tagIncest/TabooGreg's Metamorphosis Ch. 08

Greg's Metamorphosis Ch. 08


All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, any resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and appreciate your input. This is a continuous story and you should read the first 7 chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story.

Thank you PapaKilo14 for the editing


Chapter 8-Second semester and problems

Academically the second semester started about the same way as the first. I had a 4.0 average in my classes and I was quite pleased with myself. My professors all said I was going to have a good future as long as I kept up with my studies. I was really enjoying my classes and getting into the material. Lee and I would get together as often as we could and Mike, Candi, and I still got together for lunch at the union. Since none of them were living on campus we even managed to socialize at home once in a while.

One night we went out to Zoonies for burgers and fries and were having a good conversation when a rather suspicious incident happened. Kelly was our waitress and when she brought our food over she spilled my milkshake in my lap. She apologized vehemently and said it was an accident and began trying to clean me up, but I had my suspicions. Mike started laughing and said, "Another woman scorned? It sure didn't look like an accident to me, bro. "Candi said, "Me either. "And started laughing.

"I'm glad you can both have a good laugh at my expense. Very, very funny; I hope you're enjoying yourselves"

Mike said, "We are bro, don't worry. You have to expect that, man sluts don't get treated that well sometimes."

"Thanks a lot."

Candi said, "He's right Greg, I don't think you've had your pants up in a year."

"You too? I expected that out of him, but not out of you."

"Sorry, baby, but I call'm like I see'm."

The evening ended early. I had to go home and change. When I got home Holly and Molly were both waiting on the couch and saw me and started laughing.

In her usual way, Molly said, "Get a little excited there brother and couldn't hold it in?"

"Not you too, I got enough shit from Mike and Candi. My home is supposed to be my safe haven where I'm loved and respected."

"We do love and respect you, but it's too funny."

"I'm going up to take a shower. "I went upstairs to my room, stripped down, and got into my shower.

While was in the shower I heard the door open and Holly opened the door to the shower. She stripped down and got in with me.

"What you think you're doing? For laughing at me, you're not getting any tonight."

She dropped her knees, grabbed my cock, and said, "I'll bet I can make you give me some, "and began sucking my cock. She was right, that got me going. When she had me hard, I pulled her up, bent her over, and entered her slick pussy from behind. She was really tight that way and I really enjoyed it. She did too because she had all of my length that way. I couldn't help, but smack her ass a few times and she cried out several times and I knew the others could hear.

At that particular moment, however, I didn't care. When I finally shot my load into her tight pussy she screamed out in orgasm as well.

She kissed me passionately and said, "Get down on your knees and eat my pussy, you prick." Loving the taste of our combined juices, I had no problem doing just that. I ate her to two more orgasms before the water started getting cold. She dried off and climbed into bed with me to snuggle. We ended up fucking two more times, with her sucking me to hardness so we could do it again.

"Greg, I want to try something, I want it in my ass."

"Holly, I like it that way, it's really tight, but you might not like it that way."

"Ever since you told me about you and Lee that night, I'd been thinking about it. I'll tell you to stop if it hurts too badly."

With that, I reached in the nightstand and grabbed my tube of lube I bought for when Lee came over. I had Holly rollover on her stomach while I played with her baby soft ass, just caressing it. I told her I'd get her prepared as well as I could. I started by probing with my tongue and then I took some lube on my first two fingers and began to work them slowly into her ass one at a time increasing the number as I went.

I could feel her sphincter give way as I slid in and finally had worked three into her ass to the knuckles. Her ass was so tight and I loved the feel of it. When I finally felt she was ready I lubed my cock knelt between her legs, spreading them apart widely. I told her to relax when I felt her tense up, pressed the head of my cock at the opening of her crinkled rosebud and began slowly pushing inside. When she relaxed I was able to slide it in to about 4 inches, giving her time to get used to it. She said it felt funny but it didn't really hurt anymore, so I slowly slid the rest of my length in. After giving her some time to get used to it again, I began slowly sliding in and out.

