tagIncest/TabooGreg's Metamorphosis Ch. 01

Greg's Metamorphosis Ch. 01


This story is a work of fiction, any similarity to any real person living or dead is purely coincidence. All characters are over the age of 18 unless otherwise stated.

Although this is listed under incest/taboo, nothing happens until the second chapter. There are no sex scenes in this chapter, but the chapter sets Up the Way, Greg grows and changes. If you're only here for a quickie, you can skip to the rest of the chapters, but she won't exactly know what's going on.

Chapter 1 History and Happenings


Greg Grayson 18, youngest of the Grayson family and protagonist of this story.

Noell Grayson 24, oldest sister and Guardian of the Grayson family.

Molly Grayson 22, middle sister and wild one.

Holly Grayson 19, compassionate family member.

Candace Cain 18, next-door neighbor and friend of Greg and Holly.

Kaylee Diechart 18, hottest girl in school

Mike Seacrest 18, Greg's best friend.

My name is Greg Grayson. I grew up into in a rather normal household, with three older sisters in middle America. My parents, George and Cynthia Grayson, were quite loving originally and provided a stable environment for all of us. That all changed when I was 12 years old. I was playing basketball with my friends when I started into an argument with one of them. He made a comment," Well at least my mother doesn't sleep with other men." At that moment I preceded to try to beat the hell out of him.

When I went home, my dad was there but not my mother. Seeing I had been in a fight, my father asked me why, so I told him. He told me to go down to a store I knew about four blocks away and watch the bar across the street. As I sat there, I watched my mother get out of the car with another man and walk into the bar. I could not understand why my mother would do this to my dad. He had always been well respected and well loved by our friends in the community. I went home and was crying.

My father told me to suck it up and to go apologize to my friend. So he put up with her infidelities. It was definitely a" tough love" situation. From that time on I had no real use for my mother. Any time she took us kids somewhere for recreation it coincided with one of her trysts. I never understood why he put up with it. Of course he was staunch Catholic, so divorce was not an option.

One day while angry for some reason I confronted her with this. She, of course, denied everything until I told her what I had witnessed. She then said it was none of my business, so I told her to explain her side to me. She ignored me and from that time on she showed me absolutely no love or respect and I reciprocated. To my knowledge, my older sisters never knew what was going on. They just saw how I was treated.

I grew up rather tall and gangly. So not only was I kind of nerdy, but also unable to take up for myself as readily as other people-so this left me susceptible to bullying. Unfortunately, this was true at home as well. My mother took out her frustrations on me whenever dad wasn't around. Some examples of this abuse were: one incident was that she got angry with me when she was on our front porch, threw a coffee cup at me that hit me in the shin on my right leg, then begged me not to tell my father. She must've thought that I was going to have a better imagination. When my father saw me he immediately wanted to know why I was walking with the worst limp of my life.

I should've told the truth, but told him I fell off my bicycle earlier in the day. Another one of her perpetrations on me, grabbing a broom by the bristles and hitting me so hard in the back of their head that the handle broke, bounced off the wall and came back and hit her right between the eyes. I guess you could say I got the better of that one. She also decided I was going to be her house slave.

I emptied the garbage, ran the sweeper, did all the household chores, including cleaning the bathrooms, and did all the dishes. Of course, my sisters Noell and Molly loved this, mom saying that young ladies should have the time to do other things in their teen years.

The only respite I got from all this, was from my sister Holly. Holly came to my rescue several times by helping me with all the chores. Holly was always the kind and compassionate sister. We seemed to get along well, and she always backed me up. I don't know how much longer this war would have lasted, except for a twist of fate that would forever change our lives.

Mom and dad were returning home from a company dinner when they were hit head on by a drunk driver. They both died instantly. This was two years ago. Dad had provided quite well for us with ample insurance and trust funds. This brought about a major change in my life, to say the least.

An episode happened about two weeks ago that had a major impact on me. I had my last class off and decided to come straight home. I didn't come through the door quietly, but didn't make a lot of noise either. Noell was home all day and I didn't hear her, so I thought she must've gone out to the grocery store or something. I heard some noises coming from her room that sounded like moans.

As I got to her door, which had been left open, I saw a bewildering sight. There on the bed in all her naked glory was my sister Noell. She had her left hand on her left breast playing with her nipple, while she had her first two fingers on either side of her engorged labia robbing in somewhat of a circular motion. She was moaning and really going at it. That is the first real pussy I had ever seen in the flesh, so to speak. Her labia were really engorged and distended, looking very wet. I began to harden so quickly it felt like I was going to rip out my pants. I watched in fascination as she moved her two fingers to slide inside her lips. I quietly and slowly unzipped my fly and began stroking my aching, hard cock. My pre-cum really started to flow copiously and I really started working my tool.

I was mesmerized as I watched my sister sliding her fingers quickly in and out of her juicy quim. The sight, coupled with my stroking became too much for me when she started screaming out her orgasm and I shot all over the wall. Although my sister Noell was never one of my favorites, I couldn't help but notice her beauty and her sexiness. Little did I know how that episode would come back to haunt me.

Another thing that happened two days later, happened at school. I was walking down the hall when I saw all a maintenance closet door close. I wonder what was going on so I decide to do a little snooping. As I walked up to the door I heard noises, kind of wet sounding kisses going on. I heard someone gasp out a sentence.

"Jesus Kaylee, at least let me get out my pants."

I realized at that moment that the hottest girl in school was in the closet with her boyfriend the jock. I knew she sure wasn't a virgin, but was surprised then the least.

"Come on Robbie, get that thing out and it which are supposed to do. I need you inside me."

I then heard Robbie grunting as he said, "O fuck! I'm sorry honey, you just got me too excited."

"Jesus Christ; just because they call you 'Rocket' doesn't mean you have to go off like one every time we fuck."

I actually felt sorry for the guy. I mean not only did he have a premature ejaculation problem but to hear chastise him about it was really pretty sad. I felt that would be very hard to satisfy her and she was probably very high maintenance. I also knew I would never find out; I had as much chance with her as a Chinaman's chance in hell.

"Honey you have to go down on me to get me off; I'm so horny I could explode."

"Kaylee, you know I don't eat pussy and never have, I just can't do it."

"Okay you bastard, you get yourself off and as far as I'm concerned you do from now on," as she stormed out the door and slammed it behind her she looked at me and just glared as I was standing two doors down, saying, "what the fuck do you think you're looking at dweeb?"

I realized I had seen the wrath of a woman that could not go unsatisfied sexually and was somewhat frightened by it. This was a girl that I really had a crush on but was scared to death of and could never be with.

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