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Marcus never really understood his attraction to grocery shopping but once again he found himself wandering the chilly aisles well before lunch time on a Tuesday. Sure, the store wasn't very crowded at that time in the morning and with so few people in the store, it was extra cool at that time. Walking through the produce section he couldn't help but gaze at the melons, his heartbeat thumping as he compared the ripe fruit to the alluring curves in the loose fitting blouses around him.

Of course the temperature helped add that little bit of extra stretch to the fabric of the blouses. Yes, while most of the women couldn't fit the melons in their bra, Marcus' mouth watered as the protruding nipples made him think of grapes. He had to limp out of the produce section as his erection pressed tightly against his pants.

Marcus didn't notice when Jessica rolled into the same aisle, just a few dozen steps behind him. As alert as he was, he had not seen her watching him as he tested the firmness of the tomatoes back in produce. Perhaps his mind was still on the melons as he looked around the store, missing the tomato sized curves in Jessica's blouse. He had no idea how wet her panties got as she watched his fingers gently squeeze the red fruit. She quickly grabbed a honeydew and then followed him into the next aisle.

Pausing in front of a long row of coffee cans Marcus turned and spotted Jessica for the first time as she ambled up along side of him. Sizing up the smaller fruit in her blouse he nodded a bit, appreciating the idea of smaller packaging.

"Pardon me," she said, reaching across his body, "I just need some ground coffee."

The light brush of her body against his as she reached might have been ignored by most people, but in his heightened sense of shopping, Marcus could only feel her as she ground her pubis over his hip and poured her breast down his chest as she grabbed the can. He could feel himself trembling as she dropped the coffee into her cart next to the grapes.

Searching for something to say, something to do, he reached out longingly and plucked a single grape from the bunch and slipped it between his lips. Letting his tongue slowly roll over the fruit, he gazed down at her slight cleavage and honed in on the two huge nipples pressing the fabric of her blouse.

Biting down on the grape he said, "The grapes, so tasty."

Jessica's voice quivered as if she felt his eyes caressing her breasts, "Yes, it's all so wonderful here, so... arousing."

"Would you like," he paused, wondering how to ask her to come out to his car with him without sounding so forward. "Would you like to..." still fruitless, he finally spotted the can of coffee and finished, "ah... like to have a cup of coffee?"

She grabbed her grocery cart as if to steady herself and answered, "I'd love to."

"Okay, I guess we can leave these here for a few minutes," Marcus said, nodding at the shopping carts.

Jessica shrugged and then nodded.

"Oh, I just remembered, I left my wallet in the car."

The two of them walked together toward the front of the store. Luckily for Marcus, Jessica was too distracted watching the bulge in the front of his pants to notice the bulge of his wallet in the back pocket. He never could have known she pretty well had that bulge memorized by the time they walked to the far end of the parking lot and he opened the door and slid his seat all the way back.

Marcus barely had time to wrap his fingers around the soft skin of her tomatoes before she had worked his cock out of his pants and straddled him. He gently pinched her grape sized nipples between his fingers as she guided him into her.

He heard her mumble something about "Kolaches," as her pussy blanketed his sausage in her moist warmth. Continuing to knead her breasts, he watched as she arched her back, resting against the steering wheel as she bounced up and down on him, pausing only to grind her clit on him before sliding back up him again.

It wasn't long before he heard her moan loudly, and letting his cock slip deep inside her, she ground herself against him until she came, her pussy kneading his like a loaf of bread. He remained still a moment until the pulsations around his cock subsided and then he drew himself back and then pressed upward. He dropped his hands from her breasts and grabbed her hips as he plunged into her again and again.

After just a few dozen more thrusts he felt the pleasure building inside him and then finally explode as he shove his cock deep and spurted inside her over and over again. He relaxed then and then slowly moved his hands back up to her breasts. He looked up at her face and saw her smile at him as she whispered, "I just remembered a few things I need to add to my grocery list."

Feeling the warm, wetness ooze over his cock from her pussy he nodded, "Yeah me too."

Marcus grabbed a towel and they dried each other off as they separated and then got their clothes pulled on and adjusted. They walked back to the grocery store, their hands lightly brushing together with each step. Walking back into the store they each grabbed their carts, smiled at each other and then went on shopping.

Marcus headed over to the bakery where he grabbed a Coconut Cream Pie and then headed to the checkout counter. As he waited in line he watched Jessica, back in the produce aisle, checking out the cucumbers. He watched as she slid her fingers along one that had an oddly familiar upward curve to it.

The line moved forward and Marcus quickly put his items up on the conveyor belt. As the checkout lady rang up his items he couldn't help but notice how her watermelons bounced each time she scanned an item. She paused a moment when one of the items didn't scan. Running her fingers over the bar code for a rump roast she finally got it to scan as Marcus' gaze slid over the back side of her tight jeans.

Marcus paid for the groceries, slipped his wallet into his pants and after a quick adjustment to the front of his pants he walked out of the store. Heading out to his car he found himself pondering his odd attraction to the grocery store. He wasn't quite sure what engrossed him so.

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