Grey's Anatomy


Does it always have to rain?

This thought crosses my mind as I make a mad dash for my front door, getting soaked in the process. Just another night in Seattle. Then, wiping the wet hair out of my eyes, I throw myself through the door, slamming it shut loudly. The house is dim, and quiet, but then I hear the faint sounds of someone upstairs. Well, it's Izzie's day off, maybe she is up in her bedroom listening to the radio, I muse, as I step out of my wet shoes.

Then the sounds intensify, along with the unmistakable whump! of the headboard against the wall. Then I hear Izzie yelling, asking for it harder and faster, as the banging increases. I shake my head, smiling, definitely NOT the radio. Izzie must be having fun -- wonder who is giving it to her. Nope, not going there -- I am not going to be snoopy and peek in on them. I'm sure they aren't expecting me home so soon, but there was nothing going on at Joe's, so here I am. The sound of the vigorous fucking turns me on a bit, though -- it's been too long without a little fun like that.

Thunder booms outside, and I shake from the unexpected sound. Damn I hate big storms -- they always make me nervous. I need a drink and to get out of these wet clothes, in that order. I head to the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and pouring a healthy shot of tequila into it. Lightening illuminates the kitchen then, and I shiver. Jose to the rescue, I giggle, as I down the shot, feeling the warmth spread through me immediately. I toss back one more, feeling a little better. Still wet, though -- gotta get out of these clothes, and find something dry. The bottle in my hand, I head to the laundry room, unbuttoning my shirt with my free hand as I go.

I strip completely, and stuff the clothes into the washer, adding them to everything else already in there. Adding the detergent, I turn on the machine, and search for something to throw on, until I can get to my bedroom. There's usually something here, and I bend over the basket on the floor, setting the bottle down beside my feet.

"Well, well, isn't this a pretty sight. I like seeing that tight little ass wiggling at me in the moonlight, Mer."

"Shit! Alex!"

I whirl around at the voice behind me, nearly knocking the tequila bottle over in my haste to stand up. My heart is pounding like mad; I'm so totally thrown by the sight of him lounging at the door. He props himself up with one hand, his other at his hip, and a lazy grin on his face. He is shirtless, his unzipped jeans hanging low on his hips, and I can see the dark shadow of his hair as it disappears into his pants.

Taking a deep breath, I lick my lip suggestively. "So, you and Izzie?" I ask, tilting my head in the direction of the upstairs bedroom.

He nods, not taking his eyes off me, and the exhibitionist part of me gets turned on again, and I bend down to pick up the tequila, not bothering to look for something to cover up with. I take a shot from the bottle, feeling the burn of tequila down my throat, igniting the burn of lust at the same time. I hold the bottle out to him. "Drink, Alex?"

Grinning evilly, he walks over to me, and takes it from my hand, letting his fingers brush mine as he does so. It's like an electric shock, and the contact makes me gasp. As he raises the bottle to his lips, his other hand shoots out to grab mine. He swallows, and then crashes his mouth to mine, so that the tequila burns on my lips as our tongues meet and thrust. I moan in the back of my throat, pushing against his body. I shouldn't be doing this, he's just been with Izzie, he probably still has her wetness all over his cock. But it only makes me hornier. I know -- I'm weak, what can I say?

"You get to me every time, babe," he mutters roughly, as he sets the bottle aside, and then picks me up. I squeal in surprise, as he sets me down on the washer, which is chugging away beneath me. The vibration of the machine surprises me, and I giggle a little at the unexpected cool metal beneath my ass.

My hands slide along his ribcage, and down into his jeans, impatiently shoving the material out of the way. An involuntary little sigh of contentment escapes me as my hand closes around his big, thick cock. And he is hard already, just the way he always is. "I do like the way you are so fucking hard, Alex," I purr, playing with him until he growls, burying his face against my chest. 'And I do mean... ..fucking...hard..." I add, as his mouth closes around my nipple. His teeth and tongue assault one, and then the other, and I surrender to the mindless need of the moment.

The washer hums and vibrates against my ass, setting off little ripples of pleasure through me. Oooh, this is nice, I think, as the combination of his mouth and the shaking machine soon has me jolting wantonly. I let go of his cock, reluctantly I must say, and fall back against the machine. Letting my legs go wide, I push his head lower. "God, lick me, Alex, lick my pussy...." I whimper, shaking along with the spinning beneath me.

