tagIncest/TabooGreg's Metamorphosis Ch. 02

Greg's Metamorphosis Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -Meet the new boss same as the old boss

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, any resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and appreciate your input. This is a continuous story and you should read the first chapter so you understand the dynamics of the story.

Thank you PapaKilo14 for the editing.

Enjoy the story and thank you for reading. JDC


During this time of turmoil and stress, the only family member I could actually lean on proved to be Holly. Of course I have my outside friends Mike Seacrest and my next-door neighbor Candi Cain (I know, who would do that to their daughter?). Legally and socially of course, at the time the wreck happened, Holly and I were too young to be on our own. Therefore Noelll became our legal Guardian, in charge of the home and money. She took the money in the trusts and insurance settlements and really made wise investments. We didn't want for money, except she made me beg her for mine.

My paternal grandfather was a wealthy industrialist. When we were all born, he set up individual trusts in our names. The problem with this would be, that Noelll was almost as bad as mom. Her and Molly had gotten so used to me being mom's whipping boy, that they just thought it should continue. All of the chores were mine as usual, as well is anything else Noelll wanted to dump on me. The ultimate humiliation and terror, came one rainy Friday evening.

In August of my senior year one evening, while sitting on one of my rare breaks from household chores, Noelll told me to go get her a glass of water. When I told her she could get it herself, she slapped me on the face. I said to her in the most venomous voice I could muster," You maniacal bitch, you're worse than mom ever was. It's no wonder no boys don't want to date you and you have to play with yourself." She left the room hysterical. I found out later that my outburst was a grave tactical error on my part.


I awakened about two hours later out of a deep sleep being beaten about the head and face with muster by someone. I looked up when I could get my open and realized it was Noelll. While I was at a physical disadvantage, she then did something I would've never expected. She lifted up her nightgown pulled her nylon panties to the side and straddled my face. She said" You worthless, little, skinny son of a bitch, try this." She then lowered her damp, musky, crotch over my mouth." Eat that Mother Fucker! I'll show you who can't get a date and has to play with their selves." I had no choice but to comply. Although I was 150 pounds. Noelll, who was 5 '6 "and 112 pounds soaking wet, already had an advantage from the element of surprise and my weakened state from the thrashing she gave me.

Although I had up to that point, had no sexual experience, her smell and taste were irresistible. I was face-to-face with my first live quim, Her black haired pussy was trimmed, but full, what I felt a real pussy should look like. Having never seen a real pussy close-up, except for Internet porn, her lips were a deep crimson and fully engorged; the longest I've ever seen. They had to be 3 inches deep that spread out over my face when she lowered herself. She squeezed her thigh muscles so tightly against my ears, that everything sounded muffled. I could feel the slippery flash spread across my cheeks. Although I was being forced to do this; I have to say I loved the taste of her pussy. I put my tongue to work between her engorged lips and drank her juices, as she began riding my face like she was in a rodeo, riding her engorged clit over my nose and it sure was longer than 8 seconds when she came so hard on my face, saying, "I'm fucking coming," and I almost drowned in her cum. I lapped it all up with great difficulty and savored the taste of her girl cum.

She then slid down slid the covers away (I sleep in the nude) grabbed my, I have to admit, hard 8 inches and stuffed it inside of her, saying "Fuuuuuuck." She made a quick comment as she began riding me, "who thought a dweeb like you would have a porn actor's cock." I will confess now that the feeling of sliding into her moist, tight sheath was about the best feeling I've ever felt in my life; even in this demeaning circumstance.

Although I have to admit I was unwillingly aroused, I couldn't get over the feeling of how hot this was; not only the incest part, but the part that it was being forced upon me. The velvety smooth texture fit me like a glove on a fist that was trying its best to choke my cock to death. It did not take long, being my first time and as worked up as I was from eating her pussy, to explode inside her. All of a sudden she screamed out, "Oh God, I'm coming, coming, coming; you big dicked motherfucker."

Then she slapped me hard across the face and snarled," How dare you come inside me you little prick, lick me clean" She then slid back up and climbed on my face, leaving a slimy trail of our combined juices from my groin to my chin. From that time on I never had a problem with the taste of my own cum in a woman's pussy. I began sucking the combined juices of Noelll's and my coupling from her steamy wet cunt. As I kept licking and drinking the nectar she began to get excited all over again and came freshly into my mouth. My nose had been robbing her clit which was what drove her over the edge. She flooded my mouth with enough juice to fill an 8 ounce glass it seemed. The smell and taste of her had me hard again and she decided to take another turn. She rode me so hard that rubbed me raw even though her pussy was soaked. She was using her Kegel muscles to squeeze the living daylights out of my cock. There you have it folks, not much of a glamorous, romantic way to lose one's virginity.

