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Grey's Anatomy: The Unwanted Roommate


Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's Anatomy or any of the characters. That privilege belongs to one Shonda Rhimes, writer extraordinaire.

Alert: This was written long before the whole George/Izzie and Alex/Rebecca/Lexie storylines.

Concept: Alex has moved into the Grey house. Izzie is not happy about this. See how they both deal with living under the same roof. I am writing this as a one shot, but I might be persuaded to continue it.


It felt like heaven. Standing under that spray of hot water, letting it wash away the worries of the day. Squeezing a good size glob of shampoo into her hand, Izzie lathers up her hair. It takes a moment for it to register that it isn't her shampoo. Her's was fruity, this was clean smelling. "Great, now I have to smell like him to," she grumbles as she rinses the suds from her long blond hair. "Him" was one Alex Karev. Her new roommate. Correction, Meredith's new roommate. She wasn't claiming him. She rinses the last of the soap from her hair before twisting the knobs to the water off. Sliding the glass door open, she reaches for a towel, and then proceeds to dry the glistening drops of water from her naked body.

Before opening the bathroom door, Izzie checks to be sure the towel is securely wrapped around her body. It never failed. Alex was always in the hall when she finished bathing. If she didn't know better, she would think he timed it that way on purpose. Hell, he most likely did.

Sure enough, there he was coming up the stairs. There was a resigned look to his face; his shoulders seemed to sag a bit. "Don't worry, I'm not looking." He always said that. Usually it was while he leered at her. Tonight, though, he was more focused on whatever was running through his mind than the fact that she was standing semi-naked in the hallway.

"You okay?" She told herself she was asking to be polite. The truth was she couldn't help the concern rushing through her. That was how it always went. Alex would annoy her, piss her off, then something would happen and she would feel this need to comfort him, protect him.

"Yeah. I'm fine." The words were meant as a reassurance, a platitude. They would have been, too, if his tone hadn't been laced with sadness. He looks at her, trying to smile. She gives him a look, one that said she didn't buy his 'I'm fine.' "Jane Doe's baby died."

"Oh Alex. I'm sorry," Izzie whispers. The hospital loved to talk about how close Alex had gotten to the pathetic patient still known as Jane Doe. There was nothing there. Just a friendship built on a need to have someone and hero worship. The rumors were her fault, because of Denny. Anytime an intern got close to a patient, people whispered about how crazy Dr. Stevens had become.

"For what? Wasn't my baby. It's not like I care." Again the words didn't match his tone. Neither did the look in his eye.

"You cared. You always care." No sooner had the words left her mouth than she realized how true they were. Stepping close to him, she wraps her arms him. She couldn't say what had possessed her to hug him. It had been instinct, she supposed. A need to comfort. His arms automatically encircle her waist, his cheek pressing against her's. She could smell the same clean smell as the shampoo she had used, along with a scent that was purely Alex. Closing her eyes, she buries her nose next to his ear, inhaling deeply. There has always been something about the way Alex smelled that had driven her crazy. Now was no different. Even while she was suppose to be comforting him, as a friend, she could feel herself starting ache. Another deep intake of breath and she could feel herself growing damp. She ahd thought she was passed thinking about Alex in that way. She steps back slightly, her arms still draped around his neck. "Alex..." she breaths, her lips parted slightly.

Alex stares at her for a moment. There was invitation in those dark eyes. Every inch of his body screamed for him to take her up on it. To just yank the towel off, press her against the wall, and thrust himself into her willing body. His cock grew even harder thinking about it. He hadn't thought that was possible. Anytime Izzie was near he got an erection that bordered on painful. Having it increase wasn't helping matters. Giving into the temptation wouldn't help either, though. He wanted more than just some sympathy fuck because he had had a bad day; or, worse yet, because she wanted laid.

He steps away from her, shoving his hands into his pockets to keep from touching her. The towel barely covered her. "Yeah. Guess you're right. Maybe I do care." That was his problem. He cared. About Jane Doe. About the baby girl who never had a chance. About Izzie; especially Izzie. He cared.