"I like it when you're bossy, babe," he laughs, but he does as I ask, and my whole body jumps at the first touch of his tongue against me.

"Oh shit...fuck me..." I scream, clutching at the washer, trying to grab something to hang onto. My legs go up, my knees falling wider apart, as he licks and pulls at my clit. The washer goes into a fast spin cycle, and I'm shot into the hottest climax ever. I buck and yell, bouncing madly as he drives his tongue deeper, stroking at the spot where I'm throbbing, my wetness dripping out of me, into his mouth. His stubble is scratching me, but I'm beyond caring about that. All I want is to come, over and over, until I can't take it any longer. And I'm nowhere near that point yet.

The machine stops spinning, and the momentary quiet is broken my hot breathing, before a loud crack of thunder makes me sit bolt upright again. "What? Scared?" Alex smirks, wiping his mouth and then licking his fingers, one by one. "Damn you taste good. I could do that all night."

"I'm never scared...just don't stop," I say, falling back again. "Make me come again."

I look up to see him staring at me, the look of raw lust on his face, and my chest heaves with the same emotion. "Do it Alex," I say quietly, putting my fingers to my engorged pussy lips, "or I will. You wanna watch?" I squirm against my hand, lifting my hips, and moaning in bliss. My fingers slide in and out, faster and faster, and the machine starts to spin again. I close my eyes and then I feel his tongue on me again, matching my fingers.

"Yeah, baby, suck it...." I murmur, as he tantalizes me with it, giving it to me just the way I want it, feeding my frenzy, feeding my beast. Then just as I'm tumbling into the spiral of my climax, I feel cool air swirling around me, and then something soft and wet is circling my nipples, one by one. Wait, Alex's tongue is still doing delicious things to my clit....what the hell...

I manage to lift my head, and open my eyes, and stare right into Izzie's eyes, and I gulp, seeing her mouth on my breasts. This is just bizarre, but god it feels good...her tongue is darting back and forth, her small teeth nipping me until I can hardly stand it. My body shakes, the machine shakes beneath me, and I start to climax hard. Alex's tongue goes deeper into me, and I give up all pretense of caring what is happening. It's too damn good, and I need this. I'm dizzy and hot, panting and clawing at both of them, as I scream and buck. "Fuck...fuck..don't stop..." I implore, whipping my head back and forth. The washer gives a final heave beneath me, and the climax rips through me violently, in waves, and now I'm limp. Oh, so blissfully happy, and satisfied, as I let my body relax.

"Whoa, Izzie, didn't think you went for girls," Alex laughs, pulling her off of me. "Or do you and Mer do this all the time? You should've told me, I'd like to watch that next time."

"God, no," Izzie moans, tugging at the tiny t-shirt that she is wearing, but it only covers her to her crotch. "I woke up, and you were gone, so I came to look for you. And here you were, with your face in between her legs. And I just couldn't stop myself, when I saw her there..." Her voice trails off, her eyes on my body again, still sprawled elegantly across the washing machine.

"You want a show, Alex?" I ask lazily, pulling myself to sit on the edge of the washer again. I grab Izzie's hand, and she doesn't resist, looking like a deer in the headlights as I pull her closer to me. Grasping the hem of her shirt, I pull it over her head. I place my palms on her breasts, crushing the nipples that jut out partly from excitement, partly from the cool air. She closes her eyes and whimpers, leaning forwards slightly. Her lips part softly, and I press my mouth to hers, giving her my tongue. I can feel her shaking, but she responds, her hands coming to rest on my thighs.

My hands rub little circles around her breasts, feeling the heavy fullness, so different from my own. She moans, and kisses me harder, and I move my hands down her body, to bring even tighter against me. Our breasts meet, nipples making contact, and we both cry out. Different, this is so different, from what I'm used to, so soft, and smooth. We rub back and forth, getting more and more aroused, not really caring anymore that Alex is still there, so caught up in this. God, I have to touch her pussy, and without stopping to think, my fingers glide across her thighs, and brush her lips, so wet already. She jerks as I explore her, and my fingers are into her in an instant, feeling her contract around me.

