out would be well deserved.

Paula grabbed Core by his collar and started paint slapping him, "So woman are whores for you?"

The former VP tried to resist but was no match for her rage.


Paula hit him in the stomach doubling him over, 'What was that?"

"I have had enough."

"No you haven't." Paula pressed with two fingers on his leg.

Core screamed in agony as her fell to the floor." What have you done?"

"I am crippling you," The red head responded icily. As she applied her technique on the other leg,

"I am begging you", he cried.

"Start crawling you pathetic piece of crap" Paula attacked the neck causing it to lurch to one side. "Your outer self now matches your inner ".

"Where is Brolin?" Keith asked.

"Here," Greta announced dragging a tied and naked Beverly Brolin at their feet.

She had seen Paula assault and was terrified, "We can make a deal."

Paula grabbed her by the throat," I'll just kill you." She let her linger before releasing the coughing actress.

"Kiss Chung's feet." The fury demanded.

Brolin went and started worshiping her slave girl.

"Chung, Paula said in a quiet voice. "Her fate is in your hands."

The Asian looked at Brolin, in disgust, "Let her be caged while I decide her punishment."

Paula went over to Keith and embraced him and almost like a child, "I need to be alone with you."


He followed Paula to a room, she slowed and look at her self in the mirror and saw the wounds that were inflected on her. She grabbed a lamp and threw at the mirror.

Sinking to the floor, "They beat me like an animal!" Paula broke down crying.

Keith hugged her, but said nothing. He just let her go.

Paula finally stopped," Are we any different?"

He grabbed her shoulders, "Entirely, we don't keep anyone as a slave and we partake both sides."

She smiled weakly, "You are trying to make me feel better, but when we first met we dominated and made Greta our slave."

"Yes we did, but neither one of us intended to make it permanent. And Greta loves us both."

"And if I want to stop our power games?"

"I'll respect your wishes, it spices up our sex life. But I love all you Paula."

Paula rose to her feet, "Than your wife/slave is ready to be your slave girl as she promised before this trip."

He rose than, " Then slave, I am ordering you to lay on that bed , get some sleep and be refreshed to be Mistress Paula at her worst."

"With pleasure Master."


"How is she?" a concerned Greta asked.

"Worn out," Keith responded ," and not the way she likes to be."

Greta nodded towards, "This is Chung."

Keith bowed.

The Asian was startled before returning the greeting, "It has been so long since someone has shown me courtesy."

"I hope you will find that those two are the exception not the rule.

"What is the status ."

Jason responded, :Two dead including one that Paula killed, the leaders caged the others tied up."


"I've broken the code to Frank Core's files."

Keith took a look, "Paula will be very interested when she wakes up. But the choices is hers about Core. As far as Brolin, I think Chung will do what is right.

"I will " she nodded, " but may I have an audience?"

"Keep me out of this part, "Jason said hurriedly.

"Jason how are you are able to work with my wife without loosening up amazes me. "Keith teased.

"I have my lady at home, that enough for me. He responded following Keith and Greta out of the room.

"Well Gentleman," Keith addressed the bound survivors. "One of you is going to get a reprieve, I want all the information on Core and Brolin."

"I'll talk", Drago said.


"Fool, I am a mercy, I know when to cut my losses."

"Do you know where, Brolin keeps her records."

"A hidden computer in her room behind a mirror."

"How cliché, Drago if you are telling me the truth. You come with us and get your knee fixed. His voice became cold," If you lied I will break the other knee. And my Amazon here will do to men what Amazons do to their lame slaves."


Jason easily broke the inscription code," It's all here the Cayman accounts."

"What's here," said Paula coming into the room.

Paula" Keith began. "You should be resting."

Like the cobra she was, Paula quickly grabbed her husband and gave him a passionate kiss. "I am feeling much better. Good enough to go ninja rounds with you."

Jason made his way to the door.

"Wait", Paula came over to him. "It means a lot to me that you came with Keith and Greta to save me."

"You gave me a chance," he replied. "When no one else would."

"When is Core going to recover from his crippling?" Keith asked.

"In about an hour" Paula answered smiling at Jason's expression.

"I thought you wanted him dead?"

"Death would be too easy for these two" Paula answered. "When Keith said destroy he meant it."


Paula, Keith, Greta and Chung entered the dungeon.

Paula looked at contempt at them. "Brolin get your worthless ass out of the cage.

"We can make a deal, you two don't want to make enemies of us."

"Core shut up! Or Paula will make your paralysis permanent!" Keith ordered.

"Now Brolin, you can submit," Paula challenged or you can go to jail for kidnapping, tax evasion and other crimes."

"You wouldn't" she said horrified.

Paula just looked at her.

"Very well, I will be your sex slave."

"Not me", she gestured to Chung. "Her."


Chung moved toward Brolin and grabbed her hair. "Down rich bitch. I've waited a long time for this." The Asian began whipping the Hollywood celebrity at a rapid rate. There was no passion, sensuality or any sexual aura to it.

Brolin was covered with sweat and her stripes were at least equal to what she inflicted.

Chung put a strap on, "Now suck it."

The defeated Beverly sucked it. Than to her surprise, Chung took it off and threw it is Bolin's face. "I would rather be in the fucking machine than have sex with you cow."

She than left the room.

Paula looked at Brolin with equal contempt, "You better hurry out of the house, because I am burning this environmental monstrosity to the ground.


As the mansion burned, the captives were addressed.

"Core you are exiting from public life. Your ill gotten gins have been donated to real environmental movements. Go back and live out your days in Tennessee.."

"As for you Brolin," Paula said with scorn. You will do the entertainment community and retire." she stuck a whip handle in her throat "Enslave or buy another person and Greta and I will make your torture look like fun."

Keith addressed one of the guards, "I've time your shackles to release in 10 minutes" You can free the others then."

As they walk to the boat, Greta asked, 'What now?"

""I would like to explore this dominance and submission that you practice, "Chung announced boldly.

Paula smiled, "I think we can arrange that."

To be continued...

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