tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGreenwood Academy Ch. 01

Greenwood Academy Ch. 01


Georgiana Montgomery stood on the steps of Greenwood Academy and tried to talk her guardian out of depositing her there one last time.

"Uncle Max, it's just NOT FAIR!" she whined, pouting in the manner that had always gotten her own way in the past. This time, however, it didn't look as if it were working.

"I don't care what's fair and what's not fair anymore, Georgie, your behavior has become absolutely unmanageable, and you know I'm not around enough to monitor you anymore. You're eighteen, and the amount of trouble you get into is enough for ten girls your age. I'm done. Let the administrators and staff here at Greenwood try to knock some sense into you." He gave her a swift hug, jumped into his sports car and left her, standing next to her luggage at the gates.

"Fuck." She sighed, shouldering her handbag, and mounted the steps. At the door there was a brass knocker, but no doorbell. "Weird English school." She muttered, giving the knocker a brisk rap. As she waited, she looked around her. It certainly seemed posh, with well manicured lawns bordered with neatly trimmed hedges. There was the main building, an imposing edifice built with the mellow, honey-hued stone that was common in the area. Georgie could also see a number of outbuildings, one was a stable, and she remembered reading in the literature that her uncle had shoved at her that riding lessons were part of the Greenwood curriculum. There were other buildings, ones that she couldn't immediately identify their purpose. She shrugged and rapped the knocker again, impatiently

"Keeping me waiting forever..." she muttered, giving the knocker several vicious taps. She leaned forward, pressing her ear to the thick wood in the hopes of hearing somebody coming to open the door, and she was surprised by the door swinging open suddenly, sending her sprawling into a heap at the feet of...

"Mr. Jordan, Headmaster." The tall, handsome man looked at the girl sprawled ignominiously at his feet, a small smirk forming at the corners of his well-formed mouth, "And you are...?"

Georgie scrambled to her feet, dusting herself off, her face flaming. What an entrance to make, and at the feet of this dreamboat..." Georgie...Georgiana. Montgomery." And, as his presence seemed to demand it, she added, "...Sir."

"Well, Georgiana Montgomery, we have been expecting you. Follow me." And with those curt words, Mr. Jordan turned on his heel, leaving the bemused girl to scamper after him down the wide hallway. As they made their way through the corridors, Mr. Jordan kept up a running commentary, comprised of the history of Greenwood, the various functions of the rooms they passed, and the general layout of the campus. Georgie was paying scant attention to his words, focusing more on trying to keep her bearings as they wound deeper into the bowels of the building.

"And here are the girls' dormitories. Let's see..." He scanned the hall, looking at each neatly numbered door. "yes. 14 B. I think that's your room assignment. You'll be roommates with another girl, of course, Lucy Mellor. I'm sure you'll settle in nicely. My office is upstairs one floor, if you have any questions. Lunch is in half an hour. Prompt. We don't tolerate tardiness here at Greenwood." He looked down at the girl, a small smile playing at his lips. "I'm sure you'll find out quickly how we run things here."

"Y..yes Sir. Mr. Jordan. Thank you." Georgie murmured, eyes on her feet. Mr. Jordan turned and strode down the hallway, leaving the girl standing outside the door of 14B. With a sigh, she turned the knob and went in.

"Hullo." A pretty girl, around the same age as Georgie, sat on one of the twin beds reading. "I'm Lucy. Lucy Brown. You must be Georgiana." She stood gracefully and extended one hand in a friendly gesture. Georgie shook it, studying the other girl. She looked nice, at least.

"You can call me Georgie. My mother was obsessed with Regency Literature, so I got stuck with this stupid name." Georgie said.

"Oh, I think it's a lovely name, so different. 'Lucy' is so drab..." Lucy giggled, and Georgie felt better immediately

"They'll bring up your stuff soon, and you can unpack and get settled. Lunch is soon..." Lucy glanced down at her wristwatch, "About twenty minutes. And you don't want to be late...that's a lesson that you learn pretty sharpish here at Greenwood." Lucy grimaced, and Georgie wondered what she meant. "You probably want to get a watch, too, if you don't have one." Lucy offered, taking in the other girl's appearance.

"Can't I just use my phone? That's how I always tell the time..." Georgie said.

"Oh, things run like clockwork here. A watch is much more reliable, I find."

"Okay..." Georgie shrugged. Weird...

"Did Mr. Jordan give you the list of rules and regulations?" Lucy asked.

"No...he didn't give me anything."

Lucy walked to her desk and took out a sheaf of papers. "Here. You'd better start reading them, as they don't give you any sort of 'adjustment period' here, they don't believe in that sort of softness here at Greenwood."