After a while, she began pushing back toward me and we got a steady rhythm going. After fucking like that for about 10 min. she began screaming that she was coming. While she was spasming her ass was so tight on my cock that I couldn't stand it anymore, and shot my load into her bowels. As was my usual custom, I dropped down on her and ate her pussy to two more orgasms, until she was begging me to stop.

"That was so fantastic and naughty; I didn't know it could be like that. I didn't know I could come that way. We'll definitely be doing that again."

"Whatever you say Holly, I aims to please. You have the tightest ass I've ever been in, although it's only my second."

We heard footsteps in the hallway and thought it had to be Molly because she was the only one still out. All the sudden, there was a loud knock on the door and Molly opened the door and stuck her head in.

"I know your RA in here with him, but if you could do me a favor Holly I'd really appreciate it.

Holly answered by saying, "Anything you want honey, I'll be glad to help."

"My date tonight was a real loser and got me so hot I'm dripping; I need the services are of our little brother."

"Good night sweetie." Holly said and kissed me passionately and left my room. While she was closing the door, I happened to notice her red ribbon was tied around and the outside knob of my door and I chuckled.

"I'm sorry baby, but I really need you badly Greg. I'm so horny right now I was about to climb the gearshift on my way home."

She began stripping so fast I couldn't keep up with her in my site. Seemingly everything was a blur to get her down to her birthday suit. She climbed right up and straddled my face and lowered her literally dripping wet pussy over my face. I reached up, grabbed her buttocks and pulled her down onto my mouth. I began tonguing her gash from top to bottom and even slid up to tongue her ass hole. She was squirming and pushed her pelvis so hard in the my face that I bit my lip when she came. I sucked up her wonderful tasting girl cum relishing the exquisite nature of it.

She then swung around as hard and fast as she could and engulfed my cock with her steamy quim. She began her dance of love on me so hard that she was really trying to ring me out. Being that I had already came twice I was really hard-pressed to unload. We went at it 45 minutes through three different positions and three orgasms for her until I could finally eject my load into her writhing pussy.

Comparing my three sisters' techniques was a study in sex. Noell always wanted it fast and hard. Holly was a slow, methodical lovemaking along with tender caresses and a lot of touching. Molly wanted a long, sustained, porn star fuck. I'd have to say that Holly was my favorite but the Molly was the most entertaining.

After we were done we were laying in each other's arms and Molly began to talk.

"Greg we've got a problem here that I don't think you're aware of. Sister Holly is in love with you."

"I know Molly, I love her too. I love you and Noell as well."

"I love you too little brother, but I don't think you understand me. Holly is in love with you."

"I think you're incorrect on that deal Molly. I think she just loves me as a brother."

"That's bullshit Greg, are you blind to everything going on around you. You got your head so far up Kaylee's ass you're not seeing things. Haven't you been seeing how Holly's been acting around you? When you two are talking, she hangs on every word. She does all kinds of extra things for you."

"Are you sure Molly? We've always been close and she's always done extra for me. Besides, it could never work out where we could be like that."

"Another girl can tell Greg, especially a sister. If you were to say right now,' Okay Holly, let's run off somewhere and live together as husband and wife; she'd do it in a heartbeat. Greg she loves you with all of her heart."

"Jesus Molly, what am I going to do? I have that love for Kaylee, but I can't do that with my sister. It's bad enough that we're all having sex. She sure hasn't said anything to me. She's got to know that I'm with Kaylee and that there is no hope for a relationship with her."

"Greg, Holly doesn't think that you and Kaylee are going to last. In fact none of us do. She is a 'Me First' person and you're just not like that. Candi and Mike don't feel that's going to last either.

"Look Greg, I'm just telling you to be careful around Holly and find a way to let her down easy. I know you love her dearly and would never want to consciously hurt her. I just thought you should know."


College was college and life was good. I felt my love growing for Lee by leaps and bounds investing myself totally and emotionally into our love. She was my everything and I hoped I was hers. She sure did treat me that way most of the time. She even asked me to go on summer vacation with her and her parents to Europe. That was something I was going to have to think about, I could handle her dad, but not her mother's condescending attitude.

