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Grey's Dirty Girls Night


Meredith paused at the bedroom door, clutching the bottle of tequila. She could hear the soft little moans emanating from behind the closed door, mixing with the creaking of the bed, and the little giggles. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open silently, too aroused to keep from joining them. Soft light bathed the room, the lone lamp swathed in pink chiffon. The blankets on the bed twisted around the two bodies there, distinctly making out, attesting to the scent of sex that hung in the air.

She gulped down a slug of alcohol, listening intently, as another little gasp of delight sounded. "God, don't stop...yes...baby..." It was Izzie, her head thrown back, eyes closed, as the orgasm began to take her away. Meredith knew it, she had heard it herself enough times, she realized, walking into the bedroom.

"Cheating on me, Iz?" she laughed, yanking the blankets away, revealing the soft curves of the two women wrapped around each other.

"Mer! You're home..." Izzie sighed, holding out her hand. Cristina looked up, her lips wet with Izzie's juice, her tongue lapping her lip lasciviously. "We were just waiting for you...and playing a little...we got carried away..."

"Sure you did..." Meredith leaned over and kissed Izzie hard, letting the tequila fuel her ardour. Her fingers found the hard nipple and teased it, making Izzie moan louder. "But don't stop on my account..." She backed away, taking one more drink before putting the bottle down. "I like watching too. Do her, Cris...make her come for us..."

Cristina smirked, thrusting her fingers into Izzie's pussy, deep and fast. "No problem, I can make her come in record time...c'mon, Iz...I know you're ready to come...wiggle that little body of yours for me..."

"Bitch..." Izzie panted, spreading her legs wider, consumed by the climax that was just so close. "Faster..." Her own hands cupped her breasts, and her hips bucked uncontrollably, aroused to the point of no return. If Mer wanted to watch...well...so much the better. She peeked over at her friend, whose expression was consumed with sensual want. She held her hand out. "Come here Mer...I want you too..."

Meredith stripped her tank top off, and shimmied out of her jeans in record time. "I can't just watch anyway," she giggled, putting her mouth over Izzie's breast, kneading the other with her fingers. The nipple was hard under her tongue, and she rolled it around, loving the wicked feel of it. Her own pussy throbbed, and she moved to position herself over Izzie's face. The soft wet tongue invaded her, just as Cristina met Meredith for a wet kiss. Moaning, tongues clashing, as Izzie bucked beneath them, her own tongue busy.

"Damn...don't stop...baby..."

It was all Meredith could do to hang on, her climax rushing over her. Waves of pleasure flooded her body, and she couldn't stop the shaking that consumed her. "Oh god...god...feels so fucking good..."

They fell into a laughing heap, and Cristina snagged the vibrator from the bedside table. With a wicked smile, she pushed Meredith onto her back, holding the dildo between her legs. "Oh come to mama...you look like you need this..."

Meredith spread her legs wider, her fingers dancing over her already quivering clit. "Don't just tease me, give it to me..." Already wet, her body was demanding another orgasm, and the dildo slid into her easily. Filling her completely, the ribs along it's sides making her cry out in bliss. The dildo was thick and full, plunging in and out deeper and harder. Meredith rocked upwards to meet it as if fucking a real person, consumed with the need for more.

"Faster damnit...fuck me harder..." she demanded, as Izzie fell over her. Their mouths met, soft tongues duelling, as Izzie caressed Meredith's skin. Her hips bucked, meeting the dildo stroke for stroke, so wet it nearly slid out of her.

"Oh you're damn wet..." Cristina teased her, stroking her tongue over the swollen clit.

"C'mon...Mer you dirty girl...fuck it..."

"Wait...spank me...I want you to spank me at the same time..." Meredith whimpered, and Izzie smirked.

"You got it honey..." Izzie moved aside, letting Meredith up to kneel on all fours. Cristina eased behind her, the dildo wet and ready for attack again. "I'll do it..." She swatted the round curve of Meredith's ass, as Cristina pushed the dildo between Mer's legs. "Such a bad girl, aren't you?"