She added insult to injury by looking at me with a cheeky smirk and said, "Who would've thought that a little asshole like you would have such a big cock and such a big load? I may have to take that ride again."

You know, they say a man cannot be raped, but I definitely was that night. The profound psychological effect it had on me would change my life forever, in both a good and bad way. I lay there in my bed the rest of the night crying because I thought I was worthless and considered suicide, but thought the better of it. If I was such a pussy that I couldn't even fight off of girl smaller than I was, what good was I?

I promised myself then and there, I would never be a victim again-no matter what and also developed a profound dislike for overly - assertive women. I also decided that if I ever found the means in this world and was fine financially capable I would support rape centers. I never divulged what happened that night to anyone, it would've been too humiliating.


All Kinds of Growth

I became utterly depressed but also very determined. I was going to transform my body as much as I could and work out more. Also decided I was going to learn self-defense so that I didn't have to take crap off of anybody anymore.

I began the attainment of my resolution the next morning. It was funny, how at the breakfast table, there was no discussion of the, scrapes, and bruises about my head and face, except from the one person who show be any love or respect-Holly.

During school, when Mike saw me he said," Dude, what the hell happened to you?" I told him the usual excuse, that I'd wrecked my bicycle. He said," Buddy, you spend more time wrecking that bike than you do riding it, somehow I don't think you're going to have much of an Olympic career in bicycling." Candi saw me and just shook her head. She had been used to seeing me, with bumps and bruises and was not surprised by my appearance. Candi always had a smile for me as well. It seemed she , Holly, and Mike were the only ones good for my self-esteem.

The first thing the I did between classes was to ask around at school when I was at phys ed about a good karate instructor. I was told about an ex-special forces guy who taught downtown. I also visited coach Bronson to make arrangements to start working out with weights during school. After school, I went to the dojo and signed up for class.


When I got home, I went to my room, got on the computer, and did a search for everything I could learn about aikido and tae kwon do. There were some really interesting moves, that I thought I could master just by watching clips on the Internet. At the dinner table I announced to everyone that my schedule was going to include some extracurricular at school that would get me home after dinner.

Noell started to say something, but I had her at a disadvantage. She knew I held her fate with the family on, so to speak, in my skinny little hands. She then just let it go with a," just don't let it interfere with your household chores." Then Molly just laughed, and said," who's gonna miss you anyway." At this, Holly gave a dirty look to Molly and said," Molly, be nice."

I think it's about time I introduced my sisters by describing them. I already told you about my 24-year-old sister Noell's size, but let me emphasize she is all woman.

Noell, named that because she was born on Christmas Eve, was quite the looker. The fact that she didn't have dates sure had to have more to do with her personality and responsibilities, than her looks. Her raven hair and gray eyes, along with her perfectly rounded face was an eye catcher. If that didn't do it for you, her rather firm, ample breasts and tight hourglass figure, would. Another thing she had going for her was a husky, sultry voice. I rarely heard this, because she was usually screaming at me.

Being objective, she was one damn sexy woman. I'll tell you though, she could go from zero to bitch about 2 .3 seconds without much effort. She did a good job with our finances, but I must say when it came to money she was so tight she looked over her glasses so she will wear out the lenses. She stayed at home and took care of the house, even doing the cooking, which I had to admit was quite good.

Molly, at 22, was the wild child. She was named after our Aunt Molly. Her hair was dyed blonde, which she kept at shoulder length . She was still a junior at State, taking a year off after our parents' death and studying fashion design. She was also a hard body. She was 5' 2" about 106 pounds she was like what Mike called, little and packed tight. It meant she was a hottie also. She reminded me of the porn star Lily LeBeau; she was definitely all woman.

Because of my mother's habit of letting her out of any chores and accountability, she had entirely too much time on her hands and made some bad social choices. She was always at parties, and was pretty sexually active. She had gotten somewhat of a reputation around school before she graduated and college did nothing to dampen that. I realized Molly did not really hate me, she was just indifferent when it came to me, meaning that if I had even entered her mind she would probably dislike me.

Holly, was 19 and named that because her birthday was on December 17, was the girl next door that most men longed to take home to meet their mothers. Her chestnut hair that she kept mid-back length and had brown eyes, she was probably a 32B bust and had a perfect pair of legs that way when up in made a complete tight ass out of themselves. She stood tall at lithe 5'10." Although I never thought of her in a sexual way, she would've been a perfect example of my dream girl. Her personality matched her looks, it was her best feature. I always knew she had more compassion and acceptance for people then eight other girls. She definitely, along with Candi, gave me hope for women. She was already a freshman at State studying business administration. Holly wasn't beautiful, but her personality and looks together made her the perfect woman in my eyes.