The semester was going grandly, with my grades remaining at the top of my class. My professor in ergonomics class even talked to me about doing a summer internship with a manufacturing company close to home. But that wouldn't work if I went with Lee on vacation. I really wanted to go with Lee, but thought that was a perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door with a company and get some practical experience.

It must be true the girls talk about sexual experiences just as much as boys, because Noell and Molly both wanted to try anal. Noell loved it, but Molly hated it, which surprised me, Molly being the most sexually liberated of my three sisters.

One Wednesday I got the surprise of my life. I've gotten home from school and was fucking Noell rather loudly, when the door opened and Molly was there.

"Is there room for one more?"

Noell, surprising me, said, "Join us, there's plenty of room."

I was shocked and turned on at the same time. Molly quickly slipped off her clothes showing us both that fantastic body of hers and climbed into bed beside me, took my head in her hands and pulled me over, and began kissing me passionately. I was really pounding Noell by that time, and began coming inside her soggy pussy.

Noell rolled over me, slid down on Molly, and began eating her cunt. I always thought that if anyone would try eating pussy it would be Molly, but Noell was the more sexually aggressive of the two.

"Eat me Noell, eat me, that's so good."

After a while, feeling left out, I crawled up behind Noell and began eating her pussy. After cleaning her out I was more than aroused, so I pushed her off of Molly, slid my cock in, and began fucking her hard. Noell was not one to be left out and climbed on top of Molly's face. I watched as Molly slid her tongue into Noell's gash. At the same time, I started tongue fucking Noell's asshole.

Molly came about the same time Noell did, which put me over the edge and I unloaded inside Molly's quim. The smell of sex in Noell's room was like nothing I ever experienced before or since. The three of us crossed a new plateau that day, although never repeated again. It was weird at dinner that night, with Holly noticing the silence. She knew something was different, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Here I was, 19 years old, getting more pussy than anyone I knew. I had a woman I loved and three passionate sisters with benefits at home. I was on top of the world, which unfortunately changed rather quickly.

As I hung out with Mike and Candi, it seemed she was becoming more depressed. I hated to see her that way, but didn't know what to do about it. Mike and I talked about it and he didn't have any solutions either. We tried to get her to go out to movies a couple of times and take her to a couple parties, but she wasn't having any of it.

I took Lee to a frat party one Wednesday night and Candi was there, but didn't seem to be enjoying herself. I guess I was paying a little too much attention to Candi and lost track of Lee. I went looking for her and found her in the living room sitting on the couch. She was sitting between two other girls who were definitely high. She surprised me when she picked up a cut off drink straw, bent over, and snorted a line of white powder off the coffee table.

Candi came up behind me and said, "Looks like you can't control your girlfriend," and walked off.

I walked over to the sofa, grabbed Lee by the hand, pulled her up to her feet, and said, "It's time to go."

"But I'm not ready to go, I'm having fun."

"What are you doing with that shit, you don't need that."

"Megan and I have done it before and it sure heightens the feelings during sex."

"I don't need to do that to heighten the sex, all I need is you. That shit's dangerous."

"I didn't know you were such a prude, you ought to try it with me sometime. It hasn't killed me yet."

"But Lee that stuff is addictive, what was it cocaine or crystal meth?"

"Cocaine, I'm not some crank junky."

"I'm not so sure, you were doing it in public in front of everybody, that rep follows you around. Think about your future."

"I'm not worried about that, my future is already secured. I'm going to take over the family business."

"But what about your brain, Lee? You got keep your head clear for studying. That shit clogs your brain."

"You been watching too many PSA's from the government, Greg. Now take me back to the apartment."

"I don't think I like this side of you Kaylee; it's irresponsible. First you give me shit that I don't like and now you're taking heavy drugs."

"Look, you can tell me what not to give you; that's your choice. But I won't have you telling me what I can do or not do with my own body."