"Yes...god yes..." Meredith panted, spreading her legs wider, welcoming the thick vibrator as it invaded her slowly. The pain of the spanking made her shake, mixed with the pure decadent feel of the dildo in her pussy. Waves of delight began to take over, and she wiggled her ass for more. "Ooh...that's it..." Her body shook with the decadent delight of what they were doing, and she loved it. "More...please Iz..."

"Bad bad girl..." Izzie spanked harder, watching the creamy skin turn pink with each swat. "You like this, I know you do..." Her own pussy throbbed again, watching Meredith's orgasm.

Meredith jerked, beginning to climax hard, losing track of everything but the pleasure and the dildo sliding in and out like a piston. Her head went back, hair flying, and she groaned loudly. "Faster...faster, god just fuck me harder..." she begged, as wave after wave consumed her. Her ass burned from the slaps, but she still wanted more. It was dirty and raw, and she loved it. "Coming...god I'm coming..."

Izzie smacked her again, pinching her own nipple with her free hand, watching Meredith come again and again. "Now...baby...." She leaned over and kissed Cristina at the same time, mashing their lips together. Tongues met, hands groped for breasts as Meredith continued to howl in satisfaction. They fell into a tangle of limbs, giggling and kissing softly for a few minutes.

"My turn..." Cristina muttered, rising back up to her knees. Her dark hair tumbled over her shoulders, tickling her breasts. "Who wants me?"

"Silly Cris...we both do..." Meredith giggled, grabbing the tequila bottle. "Lay down baby..." She tipped the bottle up, and drizzled the tart alcohol over Cristina's smooth skin. "We want to lick you...don't we Izzie?"

"Mmm...we do... hold still..."

Cristina hissed as both of them assaulted her, holding her arms down, their tongues eagerly licking up the tequila that glimmered on her body. Shudders ran up and down her body, as they touched every part of her, from her nipples to her pussy, and between her thighs.

Meredith loved the taste of Cristina's skin under her tongue, licking a wet path from her pussy, across her belly and to her breasts. The hard little nipples begged for biting, and she nipped one lightly, while Izzie toyed with the other. "Mmm...you're all slippery," she giggled, "everywhere, slippery and sticky..." She licked up another few drops of tequila from Cristina's chest, before moving up to kiss her hard. Their tongues drove against each other, as Cristina grabbed Meredith's hips and pulled her closer so they gyrated together. Pussy to pussy, their clits throbbing in the need to climax.

"Oh god..." Izzie moaned, her hand rubbing her own pussy furiously. She grabbed the dildo and settled over it, riding it up and down, little ripples of climax going through her. Meredith slithered over Cristina - her knee pushed Cristina's legs wider, her hands teased and stroked relentlessly. "Fuck her harder, Mer..."

With a little groan, Cristina surrendered to the climax that rocked her hard, her pussy grinding up against Meredith's, their wetness combining, flowing between them. Just as Meredith was coming, Izzie pulled the dildo out and shoved it against Meredith's ass. The shock made Meredith gasp, as it invaded her, smoothly, wetly, coated with Izzie's wetness. Cristina's mouth found her breasts them, sucking her nipples hard as the dildo vibrated inside of her. The intensity sent her orgasm over the edge, and she nearly passed out.

"That's it, baby..." Izzie cooed, smacking Meredith's ass, adding to the frenzy. "So dirty, aren't you?"

"Yesss..." Meredith hissed, finally collapsing against Cristina, sweaty, sticky and sated.

"That was beyond amazing..." Cristina muttered, closing her eyes in satisfaction.

"Can we do it again?"

"Only if I can join you..." The door creaked open again, and they all looked up at the sliver of light, and the silhouette there. "I liked watching...but you girls need someone a little more...hmm...dominant..." High heels clicked across the floor, and Addison stopped at the side of the bed.

"Addi..." Meredith smiled lazily, holding out her hand. "I know we invited you for girls night before, but you never came..." She giggled at the choice of words.

"Oh, but I'm here now..." Addison smirked, reaching for the buttons on her silk blouse, undoing them slowly. The silk fell away from her shoulders, and she cupped her breasts that spilled over the lacy bra. "And I'm all wet, and horny..." One blood red nail scratched over her nipples. They stood out, hard and aching, as they watched her touch herself. "Let's see how much more fun we can have..."

To be continued...

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