So I began my quest for the new me. I found I definitely had an affinity for the martial arts. However, the weightlifting, I found, was not quite as easy. I was lucky that Jim Jonas, one of the football players, was a big help. He told me I definitely need to load up on the protein and carbohydrates. I found myself eating a lot more high-protein foods and taking additives from a weightlifting store that Jim had sent me to. I wasn't doing steroids or anything but it was starting to make a change in me.

It was also remarkable how fast I began to notice a change in my body. This could've also been a result of my late teen growth spurt. By the time I hit the following Spring, I had picked up about 70 pounds of pure muscle and grew to a whopping height of 6'1." My face filled out and my features kind of chiseled. I started noticing girls whispering and looking at me as I walked down the halls at school. No one who had given me problems before at school would mess with me; so I stopped getting picked on at school. I might've gone out for football If it changes had been earlier in the school year.

The difference to my family was finally noticed. At breakfast one morning, Holly, sitting there in her jogging clothes, said, "Greggy, I can't believe the change in you, you're so handsome." Molly, in her usual fashion, said,"yeah if he wasn't my brother, I'd do'im." This got a scowl from Holly and an hysterical laugh from Noell. Noell just commented," let's just hope he doesn't eat us out of house and home. I've already had to buy him a whole new wardrobe"


Another change in my home life, was a mellowing of Noell's attitude around me. But, a couple of weeks ago she had actually made the comment," I guess being a big strong man now, will mean we can't have a return bout. That was so hot." I looked up at her rather perplexed and spat at her angrily," It may have been hot for you, but it was the reason I did this to myself. Do you realize what that night did to me? You'll never do it again. I actually thought of returning the favor and taking you forcefully, but being the sick fuck that you are, you would probably enjoy it too much. You fucking bitch, I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate you and always will. God damn you; how can anybody so beautiful be so fucking ugly on the inside? "This got a look from her that I couldn't quite understand.

Needless to say, I didn't feel like attending the annual Grayson Christmas party at our house, so I just stayed in my room the entire evening.

After everyone left, Holly knocked on my door and asked if she could come in. I opened the door for Holly and she came in with a concerned look on her face.

"Greggy are you okay? You didn't even come down and Candi was here."

"I guess it's just the holiday blues, I didn't feel like seeing a bunch of people, that's all."

"You're really worrying me these last few months bro; you've been moping around an awful lot and you're just not your outgoing friendly self. Well, just let me know if you need anything. Good night, I love you."

"I love you too sis; don't worry about me I'll be fine."

She just turned around and left with a worried look on her face.


The other change I noticed was in my friends' attitude. Mike said," Why all of a sudden have you turned into the Incredible Bulk?" I asked him why a guy can't change the way he feels about it feels and looks about himself. This got a laugh. I asked I said," Beats gettin your asked kicked every other week."

Candi, however, asked surprisingly more demeaningly," What's with your traverse into Jocksville, you going Neanderthal? You're like one of those guys walking around that's all muscle and no brains."

I just said," This from a girl who goes jogging with Holly every morning. My brains fine thank you. Can't a guy work his body to make it something he can be proud of without getting static from his friends?" She just smirked and walked away. I swear I don't understand people sometimes. The other students were eyeing me as well, especially some girls, which I didn't mind a bit.

I'm sure glad I didn't tell them about the karate training. I was getting quite good at that. Little did I know, that it would mean so much to me in the future.

For me, high school was like the experiences of a lot of other kids. I just never quite seemed to fit in. I carried a 4.0 average and didn't fit into sports. I was on the debate team which was quite well known around the state as being quite formidable. Although my family had money, I didn't fit into the rich clique. I guess in high school you could call me in enigma. My friends and I were not with the fast movers and were looked down upon by several of our fellow classmates.

I'm no different than any other 18-year-old senior boy who went to Madison High. I have the raging hormones that normally afflicted most of the young men of my age. So when I first saw Kaylee Diechart, the head cheerleader, walk by I was as mesmerized as every other male, students and teachers alike, in the halls of the school. Kaylee was always someone to notice from the time she hit puberty, on. With her tall frame, her smooth contours and large breasts, she was the epitome of the word voluptuous. Her father was the King of the local Diechart real estate dynasty, so Kaylee wanted for nothing. She dated Roger" " Rocket"" Robinson, Madison high's star quarterback.

Together, they were the king and queen of the elite at our high school. I tried striking up a friendly conversation with her one day, being that we had two classes together, but she wouldn't give me the time of day. After all, I was just one of the losers.

When Kaylee Diechart and her crew walked into the cafeteria at lunchtime, all eyes would turn to them. She also hung with the second best looking girl in school, Cathy Woznicky. Mike had more of a thing for her that he did Kaylee. When we ogled the beautiful crowd, Candi just told us, "you guys are pathetic; swooning over the elitists' tits and ass crew.

Mike said, "it may be pathetic but the eye candy is definitely good for the soul."

Candi just said, "Guys."

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