Georgie took the papers and started leafing through them. It was a list, a really LONG list, of rules. She sat on the bed next to Lucy and began reading aloud.

"1. Promptness is highly valued at Greenwood Academy. All class, duty and daily events will be attended exactly at the time stated. Tardiness will be punished immediately and severely." Georgie laughed, but she felt a creeping unease as she read the ominous words. "2. Proper uniform will be maintained at all times. Failure to present a neat, tidy appearance will result in punishment. 3. Students' dorm rooms are subject to random inspection. Any deviation from the allowed items, or disorder or untidiness, will be punished." Georgie looked at Lucy and grimaced. "There seem to be a lot of things you can get punished for..." she noted.

Lucy nodded slowly. "Yes. Greenwood is all about making us into polite, neat, organized young women. And if that means punishment...well, 'spare the rod and spoil the girl' is their unofficial motto."

"The...rod??" Georgie repeated, not quite believing what her new friend had just said.

"Ummm...yeah...how do you think we get punished here, Georgie? Scoldings??" Lucy absently rubbed the seat of her pleated skirt, as if remembering something unpleasant.

"They...hit us??" Georgie gasped. What sort of a place had her uncle sent her to?? She had never been struck in her life! This was outrageous!

"Well...'hit' is a pretty general term..." Lucy explained, "they birch, and flog, and paddle, and sometimes CANE us. On the bare. Amongst other punishments."

Georgie's mind was reeling. She was in a school, in the countryside, in a strange country, totally unable to escape. And apparently, this school was going to turn her into a 'young lady'. And they were going to do so by stripping and spanking her. She shuddered.

What the hell had she gotten herself into??


After being shown to her room by Lucy, and having been given the thick "Rules and Regulations of Greenwood Academy" tome issued to all the girls of the Academy, it was time for lunch. Georgie and Lucy hurried through the picture strewn and plushly carpeted hallways to the dining hall while Lucy explained the ways of the school in a hushed tone.

"Being late, for classes, meals, extracurriculars...anything...is a punishable offense. Being untidy, either in your uniform or your grooming..." here Lucy grimaced and held out her immaculate hands, "is a punishable offense. Oh, also if your room is untidy. Talking out loud in class without being asked to..." Lucy ticked the offenses off on her fingers as she spoke, "Using any sort of foul language, chewing gum, bad manners...the list is endless."

Lucy stared at her new friend, aghast. "There's no possibility that I can remember, let alone follow all those rules!"

Lucy giggled. "Well, then, be prepared to be introduced to Mr. Jordan's office very soon!"

A gong sounded and the two girls flew down the hallway, heedless of the "No Running" rule. They arrived, breathless and straightening their uniforms, just as the girls were sitting down.

"Miss Mellor...Miss Montgomery...so glad you managed to grace us with your presence this noon." The sarcastic voice belonged to Mrs. Donohoe, the assistant Headmistress. The girls sat as quietly as they could, deep blushes staining their cheeks. "I do hope that there will be no more infractions today, hmmmmm, girls?"

"No, Headmistress." Lucy murmured, and Georgie parroted her softly.

"Good. Now, shall we say Grace?" Mrs. Donohoe bowed her head, and all the girls followed suit, a chorus of voices chanting out the traditional Greenwood pre-prandial prayer.

The meal was served, and eaten in almost complete silence. A few times Georgie dared to look up and study the students around her. The freshly-scrubbed girlish faces all seemed so intent on being so...good. Georgie sighed. This was bound to be a depressing place. It was hard for Georgie, even at the best of times, to be obedient.

After the meal, Mrs. Donohoe led the postprandial prayer, and Georgie listened half-heartedly, digesting the atmosphere as much as the meal she had just consumed. The girls filed out of the dining room as silently as they had eaten, and back to their classes. Georgie studied her schedule as she walked.

Calculus. Shit. If there was one thing she wasn't good at, it was math, of any kind. Hopefully the teacher will be a dozy old woman...she thought hopefully. Room 14B. That's the one. Georgie pushed the door open and stepped into Calculus 101.

"Well, Hello, Miss Montgomery." The deep, masculine voice. Georgie knew it. She looked up from her schedule, startled.

Mr. Jordan.

Shit, HE'S my Calc teacher???? Georgie's cheeks grew hot. Calculus...her worst ever subject, and the fucking HEADMASTER was her teacher???

"H...hello." Georgie managed to stutter. There was a subdued giggle from the other girls, sharply stifled by a throat-clearing from Mr. Jordan.

"Girls, let me introduce our newest student, Miss Georgiana Montgomery. She's from the States, from Boston, Massachusetts."

