tagBDSMGreta's Birthday Present

Greta's Birthday Present


To understand the relationship and characters, Amazon Tamed should be read.


Greta came in to the house after making a donation to woman's charity. When she entered she saw a rope connected to leash.

What do you two have in mind, she thought. As she entered the living room she saw a naked red headed Paula bound and gagged at the other end of the leash.

"How does she look? " A male voice asked.

Greta turned and faced a naked Keith "Beautiful as always." She stripped. "You are the Master tonight?"

"No," he answered as he knelt. "Tonight you are our Mistress."


But nothing. Mistress Greta. We love and trust you. This is our present to you."

The tall blond grinned and her eyes glinted, "Then slaves you will serve my pleasure." She took off Paula's gag. "What are you slut?"

Your slave, Mistress," Paula answered respectfully.

"And you my cock?"

"Your slave, Mistress Greta."

She untied Paula. "I want you two facing each other arms interlocked."

The couple obeyed without hesitation.

"I am going to enjoy this for all the punishment you two have given me." Greta bound their arms and than hobbled their legs. The bondage toys had been laid out for her use. Selecting a flogger, she place it in front of Paula.

"Kiss it," she ordered.

The smaller woman obeyed.

"Now count as I whip Keith."

Greta let fly.


"Thank you Mistress."

Greta slapped Keith, "Did I say you could talk worm?!"

"No Mistress."

She retrieved the gag and stuffed in his mouth. "Continue slut."

Two, Three, Four," Greta gave 20 solid strikes. "Lick it now."

Paula obeyed.

"Your turn Paula." Greta worked on both the front and back.

"What do you say?" the Amazon demanded.

"Thank you Mistress."

"Lets take this outside."


Greta lead her toys outside. She had appropriated Paula's favorite male bondage toy, the cock leash as she dragged Keith to the pool. She had rebound Paula in a box tie and immobilized her legs. The red head was force to crawl like a worm across the grass.

She yanked the leash forcing Keith to the ground."


She tugged again. "What?"

"Thank you Mistress."

"I've always wanted you on your knees "she mused." Eat me!"

Keith talented tongue went to work.

"Hey bitch,"she called to the crawling Paula. "He's mine now!"

Greta sighed in ecstasy as she was pleasured.

"Very good slave. " Greta than tied the cock ring and leash tightly against one of the pool rails. Then wove ropes across his massive chest and back immobilizing him. She stuffed a large gag in his mouth.. "I am going to punish your wife." She whispered.

Greta strode over and dragged Paula by her flamed hair to the fresh water pool.

"Have a drink, "Greta shoved her head under water. Holding it there for 20 seconds.

Paula coughed.

"Back in," the blond taunted. This time she held for a minute.

As she regained her breath, "You bitch!"

Greta punched her in the stomach. "Mistress!. Back in!"

After two minutes, Greta dragged Paula and threw on the grass.

"Whose the Amazon now?" she demanded.

"You are Mistress Greta." Paula coughed.

The blond laughed and sat on her face. "Eat me." As she began playing with her friend's pussy.

"Make me Cum!" She demanded.


"You two make very good slaves," Greta complimented them.

"Thank you Mistress!" they chorused.

"Now worship my body, Paula you on the left, Keith on the right.

Paula started licking her Mistress's feet as Keith worked on the other side.

"That's it, "Greta was in heaven as her friends serviced her.

Slowly and almost torture like they final got to her pussy.

"Gentleman first," Greta instructed. "Give me your ass Paula."

As Keith worked on her clip, Greta lightly spanked and played with her ass.

As Greta climaxed. "Switch."

Paula went to work, while Greta gave Keith a hand job. "You don't get to cum!"

"Yes Mistress."

After another orgasm, they reach her large breasts.

"Make my nipples hard!"

"Yes Mistress."

Greta pushed Paula away and than smothered Keith face in her large tits.

After a minute she pushed the winded Keith onto Paula. Climbing on top. "Now I want to fuck and be fucked!"

"Which first Mistress?" Keith asked.

"Get me a large strap on Paula, "Greta ordered. "Now Keith suck and deep throat it."

Her male slave obeyed. "That it. Now I am going to fuck your bitch!"

With a ferocity they had never seen, Greta spread Paula legs and jammed the strap on in.

"Yes take it."

Paula groaned.

You are my toy!" Greta crowed as she clawed the smaller woman's tits.

"I'm cumming, Paula screamed.

Not till I say, " her Mistress warned.


Greta unloosened the toy and stuck in Paula's mouth. 'Keep it there."

Beckoning Keith," On your back. Lets start with reverse Cowgirl."

"Yes Mistress," Keith grabbed Greta's ass and went to work..

"He's mine now Paula," Greta taunted.

"Oh mistress."

"Yes make me Cum, I've wanted this on my terms."

Greta rolled off, "Leap frog!"

Keith climbed on top and parted her ass cheeks.

"Service me whore!"

After another orgasm, Greta grabbed Paula by her hair and took back the strapon."Middle."

Paula crawled between them.

"Suck his cock." Greta grabbed Paula ass and thirsted in.

"Whose the bitch now Paula?"

The read head groaned in ecstasy.

Finally all three were sated.

"Well slaves, I am taking a page out of your book." Greta grabbed a male and female chastity belt and fastened them on. "Into the cage."

As her slaves crawled in. Greta turned off the lights.


In the morning Greta came down and released them from the cage and their bondage.

"How did I do?"

Paula kissed her deeply, "Very good, we hope you enjoyed your Birthday."

Greta knelt, "Thank you Master Keith and Mistress Paula."

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