tagLoving WivesGreg and Kelly Ch. 02: The Dating App

Greg and Kelly Ch. 02: The Dating App


(continued from Greg and Kelly 1: What's a Hotwife?)

As things sometimes happen, we had our really hot and sexy night, then real life hit again. My wife spent her afternoons running to softball practice, Karate classes and school events. Being parents and finding time to also being sexual beings doesn't always work out. Of course, I still went into overdrive trying to find stories and videos to share with Kelly. The problem was that so much of the content out there would have language or scenarios that turned her off. I got a couple of books online and some self published stories we could read on our tablets. But, nothing was a good fit to convey my fantasy in a way my wife could also find enjoyable. Once we got past the holidays and New Year we found time to drop the kids with my parents and had a date night that included a wonderful dinner and some dancing (Kelly loves to dance, I do my best to not look like an idiot.) we came home sweaty and worked up. When we got to our bedroom Kelly told me to undress, get into bed and she would be right back. As I lay under the covers and wondered what kind of surprise she had for me?

I was trying to figure out how to present my Hotwife fantasy in a way that Kelly would enjoy and get excited about. My head was starting to hurt when our Master Bathroom door opened. There stood Kelly in an outfit I never thought I would see her in. She had on black garters with silk stocking and black heels! Her breasts were cupped in a lacy half bra that showed off her breasts and long nipples.

My wife has never been one to show off. She dresses very nice, but never would she dress in a sexy manner. This was shocking. "You look awesome!" I almost yelled.

She giggled. "I noticed a lot of the pictures you showed me online had a common theme. So, I thought I would see what your reaction was. Sounds like you approve."

Boy, did I! I have always had a fetish for black stockings and garter belts, but none of my girlfriends have ever shown any interest in dressing up for me, and like I said, Kelly is not into being flashy. This was way out of character for my wife!

She sauntered over to the bed "You know, this was a very affordable outfit. If you like, I can get more. And in colors like red or purple. The lady at the mall was very helpful. I could even take you with me, you could help me pick out my outfits."

She was now standing next to the bed with her hands on her hips. "Would you like that Greg?"

I was having trouble breathing. "Black is fine. I like you in black." I whispered, watching her every move. This was like a dream come true. My heart raced.

She cocked an eyebrow at me "You didn't answer my question honey. Do you want to go pick out sexy outfits with me at the mall?"

Of course I wanted to do that! But she seemed to be asking something more. "Yes. I would enjoy that."

She smiled. "I don't think you understand what I'm asking you honey. Did you think I forgot about your dirty little fantasy? Sharing me with other men? You said you wanted to watch. You told me how you wanted to sit next to the bed as another man made love to me. Right?"

I swallowed. HARD. "Oh! I..." I couldn't speak! It was like Kelly had sucked all of the air out of the room. My vision seemed to darken until my wife was all I could see.

She bent at the waist and put both hands on the edge of the bed, her breast swelled in the half bra with her movements. I could smell her perfume. "Let me be clear mister. Do YOU want to go to the mall with ME your wife, and help ME pick out lingerie, and you PAY for it so that I might wear it on a DATE with a MAN who is not YOU?" Her words were firm and commanding. She put emphasis on the most important ones.

I felt like I was becoming intoxicated from her and her words. My mouth went dry. Was she saying we were going to break out of the whole fantasy idea and into the real world? Or was this all a way to play with my fantasy. I felt my roller coaster ride feeling again. The coaster reaching the edge, the car I was in beginning to fall. I could feel my face getting red hot, then I noticed that my penis was suddenly hard as a steel. So much so that it almost hurt.

Kelly started pulling the covers off the bed "I bet you're leaking everywhere. I just washed these babe. We don't want to get them yucky do we? Oh! Look at you, I see someone likes what's happening right now. And your face honey! You're beat red! Are you okay? Did my little questions make you blush?" She pouted out her bottom lip with her last statement.

I was shaking again. I could feel my cock throb painfully "You're driving me crazy babe! Are you saying..."

Kelly reached up and put her finger to my lips. "I need you to go down on me. That's all you need to worry about right this moment. Let's just live in the now." She leaned against our padded headboard and spread her thighs. My wife keeps herself trimmed and shaves the sides of her mound, but otherwise has what would be considered a full bush. Her vagina has lush full lips that flush to a dark rose red when she is excited. As she settled herself, her lips parted just a little. I was hypnotized. My mind was racing with all the things that were happening. Her outfit, what she was saying, her waiting there in front of me spread open and inviting. I was going crazy with wanting her.

She arched her back and let out what almost sounded like a growl. I just couldn't take my eyes from her! Leaning down I nuzzled my lips into her mound and opened her up with the tip of my tongue. She was already wet! IA sigh escape her and she parted her legs even wider as I reached up to cup her lovely C sized breast and play with her long nipples. As I gently pulled and tugged on them I was reminded of the first time I saw them in college. When she's excited they are almost an inch long and thick! I wanted to marry her that night, I was so enthralled with them.

Her neck was showing bright red, which I have only seen a few times when she is very aroused or when we had sex during her pregnancies. I gently worked on her pea sized clit, changing my technique from side to side, to up and down and then a little gentle sucking. Feeling her pea sized clitoris rise up from her body. I gave it two firm flicks with just the very tip of my tongue before releasing my suction. Her flavor was intoxicating. Rich and powerful. I began to wonder if she was ovulating? She is always a little more excitable during that time of the month.

Normally I would do this routine for a long time, sometimes until my neck hurt and my cheeks were sore. It's always worth the effort though as her orgasm is so more satisfying to me. Sometimes than my own. Honestly, I could eat her every night if she would let me.