"Hello, Georgiana..." the girls chorused as one. Georgie felt an absurd desire to curtsey. As if I know how to freaking curtsey...

"Hello." She answered curtly, stepping towards the only available seat.

"Oh, I think not, Miss Montgomery." Mr. Jordan stopped her, his wooden pointer impeding her trajectory seatward.

"What?" Georgie stopped, the pointer pressed against her breasts.

"Since you seem to have an...ahem...problem with punctuality, as I believe we all witnessed at lunchtime as well, you will stand for class. Next to my desk." He indicated the exact spot with the tip of the pointer. Georgie stared from his face to the spot he indicated, blinking in disbelief.

"If you don't understand, Miss Montgomery, perhaps we can discuss this after class??" he asked smoothly, and there was a stifled gasp from the class.

"No...no, I understand. Mr. Jordan." Georgie's eyes narrowed defiantly. She was used to this sort of completely unfair adult male supremacy thing with her guardian, and she was pretty damn sure she knew how to deal with it.

"Oh...DO you, Miss Montgomery?" Mr. Jordan asked, his voice dangerously calm.

"Oh, yes...SIR." Georgie stepped onto the precise spot that his pointer had shown, a small, smug smile on her pretty face.

Mr. Jordan stared at her for a split second, then a slow grin spread across his handsome face. "Right. Then of course, you will be able to solve the problem we're all wrestling with, on the blackboard." He produced a fresh piece of chalk with a wicked smile.

Slowly Georgie took the chalk, her face blanching as pale as it. Damn him, he knew she sucked at Calc!! Well, she wouldn't let him smell her fear. She stepped up to the blackboard and took a deep breath. Whatever inscrutable symbols faced her, she needed to save face. Taking a deep breath, Georgie decided on the only plan that she knew always worked with her guardian.

She pretended to pass out.


In the infirmary, Georgie counted the squares on the ceiling and wondered whether she could make her way to a train station. It seemed like the only plan available, as she had now broken around twenty of the rules and regulations of Greenwood Academy, not even including sassing the Headmaster. Maybe Mr. Jordan had believed her little fainting scene...maybe he was even now wringing his hands in his office and hoping that his newest charge wouldn't suffer permanent damage...

Her daydreams were brought to an abrupt halt by the appearance of Lucy.

"Mr. Jordan wants to see you. In his Office." She said, her expression one of almost comical despair.

"Okay...I'll have a mushroom and broccoli pizza and a lemonade..." Georgie intoned.

"What?" Lucy asked, puzzled.

"For my last meal. Isn't it customary, when you're going to be executed?" Georgie grinned, trying to hide her fear.

"Oh gosh, Georgiana, please, don't joke about it! You don't know how bad it's going to be for you!" Lucy pleaded, her pretty little face contorted with empathetic fear.

"How bad can it be?" Georgie asked, defiantly.

"Oh...I'd say...pretty bad." The deep voice of Mr. Jordan made both girls startle. He looked at them with a face like the Big, Bad Wolf staring down little red, cowering, naked in the corner.

Georgie swallowed, hard. She had been on the receiving end of punishment before, but always something along the lines of no television or no allowance for a week.

Not getting her pretty little behind bared, bent over, and caned raw.

Not until now.


Georgiana Montgomery stood in Mr. Jordan's office, her little schoolgirl skirt puddle around her feet along with her white regulation panties.

Her hands were on her head, her full, bare breasts at attention.

Mr. Jordan spared no attention to detail.

Every stitch of her uniform was off of her body. She was completely, utterly, stripped bare...of every stitch of clothing, of every pretense of dignity, of every last constraint of self-possession available to her.

In this moment, she belonged, body, soul, bare ass and pussy, to Mr. Jordan.

And He knew this, full well.

He stood there, fully dressed in an immaculate suit, pressed shirt, and tie, in front of the nude, abased girl. In His hand He held a wicked, whippy cane. In front of her was a wide, empty mahogany desk.

"Bend over." He commanded, brooking no nonsense in His voice.

Georgie knew when she was beaten. She bent.

He raised his cane, high over her sweetly spread, full cheeks. His grin was feral.


He brought the first stroke down, across her virgin ass. She laid there for a split second, registering the impact...



She jumped up, cradling her blazing ass with both hands, her little heart shaped face whipping around to look at her tormentor, accusingly.

"Back in position, Miss Montgomery. And that's an additional two strokes for the profanity. If you don't wish any extra punishment, I would strongly recommend that you keep your language under control." Mr. Jordan said, pointing to the desk with the cane.

Reluctantly, Georgie bent back over the desk, her lower lip trembling. Two more...in addition to the six she was already getting...and that first stroke had been murder. Legs shaking, she positioned her feet the way Mr. Jordan had instructed, two feet apart to ensure maximum exposure.