Izzie pulls her mouth away from me, and stares at me wide eyed, as I fuck her with my fingers. "Don't stop, Mer..." she begs me, shaking violently.

"I won't, just touch me too...c'mon, Iz, do me," I tell her, and she reaches out a trembling hand to stroke my pussy. Her small fingers are tentative, and it makes me impatient for more. They hesitantly part my lips, sliding into my hot body, sending off another round of spasms for me. As I thrust my fingers into her faster, she does the same to me, copying my movements, until we are both shuddering and moaning. Dear god, this is so bad, so dirty, but damn it feels good.

Then she surprises me by lowering her head, and putting her mouth to me, right where her fingers are still stroking in and out. Her tongue laps my clit, and I nearly shriek as her fingers and her mouth do things to me I never imagined I would see Izzie doing. Oh sweet lord, how much better can this get?

Then Alex is beside me, crushing his mouth to mine again, and as I start to come, he thrusts his tongue roughly against mine. "God you girls are too hot," he mutters, and I know he's turned on, his cock hard against my outer thigh. Izzie starts to come too, clenching around my fingers.

"Oh, oh...oh..." she moans, letting go of me, and clutching at the edge of the washer to keep standing. She sways back and forth, her eyes closed, and I realize she's had way too much to drink. And without another word, she sinks to the floor, and she's out cold. I bite my lip and look at Alex, and then I convulse with silent laughter. Oh, poor Izzie, she never could handle her alcohol.

"Alex, pick her up and put her on the couch," I say when I can talk again.

Alex swings her up over his shoulder and disappears into the living room. When he comes back, I can see the gleam of lust in his eyes, and I shiver in appreciation. "Now, where was I?" he asks.

I open my legs for him. "Right here," I reply, still turned on, and the sight of his big, swollen cock is just taunting me. Is it really wicked of me to want him inside of me after he's just fucked Izzie? Bad, bad Meredith....

But I'm so wet and horny right now, I can't think of anything else. He stands between my legs, bending down to brush his tongue across my nipples, and his cock rubs against me. My hands grab him again, stroking him, letting my nails graze his hot skin. "Damn, have I told you're a fucking tease, Mer?" he growls, his teeth finding my collarbone, biting down on me.

I squeeze him hard. "And you like it, you know it," I breathe in his ear, running my tongue along his earlobe. I wrap my legs around him, my heels at his lower back. "Or you wouldn't keep coming back for more."

"I can tease you back just as much," he growls, grabbing my breasts hard, until I almost yelp. "But I'd rather just fuck you."

"So fuck me already," I say saucily. "Do it, Alex. Fuck me hard -- I can take it."

"Oh, you'll get it hard, babe," he assures me, pulling me onto him, and reaching around to reset the control on the washer to the spin cycle again. The machine jumps to life, vibrating under me again. I'm so wet and open, that he drives into me instantly, his hands on my ass. Yeah, this is what I need, and my head goes back, and I shake and bounce against him.

Then he's rubbing my clit with his fingers, as he rams into me, deeper with every thrust. He's so big and thick inside of me, it feels like he's going to rip me apart. I scream in satisfaction, clawing at the washing machine that is still bucking beneath me. "Harder, Alex..." I urge, panting, moaning, giving myself over to the climax that is building like a tidal wave.

"Now, Mer, take it all, babe..." he grunts as he pushes again. "Take it...let's feed the beast, Mer." His voice is hoarse, and low, thick with lust. I can see his eyes on me, watching my breasts bounce, my nipples sticking out, hard as rocks. God, it turns up the sexual thrill another notch, seeing him watch me like this. And I can see his cock pumping in and out of me like a piston, wet with our combined juice. Fucking Alex is just a bad obsession -- I can't get enough, I don't want to stop, it feels so damn fantastic.

But then the orgasm starts to spin me away, and I feel it wrenching through me, that delicious spasm that I can't even begin to describe. "Alex!" I scream, and I feel him exploding into me, hot and wet, as I clench around him. The washing machine spins to it's final lurching stop, leaving me shaking and spent. Alex drops down across my body, his sweaty skin sticking to mine.

"Damn, babe, you are the best, the fucking best," he groans against my chest.

"Damn right I am," I giggle.

So, once again, the beast is content....until the next time....

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