As I was thinking about all of the things that had just happened, without warning, my wife's hips shot up and as her orgasm washed over her body. She grunted and thrust up again and again. It happened without any warning and surprised me. I tried to stay with her as she crested gently flicking her clit in time with the throbbing I could faintly feel against my chin.

Finally she hissed "OK! OK! Stop. Getting too sensitive!"

I pulled away and sat up on my elbows. "Wow!" I said "That came out of nowhere!"

She put her arm over her eyes and sighed. "Yeah. I guess I needed that, now that the holidays are over and we can relax. Give me a few minutes before we do anything else. OK?"

I moved up to lay beside her and caress her stocking clad thigh. Washing in the sight of her and her sexy outfit, her sexy scent and all of the things she had said.

My mind raced! Would I be able to go shopping for sexy outfits for my wife to wear for another man? Wow, that was something I had not thought about in my plans. How would we even find such a person? I knew we did not want to get a friend involved in my little fantasy. And a stranger would be a whole slew of other problems. We were happy living our life without the danger of a STD. I would need to do some internet research.

Kelly rolled over and grabbed my now deflated member. "Aw, I figured he would still be ready to go. No?"

"He'll wake up. The way you're dressed, he may wake up a few times tonight and in the morning as well."

"That's good. So, I was talking to my work friend Janice about the different types of dating apps..." She started squeezing the head of my penis gently between her fingers.

Janice was Kelly's friend that we sometimes played cards with. Her husband owned a large accounting firm and Janice was a teacher at the same school as Kelly. Our kids would play while we sat and watched a Rom-Com or a scary movie and drink wine and cocktails. I was confused, "Janice is using dating apps?! Her and Bill having problems?"

Kelly giggled. "No, she goes on with his permission to explore and chat with random guys. She and Bill are older than us, they didn't have things like that when she dated and she likes seeing what other people are doing. She talks to guys and even girls on there. She says there are a lot of married people on these sites, she's not cheating, just exploring and being flirty. She showed me the app and some of the conversations she has had. She also told me how to shut down guys that send dick pics or are generally just not very cultured. Bill sees her conversations and they enjoy reading them together. I asked her if she would ever meet someone in real life, she said she didn't think so, unless she found the right guy or lady..."

I was caught off guard by all of this "Lady?" Janice wants to meet a lady? That's surprising."

"It was, but it explains a lot of the flirting she does with me and some of the other teachers. Bill is apparently OK with her little side deal." Kelly moved her hand down to fondle my balls.

"I can't see why he would be." Something occurred to me, "Babe, do you like girls?"

Kelly scrunched up her nose. "No. And don't tell me that's one of your fantasies, because that is where I draw a line mister I'm not a lesbian."

She shimmied down between my legs and started caressing my penis. Kissing the head she said,

"Janice showed me how her husband took pictures of her from the chin down and how to post the,. And how she can swipe away people she doesn't find attractive and favorite the ones she likes. Will you do that for me dear?" she licked up my shaft and swirled her tongue around the head. "Will you take my picture and help me find a sexy boyfriend to go dancing with honey?"

She then placed just the head of my penis in her mouth and sucked just a little. My head spun. My legs spread of their own accord. Her tongue was gentle and wispy on my glands. I felt my balls drawing up as my breath came in short bursts and before I knew it I was orgasming into her mouth violently! My mind was quaking with the thoughts of Kelly dancing with some stranger. His hands trying to caress her butt and more! Would she let him? Or move them to the small of her back? Would he try to kiss her? My neck caused my chin to go forward into my chest! My throat made strained noises and grunts as ribbon after ribbon of my seed shot forcefully into my wonderful wifes clenched mouth!

my wife kept her mouth sealed hard around the head and I fell into an abyss of loving her more and more. What had come over her? What had come over me? Why would I want to share this amazing woman? What was wrong with me? But I knew I wanted it. I knew that I was obsessed with sharing my wife.

When my body had finally relaxed and I fell into the post orgasm blues that all men feel after sex, I felt my wife move above me, I opened my eyes just in time to see the kiss that was coming my way! What was happening?!

Her lips met mine, her tongue forced its way in and with it all of my seed flowed onto my tongue! She held my wrists at my sides as she passed all the hot cum that I had spent back into my mouth. I struggled to gulp down my own come that had just moments ago been churning in my balls. It was thick, and mixed with her own saliva, but not unpleasant at all. Honestly, I was surprised, a little repulsed and amazingly turned on!

We finished what can only be described as the HOTTEST kiss of my life with little gentle love kisses.

She let go of my wrists and leaned back. Tossing her arms in the air and yelled "TIME! 8 seconds BITCH!" like you see bull riders do at a rodeo. Looking at me with a glow about her she said "YEE-HAW!!"

I just stared at the woman that I had been sleeping with for seventeen years and shook my head. "Wow! Unexpected! Shocked! I'm speechless."

"I'd say you liked it" she said looking down.

My penis was hard again. In all my life that had never happened to me so soon after comming. "Oh! Uh... I guess I did.." I sputtered. "Where did you get that inspiration?

"I've been doing some of my own research." Sitting up she said, "Let's download a few apps and take some pictures of me in my outfit!" she said reaching for her smartphone.

I was absolutely stunned, I sat there and I wondered what I had awakened in my wife? And would I be prepared for what was to come?

(To be continued)

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More please

How hot, giving his cum back in a kiss. He is one lucky guy.

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Great story

I am enjoying your story beyond words.

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Get ready


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by cyferx04/21/19

You seem confused on stag and vixen.

Stag and vixen is where the husband is not submissive but remains dominant and the wife is exhibitionist and/or submissive. The husband gives her to other men for sex. It can be part of the power playmore...

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by patillie04/18/19

she is training him well

but he is a natural cuck, so it doesnt take much. Soon he will be slurping other dudes cum after watching the wife get hammered by some arrogant prick.

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