I met a girl in a haze of cigarette smoke and too many beers
That familiar pull at 2:30 AM where everyone is beautiful
We drunk-walked to a booth and sat down both on the same side
She kept touching the tip of my nose with her index finger
When she did this she'd lean in close with her head ducked down
She would look up with half blitzed eyes and smile with booze seduction
Equally smashed I grinned back and grazed my hand down her cheek
We talked our shit, working each other for several minutes
Then squeezed outside the bar smoke catching at our heads and clothing
We clung to each other laughing moving up the dark sidewalk
Like two lovers even though we'd never met before
We had been stopping every time we saw a tree, doorway,
Or anything else that would support us while we kissed and fondled
We stumbled in my building and she giggled when I knocked the news rack over
In the elevators we were all over each other missing my floor twice
She pushed me into my apartment and closed the door
Shoes and socks, pants and skirts, shirts and bras, underwear
Kicked off, pulled off, pealed away, stripped down, scattered everywhere
Kissing and hugging, tonguing and teasing, groping and gripping
Biting and nibbling, panting and moaning, hot and bothered
The first time was on the floor in my hallway and for maybe ten minutes
The second time, after a shared Heineken, we made it to the bed
Twenty minutes later we lay on the twisted sheets, covers kicked off
Sweating, drained, panting, but not satisfied
She started a cigarette and I threw it out the window then she slapped me
I gripped up inside her thigh and we started again
I drifted to sleep a half hour later with her head on my chest
My breathing rustled her wavy brown hair
I think I got up once but I don't remember I think she did too
Around 8 o'clock I woke up, feeling great and awful at the same time
I got some juice from the fridge and spilled half tripping over one of her heels
Cursing softly I drank the rest and threw our clothes in a pile on the couch
When I got back down the hall she was still passed out face down on the bed
I patted her ass and climbed in next to her pulling a blanket over us
After staring at the ceiling for a hard five minutes I gave up and went to sleep
Chances are if I didn't know her name by now a few more hours wouldn't matter

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