Mr. Jordan raised the cane high. "You will learn how to behave like a young lady, Miss Montgomery. I will personally see to that." The cane slashed down, impacting with Georgie's ass for the second time, laying a stripe exactly parallel to the first but a quarter inch below.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Georgie shrieked, her hips bucking forward against the desk as she writhed in pain.

"Better. At least you didn't jump up, or curse." Mr. Jordan surveyed his handiwork critically and took aim again. This stroke was another exacting quarter inch below the last.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE...MR. JORDAN!!" Georgie screamed, tears springing into her scrunched up eyes. Her hands crept back involuntarily to protect her blazing asscheeks. Mr. Jordan tapped the back of her fingers sharply with the tip of the cane.

"Hands off, or I'll be forced to secure them."

Slowly Georgie brought her hands back to clutch the edge of the desk.

"Good girl." Mr. Jordan raised the cane once again, bringing it down with a whistling crack in perfect formation with the other three welts.

"GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" Georgie sobbed, tears flowing freely down her cheeks now. Her feet danced with the pain of the caning, and Mr. Jordan waited until she managed to still herself.

"How many is that, Miss Montgomery?" He demanded, watching the sobbing girl grimly.

"F..F..our..." She sobbed.

"Four...what?" He demanded.

"Four...Sir." She cried, utterly broken.

"Now. Four more, and this little episode will be behind us. So to speak." He tapped the cane to her ass, measuring it against the previous strokes, raised his arm and let loose.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Georgie screamed, the pain blazing through her ass and into every fiber of her being.

"You won't forget this in a hurry, will you?" Mr. Jordan demanded, stepping forward to trace the marks with his fingers. Georgie sobbed and struggled to remain still as his hands gently stroked her. "You're not used to being disciplined, I think. Your guardian has been most remiss in not punishing you in this way."

Again he raised the cane, took aim and struck the girl, this time at the apex of her thighs. She jumped up with the shocking, searing pain of the stroke, frantically clutching her swollen cheeks.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" She hopped from foot to foot, hands attempting to soothe the fiery sting.

The headmaster calmly opened a drawer in the desk and withdrew a short length of strong, fine rope. "Right. Time to secure your hands, as you seem to be completely incapable of remaining still." Deftly he stepped forward, and in a smooth move pushed the sobbing girl back over the desk, gathering her wrists, and tied her hands together, then secured them to a small ring conveniently screwed into the wood. He leaned over her, taking a handful of her long hair in one hand and gently turning her head to one side so he could murmur into one ear, "There's no escaping, Georgiana. Here, in this room, in this school, my rule is absolute." She squirmed and trembled, knowing in her soul that this was the truth, the inescapable, unavoidable truth. "You will obey me, and follow my rules, and I will punish you when you don't, and to be perfectly honest with you, I will enjoy every moment of it." His breath was hot in her ear, and she gasped as she felt his body pressed briefly into hers, his erection unmistakable against her thigh. She squirmed, confused at the feelings that washed through her at that moment. Here she was, tied down, completely naked, at this man's mercy and with a bottom that felt like she had sat on glowing hot coals, and yet...and yet...she felt a tingling heat in her belly that spread slow, insidious fingers down to her pussy. With a little mewling cry she pressed her thighs together, suddenly self-conscious of the throbbing between her legs.

"Mmmmm...I think not." Mr. Jordan slid his hands between her legs and forced them apart, then pulled out a little drawer to wedge them wide. "No modesty is allowed when you're being punished, Miss Montgomery."

She struggled briefly, then realizing the futility of it, lay panting and sobbing across the desk. The Headmaster stepped back, surveying the sight in front of him. His newest, and most enticing pupil, bound and spread, her ass a glorious tapestry of blazing welts, her parted pussy starting to swell and moisten as she realized the eroticism of her own vulnerability, and of his arousal at her predicament. It was a delicious moment for him, and he savored it, watching her face as the emotions washed across it. Her face was an open book to him, her huge green eyes awash with tears, fear, pain and a dawning excitement. There was confusion there as well, he noted with satisfaction. After the punishment he would take her on his lap and explain to her what had just happened, how the punishment was necessary for her education, how the pain would fade and how her arousal was natural, how the throbbing marks would make her pussy throb as well, how she would be tempted later, in the privacy of her bed to touch herself, but how that wasn't allowed here at the Academy. He would then show her, gently and firmly, how he allowed her release, only at his discretion, how he would use his fingers on her slick little folds, stroking her on his lap until she climaxed. He would explain that she was to be his 'special girl' and she would be allowed to learn how to please him.

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