Izzie frowns, slightly confused. He wasn't doing anything. She had offered herself up practicall on a silver platter. "There's nothing wrong with caring," she said a moment later.

"Never said there was. Guess I got use to not showing it. You know?" Alex leans against the wall next to the door to her room. She nods.

"Yeah. I know." She looks at the ground, thinking to herself that she needed to repaint her toe nails. The pale pink polish was starting to chip. Checking the towel once more, she steps toward the door to her room. "Well, guess I'm gonna call it a night. IF you need to talk or something, don't hesitate to knock. Okay?" It was his turn to nod. She looks at him, then hurries into he room. She closes the door, resting her forehead against the solid wood.

Alex stands there, his hands still in his pocket, listening. There was no movement in her room. He ponders on what she had said; about knocking if he wanted to talk or something. The talking wasn't what interested him. It was the something. Had she meant what he thought she meant, or was he misreading things? Tehre had been invitation in her eyes. He hadn't imagined that. It had been there. There was only one way to know for sure. Taking a deep breath, he turns to knock on her door.

The knock startles her. Pressing a hand to her chest, Izzie opens the door. Her lips part to ask if he needed something. The words didn't get a chance to leave her tongue. His mouth crashed against her's. Stunned at first her body stiffens. When his tongue tangles with her's, the stiffness recedes, her body molding to his. A small moan escapes her lips as his hands skim up her body.

Alex lowers his mouth to the pulsing skin on her neck. His teeth nip the delicate flesh, making her whimper, as he knew she would. How well he knew her body. He knew if he undid the towel and took one of her nipples into his mouth, she would let out a little squeak before pulling on his hair. The first time she had done that, he had backed off, thinking she wasn't enjoying herself. Izzie had quickly corrected him on that. She was just one of those women who made noise. Lot's of noise.

He kicks the door shut behind him before reaching for the knot in the towel. As it fell to the floor, his hands cupped her full breasts. A thin layer of goosebumps coat her body. He massages the soft flesh before letting his hands glide down her sides. His mouth meets her's again while one of his hands slips between her legs. The sticky wetness he found made his cock beg for release. Her nails dig into his shoulders as he slips first one, then two fingers into her moist core. There was no need for the foreplay. Izzie was as wet as they came, and he was as hard as he could get. It was more because the sound of her moaning in his ear, begging him did something to him. He gave him hope, in a way. Hope that Izzie felt something for him.

"Please, Alex, please," she begs. She needed him. Oh how she needed him. Her nails rack down his chest, dragging his t-shirt. She reaches for his belt buckle, trying to get the damn thing undone. It took three tries with her shaking fingers before she succeed. Having Alex circle his fingers against her clit hadn't helped matters either. Her hands slip inside his jeans to stroke the velvety softness of his penis. A groan escapes his lips. She smiles. See how he liked it, being toyed with. The result was what she expected, what she had desired.

Alex backed her against her dresser. He settles his hands on her ass, then lifts her onto the top. She lets out a small yelp when the cool wood contents with her hot, aching flesh. Grabbing the hem of his shirt, she tugs it up and over his head. He tosses it to the ground. He shoves his jeans and boxers down before spreading her legs.

Izzie shivers in anticipation. A gasp escapes her mouth when she feels the tip of his pressing against her wet entrance. The gasp turns into a moan as he fills her. Her legs automatically inch up and around his waist. She clings to him as he thrusts fully into her. She clings to his arms, loving the feel of his body inside her's. It had always felt right. This felt right. It escaped her mind why she had been so against him moving in. Why she had spurned him for so long. "Oh God," she moans, tightening her hold on him. He responds by thrusting harder. They cry their release a moment later. Her legs drop, hitting against the dresser drawers. "Wow," she laughs against his neck.

Alex grins. "Yeah wow."

She leans her forehead against his. He holds her tightly, kissing her softly on the neck. "You know, this roommates thing might not be so bad."

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