Grocery Store


She's in the produce section, looking through the leafy vegetables. I'm two aisles over but I'm looking directly at her, wondering what she looks like naked.

She's leaning over, reaching for a head of lettuce and I watch the skirt that she's wearing start to ride up ever-so-slightly as it bunches against the guard holding in the lettuce. Her legs looks so smooth and I wonder what her skin feels like. Silk or cream? I wonder what it tastes like. Salty or sweet?

She grabs the lettuce but doesn't squeeze it, putting just enough pressure on the plastic to hold onto it and no more. I wonder, as I watch, what her grip feels like. Light or commanding?

She sets it down in her cart and pushes on and I pretend to browse the shelf in front of me as she starts my way. She's Asian, short, petite. Her brown skin shimmers in the light from above. Her dark hair and brown eyes sparkle. I can smell her shampoo as she moves past me. As she moves past me, she smiles and I see the light gleam off her pearly white teeth.

I wait a few moments as she continues past and then I decide, yes, I'm going to follow her.

She glides her cart to a stop in the frozen section. It's cool to cold here. She opens a door and stands before it, apparently checking out the contents of the freezer. As she does, I watch her breasts start to swell, her nipples start to harden through her tank top.

I wonder somewhere in the back of my mind if she's doing this for me, knowing what's on my mind. I think, yes, she must be, she hasn't chosen anything out of the freezer yet and she has to be aware of my presence. I wonder what her breasts feel like, what her nipples look like.

She moves on but I see the smile on her face as she pushes her cart down the aisle, having not taken anything from the freezer.

She's a tease, I think. A challenge, perhaps.

We move down the canned aisle, down the cereal aisle, down the snack aisle, each grabbing items, each glancing at each other, each smiling.

Finally, we both reach the final aisle in the store and she swings around as I come up behind her with my cart. She's coming up to even with me and she stops.

"Having fun?" she asks, her sweet smile still gleaming.

Busted, I think. I smile at her, though, and then nod, admitting that I've been following her.

She moves close and I can smell her shampoo again, a flowery scent. She puts her tiny hand on my chest and feels my heartbeat.

She laughs.

"It's going fast," she says. "Let's make it faster."

She reaches down to the bulge in my jeans and rubs her hand up and down. She pulls me forward and bites my lower lip. She kisses me hard, as she continues making me hard.

After a moment, she places her hand back on my chest. My heart is thudding in my chest. Her smile widens.

"Faster," she says. She unbuckles my belt and unbuttons the top of my fly, then unzips my jeans. She puts her hand inside my underwear and finds my stiff cock and fondles it. She can feel the heartbeat in my penis and giggles. She pulls my head downward again and kisses me as she rubs my cock.

I look around, hardly believing that this is happening and not wanting for it to stop, hoping that no one sees what we're doing, what she's doing. At the same time, I'm turned on by the fact that we might be caught, that we might be busted.

She stops again, takes her hand out of my underwear and places it on my chest. She giggles again.

"Do you think you can go faster?" she asks.

In response, I pick her up and place her on an empty shelf and lift her tank top, exposing her naked breasts underneath. I dip my head down to take one into my mouth, running my tongue up and down the skin, circling the nipple, until I decide to flick it. She has her hands around the back of my head, pushing me against her tit.

"Bite it," she tells me and I obey, the thought that I might hurt her slipping away. She squeals with delight and a little pain as I continue to bite her nipple.

She taps me on the shoulder and I stop. I look down the aisle and see a little old lady coming towards us. I don't think she's seen anything but I help my Asian lover pull her shirt down and drop my own over my open pants. She slids off the shelf and the little old lady goes past, not saying a thing. It's possible that we've been caught but I don't think so.

Once the old lady turns the corner, my lover hits her knees and works my cock out of the hole in my underwear. She takes it in her hand and then into her mouth. She licks the head and then down the shaft before she starts to suck on me. I don't know how long I will last but I hope to hold out for a while, at least until I can taste her and then put myself inside of her.

She sucks me deeper into her mouth and then down her throat expertly. One of my hands rests on the top of her head while the other is reaching down, trying to grab tit.

It's not much more than a couple of minutes before she comes off of me with a loud pop. She stands and puts her hand on my heart.

"Faster now," she says, her eyebrows raised. "Go faster?"

I reach up and grab a couple of lawn chairs off of the shelf and open one, tell her to sit down. I tuck myself back into my jeans and then look around. As she sits, her skirt hikes all the way up to reveal that she's not wearing any panties, either. She has very few hairs around her pussy, ripe and throbbing at the prospect of what is to come.

I drop to my knees, taking her legs in my hands. I place them on my shoulders. I bring her forward on the chair, nearly to the edge, and then I begin to eat her pussy, kissing it first, smelling her, tasting her. I go from kissing to licking, up and down the outer lips of her cunt, then gradually sliding my tongue in to the inner lips. Soon, I'm licking and sucking and drinking of her, her juices flowing freely, her clit engorged and begging to be flicked with my tongue. I touch her there and she goes crazy, grabbing my hair, screaming out in the throes of ecstasy. I figure we'll be caught for sure now and I stop.

"No," she cries as I pull away. "Please, more."

"We can't," I tell her. "We might get caught."

"I don't care. More."

I oblige. This woman has gotten a hold over me now and there's not much to do except obey. I put my mouth back on her and add a couple of fingers, pushing into her drenched slit. My tongue flicks her clit again and again and she bucks on the chair. She bites her lip, trying to hold in her cries but she can only contain herself for so long before she has to release it.

She comes and comes hard and the moan that comes with her orgasm is loud and lingering. It echoes off the walls of the grocery store and, this time, I know we're going to get caught.

I see the passion and the terror in her eyes and turn around to see a worker at the store coming up the aisle. We're busted, I know, and there's not much I can do about it. Fortunately, the worker is a man and a young one at that. I shelter the Asian woman whose name I don't even know until she has (rapidly) composed herself and then I stand up.

"What's going on?" the guy says.

I smile and ask him what it looks like. I probably could have gotten away with it better if I had just lied or perhaps told him the truth straight out.

"It sounded like you were fucking her," he says honestly. I can't keep a straight face. "We heard her all the way on the other side of the store."

"Well," I start to say and then she jumps in.

"Oh, yeah," she says. "We were fucking. He's got a large cock, too. Nearly came out my throat when he shoved it in deep."

I understand what she's trying to do now. I play along.

"Juiciest pussy I ever had," I say. "I couldn't resist once she rubbed against me. I'm real sorry, chief. I know we shouldn't have done anything in here but we couldn't stop ourselves."

The guy, despite being young and a man, is embarrassed by our open talk of sex. His face is red, his eyes downcast. He's speechless.

"Are we free to go?" the Asian woman asks, her voice a sexy purr.

The kid just nods and takes off in the other direction.

The Asian woman looks at me, looks into my eyes and pulls me down for another kiss. She tastes herself on my lips. She was sweet, tangy.

"Wanna go faster?" she asks then hands me a card that she has pulled out of her purse. She walks away, her ass swaying side to side and then she disappears around the end of the aisle.

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