As I was driving her back to the dorm, she just sat there seething. I knew she was working herself up to something and she finally said, "Don't bother coming up, we're done. "As we got to the apartment, she opened the door, got out, and slammed it so hard I thought the glass was going to break.

I got out of the car to run after her and when I caught up with her, she turned, slapped me, and said, "Stay the hell away from me."

As I drove home I thought about the truck that are just hit me, at least that's what it felt like. I didn't like the drugs anymore than I did her bisexuality experiments, but I didn't want it to break us up. By the time I got home, I was really sad.

As usual Holly was waiting on the couch reading a book. She saw me and instantly knew something was wrong. She told me to sit down and she hugged me lovingly, asking me what happened. As I explained the events of the evening to her, she just caressed me sympathetically.

"It's not unusual for teens to experiment with drugs, but you're right, it is dangerous. You have a perfect right to say something because it could affect your relationship and her health and safety. I mean, what if you wouldn't have been there?"

I just told her I wasn't sure what would've happened. As usual, Holly worked out my frustrations and sadness by hanging her ribbon. After she left my room, I slept terribly. I kept having nightmares of Lee shooting up in a gutter somewhere.

Classes the next day were really a bitch because of my lack of sleep. I saw Lee a couple of times, but avoided her, not knowing what to say. I was put in the position of thinking of something, though, when she sought me out at lunch time at the table I shared with Mike and Candi.

"Why you been avoiding me, Greg?"

I had to admit, her tone of voice instantly passed me off.

"Because you slapped me last night, you told me to stay the hell away from you. So I'm just following your wishes. Besides, you told me we were done. What do you expect me to do?"

"I was high, Greg, you ought to have known I wasn't serious."

"You sure seemed serious to me. We had an argument about your drug use and you said it was no problem. Now you want to blame it on the drugs. You can't have it both ways, Lee. If that's the way you're going to act when you use drugs, then it is a problem. Just alcohol put you together with 'Rocket.' What you think something like cocaine would do?"

"You're not even going to give me a chance to make this right?"

Candi said, "You might want to cut her some slack, Greg, she made a mistake. That's not like you."

Mike said, "Candi, I think we need to stay out of this."

"You made your choice Kaylee, so live with them. You chose the drugs over me and told me it was none of my business what you put in your body. That seemed like your decision last night. Denied rather not talk anymore about it, please leave me alone."

We went for a week without speaking or seeing one another and I seemed okay with it. She was acting like a spoiled brat that one of what she wanted - damn the consequences. I didn't feel like I owed her anything and I hung out with Mike and Candi to take up the slack. I hated the thought of drugs and her using them and was not going to put up with it.

She finally came over very demure one day and said, "Greg can we talk?"

"Sitdown Lee and we'll talk. You have the floor. "

She sat down beside me, hugged me, began crying and said while sobbing, "I'm so sorry I hit you Greg and said those hateful things. Please forgive me."

"Lee, I love you, but I can't bear to see you doing things like that. I'll forgive you this time, but after the episode with 'Rocket' and this incident I'm a little concerned about trusting you. No more drugs. I won't put up with it"

"Oh Greg, I promise."

After she left to go to her class it got a little weird with Mike and Candi. Mike said, "That sure was painful to watch."

Candi said, "Greg I know I told you did cut her some slack, but do you really believe her. Lee's the type of person that wants what she wants. I don't know."

"Candi, shut the fuck up."

"Fuck you, Greg, "and she got up and stormed off.

Mike said, "Jesus bro, could you been any rougher on her? You know how depressed she's been."

"I'm tired of walking on egg shells around her Mike. If she wants to be that way, to hell with her."

I got up told Mike goodbye and headed to class. It was hard to concentrate thinking about what Candi had said. Lee was a little headstrong and spoiled, for our sakes, I hoped she kept her promise. There wasn't going to be a third chance.

Things were a little tough the rest of the week, with Candi not joining Mike and I for lunch. During the weekend, Lee came home and we went out a few times to do things. When we went to Zoonies for lunch, Kelly was our waitress. This time, however, I kept a close eye on her.

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